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They say the thrill of rape is to be given what you want without showing your true nature
I drove long that night out of the city through the suburbs till I reached your quaint town, I saw my target, and a few lights still on I parked just far enough away. And crept through the long grass encompassing your home. When I was close enough I sat to observe the house one small feminine car on the drive. And light shone out a small window I manoeuvre to peer inside. I began to watch you flitting about the kitchen enticingly prancing around. Wearing just an apron, barely covering her large bare breasts. I tried to decided if you where was deliciously innocent or looking to be taken and openly inviting me to your cosy warm house, either way as you bent down to rummage in a cupboard and your cheeks and lips parted ever so slightly I felt my groin stir imaging my cock sliding into that silken hole. I decided it was time to find out. I crept round to the back to a sliding dining room door effortlessly and silently I pried it from its runner, finally walking in to spy further. I watched you, still unaware of my presence, I moved in behind you and brought you to the floor holding your mouth to muffle your piteous yelp you began to struggle as you realised what was happening but I pined you firmly to the ground. Under my mask my breath started to feel warm but it was easy to subdue you in the confusion and with my weight holding you in place I let my free hand explore your exposed skin. I roamed my hand over you and under your apron cupping at your breasts waiting for you to tier a little in your futile struggling. I stand up and unceremoniously Force you against the fridge şişli bayan escort door my large hand spanning your back I hold you as you hear the distinct stretch of me opening duct tape. Dropping you face down onto the large round table in the middle of the room I tightly bind your legs and arms. And cover your eyes my lips touch yours softly as I whisper to you,
“You are mine now”
You feel my breath hot and damp on your neck and I watch the Goosebumps form or your naked skin. I laugh and you hear me rummaging through your kitchen. You feel a sharp chill as I rub at your hot body with ice watching your nipples and clit prick up hard and numb as i caress them with ice then rubbing and licking them the warmth revealing the rough sensations of my attention. I feel my excitement building as your body strains against your bindings your muscles tensing and relaxing as you try to figure out what is happening. I rub the ice over your you hear me unzipping a bag and I rub oil over you your skin becoming smooth and wet, as I see your muscles un-tense as I massage in the oil I say
“I knew you wanted this, you dirty little slut!”
I rip the tape from your mouth and tightly grip your throat
“tell me I’m your master you Cock Hungry Whore!”
I hold my finger tentatively at the rim of your ass hole waiting for your response
“yes MAS-ter!”
I ram my finger into your tight hole. Roughly I jerk your whole ass back and forth feeling you grip my figure in your virgin ass. I play and tease your ass and pussy my oiled fingers slipping into you with ease. I force my tongue into your mouth kissing you and sucking your lips and tongue. My hands constantly şişli escort exploring you. I shove a small vibrator into Your ass and feel the vibration through your tongue as I continue to steal your kiss.
I reach back into my bag for a vibrating egg and I tape it across your clit. I watch your body as you start to react, watching your hips rise and fall with the vibrations till you grind the egg into your clit with the table. I peg clips to your nipples to get you sensitive to my cares. I watch as the tips or your hard nipples bulge under the pressure. my cock throbbing in my jeans I take off my clothes only my mask remains. “Tell me you want more, slut”! I slap your ass and grip my fingertips into your skin.
“I want more Mas!”
I thrust my fat cock into your mouth before you have chance to finish. Pushing deep making you gag on me again and again. As I fuck your mouth I get a nice big dildo to explore you pussy, I kiss at your pussy lips with its head “Suck me bitch or I’ll start to hurt you”
I sneer as I feel your mouth begin to rise and fall on me, your tongue running up and down my shaft as you expertly attend to my large cock. I begin fucking you with the dildo
“Suck me deeper bitch”
I trust my hips and grind my cock into your throat,
“Good little slut, do you want my cum?”
I hear you moan and feel your mouth buzz slightly against my cock as I fuck your face harder and harder, suddenly I feel my release I explode in your mouth spraying your throat,
“Swallow it you dirty whore”
I hold my cock in you and feel you sucking it down your throat, gulping my sticky load.
“Good girl”
I kiss your forehead and move round the back of mecidiyeköy escort you, I push the dildo and vibrator fully into you ponding your holes and stretching you to capacity. Fucking your ass and pussy I suck hard on your clit still tingling from the abuse of the egg. I replace the vibrator with a rampant rabbit wildly oscillating I insert it into your ass and watch your wonderfully tight hole grip it in place, as it rolls around deep inside you. My cock again rock hard from watching the torment of your holes I removed the dildo and slid myself deep inside you. I feel the rabbit rolling round against my cock and remove you binding/ picking you up from the table I carry you to the floor holding you tight I rock and roll my body with yours, building up pace as I find my connection with you, your pussy still tight I fuck you deep and hard rolling around with you on the floor, holding you against the wall and twisting you onto all fours. I feel your hands pushing and pulling my body too as you begin to completely lose yourself in our embrace .I manipulate your legs and shoulders and feel your pussy change pleasuring me in ne ways. With each position my intense pressure and relentless pounding forcing you to orgasm. your tight pussy squeezing me like a closed hand but I don’t stop violating you. Slowing slightly I follow your rhythm and build you up again and again sucking and biting your breasts, I hold your body tight against mine. Every second is so intense and I can hold it any longer, I finally cum after living through your countless orgasms, I finally explode filling you with squirt after squirt of hot cum. I hold you and kiss you again while you drift off to sleep exhausted in my arms.
I cover your tied body with a blanked and tidy away my things to escape without a trace in the room. Except my seed hidden between your legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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