Adams Sister part 2 ( OCC)

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Adams Sister part 2 ( OCC)
Adam´s sister part 2 ( Oil Company Chronicles)

After an hour of sleep, I woke up in the nice guest bed that Adams mom had set up for me. I felt much better after resting, even if it was for just one hour. I was relaxed, how can I not be relaxed after getting a blowjob like that from Amy? I put on some clothes, then headed downstairs.

I could hear noises coming down from the stairs. Apparently it seemed, Adam was in a heated argument with his mom. I remembered Adam mentioning to me once that he and his mom don’t really get along. I could hear the loud voices coming from below. I didn’t know what to do so I waited for the shouting and loud voices to die down or at least hopefully they’d come to their senses and remember they have a guest in the house, maybe? But it kept going on. The fight they had were about the piple lines we have been working on. The entire project were run by Adams family. I knew his family had some fingers in oil but not to what extent. Now I got the full picture, his family owned the company we both were working on. Mainly his mom. Wow, that’s new. I thought it was his dad or grandpa that ran the enterprise. Good to know, I thought to myself. His mom is indeed the big boss. So I’m working for Marie, hmm interesting.

What are the odds Marie finding out I gave her daughter the cock? Will she fire me? I can’t think like that. I need to go back to my room. I don’t want to eavesdrop here. I turned around to bahis firmaları go back to the room I came from, I bumped into Amy.

“ oh, i’m sorry,” I said nervously.

“No worries,” She said smiling. I was still nervous, I don’t know how long she had been standing there. Because I was listening in to Adam and Marie’s conversation for some time. It was about contracts, money and new XL2-pipes that we had ordered for a new oil sources we have discovered in some farmer fields.

“They always fight like this,” Amy went on. She was wearing shorts and a tight shirt with a bear and paws on it. It looked very scary but sexy.

“ Listen, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to listen or anything,” as I went on trying to explain. But she stopped me and grabbed my hand and led me back to my room.

“ We are not finished just yet,” she said as she closed the door behind us and locked it. I was standing next to the bed, she approached and pushed me to the bed. I fell on my back hard. She jumped in the bed and begun to take of my pants. Before even knowing what is going on, I saw this hungry little tiger going for my cock. She grabbed without hesitation and put it in her mouth. Oh, this is good.

I put my hand on the top of her head and pushed her head harder against my cock. The harder I pushed, the deeper my cock went in. I could feel her lips touching my balls. After some blowjob time she got on her knees in bed and removed her clothes. I saw her beautiful breast kaçak iddaa and her wet hole between her legs. Her pussy was soaking wet. I removed my shirt, the only thing I was wearing now was my socks and she had nothing on. I got back up in sitting position, grabbed her by hear waist and moved her to sit on my cock. Let the fucking begin.
My cock slide in her tight wet pussy.

“ You have a great tight pussy, Amy” I said as I was breathing hard and trying to penetrate her to the fullest. My cock still hasn’t gone in, she is really tight. Her pussy juices were running down my crotch. This girl pussy is soaked. She hold her hands on my chest as she tried to push her butt and pussy down on my cock. It felt really good. She was so tight but now my cock is in. I felt that to my balls.

I was playing with her boobs same time she was been penetrated. She was riding it like never before. Her moaning. She got a huge orgasm as I breath harder. I asked her to get of me and go on all fours. She nodded and went on all four. I was on my knees behind her with my hands playing with her butthole. She had an awesome ass. It looked beautiful. She was young and very sexy. I felt my cock getting harder, the more I played with that fat ass. I put my hands on each side of her butt and separated her cheeks. I guided my cock to her hole and put the whole thing in one push into her fat ass. She loved it, it was a shock to her first.

“ouch,” she shouted. Turned her head kaçak bahis to me and smiled. I knew she liked it. I took out my dick and put it back in. Now, supersonic fucking. I fucked that ass for a very long time. I put my hands on each side of her as I pushed her down with my head on her backside of her head. She held her ass up, I grabbed her tits from behind while my cock was still in her ass. My hand moved up to her throat, I pushed her by the throat up to her knees and kept fucking her senselessly.

Then I whispered into her ear to lay on her back and open her legs. She did that with a smile. She knew what was going to happen. It is time for the pussy to get another round. I lay on top of her, kissing her as she grabbed my cock and guided to her wet hole. I pushed my dick in her and went up and down. Our body fluids mixed as our lips ate one another.

I kept fucking her harder and harder in her pussy, I felt a huge cum wave building inside of me. I could feel that I’m about to release the biggest cum shot ever.

“I’m coming,” I said as she was screaming loudly. I hold my hand over her mouth and asked her to be quiet. She did.
“ Cum inside of me” she said. I smiled. Seconds later I had the largest cum shot ever. I felt my dick getting bit soft. I told her to lick the cum of. Standing next to the bed, she went down on her knees and started sucking my dick and licking all the cum off. I saw cum running down from her tight hole.
I was drained out of fluids now, sweating like hell. We both jumped to the shower and had a nice soapy shower. In there she gave me a nice back scrubbing. Man that was good.

By; Wag2, aka harrykenobi.
Part of Oil Company Chronicles, shortened OCC.

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