2×4 Makes Great Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Hot Time in the Ol Tub Tonight

I would like to thank Wolfmaster for his prompt input and editing of this series and patience with a novice writer.

Not all the fireworks were at the park.

My wife Lisa and I were invited over to our friends’ house two doors down for a 4th of July cook out. On the 4th Lisa made a big bowl of fruit salad to take along. She was dressed in a crisp light green sleeveless blouse and tight tan shorts that accented her nice ass. I wore a t-shirt and shorts. We walked across the lawns to Linda and Al’s front door where we were met by Linda. She showed Lisa to the kitchen to deposit the fruit salad and told me to go ahead and step out back where the guys had gathered. As I stepped through the sliding glass door I was surprised at the major make over that Al had done to his back patio. There was a large raised wood deck with its own roof that covered a 12 foot bar and a hot tub that could hold a dozen or so people. The bar was well stocked with a refrigerator for beer and mix and a keg cooler with tap.

Al put the five racks of ribs on to slow cook for about three hours. We guys mostly just milled around on the deck drinking beer and talking about sports and what a nice job Al had done on the deck that over looked his pool. The girls were on the lower part of the patio setting up the table with side dishes and gossiping and talking about what ever forty-something gals talk about. It was quite warm. The booze was flowing before all the guests had arrived, so three hours later when Al pulled the ribs off the grill everyone was fairly mellow. By the time dinner was over and the tables cleared we all had a few more drinks. The more conservative crowd headed home leaving just the core group of four couples to finish off the evening.

There were Linda & Al. Al owns a car dealership and Linda works there as an accountant. They both spend a lot of time outdoors, hiking and fishing. Linda is about 5’6″ blonde with a nice figure, due to her active life style. Al is nearly 6 ft. around 200 lbs. with dark hair and just a touch of belly.

Next were Kristy & Don. Kristy is a stay at home mom and Don manages a major lumber yard in town. They look like a bit of an odd couple with Don’s 6′ 2″ frame against Kristy’s five foot nothing. If you didn’t see her face you would think she was a teen age girl with just a bit of baby fat and nice perky breasts and light brown hair.

Lisa was with me, Bobby. I owned an electro plating business which let Lisa pursue her love of tennis and work with the school board. Lisa takes a lot of pride in her well toned, almost hard body and her fiery red hair. She used to be self conscious of her slightly larger breasts, but now likes the attention they bring her. Between the weight room and pool at the gym, I still sport a decent six pack and biceps at 6′ and 190lbs. We had all been friends for years.

Then there is Beth & Jimmy who had moved in a year and a half before and were a few years younger than the rest of us, mid thirties and no children. They both stay in good shape and are well tanned. Beth is about 5′ 6″ and has short cropped blonde hair and Jimmy’s hair is dish water blond, about 5′ 10″. Jimmy had inherited a chain of fitness centers that he basically sits back and watches as they feed his bank account, which lets them travel a lot, mostly to gambling junkets or resorts in Florida or Mexico during the winter months. Our kids were all in their teens and had better things to do than hang around us old folks so it was all adults.

Jimmy went to the bar and made a large pitcher of Mai Tais for us all. “Okay guys and girls, it’s party time.” By the time Jimmy went to make the second pitcher of drinks Al suggested we try out the new hot tub.

The girls hadn’t brought suits but Linda said “I’ve got a drawer full of suits that the girls can wear.” The gals headed into the house to dawn their suits and us guys just peeled off our shirts and got into the tub in our shorts.

The girls picked Sex hikaye out suits and put them on except for Lisa, since she’s bigger on top than the other girls, with her 36D’s. “All of these suits are string bikinis and don’t cover my tan lines.” Lisa said. She wore a larger slightly more conservative bikini then the others. They all told her not to worry about it but Lisa said, “I look ridiculous, all of this white skin showing between the small tops and my tan lines.”

She was just about to walk back to our house to get her own suit when Linda came up with an old suit that she had from years ago when she was heavier. “Here try this on for size.” It was a white one piece cut high at the hips and low in the back. It fit Lisa perfectly so she was happy with it.

When the girls walked out of the house they were met with whistles and howls from us guys. There was a tray with drinks waiting for them and they each picked one up as they came to the hot tub. By the time that round of drinks was gone the sun had dropped below the horizon leaving just the lights from in the tub and the indirect lighting of the upper deck, not dark but not bright, just enough to kill the shadows.

As the sun went down the fireworks started, but not the kind that use gun powder and make a lot of noise. Another pitcher of drinks and as you might guess, the talk turned toward sex. We talked about things we had done in our younger years and it seemed we all had gone skinny dipping a time or two but Beth and Jimmy caught us a little off guard when they told us about the week they had spent at a nude resort two years earlier.

Beth told us that Jimmy walked around with a hard-on for the first couple of hours but they soon relaxed and felt quite comfortable walking around all day with no clothes on among the other nude people. Beth said, “The best part about that week was the great tan I got with no tan lines.” We guys were split 2 and 2 on the tan line issue, Jimmy and Al preferred no lines but Don and I held out that tan lines make a woman look sexier.

Jimmy grabbed Beth’s top and pulled it up and off with one smooth movement showing us all that Beth had kept up her all over tan. “There!” he said, “Doesn’t that look sexy.” Beth didn’t blink an eye, in fact she thrust her chest out and moved from side to side to give us all a good look at her dark tan breasts and even darker nipples that were sticking out like a couple of pencil erasers.

Don and I agreed that Beth’s breasts were indeed sexy but we didn’t have any tan lines to compare them to. One look from Don and Kristy pulled her top off and stood beside Beth so we could compare the two side by side. It was still a split decision on lines or no lines though.

Kristy asked Lisa to show us her tan lines but she just said “No way!” and gave Kris a little splash. Kristy and Beth both splashed her back and turned toward Linda. Linda didn’t give any argument and just took off her top and threw it on the deck with Kristy’s and Beth’s She had a nice set of tan lines like Kristy. When we turned back to Lisa we all got an eye full. She had been sitting waist deep in the tub but after being splashed the upper half of her white suite had turned completely transparent, showing her hard nipples and tan lines very clearly. The girls once again tried to get her to lower her top but she resisted until I told her to take a look at herself.

Looking down at her breasts she gave a little gasp under her breath, but then said, “Well there doesn’t seem to be much point it leaving it up now since you’ve seen it all anyway.”, and with that, pulled her top down to her waist exposing a perfect pair of firm 36Ds with very distinct tan lines against the nearly white skin of her breasts making them appear even larger than they were. Even Jimmy had to admit that they were very sexy looking.

Don spoke up, saying “Let’s see the bottom tan lines”

Beth shot back “Not till we see yours first.” Jimmy didn’t miss a heart beat Sex hikayeleri and just stood up and pulled off his shorts adding them to the growing pile on the deck and showing us that he sported a complete tan and shaved pubs.

As he sat back down, Kristy called out “Who’s next?” With that Don stood and removed his shorts revealing a Speedo style tan. “More, more, more,” the girls cheered. So Al and I got up and together stripped off our shorts, adding them to the pile on the deck and showing our boxer style tans.

Al said “Okay girls, your turn to show”. Beth went first revealing her tight tan ass and completely bald pussy to everyone. Next was Kristy with a tinny triangle patch of hair that ended at the upper tip of her slit, then Linda with a thong tan and a small patch of fur just above her puffy pussy lips that was not blonde like her head. That left Lisa who stood and slowly peeled her white suite down her legs and off her feet. She was having a bit more trouble than the other girls had with the string bikinis but gave us a good show as she worked the suit down with her back toward us and her slick lips peeking out between her firm thighs. She turned facing us showing off a thin landing strip about one and a half inches long that proved she was a natural red head.

Now the pile of clothes on the deck was complete and things were getting real touchy feely between the couples. I had my left arm over Lisa’s shoulder squeezing her left breast and rolling her hard nipple between my fingers as the fingers of my other hand cupped her pussy and rubbed her clit that peaked out between the hot lips of her pussy. Lisa had her right hand around my cock giving me a long slow hand job while her left hand caressed her right breast.

When Jimmy got up to mix another picture of drinks, Lisa’s hand stopped short as he cleared the tub and walked around to the bar. He was hard now thanks to Beth and stuck out strait for a good eight inches, easily the largest member of the group and appeared even longer due to the complete absence of any pubic hair. Once he was at the bar Lisa leaned over and whispered “I’d like to know what a cock like that feels like.” She resumed stroking me a little harder now. When she stopped again I looked up and saw Jimmy returning with the drinks on a tray. As he worked his way around the tub handing out the drinks, I thought Lisa was going to turn blue as she held her breath, her eyes locked on that bobbing slab of meat. When he finally handed her the drink and slipped back into the tub to my right, Lisa let out a long breath with a sigh, her eyes glazed and face flushed. After a few seconds she snapped out of her stupor and joined the rest of us but still had a look of lust about her.

I decided to ramp things up a bit in the hope of living out a long time fantasy of seeing my sweet wife with another man. I just blurted out for everyone to hear, “Lisa wants to know what a shaved cock feels like.”

Jimmy looked at Beth and she just said “Go for it.” Jimmy stood and moved past me nearly hitting me in the face with his rigid tool. That got a chuckle out of Beth. Lisa gasped as he slid past, inches in front of her face to sit on the side of the tub at her left. Once he was seated, Lisa just stared at his crotch for a good 30 seconds then slowly reached over and placed her fingers around his cock.

All eyes were on Lisa and Jimmy as everyone stopped what they were doing to watch my wife play with her new toy. I was still playing with her clit as she petted and nuzzled his cock like it was a long lost puppy, holding it to her breasts and rubbing the head across her hard sensitive nipples. Lisa turned to look me in the eye and after twenty years of marriage could read my face and knew she had my complete approval to indulge herself in this forbidden fruit. She finally pulled it away from her breast and bent her head down to kiss the bulging head of her first strange cock since we had married.

Flicking her tongue out Ensest hikayeler to savor a drop of pre-cum that had oozed out of the tip she began covering the head with little kisses running her tongue under the sensitive crown then measuring the length by running her lips from the tip of his shaft to its base where she cradled his smooth hairless balls in her hand. She suddenly pulled away from my hand and went to her knees between Jimmy’s legs, taking his cock fully into her mouth to the cheers and clapping of the rest of the group. Lisa worked that cock like a woman possessed, bobbing her head up and down, taking more and more of his length into her mouth and throat. I knew that she could deep throat me but was pleasantly surprised that she could take Jimmy’s considerably larger cock all the way into her mouth without gagging. Her nose pressed hard against his bare pelvic bone at the bottom of each downward plunge of her mouth.

I gently stroked her back with one hand and my steel hard cock with the other. I was finally living out one of my dreams. Lisa kept up her attack, licking and sucking then pumping his cock with her hand as she lathered his balls with her tongue and gently massaged his rectum with one finger. After about ten minutes of her manipulations on his cock Jimmy couldn’t hold out any longer. He groaned and arched his back. Lisa pulled back till just the tip of his cock rested on her lower lip, opening her mouth wide and jacked his shaft as fast as she could. Her fist was a blur, hitting herself in the chin as she pumped for the creamy white prize she craved.

Suddenly Jimmy’s body started to jerk and we all watched as he shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into my wife’s wanton mouth. Lisa didn’t miss a drop and swallowed the entire load. After dipping the tip of her tongue into the slit of his cock to get every last drop of his gold, Lisa slumped into her seat next to me with a look of contentment plastered across her face while Jimmy just fell back on the deck completely spent by his orgasm.

Beth jumped up saying “My turn!” and grabbed me by my hard cock, pulling me up till she could get her mouth on my cock and gave me much the same treatment my wife had just given her husband. I launched my rocket in about two minutes after what we had all just watched. When she was done, or rather, when I was done, I helped her out onto the deck. I spread her legs and dived into her bald, tanned pussy and started lapping away at her. I ran my tongue from her puckered little asshole to her hard protruding clit until she screamed out her orgasm and went limp.

Kristy was busy riding up and down Al’s cock as he fondled her tits and watched his wife jacking off Don. Linda had Don sitting on the edge of the tub as she stood in front of him pumping hit shaft and occasionally dipping down to kiss or slip the head of his cock into her mouth. “Linda, you better swallow all that when he cums, I don’t want a mess in our new hot tub.”

“Don’t worry honey, I plan on drinking every bit of Don’s sweet juice but I want to see him squirt it onto my face and tits first. Just make sure you keep yours inside Kristy, maybe you should take her out on the deck to finish.”

By the end of the night, everyone had been sucked, fucked, licked, or eaten by someone other than their spouse, and Kristy and Linda even put on a little 69 show as we all watched. We all agreed to get our little group together again soon.

Lisa and I talked about it over the next few weeks and decided that we both really enjoyed the turn our life has taken and can’t wait for Labor Day at Beth and Jimmy’s since they don’t have any kids but do have a pool and high fenced back yard. Starting with just our little group, we can have plenty of fun right from the get-go and make it last throughout the afternoon and into the night.

I’m looking forward to living out another of my fantasies and seeing Lisa spit roasted with a cock in her mouth and pussy at the same time or maybe two dicks stuffed in her mouth at the same time or both. I’ve told her she has a big mouth and now would like to see her put it to good use. Lisa says she has some fantasies of her own but won’t tell me what they are, only that she has talked with Kristy and I’m in for a surprise at our next get together. I can’t wait.

To be continued!

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