377 Part c. Woodland incest

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377 Part c. Woodland incest
376 Part c. Woodland i****t
The next day, was Saturday, Wally, his dog `Sam’, at heel did his rounds, then returned to the head keepers cottage at the far side of the estate, here he spent time with Jake and his wife Julie, reporting in and arranging feedstuff etc, reporting poaching and the like, perfectly normal for a Saturday morning. Jake was soon to retire, and his wife though attractive was elderly and crippled with arthritis, Wally was hopeful of the head keepers post soon. The weekly chat over, he trudged home, Saturday, telly and a doze, though it was his turn on call this weekend. Alice would be waiting, and he was still pondering the questions she had posed, yesterday.
He fed the old dog, leaving him in his run, then dumping his boots at the step, he went indoors. Alice was knitting, but jumped up and put on the kettle, as she always did on his arrival. They kissed and she told him that “her season was over” he grinned, all thoughts of telly evaporating in a flash. They Kissed, his hands big and rough sliding over her soft body under her jumper once again, finding her braless nipples first as always, stiff nubs showing her readiness and excitement to his touch. She whispered, “had he thought again about what had happened yesterday?” and “would he like to try one of the variations they had now discovered?”
His hesitant answer was that, “he had no wish to hurt her, but yes, god forgive him he wanted with all his heart to at least try as he couldn’t remember when he had last been so randy!” She smiled, saying “Good!” as so did she, and for him she would willingly take a little pain if necessary as she was his to enjoy!
They finished their tea, then she suggested perhaps as she needed to pee, that that would be a good starting point. His güvenilir bahis şirketleri grin was enough to give her the answer, “But” she said, “Having thought about it overnight, she suggested they went outside, as she didn`t fancy cleaning up and perhaps outdoor would add to the fun.” He again grinned then removed his shirt and vest, she in turn took off her knickers, she hardly ever wore tights except in winter or when going shopping now, and ready now, hand in hand together they set off for the tree enclosed veg garden. Here he lay on the path face upwards. She looked around her and as she expected there was no one about, visitors being rare. She stepped over him, kneeling so her dress became a thin orange yellow tent that gave him the strange effect of utmost privacy, coupled with a view he would savour forever. He heard her distant voice, “ready Wal!” he nodded then realising she could not see him said “yes sweetheart, whenever you are!” The first driblet’s fell on his chin almost immediately, mere dribbles, her mind restricting the flow it being so alien to her life`s teaching, never to pee in the presence of another, she overcame these thoughts and a veritable cascade fell, hitting her target on the forehead, nose and finally his mouth, open and searching eagerly for her stream. To her it was erotic relief, to him exciting and unusual, a way of telling his woman he would do anything for her, anything in this world.
The stream dried, the golden skirt stepped aside. He lay blinking in the now brighter sunlight, his open mouth still filled with her warm piss as she knelt beside him. He lay waiting, knowing she could not resist telling him when to swallow. This she did, and eyes shut he did as he was bid, finding her kissing his damp face and lips bahis şirketleri afterwards, in a way that said she wanted more.
She asked what it tasted like? He said “like a dry wine, and not as horrible as he had expected, but that for her he was willing to try anything she ever desired. She kissed him once more, it meant a lot to them both.
“Can I taste yours then?” she asked, he smiled then he scrambled to his feet, loosening his fly releasing his stiff tool, and letting her see it was ready for action, stiff and rigid. He explained that he could not pee with such a stiffee, so she instead took it into her mouth just as he had described the women doing the day before. She found it alien, but exciting, knowing he would soon cum and give her that lovely tasting tribute she liked so much, warm and direct. Her tongue slathered at him, instinctively, teeth just touching him, nipping him, sucking him into her mouth till she began to gag a little his balls tapping on her chin with every stroke as he simply fucked her face.
He came after only a short session, the warm cream splashing into her throat. Her hands round his buttocks stopping him removing himself, the inference that he was no longer stiff and could now give her the taste she so desired. It took a moment or two, then straining his bladder the water began to run, she let him withdraw till just his tip was in her mouth, and the warm liquid could fill her mouth, like a small reservoir, she swallowed a gulp, letting the rest flow down her chin, splash over the work dress top, dribble warm onto her breasts, wetting her belly to drain down her legs, to her it was sublime.
She released him, falling beside him alongside his cauliflowers half on and half off the grass pathway, as she opened her wet legs, allowing canlı casino him access to her damp body, it was more than he could resist, without a word he crammed himself into her sex as far as it would go. Despite having recently cum he was soon at the dance once more. Together they came once more, perfectly timed together, the whole nine yards, both panting as the surge hit them and crying out with love and passion as the transfer was made.
It was sometime before their legs would take them indoors, passing the kennel, `Sam’ the old dog the only observer of their games, watching them in wonder, as they threw their wet and stinking clothing off and into the basket for washing.
Naked they laughed their way to the kitchen table, a fresh pot of good strong tea sorted the situation, and they moved on to the sofa, there they sat and discussed the situation, what they basically wanted from sex, the shyness between then gone now, at last they talked like man and wife.
Alice said “I quite fancy me being tied up just like those girls were, it seemed to add something to the way those women got off, and of course if you want to try using my bum and I think you do, I will need tying so I can’t run off!” he laughed, saying that “I do fancy that actually, but I am smaller by half than that black bugger, so it shouldn’t hurt near so bad as he would have!” he waited then said that “he of course, had no wish to hurt her at all,” but she came back with the comment that “if it was not too painful and you wanted to use me, under certain circumstances it could be fun and I really would like to try it”!” she paused, then she added that today she wanted more, but she was already tired, and wanted just gentle love and a long sleep but perhaps tomorrow…
He kissed her… it was not a brotherly kiss. “Your wish my lover is my command, but let us watch telly for a while, as I too am tired!” they snuggled down together softly cuddling on the sofa, and later they made love, gently, patiently before together they went off to bed. where they slept like babies.

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