420 and netflix

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420 and netflix
I met him for a nintendo switch game purchase , found on kijiji and went on a friday rainy evening

I didnt recognize his voice at all over the fone call

what a coincidence , to see the manager of the gamestop store i go sometimes to exchange my game

”hey i know you boy , im sure i saw you somewhere”

”yes at the gamestop”

”oh yes thats it my ex job, i should have known ”

”you dont work there now”

”no I got a job at the big mall as operation manager kinda better”

”you want a beer? ”

”sure why not”

”wanna play some games”

and we played some gun games, he turn it into a competition , getting rhum with 2 shooters out

he was good but i wasnt bad yet 10 games later i coudnt play any good 7 shooter to 3 i was getting drunk

then it turn into him just filling my shooter while we smoke some weed

”you loose again, drink boy, i tought you young guy were good at video games”

i coudnt take more i was head light the room turning

”ok ok you win i cant drink more”

drinking the last one dropping my controller

”i cant shoot anymore”

”its ok lets watch some netflix”

the tall a bit chubby black guy asking me what i want to watch finishing the joint of weed

the rhum hit hard as soon as the tvshow started

”i really need to ho home”

”you sure its really pourring outside, you should stay here and drink water let it pass”

i felt sick i needed to go out

i got my stuff and left

i didnt make it fat , it was really raining hard , i got cold and the bus station was a 10 bahis şirketleri min walk

i went back to his place all wet knocking at his door

he open the door wearing only a wardrobe dress

”hey you forgot something”

”no no its raining so much i didnt make it”

”come inside, i was going in the shower , damn boy you are all wet follow me”

”you really should have just listen here drink some water ”

i was help remove my cloth

”i ….i can do it”

”its ok im gonna put them in the dryer ”

sliding my little boxer down

leaving me butt naked

”why you hidding, dont be shy ”

getting me to remive my hand

”oh wow so cute, its so small , you ever tried a cocklette pouch, you must be fitting so well in one”

”’get in the shower ill be back”

i was under the warm shower when he got back

he got inside the shower

i coudnt stop looking at his big black cock dangling toward me

holding a very flashy little pink pouch with string

”here boy let me help you”

i watch drunk head turning , my small white nuts and little cock get inside the pouch, little string rubing in my ass crack

”wow its fits perfect on you”

feeling myself trap in a little pink pouch infront of a big cock getting harder since he started pouching me up

”your little cock looks so happy in this”

holding the pouch with one hand

helping mine on his bbc

”here boy feel it, play with my big cock yours so small . try a real cock , yes boy feel it, up and down”

”you know you want to suck it , suck my cock boy dont be shy freebet veren siteler , open up jus the tip, yessssss thats a good boy, suck the big cock”

”oh you feel so good get it in boy, suck my cock , thats what small cock white boy likes ”

”a fat cock to suck, yessss look up , its ok , i love getting suck and fuck cute white ass ”

”dont be scare suck boy, i wont hurt you baby”

”lets get out and watch more tv”

i followed him holding his hand to the couch

my lil pink pouch swinging and his bbc too , side by side , made to realised i liked his bbc better

i was hel pcuddle to his side

head on his stomach his bbc pumping in

the tv turn on

a blonde teen mouth full of a bbc smilling and drooling all around her big titties

”shes cute , dont you think”

”mmmm mmmm”

sucking him watching porn

her little cunt soon jumping on the bbc

making her sound stupid

”cutre little slut”

he was big in my mouth pumping like on the screen

”good little pussy, stay weak, i love this”

an hour passed as we watched so many cute teens get owned by black cocks

i was help on my knees but not to suck, i was turned around quick doggy on the floor facing the tv

him pulling my ass up toward the counch sit legs spreads making sure it was allign with my pink cherry

spitting on my hole before his big head rub around my gole

”ohhh please be slow ahhhhhh omg your so big”

”boy you sucked for an hour im so full, here it goes , here boy , you work so much for it, ahhhhhh deneme bonusu veren siteler ahhhhh yeahhhhhh take it, ohhhhh wow all in , your so full of cum , you feel it slut, thats mine , oh yeah all ,mine”

having fun pulling me back as i squirm doggy to go away

”oh no dont go anywhere, back on daddy, bounce that white cunt on my cock”

i was fucked up full of cum

wet and open lubed with all the cum i been gathering sucking him all night

i was soon feeling good, not so much hurting, the cum was a very good lube

”fuck my cock , work that cute ass on my cock boy”

and i was fucking myself back on him

moaning of joy , looking at little white girl moaning too

i got so horny

he fuck me just like all of them

and i was bouncing like them by my self on a bbc

i started to moan like them , him telling me i sound cute slapping my ass

”your becoming my sissy girl, continue i love your pussy ”

”yess thats my girl , fuck back on it , look at her, i bet you want cute tits bouncing as i fuck you ”

”mmmmm yessss omg yessss”

”sexy white girl white cute tits”

”take my cock little slut”

”ahhhhh yes daddy yes im your white girllllll”’

”ahh ahh daddy daddy ahhhh”

”my good girl , yes take it deep , that it deep back all the way little girl. get daddy all in your puissy”

”’ooooh daddy , ommmmggg my god im such a fag”

”yesssss , you are . your all mine to fuck now”

mouted like a dog , kept infront of the tv , making sure i watch the cute teen getting fuck like a dog just like me

”this is you , look at it, i fuck you just like this slut”

loosing it , feeling it moaning like her

he exploded in me calling me a good little girl , filling me up . breeding me again

exhausted and falling asleep on the couch soon after

i woke up dress like a doll my ass feeling wet

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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