3 On The Dot – Part 1

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3 On The Dot – Part 1
For three straight days I was scheduled until 3 PM. Three straight days that my fat ass manager, Clyde, made me stay over an extra hour. I wasn’t used to taking anyone’s shit. I spent 5 years in the most dangerous prison in the state and didn’t back down from anyone. So I’ll be damned if I let this fat fuck walk over me. This dishwasher gig was the only job I could find so I had to tread lightly.

I had been out of prison for 4 months and finding a piece of ass had been harder than I thought. I went through all of the websites you can think of and searched high and low. I had finally found a slut who wanted nothing but to be fucked and dominated by whomever.

We agreed that today at 4 was when I would be ramming my dick into her organs until I decided where I wanted to spray my load.

It was 2:45 and I was counting down the time until I was off to meet my date.

“ Albert, I’m gonna need you to stay until 5 today. Your relief called out, “ Clyde said walking by without a care in the world as he headed out of the kitchen to go smoke a cigarette. I hated the site of him. He was a short 5’7, 300 pound bald headed man with a long nose and gray beard. His fat moved when he walked. I hated his guts.

I stormed out behind him.

“ WHAT THE FUCK? I got a date man, I’m not staying a millisecond last 3. “ I yelled at him.

“ Look, what the fuck are you gonna do? You can violate your parole if you want. I could give two shits. “ he said lighting his Newport.

I bahis siteleri canlı snapped. With every bit of power in my 6’5 250 lbs frame I grabbed him by the throat and shoved him behind the building. I slammed him on the wall and pressed my forehead on his.

“ MOTHERFUCKER I TOLD YOU I HAD A DATE! I’M NOT STA- “ I paused. He was trembling like a little faggot bitch. Scared of a real man like myself. I thought back to how I would’ve handled this in my prison days.

“ You know what? Fuck this “ I said, backhand smacking the spit out of his mouth. “ Get on your knees fat ass. “

He slowly got down. “ Al, man plea- “ I smacked him again for speaking out of turn.
Without even a warning of the direction this was going I unzipped my pants and pulled down my boxers. His eyes grew wide as he began to process what was going on. It might have been the adrenaline but whatever it was had my every bit of 12.5 inch black dick rock solid. He blinked rapidly as he saw the veins that decorated my long, thick, curved dick that you only hear about in fantasies.

“ Suck my fucking dick you fat son of a bitch. I had something lined up. I’ll miss that, no problem. But I’m getting my dick sucked. “

“ Al, please don’t make me do this. I- I- “ before he could close his stuttering fat mouth I grabbed my throbbing dick and shoved it in his mouth. In one swift motion I slid my downward curve down the fat space between his head and shoulders that he called a throat. Clyde turned cherry tipobet red as he gasped for air. I knew what I was doing. I pinched his nose giving him even less air. I slightly pumped about 8 inches of dick in and out of his mouth. I pulled it out giving him a second to breathe. He gasped loudly. Annoyed I shoved my dick right into his mouth and vigorously fucked his throat while gripping his bald head. I fucked harder and harder with no regard for his airway. I heard him gag. Didn’t matter. Before I knew it he puked on my dick. I pulled my dick out disgusted at the sight of his lunch on my dick.

“ You’re gonna clean this shit off “ I told him .

“ Yes sir “ he surprisingly replied, breathing heavy with spit and slime around his mouth. Just for testing me earlier I smacked him again. I grabbed my still hard dick and shoved it back into his mouth. He gagged some more as spit bubbles formed from his mouth and even nose. Clyde attempted to grip my ass as I fucked his mouth.

“ Get your fucking hands off of me “ I ordered. He listened as if he knew what was best for him. I felt he was ready to take my entire dick. I shoved the entire foot length cock down his throat. He gagged and gagged until he puked again. This time I didn’t pull out. He had to learn. I fucked his mouth until
I released a 4 month load down his throat. As I groaned he sighed in relief. I pulled my dick out of his mouth and made him lick it clean. Cum,
vomit and all.

I shoved the fat piece tipobet giriş of shit away as he remained on his knees trying to catch his breath. I tucked my dick in my underwear and walked off.

“ I want a raise “ was all I could say as I walked back in the building without caring to look back at him. “ Oh and I’m not staying. “

I was done for the he day. The slut I originally planned to fuck called me and said she was waiting for me. She sent her address to my phone and it was 5 blocks from my job. I had just cum but I could go all day.

“ The door is unlocked “ she told me.

I headed right over. For 5 blocks I smiled like it was Christmas Day and I knew the gift I wanted was under the tree. When I reached he home the door was unlocked as expected. I walked in and turned around to lock the door.

“ I’ll be right down, sugar “ the slut said from upstairs.

Or at least that’s what I think was said. My ears kind of tuned her out as I gazed at a picture frame on the wall. I was in disbelief. There she was, curly brown hair, long dangling earrings, bright blue eyes and a nice smile with a slight gap across he chubby face… and in front of her sat Clyde. Smiling. As he was in all of the other 20 photos I saw around the living room. I hadn’t even heard her coming.

“ Hey baby “ Helena, the slut, said to me as she approached coming from down the stairs. I smiled a somewhat sinister smile.

“ I was waiting for you to get off wo- “ I cut her off with a swift backhand smack to the face and grabbed her by the throat. To no surprise, she was grinning from ear to ear in excitement ready to be dominated.

“ Suck my dick you fat bitch “. Was all I said as she began to get on her knees. I was gonna have some fun with this.

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