Adventures with Delicious DeeDee Pt2

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Adventures with Delicious DeeDee Pt2
Adventures with Delicious DeeDee
Part 2

You return to your car, placing the wooden box the receptionist on the passenger seat desperate to know what was inside, but also assuming it was a test as the box had no lock only a catch….you could just peek inside no-one would know, I would not know. You resist the temptation are start the short journey to the cabin, following the receptionist’s directions. Then your mind wonders about her, and the knowledge you did not think she should have, such as reminding you about the box.

“Remember you are not allowed to open it until James arrives, DeeDee….”

She had called you ‘DeeDee’ not Dee, and her abrupt manner assuming a Dominant role in the conversation, when you were the customer and ‘the customer is always right’ as the adage goes. Your arousal of what is to come having preoccupied your mind, but feeling unfamiliarly submissive to her had only increased your arousal. Now the short drive to the cabin was filled with images and questions…

“Why did she call me DeeDee, like James does?”….
“How much does she know, or was it just a game James set up knowing how aroused I would be arriving?”….
“What if she did know about why I was here…would she like be involved?”….

Deliciously arousing images filled your mind of the receptionist using you, enjoying the pleasures we are going to share this weekend. Vivid images of,

…the receptionist applying nipple-clamps, then pulling hard as she enjoyed your moans…
…using a paddle on your breasts, then her soft lips kissing and sucking on your hard nipples…
…her hands holding your head tight to her pussy, enjoying your tongue as you please her…

The images filling your mind, making your pussy throb with desire for another woman, a stranger so much you almost miss the turn at the top of the hill. Trying to focus again you reverse then turn right, as you had been directed….or was it instructed…by the receptionist. Within a couple of minutes driving slowly on the dirt track you arrive at the cabin. Sitting in your car for a moment to gather your thoughts, or rather to try to clear your mind of arousing and distracting thoughts you were having of the receptionist, unsuccessfully. Eventually deciding you have to move, it was time to get ready for whatever delights and decadent pleasures this weekend was to bring. Taking the box you had been given by the receptionist, …who had never introduce herself and only now you realise this, you had accepted her knowing your name and even calling you DeeDee, but you had never asked her name. You accepted, submitted to her…you unlock the door of the cabin, walking through the door you place the box on a table next to a large leather sofa, not taking in all the decor of the cabin until you had returned to your car for your bag. Once back in the cabin you look around.
The cabin is a large open planned area with a kitchen and dining area over to the left end of the space, while the rest of the room is filled with a large open fireplace (already with the log fire lit…obviously for your arrival), surrounded by 3 large leather sofas with a low standing large table in their centre. There were other chairs, occasional table, bookshelves around the main room but the room was rightly focused on the fireplace. There was a door on the far right of the room, going through this lead to a small corridor with three further doors. The first on the right leading to a large bathroom/shower room all fitted out in marble and chrome, not the expected basic cabin bathroom, more in place in an expensive hotel. The next door on the left of the corridor lead into a bedroom with a large framed bed, polished wooden dressing table with large mirror (facing the bed), and a similar but smaller leather sofa to the ones in the main room. Though the room was simple yet elegant in decor, you knew there was one more door in the corridor to check…imagining it to be the main bedroom, our bedroom for the weekend and how it would compare and better this room. The third door opened into a larger bedroom with a huge king-size wooden framed bed, with similar polished wood dressing table facing the bed with a larger mirror, there was also a smaller open fireplace (again already lit), large wooden wardrobe and two leather sofas at either side of the fireplace. Large patio doors leading out to a decked area, beyond a view of a lake…that you had not even know was there. There were two other doors in the room, the first lead to the ensuite, that was equally luxurious as the previous one in the corridor, all marble and chrome. The second door was locked, strangely…but it was of small consequence as you were loving the cabin. Walking back to the main room, you retrieved your bag and brought it to the main bedroom to get ready.

Driving through the traffic, still frustrated at how slow the other traffic was moving my phone rings, an expected call, answering.

“Hi Gillian, take it DeeDee has arrived. Any problems?” (Though not expecting any problems)

“Yes James, she has arrived and I have given her the box….and reminded casino oyna her not to look in it until you arrive. [Gillian’s voice betraying she enjoyed this part of their conversation] DeeDee is looking around the cabin now, she’s getting ready for your arriving as she has taken her bag into the main bedroom, and is starting the shower.”

“Thanks Gillian. I take it you are watching her now…waiting for her to get in the shower…you are such a voyeur Gillian. I bet you have Stephen tied up, kneeling between your legs right now.”

“Well…of course would you expect anything else…Stephen would say ‘Hi’, but his tongue is a little busy right now [hahaha].”

Gillian was sat open legged watching the live video feeds from the various cameras in the cabin you were now making yourself comfortable in, completely unaware of being watched and well, perved upon, by the Gillian, (the receptionist who did not give her name, but made you think and mentally picture enjoying, using you.) Stephen her partner, well that is not a true representation of their relationship, but a public one at least. Gillian was 37 and Stephen 22, though it was not there age difference that defined their relationship, it was Gillian’s innate Dominant sexual pleasures and Stephen’s love of submission that fuels their relationship. And as you were unpacking, undressing to shower, Gillian was watching as Stephen as I expected was naked bound in leather cuffs between his Mistress’s legs using his eager tongue to pleasure his Mistress, while his hard cock bounced with arousal…but knowing he could not cum until allowed by his Mistress. Stephen’s pleasure and sexual release completely controlled by Gillian.

“I assumed he would be, Gillian…I’m about 45 minutes away, so you can let DeeDee know…and Gillian, try to be subtle about it….despite Stephen’s tongue pleasuring you as you get your voyeuristic pleasures…[haha].”

“Ok….I’ll try. Not promising anything though [haha] See you soon James.”

Continuing my drive, which seems to be taking longer and longer…I want to be in the cabin so that we can begin our anticipated and much longed for pleasures…my mind drifts to the images Gillian would be watching right now, with Stephen obediently using his tongue to pleasure her, his Mistress, as she watched you preparing for my arrival. And Stephen is very talented with his tongue and mouth, which I know from experience and will be again over this pleasure filled weekend of sexual abandon that awaits us. My cock hard and throbbing as I drive, needing release, release that will come very soon after I arrive at the cabin.

Gillian continues to watch the video screen for a few more minutes, enjoying her pervert voyeuristic lusts as she watches you, knowing you have no idea you are being watched. Holding Stephen’s hair in her hand, holding his mouth tight to her wet pussy as his tongue circles and flicks over Gillian’s clitoris and pushes deep into her wet pussy tasting his Mistress’s arousal. As Gillian builds to her climax, she picks up the phone to make the call to our cabin…while watching you on the screen as you are beginning to undress for your shower.

As Gillian is watching you while being pleasured by Stephen’s tongue, you lay out your outfit on the bed of the main bedroom, the outfit as instructed but with one addition, that you hoped…knew…would excite, arouse me even more that you assumed (and rightly as I was, though for more reasons than you knew, for now) I already was. A new pair of new thigh length leather boots, you were aware of my passion for boots and wanted this weekend to be amazing, so the cost of the boots you knew would be worth every penny. Gillian was also admiring your new boots as she continued to watch the monitor of the live-feed from the cabin, waiting for her moment to make the call she would to you, as Stephen remained in place between her open legs licking her aroused, wet, shaven pussy.
Once your instructed outfit, with the addition of the new boots are laid out…you begin to undress for your shower…Gillian waits aroused, but patiently watching your body become more exposed…watching you as you placed the butt-plug on the bed.
Your fingers almost caressing it, wanting to feel it inside you now as you pleasure yourself with your fingers, but you know and accept that this is not allowed. Just as to turn, naked and aroused to go to shower Gillian rings the cabin. The ringing of the phone next to the bed startles you, your reaction arousing Gillian as she wraps her legs around Stephen’s naked kneeling body, pulling his mouth tighter to her wet pussy as he continues to use his tongue to pleasure his Mistress. After a few moments of uncertainty you pick up the phone…


“Hello DeeDee….it’s Gillian…from reception [though you recognised her voice, though your conversation had been short it had a deep impact on you…your arousal and desire for her growing as she continued]…I just wanted to check that you are settling in to the cabin alright. And you have everything you need?” Unknown to you Gillian was looking at and referring canlı casino siteleri to your instructed outfit and butt-plug on your bed in front of you.

“Yes…everything is fine thanks. And have everything I need.”

“That’s good DeeDee….but if you feel you need anything…anything at all…you only have to call reception. Just pick up the phone and dial….sex…”


“Just dial six and that will come to reception…sorry what did you think I said?” Gillian was deliberately teasing and becoming more aroused, while watching you stood naked next to the bed, laid out with your outfit, butt-plug and boots. Stephen bringing her so deliciously to verge of orgasm.

“Oh…nothing, just misheard, sorry. [though you know she had said ‘sex’ clearly not ‘six’] …though there is a locked door in our bedroom?”

“Yes DeeDee [she always called you DeeDee, and it aroused you…does she know something?] that door is locked…James has the key for that door. And James has called and asked me to let you know he will be arriving in around 40 minutes….so I will leave you to get ready DeeDee….I hope you enjoy your stay with us.”

The conversation ends with Gillian hanging up, not waiting for an answer or response or question why I had called reception to let you know when I was arriving rather than you. Though you have these questions, the not knowing the answers and what is to come this weekend only increases your arousal….and it is so frustrating not to pleasure yourself now, but you want to make this weekend and meeting the best, so are sticking to the rules, knowing your pleasure will be all the more. To take your mind of your desire and arousal you go to have the shower to prepare for my arrival. Feeling the warm water cascade over your body you want to touch and caress yourself, bring yourself to climax…and all the time Gillian is watching and willing you to touch yourself, to break the agreement you made….to punish you for breaking it, but also for frustrating her, she wants to see you pleasure yourself as she encourages Stephen to please her more…her orgasm building as she watches you in the shower, until her legs tighten around her naked kneeling slave as she climaxes on his tongue. Lusting at what is yet to come this weekend…and beyond.

Time is getting short, and the shower has to be so much quicker than you would prefer, but you have to get ready…there is not long left before I arrive. Returning to the bedroom you begin to prepare yourself for the weekend you have been waiting for and anticipate will be filled with wonderful sexual pleasures and debauchery, you can feel your pussy becoming even more aroused and wet, wanting to feel hard cock sliding into you, fucking you then filling you with thick warm cum….so tempted to touch yourself, bring yourself to orgasm. But knowing the frustration you are feeling now will be insignificant to the release and pleasure you will feel soon.
Putting on the black corset you had been instructed to wear (an obvious choice considering how incredible you had looked in the pictures) your fingers briefly touch your erect nipples, as you adjust your gorgeous full breasts in the cups of the corset, the briefest of touch from your fingers sending electricity through your body, bending over you attach the suspenders to your stockings…loving the feel of the stockings on your legs, the tops tightly caressing your thighs and the suspenders laid against your skin….your arousal growing causing you to breath deeper as you envisaged my reaction when I arrive to find you dressed as instructed, as I had only enjoyed pictures of your outfit so far, knowing I would turned on and wanting to enjoy your body fully….Next you put on the short, very short layered skirt, which barely covers the soft pink, unmarked skin of your arse…though you hope it will not remain unmarked for much longer, imagining my hand caressing your warm skin slowly before landing heavily with the delicious and sexual painful pleasure you crave deeply…your shaven pussy so accessible, ready for use and already so wet. Before your final preparation for my arrival, sliding your butt-plug in ready for inspection, you put on your boots, your addition to your instructed outfit. You hope I will pleased, well you hope I will be aroused, but you know I have a penchant for boots so you already know how pleased, aroused I will be. Slowly sliding up the zip of each boot to stand almost ready, only one more thing to do….

…Gillian is still enjoying watching you on the screen, her mind filled with deliciously obscene images of enjoying your body, well more using your body for her perverted lusts as she rides her slaves young hard cock. Stephen having brought his Mistress to orgasm with his tongue, was now bound to the chair Gillian had climaxed in…Stephen did not have to be bound, as he followed his Mistress’ instructions without question and would not move unless instructed, but Gillian just loved the aesthetic beauty and power of tying her slave, just as she hoped to be doing to you soon. As she watched you dress for my arrival canlı bahis on the screen he rode Stephen’s cock harder, fucking him. Stephen trying to completely focus on not cumming deep inside his Mistress until allowed, though with every second this was becoming harder…then the moment came that Gillian was waiting for as she rode Stephen’s cock, while her fingers increasing speed up stroking/rubbing her clitoris, nearing another orgasm….

…picking up the butt-plug from the bed, you take to your lips and slowly slide your lips over its hardness, initially thinking only to lubricate it, but your mind takes over you are sucking it wanting it to be my hard cock, any hard cock. Your other hand begins stroking your full breast, feeling and playing with the erect nipple encased in the material of your corset, then slowly caressing down your body. Wanting so much to feel your fingers touching your wet pussy, pushing inside, fucking yourself with your fingers imagining it is my hard cock, any hard cock…right now you want, NEED a cock to fuck. But you resist your immediate lusts and needs, knowing they will be fulfilled very soon. Taking the butt-plug wetly from your mouth, you bend over the bed and slowly, with growing pleasure push it into place knowing that very soon it will be inspected…

…the moment the butt-plug slides into you Gillian has another orgasm, her fingers a blur on her clitoris, and Stephen knows he is allowed now. Stephen’s frustration released and with one powerful jerk of his hips pushing his cock deep inside his Mistress and explodes. Over and over his cock twitches as his cum is given to his Mistress, as her pussy contracts and pulses with her orgasm. Gillian is fucking Stephen, enjoying his ejaculating cock but her orgasm is focused on you and wanting, and how she is going to enjoy you in so many wonderfully sexual, kinky, perverted ways. As Stephen’s cum fills his Mistress as she orgasms, the only words Gillian can say, “Dee….you dirty gorgeous bitch…I am going to have you….”

I finally arrive at the cabin, not stopping at the reception as I know Gillian will be otherwise occupied, enjoying herself with Stephen as she watches the live stream of you from the numerous hidden cameras, that you are blissfully unaware of…for now. Getting out my car, having to adjust my erection that is trapped in my jeans (but not for much longer) the only thing I take from the car is the small package I had laid on the passenger seat, a little present that I know you will enjoy. Rather than walk into the cabin, I decide to knock at the door knowing that it will make a little nervous dressed as you are. I wonder if you will answer the knock at the door or whether how you are dressed would make you to nervous. But I am surprised as I hear the heel of your boots, that I do not know yet you are wearing…your little surprise/present for me…approaching the door, and then you open the door. You are fully comfortable and confident in your attire and your role, unconcerned who had knocked at the door, though hoping thinking it was me.

We stand speechless for a moment, our minds overcome with thoughts and desires, and what depraved pleasures we are about to share together. My already erect cock jerks within its confines as I take in the vision before me….your gorgeous full breasts restrained in the cups of the corset, I want to feel them in my hands caressing them my mouth sucking at your erect nipples using my teeth to bite and pull them as you moan in delicious painful pleasure…your short layered skirt, so short it allows me to see the suspenders stretched over your thighs to the tops of your stockings. The tops of your stockings just visible above the tops of your boots…your glorious sexy boots. You knew of my penchant for boots and hoped that surprising me with wearing them would increase my arousal, and it had the effect you had wished for. I was completely in your thrall and all I could think of was releasing my cock and being deep inside you, fucking you strongly until I filled you with my cum. But we have to properly meet each other first. Stepping over the threshold I wrap my arms around you and our lips meet, there is no need for words our kiss, deep and passionate is all the introduction me need for meeting for the first time. Time almost seems to stand still as we meet our arms holding each other tightly as out lips, tongues communicate for us.

…As we introduce ourselves physically to each other, Gillian is continuing to watch on her screen as we kiss and caress one another, still in a state of high arousal after her orgasm and Stephen having erupted his cum into his Mistress’s pussy…now he is performing his obligatory task, as Gillian knees over his face and his tongue licks his Mistress’s pussy as his cum slides into his mouth to be swallowed. Stephen had swallowed and enjoyed swallowing his, and many others semen from his Mistress’s pussy and ass and had loved and savoured every drop.
“That’s it bitch….lick your cum from me….you’ll be doing that from DeeDee’s ass soon….maybe I’ll have her fuck you too, you’d like that wouldn’t you Stephen…or may have you as Stephanie?…you do enjoy taking James’ cock while being Stephanie, don’t you?”
Stephen unable to reply as his tongue continued cleaning his Mistress’s pussy and drinking down his own semen…

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