A good performance, according to my Boss

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A good performance, according to my Boss
Late evening I came home from work and I was truly exhausted.
My beloved hubby had arrived earlier; so he took his chance to cook some nice meal for me. He asked me how my day went.

I just said fine, but definitely unusual…

Victor looked curious now; so he said I could tell him about it.

He handed me a glass of red wine and we sat down on the couch.

“Well, honey… today my Boss, Stuart, called me to his office after lunch. I entered and he made me take a seat in front of him.

He looked a bit uncomfortable about what he was going to tell me.
I thought his intention was going to fire me; I was not ready for this”.

“And?” Asked my beloved hubby, raising an eyebrow…

“Well he sat there and then cleared his throat, like he was going to make a speech. But he finally said he wanted to discuss something with me…something that was a little sensitive; but he was hoping I would react as he wanted me to…

I got calm, knowing he was not going to fire me…

He said my performance at work was something outstanding; but he wanted to see me perform a few extra duties…

Then I asked like what. Stuart got a strange smirk in his face and told me that he would just love to see me perform a strip tease on the top of his desk…”

Victor opened his eyes and asked me what else had happened.
“What do you think, my love… I just woke up and walked towards the door. Then I reached for the handle and locked it…”

“No, canlı kaçak iddaa babe, tell me you did not!” Exclaimed my beloved Victor.

“Oh, yes; I did. You know I’ve been hot for Stuart since the first day I met him and then I thought, why not?”

“So what happened?” Victor whispered, with a worried look.

“Well I turned around and walked back to his desk, standing there in front of it, just waiting.”

“Then he ordered me to take my blouse off; he said he had always wanted to see what my tits looked like.”

“I did it very slowly, with sensual movements; I took off my blouse and stood there. Then I turned my back to him before I let my bra fall to the floor. He begged me to turn around.
My nipples were hard because the room was cool; but I was also very excited and feeling a bit wet.
Then Stuart ordered me to take off my tight skirt. So I unzipped and let it drop. I stood there in thigh highs and a tiny black thong.

I walked around his desk and stood in front of him. He reached out and ran his hand up my thigh and gave me a smack in the buttocks.

Then he slowly lowered my tiny thong, telling me to turn around.
Stuart then pulled the thong to my ankles and begged me to bend over some.
I was wet already and he was about to see that I was. So I bent over and let him get a good look.

“Oh my sweet bitch; you are awesome…”My Boss whispered.
“Then he told me to sit on his desk and ordered me to spread my legs wide poker oyna for him. I did it very slowly, making him wait…

He ran his fingers across my cunt, spreading my wetness all around. I thought I was going to scream, I wanted his tongue on me, without losing more time…

Stuart must have read my mind because before I knew it, his face was buried in my pussy, licking away at me. He stuck his fingers in me and start to finger fuck me hard.
I moaned because it felt great but I wanted his cock in me.
I was close to cum, when the bastard suddenly stopped.

He stood up, shoved all of the stuff off his desk and told me to bend over and present him my cunt and ass…”

“Oh fuck, my love… did you?” Asked Victor.

“Oh, yes, babe… I wanted it bad by now.
I could hear Stuart unzip his pants and dropping them to the floor. He ran his hand across my pussy, working a couple of fingers into me again, then pulled them out.
Then I felt his cock rubbing against me and felt him start to enter me, slowly at first, then I guess he wanted it as badly as I did, because suddenly he just slammed up to the bottom.
I screamed loud. He must have been huge, because my pussy felt as stretched as it could be.

The bastard started to pump me hard, slamming all the way in, then pulling out almost completely, then slamming back in.
I was again close to cum and he stopped…

Next thing I knew I could feel his cock resting up onto my ass crack and he bets10 was making my ass wet by rubbing my pussy juice all over.
Soon I could feel his thick cock pushing against my tight rosebud and he started sliding in. I cried again in pain…”

“Did you tell him to stop?” Victor barely could ask…

“Of course no. It hurt a bit, but it felt good at the same time.
So Stuart went slowly in deeper and I tried to relax my anal ring.

I felt him fill me completely with his cock, but he didn’t move. He waited until I was ready and then he started to fuck me slowly.
I just started to fuck him right back and then he started to really fuck me. I begged him to fuck my ass hard. He grabbed my waist and pulled me hard against him, shoving his cock deeper inside of me.”

“Did you enjoyed it, bitch?” My poor hubby asked me sadly.

“I more than liked it, I loved it. I wanted him to fuck me hard, almost tear me open I wanted to be fucked so bad by that huge cock…”

“Stuart pumped away at my ass, fucking me like I had never been fucked before. Then he reached round and started playing with my pussy and that sent me over the edge. I started coming on his hand while he fucked my ass like crazy.”

I watched as my husband’s hand moved to his crotch. Then I saw he had a huge bulge there. I smiled at him, as I reached out and started to touch his hard cock through his pants…

Victor moaned with pleasure and he looked me into my eyes, asking what had happened next.

“Nothing; we both just got dressed…and I asked him if my performance had been satisfactory.
Stuart told me I could expect a raise in the next week… but sometimes he would like to see me walking into his office…”

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