349 Cuckold by mutual agreement.

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349 Cuckold by mutual agreement.
349 Cuckold by mutual agreement.
Peter was a rose grower, a bricky by trade but that only filled in the days, in reality he now lived for his roses. His first wife had died after 20 years of a great marriage, she had been a model wife, soft, loving, caring and wonderful she had had the dreaded big C.
He had been devastated, as you would expect.
luckily, they had had no c***dren, and though not rich, at 39 and fit he had taken life by the reigns got off his backside and gone looking for excitement….it was a short but exciting period of his life, but it was a reaction to the loss, nothing more, though he could not see it, it was very much not him, it was an outburst, his way of shaking off grief.
It was during this period he had met Gloria, it was in a nightclub, not a place he had frequented till this mad binge!
Gloria was everything Margaret had not been, she was blonde, tall, busty, brash, and stacked. It was an immediate attraction of opposites, and married they soon where, just 8 months after the funeral!
Gloria was excitement, up for anything, sex on legs, and Peter was infatuated. The few friends he had were appalled, muttering that it wouldn’t last, and she was a gold digger, but did it make a jots difference to him…no sir-ee…! For a month or two after the marriage things wombled on, for Peter the sex was beyond words, at the drop of a hat, she was jumping his bones a siren, an exhibitionist and a lust filled goer, Gloria was everything Margaret had not been, and Peter was overcome with the excitement of the moment. That of course was before the accident a pallet of bricks being lifted by crane swung and hit him in the nuts and that put him sexually out of the game for a few weeks, it was lucky it wasn’t a permanent injury. A few stitches and walking bow legged for a fortnight had him plodding round the house of course, but Gloria wanted her ration and that was just not possible, .after the stitches were removed he was told to refrain for another fortnight, oh he tried, god knows he tried but tongue and finger left him frustrated, and her hardly satisfied, a week of that and our girl began to think of sex elsewhere, she had “played the field” till Peter came along.
But our Gloria was not a behind the back, cheating kind, as I said brash, and outspoken, but honest and straight-forward… so it was on Friday at tea time when she k**ded him if he wasn’t up to giving her, what she termed `her ration’ she was going to have to go and find herself a stud get herself fucked and she would attend to his needs when she returned!” It was he realised a joke situation and she when went on to say that “she had decided that to save him any embarrassment she would be traveling to the next town on the bus so she wouldn’t be recognised to save his blushes.” (There are six towns loosely adjoining which make up this city and a short bus ride would ensure a modicum of privacy… a point he appreciated) they both laughed.
But to all this he said little, in fact he, if truth was known, found the whole idea of cuckolding quite stimulating, Margaret had never been unfaithful, never once given him cause to be concerned, and though of course he had never mentioned it to her for fear of upsetting the happy home it had been his dearest fantasy to see his beloved and sterile wife used and abused by someone who knew what he was about…
Anyway, after her announcement he found the stitch wounds stretching painfully and needed the spray the hospital had supplied to stop unwanted errection’s. it was not un-noticed by Gloria, who sat back in her chair, bahis firmaları grinning and boldly asked if the whole idea of someone else screwing his new wife was a turn on…
The spray having done its job the discomfort eased and knowing his lady like a dog with a bone, was not going to take `no’ as her answer decided to come clean. He explained that “Margaret had never strayed, and he had taken her virginity, so he had been faithful in return, but that he always had had a nagging fantasy of her being used by others, and now here was his new wife saying she wanted to do just that!”
She grinned, then explained that “though his love-making was energetic, frequent, and a joy, she herself had long had fantasies, of her own of being gangbanged, being sodamised, in fact occasionally being used violently so how did he rate that?”
The stops were off now, the genie from its bottle, and at last, though perhaps for the first time since they had met, they really talked.
The floodgates banged open as she explained that she was no virgin, that she had lost her cherry to her brother, at 17 and since then and not found anyone who she loved enough to equal him or marry, till he came along, but an occasional fumble or a bang behind the pub with one or tother of her regular chaps, was not unknown, they being married folk, it was as far as she had ever gone, She said other than him and her brother way back then, she had never had sex in a bed, it just never happened and she always picked married men as she knew the chances of an STD were minimal, and they would say nothing not wishing to infect their wives and homelives.
She explained that she had in fact been k**ding with the comment, though if he was `up for it` she would consider it, just for him…’ Laughing they left it at that…the washing up called, and the moment passed.
However, the seeds were sown and, like the ripples from a stone splashing in a pond, his mental tranquillity was disturbed.
In bed that night, inevitably he raised the subject again, “would you really give yourself to someone else if I asked you too?” she grinned, her pretty face lit by the bedside lamp as she kissed him and said, that “why not, under certain circumstances, but only if you really wanted me too, and we were both happy, I must admit I do dream of a bit of variety, and the thought of growing old without having at least tried to achieve, at least one of my fantasies, is daunting.”
He regarded her with some long and loving looks, the spray, his now constant companion, coming into play as he lay thinking about her comments. “look let`s think on it, its not a job for going at lightly, we being married let`s make a list of our thoughts hopes and dreams, then talk about it on Monday if your still keen, though we are off to the pub tomorrow night and no doubt Tim will be there again and you know what he`s been like about you this last few month`s!”
(Tim, known as “the Dick”, was a young man who though happily married was not only a randy sod, he was happy to screw any woman in reach, and made no pretence`s about it either, he had been known to leave his own wife in the bar and take as many as two or even three other women out back in a single night.)
Peter grinned, then asked about the loss of her cherry. She smiled then said that she would only tell him if he kept that spray handy, then began, “when she was just 17, one afternoon her younger brother Stephen, had asked her if she would show him her body,” she had refused at first, their parents being downstairs, but he had been fairly persuasive, so she had flashed him her boob casino oyna as a consolation! At the time she was walking out with her first boyfriend one `Monty’ and had got to the grope in the back row of the cinema faze, though he was persistent to say the least. Unsatisfied with progress he found another girl and the young lovers had split up, it was on a Saturday evening when her parents were out, so there was no mum to console her at home and feeling a bit low, she had found Stephen in on his own. He had consoled her, all sympathy and soft words, then he had kissed her, explain that so far, he himself, had never seen more than the boob she had shown him and saying she was lovely etc, etc!
Slowly he had won her round and after a while she had agreed to allow him to undress her, if in exchange she could see what he had to offer, It would be the first time in daylight she would see a penis, her fumbling’s till then being in the darkened cinema with an only caressed organ’, but she suggested upstairs, so if mum and dad came home it would give them a moment to scramble back to their-own rooms. Eagerly he took her hand and, in her room, at her bidding he was soon naked. She examined the boys set, fascinated by his soft ball`s and this time the rigid uncircumcised if small shaft. she allowed him to kiss her again then stood for him while he gently removed her clothes, kissing her as each item hit the bedroom floor. For both it was a momentous occasion, his soft hands running over places, only her mother and her doctor had ever till then touched. She lay on her bed for him, his fingers gently opening her to his gaze, while she explaining where her clit was and how important to a girl it was… Without prompting he kissed it, still stood at her bedside, he kissed that hooded button and she went into a spasm of excitement, such as she had never enjoyed before. Her hand fondled his tool and gripped him as the fantasy tide swept up the beach. He came in a gout, his seed on her breasts. Apologising red of face as he used her disguarded pink knickers to wipe her clean. She kissed him kissing away his blushes, then in a misguided comment, she asked if his balls were now empty? saying that her friend Molly had said men could only spurt once in a session, He assured her that he had never come more than once at a time in a wanking, so she had him get up and ride her, as she thought it would be safe!
Clumsily he got onto the bed, then slid himself into her body. after the initial pain of her hymen breaching, they lay together for a while till instinct took over. Together they rode the waves, she a little sore but loving every amateurish thrust until she began to climax again, which fetched him in turn, over the top and throwing Molly`s theory in the bin, his seed spewed into her! Suddenly the mood changed she threw him from her in a panic, cursing him, and Molly, wishing she had attended those sex education classes and sending him for tissues, having him mop up what seed he could reach, fortunately with his small size, he had not penetrated deeply into her body but until she was satisfied, he persisted, probably enjoying every dab every touch and every groan of his beloved sister. She told him that he may have just put a c***d in her and that until her next period, they wouldn’t know…he obviously stood shocked… then asked what a period was…such was the 1960`s …
That next week or two she said, had been a bloody nightmare, hiding her worries from mum, and keeping Stephen quiet, luckily nothing came of it, and never again had she let him into her, though they slot oyna did a lot of mutual hand games for a while, but she said she had always regretted that she had been too embarrassed to attend the sex education classes, and wished her brother had known about condoms as she said she would have really liked to have had full sex with him but it had never had happened after that initial time.
By now Gloria had fingered herself to an orgasm over the memories and his spray had been in constant use, luckily the nurse at the hospital had taken pity on Peter and given him a couple of cans, remarking “he looked a lusty chap” as she did so!
They slept well

It was the next evening in one of their usual watering holes, sat in the corner of the lounge bar that the subject raised itself again.
Gloria started it, by quietly asking “if he had thought any-more of the situation they discussed in bed last night?” he grinned and said that “he had thought of nothing else,”
“Well?” it was the ultimate question, he whispered that “she could screw Tim if she wished but she was to come back to him full!” And “not to do it till near closing time as he wanted to know he was using her himself afterwards!”
She laughed said “this week it still just was fingers and tongue only,” then fetched the next round. At the bar she met Tim and his wife Amy, dark short and knowing, her movements like a small bird, hopping from foot to foot. They joined Gloria and Peter at the table Tim asking how Peter was after the accident, which he said could have been devastating, they discussed his lack of sex life and when he would be “back in the saddle” Tim remarking that Gloria perhaps should bring on a reserve… they all laughed and the evening moved on, convivial and fun, some mild flirting occurred but nothing much happened till just before last orders when Gloria suddenly said “she needed the loo, and perhaps she had best have a look round to see if she could find a reserve player!” they laughed and she tottered off to the ladies situated beside the door leading into the rear yard, time passed and Tim nonchalantly said he was going out for a pee and a fag. Peter chatting to Amy for a while, his silent thoughts hoping his own lady was getting what she had planned. However, Amy rather astounded him as she blushed a little and told him, “that brass Rita had just gone outside, and she supposed her husband would have to have her, which she was happy about as he was `a bit much for her, banging away most nights, it got a bit hard on a girl’”
Peter`s jaw dropped, as she added “it was a shame for Tim he being sex mad all the time she had known him!” luckily just the Gloria returned, her eyes sparkling and said, “it was time they got off home”. he said his goodbyes to Amy and arm in arm off they set home.
Peter explaining that Amy knew of Tim`s going outside but just with Rita she had said nothing about you! To which she replied that “Rita had seen them and had had to wait her turn in the shadows!”
He grinned desperate now for the spray.
They were soon indoors, he sprayed, then relieved he kissed his wife and slid his hand up her dress, her bare arse cool to touch came into reach, she had gone out in knickers he knew, so perhaps they were in her clasp, though he had not seen her place them there. He looked at her in askance as his hands moved round her body, she laughed, “well you did not want it running down my leg on the way home, now did you?
He found the tiny silken item stuffed into her ravaged sex, a veritable gusher of Tim`s seed ran onto his waiting hand as he removed the plug to her groans of pleasure, they knew it would be a long night and the genie was definitely out of this particular bottle.
To catch up with our couple and their adventures just comment and we shall follow their adventures with further episodes.

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