Adult Cinema Bitch

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Adult Cinema Bitch
I went to the office and eventually to my afternoon meeting. The day was uneventful but I was looking forward to the opportunity to explore the adult store, perhaps suck a guy or two and blow my load as well. After the workday, I had no other obligations or commitments until work the next day so I headed over toward the adult store stopping for a quick bite to eat on the way. Before leaving the restaurant, I stopped to use the bathroom and decided to play with my ass a little. I was already eager to visit the store and let my inhibitions take over but these few minutes of play really started to get me going.

When I got into my truck, I realized my toy bag was lying on the passenger side floorboard and after already turning myself on I reached for it, grabbing my butt plug, favorite panties, and my cock rings. I slipped the items into my jacket pocket and went back into the bathroom of the restaurant. My cock was already semi erect as I took off my jeans and boxer briefs! I carefully inserted my favorite toy into my ass and literally let out a moan. After a few moments of enjoyment, I slipped a cock ring around my cock and balls and a second just around my shaft, rolling it down to the top of my balls. I slipped on my teal green panties and jeans, leaving my button down shirt untucked. I was ready to go!

I arrived at the store about 10 minutes later. The parking lot had eight or ten vehicles in it, which was common for 4:30 in the afternoon. I had only been to this store in the late afternoon a couple of times but I always seemed to have success catching other guys on their way home from work. Once inside I headed into the booth section where two or three people were standing around quietly. The sound of a least one porn video playing broke the silence as you could hear a girl getting pounded. I made my güvenilir bahis şirketleri way into a booth that I knew had a glory hole. It was an oddly shaped opening but it was large enough to almost get your head through. I was barely in the booth before an almost erect dick appeared through the hole. I took it in my hand and quickly dropped to my knees to observe it closer. It was about 7” long with a nice smooth head. As I took it into my mouth, I could feel it getting harder and moments later the man started rocking his hips, fucking my mouth. I rubbed my ass through my jeans as I kept in rhythm with the stranger on the other side of the wall. It didn’t take long before I was rewarded with a knock on the wall and the feeling of at least four jets of cum splashing off of my throat.

After that nice load of cum, I was ready to visit the theater side of the store. I love the anonymous nature of the booths but there is something about enjoying porn and playing while watching others or being watched that really turns me on! After paying the entry fee to the theater side, I made my way back and into the first theater on the right, sitting down to watch some straight porn while my eyes adjusted to the darkness. After a few minutes, I realized there were more people in this theater than I first noticed including a gentleman to my left sucking another man standing at the end of the couch.

Once my eyes were fully adjusted, I decided to take a walk through each of the theaters to see what was going on. There were a few people in each theater, some enjoying each other and others just watching and waiting. The second gay theater featured a threesome on the video so I decided to sit at the end of a couch in the second row and see what would happen. After a few minutes, a middle-aged man with a goatee came and sat tipobet güvenilir mi next to me. I had my belt and jeans open by now and he didn’t waste any time rubbing my dick through my panties. As he started stroking me, I was able to get my hand down his sweats and feel a smoothly shaved cock and balls.

He asked if he could suck on me and I agreed but noted that I wanted to suck him too. He had a nice warm mouth and was very good at taking my entire dick down his throat, his lips touching my cock rings. As he played with my balls, his fingers worked their way toward my ass where he found my plug still in place. He looked up at me with my dick still in his mouth. I could tell he was happy about his discovery. While he was sucking me, I unbuttoned the bottom few buttons on my shirt and had been stroking his nice smooth cock in his sweats. He sat up and exposed his nice dick to me, ready to be sucked. I could barely believe I didn’t cum in his mouth but I am not one to turn down a hard dick that wants to be sucked so we switched positions. He was hard as I first slid down his shaft with my mouth. His cock was literally the perfect size for my mouth and I was really enjoying how much of a cock slut I was becoming today. As I kept sucking him, I shifted my ass and my friend started playing with my butt plug as I sucked him. He slowly pulled it in and out fucking me a little with it, distracting me from my oral duties.

After a few minutes of sucking him and him playing with my ass, I felt my plug slip completely out and he tugged my shoulder up as a couple new people walked through the theater. He whispered in my ear asking if he could possibly replace my plug with something else and I just grinned at him. He had me so turned on and horny that I wanted to feel his cock in my ass. He stroked his tipobet giriş cock, keeping it hard as he slipped a condom on that he had brought. At that point I was so turned on; I wasn’t going to make him wear one but didn’t mind that he was. We were in the darkest corner of the theater. I slid my jeans and panties midway down my thighs and quietly lifted myself up, holding onto the couch in front of me as he slid over under me. I lowered myself down sitting on his thighs as he continued to stroke his very erect cock. Adding some spit to my ass and then his cock. He motioned me back. I obliged and felt his rock hard dick begin to split me open. His dick was definitely bigger than my plug but it felt amazing.

I rocked up and down on his dick trying not to draw too much attention to the activity we were performing. After a few minutes of fucking, he pulled me down and held me on his lap. He told me he was going to cum if I let him keep fucking me and I replied with a smile and a whisper, “Fuck your little cum slut.”

I lifted myself off of him slightly, holding onto the couch in front of me again. He had the freedom to thrust at his pace and depth, I was enjoying every second. It only took another minute or so before he started grunting and a few hard thrusts slamming into my welcoming body. He pulled me back onto him as he continued to cum into my ass. As I pulled off of him and stood up, he pushed my butt plug back inside me as I pulled up my panties. I sat down next to him as he started taking off the condom. I leaned over and helped remove it, quickly slipping my mouth over his now softening dick to clean up his cum.

Now, I like cum and I love when a man shoots his load in my mouth but I had never, before that day, sucked an entire load from a condom. Let me tell you, I will never waste a condom load again! There is something about making a guy cum that drives me crazy and absolutely turns me one beyond belief.

As my new friend said thank you and went on his way, I pulled up my jeans and wondered what I should do next. That experience was amazing and I was not ready to leave, nor had I cum yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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