20 Years Of Infidelity Chapter Nine

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20 Years Of Infidelity Chapter Nine

Now that we were on the beach with so many lovely, young girls surrounding us, I had to remind Jason again and again to be cool, not swig his beer down and to not start chasing the girls who were running, or rather, bouncing around on all sides. Reminding him that we had hours and hours ahead of us. There was no sense in exhausting himself when soon the girls would be coming to him.
Jason looked confused. I shook my head. At what age do boys begin thinking with their big head and not their little heads? ‘Look around and see things other than naked tits and asses,’ I told him. He still looked confused.
Taking pity on the poor, brain dead sap, I asked, ‘Jason, what time is it?’
‘I didn’t bring my watch. Somewhere around 9am if I had to guess.’
‘How long until the sun peeks over that cliff?’
Looking, Jason estimated, ‘A few more minutes.’
‘How many beach umbrellas are there?’
‘Five. Guess they’re pretty hard to carry here overland on that trail.’
Jason looked around again. I sighed in defeat.
‘And how many of those five umbrellas belong to us?’
‘Four.’ Jason had looked exactly this confused earlier when I’d paid for an extra two umbrellas at the boat pier we rented our boat from. A few questions after Jason had described this beach to me…
‘Do the math, Jason.’
I have to give him credit. He tried. But one girl after another kept capturing his attention.
‘Once that hot, bright sun peeks over the cliff,’ I began explaining. ‘How long until all those tits and asses you can’t stop staring at begin turning pink? Especially tits and asses that haven’t been in the sun?’ I asked, nodding my head at one lovely lass with beautiful tan lines framing very large, white tits and pubic mound.

‘Not very long…’ Jason replied softly as a light bulb began to flicker on in his brain.
‘And these girls will either have to start covering up or…?’
‘Or join us under the umbrellas!’
By Jove, I think he got it!
‘Damn,’ Jason breathed in admiration. ‘I hope I’m as smart as you are when I’m your age, Mom,’ he finished with a shoulder bump.
‘Yeah, right. Like in six years you’ll be old and decrepit like I am?’ Jason was smart enough not to answer that and instead asked what we should do until pink tits started to appear.
‘First, we’re going swimming. Second, we’re going to walk back here.’
I told him to just follow me and we walked to the water and kept going until we were up to our chests. We played for a bit, splashing water and having fun until I molded my body to his for a long kiss. Unlike the sand on the beach, here the floor of the sea was made of small, smooth rocks. With only a small surf to stir up the little sand was there, the water was clear and backing away from Jason, I could clearly see the hard cock I’d felt growing large against my mound.
Grinning, I took a deep breath, submerged and suprised Jason by carefully taking his cock into my mouth. I’d turned Jason towards the beach and was sure anyone watching would figure out what I was doing when I stayed submerged. Taking his cock in my mouth, I took my time to slide his length as deep as I could before running my tongue the length of the sensitive underside of his cock.

I didn’t let Jason’s cock slide from my mouth and surface until Jason had a raging hard-on. Laughing, I guided him back to the shore and walked slowly to our blankets. Grabbing a towel, I dried illegal bahis siteleri Jason off making sure his cock got good and dry while keeping him hard. Dropping the towel I was sure every girl on the beach had gotten a good look at the huge cock Jason was packing. Which is what I told Jason the entire swim episode was all about. Jason had a tendency to take for granted the huge package he could offer women.
‘ I just hung a great, big neon sign over your head. ‘Huge Cock. Come And Try Your Luck,’ I told him, laughing when a brilliant grin appeared on his face. ‘Only one more thing to do,’ I concluded.
‘What’s that?’
‘Signal all the girls that even though we’re together, you’re available.’
‘By having you pick any single guy out here for me to fuck.’
Jason looked shocked.
‘Did you really think I was just going to sit here while you had your fun? If I feel like it, I’ll fuck three or four guys for every girl you fuck. Not that I plan on doing that,’ I told Jason reassuringly. At least not today, I added mentally to myself. ‘Just pick a decent looking guy and I’ll take him over to the edge of the blanket and let him fuck me while you look cool and un-caring. Everyone on the beach will know we’re not exclusive and I’ll check another item off my sexual bucket list.’
‘What’s the item you’ll check off?’
‘Fucking a stranger in less than five minutes after meeting him.’
Jason started laughing again. ‘What’s your previous record?’
‘Longer than five minutes,’ was all I’d admit to and took a sip of more beer.
‘Ok, that guy,’ Jason said pointing his beer bottle in the direction of a decent looking young man watching a pick-up volleyball game that had just started. He looked the same age as Jason and from the hard-on he sported, he was way more interested watching the tits bounce than the ball.
‘You’re sure you’re good with this?’
‘I can’t believe we’re… You’re… Doing this but, yeah, I’m ok.’
My tactic was simple and direct. I walked over and grabbed his cock. Still holding his cock and while he was still in shock, I led him to the edge of our blankets and pushed him onto his back. Amazed at myself for doing something so slutty with a stranger, I was wet and there was a feeling between my legs that told me my clit was hard. Going to my knees I sucked his cock to get it wet. Once he was good and wet I straddled his hips and lowered myself slowly down onto his cock.
He had a nice cock and once I had all of him in I began a grinding motion with my hips and enjoyed the feeling of that first stretch of my pussy around a cock while he grabbed my tits with both hands and squeezed them roughly. It wasn’t long however before his hands were on my hips as his cock drove upwards into me in a frenzied pace. He came shortly afterwards.
Glancing around without seeming to, I saw that everyone on the beach was entranced by my sluttish behavior. My only regret was hoping I wasn’t this poor guy’s first fuck. I only thought of this now and leaning down, I kissed him for the first time while sliding my pussy off his cock to drip our cum onto his stomach.

To give him a nice memory if this had been his first time, I moved down to suck his cock clean before lapping up the pool of our cum under his belly button. I liked how I could make his stomach muscles jump with every lick. I led him to the sea and once the water was up to our navels, washed his cock and my pussy tipobet güvenilir mi and sent him off in a daze while I returned to Jason with a smile on my lips.
Jason handed me his beer and waited until I’d taken a long drink before whispering in wonder, ‘I think you met him, fucked him and made him come in under five minutes.’
I laughed. ‘I’m out of practice. Next guy… I’ll try for under four minutes,’ I told Jason with a small laugh, still a little shocked at what I’d just done.
‘Now I feel guilty, Jason. What if that guy had been a virgin? Christ! I practically forced that guy to fuck me.’
‘Oh, I don’t think you need to feel guilty even if he was a virgin. You grabbed his cock, pushed him down and after you fucked him, you sucked his cock. I think I’d be pretty damned happy if a beautiful girl had done that to me,’ Jason finished with a laugh.
I decided Jason had a good point.
We sat for a minute staring out to sea and then Jason admitted that he gotten so damned horny watching me fuck another guy he’d been afraid he was going to come without even touching himself. I admitted that having public sex was turning out to be a huge turn on for me. Jason admitted that knowing I was sitting next to him with another man’s cum in me made him want to…
‘Fuck me!’ I finished for him, but also letting him know what I wanted him to do. Jason would have pushed me down onto the blanket but before he could I was on my hands and knees with my ass in the air and his face. I may have moved first but Jason was on his knees and mounting me just a split second later.
There was no technique or gentleness. Just a great need by both of us to fuck. Jason may have tried to be quiet but my moans and cries as he stretched my pussy, my demands for him to fuck me harder and my grunts as his pounding groin met my ass hard enough to force the air from my throat were as loud as they had been in our bedroom last night. Loud enough to carry through condo walls to excite Mary and Marty, I was sure the sounds I made on the blanket were loud enough to carry to many on the beach around us.

The couples we’d seen fucking at times since our arrival had all been engaged with straight missionary sex. I’m sure our coupling was instructional to many of the teens. Wanting our seminar to the young to last, I told Jason to go slower as I dropped my shoulders to the blanket so I could reach backwards to slide my fingers past my mound to the wetness between my legs.
Whatever cum I still had inside from my un-named first fuck was being forced from my pussy by Jason’s much larger cock and my pussy contractions as I began spasming from the fast, forcing of his cock inside me. My pussy lips and fingers were soaked with sex juice. I swear my entire hand was wet.
Jason’s thrusts may have been slightly slower but the pounding of his groin agasinst my ass were no less forceful. The meaty, wet meeting of our bodies resounded loud and clear over the beach. Each thrust forcing my body forwards only to be pulled back by Jason’s hands on my hips to meet the next thrust. Moving in time with the movement of my shoulders on the blanket and my grunts of expelled air, my fingers moved over my clit. Sliding up and down the entire clit sheath hard enough to force my clit flat against the slippery skin that led to my hole.
Oh… My… Gawd… Oh, Gawd, it was to much. All the pent up sexual heat perabet of two public fucks had me coming in less than a minute of the first sliding touch of my finger against my hard, exposed clit pearl. I came up on one elbow as my orgasm made my back arch. My head bent backwards as my orgasm reached the muscles of my neck and my grunts became one long continuous cry of release.
Jason knew I was coming and with no reason to make the fucking last, he began slamming my pussy as hard and fast as he could. My cry rose an octave. Some small part of me remembered to yell, ‘Oh, God, Jason! Your big cock is making me come so HARD!’ Which was nothing but the truth but I was sure would peak many a-girl’s curiousity. It amazed me how many people here in Europe knew a little English. I doubt what I yelled would have to be translated for very many.
My praise pushed Jason over the edge and he began filling my pussy with his cum with staccato thrusts of his hips. The drumming crash of his groin against my ass was loud in the silence everyone else seemed frozen in. Stilled, Jason used his weight to force me prone to the blanket, his body molded to my back. His gasps for air loud in my ear. Jason’s cock remained hard inside me as we recovered.
‘Oh, fuck, Jason,’ I was finally able to gasp. Every muscle in my gut felt like an electric shock was being applied and then switched off at even the slightest movement of cock inside me. ‘I’ve had fantasies of having sex in public when I’ve masturbated but I never thought… I never thought it would affect me so much to actually do it.’
I felt Jason’s nod against my neck, ‘I could barely hang on to your hips you were so sweaty and coming so hard.’
‘Well, if your reputation as being the best lover on the beach isn’t made after this, I don’t know what will do it. Now it’s time to make my reputation,’ I laughed weakly. My laugh changed to a moan as Jason’s cock slowly withdrew, followed by a stream of cum into the hand still trapped under my body.
Raising up I kept the cup of my palm positioned under my lips as the fingers of my other hand spread them. My pussy was still gapping from being fucked by a large cock and more cum filled my palm. Being sure anyone watching, which was probably everyone, got a good look, I brought my hand up and poured an amazing amount of our cum into my mouth. Licking my palm clean, I glanced about without seeming to behind my sunglasses and, yep, every eye seemed glued to me as I made a show of swallowing.
Jason was lying beside me watching and smiling. His eyes closed when I leaned down to suck his cock clean. It made something inside me shiver thinking every boy in sight let out a long moan just as Jason did.
‘Well, if this hasn’t give me the reputation as the biggest slut on the beach… I don’t know what will,’ I laughed.

Mindful that I had a long day ahead in the sun, I put on my long t-shirt before leaving Jason’s side. I waded out into the sea far enough to wash my pussy in water so clear I could see small strings of cum drift away. The way the thin material clung to every curve, I knew I’d get more looks when I came out of the water. I knew that Jason’s rep was made when, as I was still in the water, the first of what I guessed would be many young ladies knelt beside our blankets and then moved under the shade.
My rep as a cocksucking cum swallower was definitely set in stone as every boy was still trying to watch me without being obvious. I walked back to our blankets to start a slow, translation book enabled, conversation with Ellyse from Denmark. A dark haired beauty with large D-cup tits I just knew Jason would enjoy after he recovered.

Next, Sex or Sunburn

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