Sensualist Pt. 02 Ch. 18

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Chapter 18

A Date with Winnie – Part 2

I now had two women who greatly interested me, Nikita and Winnie. I considered introducing them to each other, but had the good sense to refrain from doing so. Before I sent Winnie home the following afternoon I helped her insert a newly purchased butt plug that she’d brought with her. She waddled awkwardly for a few first steps, but soon adapted to the intrusive plug and actually tried sitting down to see if it worked its way into her even deeper with the added pressure. It didn’t.

After instructing her to leave it in place Winnie inquired how she was to dress for the night’s date. I suggested she wear her black cocktail dress that showed her breasts off even without a bra. She blushed at the thought, but her excitement was also evident.

Several hours later I entered her apartment, smiled at Evie, her roommate who seemed flustered on meeting me again. I kissed her on the mouth and broke it off, telling her to “Give me some tongue,” which she did along with rubbing her pussy into my thigh.

“I’m here for Winnie, not you, Evie. You shouldn’t be tempting me.”

“But you wanted my tongue … Couldn’t you take the two of us out?” Her protest turned into a whine.

“I could, but I’m not going to,” and at that point Winnie came out of the bedroom and saw us standing in a near embrace.

“You look gorgeous, Winnie. The dress was made with you in mind,” I said and her face lit up with pride and happiness. “But we have a problem. Evie wants to fuck me, Winnie,” I added coldly. “Do you want to share me?”

“If … if that’s what you want, Donnie,” she said forlornly.

“It’s not what I want, Winnie. I asked you what you want.”

“What I want?”

“Yes, do you want to share me, or would you prefer to have me for yourself tonight?”

“If it’s alright with you, Donnie, I prefer having you to myself.”

Turning to the very embarrassed Evie, I said, “Did you hear that, Evie?”

“Yes, Donnie … I heard. Oh, Winnie, I’m so sorry … I shouldn’t have tried to …”

“Enough,” I said, “Winnie Pull your dress up and lean over the arm of the couch. I think I should warm you up before we go out.”

I gave her ten solid slaps to her derrière that she took without making a sound.

Evie watched and approaching the bursting point, tried to be unobtrusive, but couldn’t stop herself from consciously or unconsciously grinding her pussy against the corner of the dining room table, trying to get herself off while I spanked Winnie.

I assisted Winnie in getting her dress back down over her hips and gave her several sensual french kisses that had the both of us thinking about other things than the dinner that we had planned on.

“We’ll have a quick meal and then go back to my place; that all right with you?” I asked.

“Oh, yes, that will be perfect!” she chirped happily as she eyed the bulge in my slacks.

“Can you spend the night?”

She licked her lips and glanced sheepishly at Evie before saying: “Yes … yes of course, Donnie.”

“Then let’s go our chariot awaits us!” I gave Evie a peck on the cheek and whispered that I owed her a good fucking and left her to finish herself off as best she could.


After dinner we drove back to my place and after I poured us both a glass of wine, retired to the boudoir.

I had Winnie perform a little striptease for me and then had her undress me as well. I noticed the butt plug was still in place and inquired as to how she had cleaned herself prior to its insertion.

“I did two enemas like you told me,” she answered.

“Come here next to me; let me see for myself.”

Winnie curled up beside me and I used my thumbs to pry her cheeks apart for a very close visual and aromatic examination. The cleansing appeared to have removed any residual fecal matter from her anus. I brought my nose right up against her starfish and sniffed … no noticeable odor, and that pleased me no end as I fully intended to rim my winsome submissive as well as sodomizing her.

I began by handing Winnie a small vibrator and told her to use it on her clit while I entertained myself with her lovely derrière.

She giggled delightedly and did so while I examined the red marks left by the earlier spanking I’d given her before lightly running the tips of my fingers over her ass, much as a masseuse might, but I lingered there and didn’t roam over other bodily parts as the typical massage calls for.

A quick glance at her face found it blissfully content, while her throat was busy making soft gurgling sounds of pleasure as her clit responded to the vibrator’s thrilling pulsations.

Still holding those lovely cheeks apart, I tickled the edge of her asshole, making her shiver with anticipation. “Oh … Daddy that feels … soooo good!”

“So you like what I’m doing?”

“Ooooh yesssss!”

“Then you’ll probably love what I do next!”

“Oooooohh!” she gasped not knowing what I would do next, but obviously welcoming erotik film izle whatever it was.

Stiffening my tongue, I sent it right into the forbidden hole, eliciting a moan of surprised delight from Winnie. Other than that moan the only other sound was the constant buzzing of the vibrator teasing her clit and I suspect the outer layers of her labia, since any constant application of the vibrator to her clit would certainly be unbearable.

My mouth soon added to the sounds to be heard in the bedroom. I made a wondrous wet squelchy sound as my tongue slid over, across, into and around the clenched gate of her anus for the next few minutes.

While I paused to rest my tongue, I gave Winnie a large white vibrator with rotating beads in its hilt, kind of like in the famous ‘Rampant Rabbit’, only this one had a cord attached to a slim, translucent anal probe with bulbous tip.

After she giddily slipped it into her already excited cunt, her juices began spilling over her labia.

“It seems you’re excited, Winnie,” I said teasingly.

“Ohhh I sure am, Daddy!” It was the second time she had referred to me in that term.

“Am I your Daddy now?” I inquired softly.

“Ooooh yesssss! You certainly are my Daddy!” she said and giggled like a mischievous schoolgirl. “You gonna spank for calling you Daddy?”

“No, I like it, but I’d be happy to spank you just for the fun of it later.”

“Ooooh, I like that idea, Daddy!” She chirped while seemingly struggling with the toy I’d just handed her.

“Trouble, Winnie?”

“Yeah … I umm, can’t seem to find the control–-I mean I found it but activating it …”

Laughing I showed her how to turn it on and set it at its highest speed before handing it back to her. “Have fun–-I know I will,” I said and returned to her ass.

Then with Winnie thrilling to the fast-paced vibrations pummeling her clit as well as the newly introduced shenanigans the beaded vibrator was causing in her cunt, I produced yet another beaded vibrator and probed around the entrance to her anus.

“Take a deep breath, Winnie,” I told her, and then eased the bulb end of the toy about an inch or so into her gaping puckered rosebud.

Winnie was so startled that she was unable to speak; she waved her free hand, having dropped the small vibrator she had been using to tease her clit. Her eyes were closed, her face a picture of rapture personified.

“Oooooohh … gonna cum!”

“You can anytime you want, Winnie,” I whispered to her as I fed the beaded toy another inch or so into her rectum.

“Christ–-so full … so fuckin’ full! Can’t believe … OHHH HERE IT CUMS!”

I’m not looking at her face as I usually do at such times. I’m looking at her asshole–-its opening and closing like a tiny mouth trying to swallow the damned beaded vibrator and I haven’t turned it on yet!

I push it in another inch and turn it on and Winnie almost leapt off the bed.


The anal probe is buried to the hilt in her asshole and its twin is buried in her cunt. Both are buzzing crazily and its causing her orgasm to go on and on and on.

I can’t tell you how much our roles were reversed. I tried to imagine what it must be like to have such a prolonged orgasm, but couldn’t. I’ve had wonderfully seemingly long orgasms, but nothing like the one she was currently enjoying.

I turned the anal vibrator off and slowly eased it from her ass. A few seconds later she did the same with the one in her cunt. It took about five minutes for her body to stop shuddering and then she turned to me and said: “I thought … I really thought I was gonna die.”

“So are you ready for a goodnight fuck?” I said.

“I think it will kill me, Donnie.”

“What happened to Daddy?”

“Oh, I forgot. Do you prefer that?”

“Call me whatever you want as long as it’s respectable.”

“Okay, but I still think my heart won’t be able to handle one of your special fuckings … Daddy.”

“Do you or don’t you, Winnie?”

“Ohhh, I do–-I do–-I really do!”

And then we were embracing and fondling one another. Skin against skin, arms wrapped around the others backs.

“Let’s go slow and really enjoy it,” I whispered.

“Let’s …” She replied in a husky, lust filled voice as she rested her head just above my chest and kissed the hollow above my collarbone, inhaling the barest scent of some dark and wild faraway forest.

She sent her right leg up the outside of my left, felt my hardness pulse between her thighs. I leaned down to nuzzle her neck –-animal like–-making her shiver.

We spent several blissful minutes kissing and nipping at each other’s lips and throat before I decided what I wanted to do to her.


“Yes, Donnie … I mean, daddy?”

“I’m going to do you from behind.”

“My ass?”

Winnie moaned quietly in answer as I gently pushed with one hand and pulled with the other to turn her around. She resisted for a moment, just to let film izle me know she could then followed my lead, letting her shoulder and arm brush against my chest and stomach, her hand encountered my erection and gave it a not-so-gentle squeeze.

Now she faced the bed, with me behind her. I let my hands move from her shoulders to her breasts for a caress and a slow squeeze then pinched her nipples.

Winnie moaned and sighed and my hands moved on across her belly and hips to cup her ass. She placed one knee on the mattress and slowly, seductively, crawled across the bed, making sure I caught several delightful eyefuls as she moved to the center, looking over her shoulder at me with half-lidded eyes.

“You have the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen,” she whispered in a voice dripping with lust and want. The glisten of moisture at the junction of her legs beckoned to me. I wanted to leap upon her, but restrained myself, after all I was the one who had suggested slow and easy and not wham bam.

I took a deep breath and moved forward. Winnie, in response, turned away as the bed shifted in absorbing my weight. Then it was Winnie’s turn to hold her breath as the mattress pushed down between her parted knees. When I touched her left calf Winnie flinched. When my hands stroked up both legs and curved with her bent-over body until the palms covered hip bones and grasped firmly–-as if to lock her in my grip, she moaned audibly.

I laughed at her moan, and tapped the head of my cock against her somewhat opened asshole.

“Okay,” she croaked.

And when I pushed a little harder and pulled her back at the same time, she screamed, “YES—YES!”

I humped twice and found my cock buried to the hilt in her ass. Winnie released a cross between a growl and a grunt, which turned into a deep purring exhalation as I withdrew and more gently sank back in full length, opening her to my heat and urgency.

In a handful of heartbeats, my hips were rhythmically slapping into Winnie’s hind quarters. My hands remained on her hips, holding and guiding her where I wanted, pulling and pushing if she interfered with my stroke.

I left off her hips with one hand, sending it to her front and sought out her clit then rubbed it as I ground my cock into the furthest region of her ass. She moaned low and loud, shivering because of what it did to her. When she began pushing back at me I let go of her hips entirely and sent three fingers into her sopping cunt in search of her g-spot.

“JESUS!” she shrieked and began fucking back at me in a frantic way.

Winnie’s brows knotted in confusion as she did the simple math and came up with a mystery. She turned her head as if to look over her shoulder, only to meet my face–-my chin coming to rest on her shoulder, and nose nuzzling her ear as my hands left her genitals and moved to her breasts and fondled them in turn.

Winnie sobbed and moaned, “Fuck me harder … please!”

Instead, I merely rolled her hard nipples in my seemingly expert fingers.

She had to be thinking–-if indeed she was thinking at all—that my hands were everywhere. Disconcerted, she tried to pull at them, to disengage them. But then my fingers closed around her wrists, gently but firmly pulling her hands off mine, drawing them back to the mattress, up above her head, pinning her outstretched arms. Leaving her to wonder how I was doing it.

I pulled her up until her back pressed against my sweaty chest. Her body was tense and hot under me as I continued pumping in and out. I could tell her emotions were roiling as she fought off cumming, wanting to prolong it for as long as possible.

I hungrily licked the sweat on her neck and tasted the edge of her fear. Her moans were probably half fear, half need as the intensity of the sensations within her mounted. She fought to free her arms and writhed either for or against my shaft as it plunged in and out of her rectum–-but I had her fully contained as I managed to grip both her wrists with one hand while moving to her clit with the other.

I brought her close to another orgasm strumming her clit and breathing hotly across her neck and in her ear. Then I bit her earlobe and felt her ass tighten even more around my throbbing cock.

Winnie was almost out of control. Half formed questions and protests poured out of her breathless mouth as unintelligible mewls and cries. She was squeezing me spasmodically, and my member swelled even more in response, taking us both closer to pure utter rapture.


I took a deep breath much as would before diving into the pool before doing the 100 meters, and snorting and panting like a wild beast called upon energies I didn’t know I had–-fucking her the way she wanted me too.

The sweat was flying off me in all directions. I was trembling from the exertion and Winnie felt it; and started to cum, crying out each time I slammed into her and each time I pulled out–-it became a non-stop chant of “OH-OH-OH-OH’S”

Her inner muscles clamped hard seks filmi izle around me, and I responded with a snarl of my own as I continued to drive through her contractions as my sperm came to the boiling point just before exploding.

When I came Winnie’s eyes flew open even while in the throes of her own orgasm. I kept fucking that lovely ass of her until the last vestiges of sperm oozed out of my cock as I filled her ass with cum.

I held her in place until I slipped out of her, shrunken but victorious. Her asshole made a little fart-like sound at my departure and we both laughed.

The sheets were soaked through from our sweat drench bodies. Panting from my exertions I pulled Winnie close and kissed her lingeringly, moving from lower lip to upper and back again, just little nips and soft, soft kisses, no tongue, the heat within us was diminishing at this point, but there was something else–-a rapport between us that could never be taken away from either of us.

“So …” I said, “How are you?”

Winnie let out a long sigh and said, “That was … sooo great. You know, I was out there in another world for a time. Yeah, another world … I was hoping I’d never come back.”

“But here you are.”

“Mmmm,” she said and kissed me tenderly. I returned it and we smooched for a short time before she resumed talking.

“That … what you did … you know, was great. I mean it really was. You’ve made me cum before and honestly they were really great orgasms … each and every one. But this … this was sooo much better. I don’t understand what happened. I don’t care what happened. I just hope with all my heart you can make it happen again.”

I kissed her and tongues got involved. I found myself getting hard again and asked if she wanted another round. “It won’t be anywhere near as good, but it will be good,” I told her, and she nodded eager to start another round of fucking.

I set Winnie up on all fours thinking to fool her into thinking I was taking her anally again. She realized soon enough–-from the moment the tip of my cock nudged against her clit and she acted as if I touched a cattle prod to it, jerking up, and then crashing back down.

“Ready to fuck?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah …” She replied.

I was entering her silken sheath before the words left her mouth. I made certain to rotate my angles as I penetrated her vagina and managed to hit all kinds of different places that wrung a series of orgasms from Winnie.

Later she confessed that my constant variation of strokes caused a sequence of sensations that got to her as much as any lengthy pounding ever had.

But at the time all I knew was that she was cumming big time–-“OHHH GOD–-OHHH GAWD–-CUMMING … AAAAAAHHH!”

It must have hit her like a tsunami, for she passed out. I watched over her, making certain she was breathing and to all intents Winnie was apparently normal, except that she stayed out for some fifteen minutes. At that point her eyes snapped open and she turned her head to the left and then the right looking around the room as if trying to figure out where she was.

“You’re in my bedroom, Winnie.”

She tried to sit up, but couldn’t summon enough energy to do it.

“What happened?”

“You passed out.”

“I can’t move.”

I laughed. “That shouldn’t last much longer. You came so hard your body just doesn’t want to move at the moment.”

“What did you do? I felt like I was exploding. I …I can’t even really describe it. There was this unbelievable sensation and then … Whew. If that’s what sex is supposed to be like, you can make a fortune. I mean, I’d be glad to testify on your behalf … women would flock to you from everywhere!”

“Enjoyed it, did you?”

And how!”

“Want to sleep over? Maybe blow me before breakfast?”

“Mmmm, maybe during the night too?”

“Well … I do need my beauty sleep. Let’s say morning only and then I’ll get you home so that you can tell Evie and possibly get to work.”

“I don’t think my legs will be working so well tomorrow.

“Sorry, that’s on you. You’re the one wanted that last fuck.”

“I did, didn’t I? Well I got it … I mean I got it all right. I’m not gonna complain about any of it. Donnie, thank you for the best night of my life.”


I dropped Winnie off at her place the next morning around ten. I had a mid-term around two in the afternoon and although I had studied for it, spent the remainder of the day studying for it, although I did manage to grab a quick bite to eat on campus.

I had four more mid-terms that week, having avoided two others by submitting papers in lieu of taking an exam. I finished the last of them on Friday afternoon and was ready to celebrate.

Nikita was out of town at a realtor’s convention and I didn’t want to see Winnie again so soon. I had heard that the campus would be hopping with parties celebrating the end of mid-terms and found myself wandering down to what I knew to be the most popular place for student fraternization just off the campus and joined several guys who I knew in passing and like myself were athletes on campus. Well I considered myself an athlete although no longer on the swimming team—and was accepted as one of them.

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