Afternoon delight and cuckold

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Afternoon delight and cuckold
I decided to head to town while Joe was away and happened to bump into a man while shopping. He looked really great and he smiled at me as I slowly walked around him. I decided to take a chance and see if he might be interested in some afternoon delight.
“Hi’ I said softly
“My names Carmen” I added
“Calvin’s mine” he replied
“You’re looking mighty good to me” I then told him.
“You’re not so bad yourself” he answered back. I was dressed in a short black dress with black hose and ankle strap stiletto’s and I knew right then I had him hooked.
“You interested in a little afternoon treat?’ I asked him.
” What did you have in mind?” he answered
“My place for a little fun” I replied.
He readily agreed after I had asked if he was single or married ( he was married, but didn’t want to pass up this offer) and I told him to follow me back to my place. When we entered the house I immediately turned around and moving up to him, kissed him a quick kiss and then moved over to the sofa. I sat down and patted the spot next to me,
“Have a seat” I motioned to him. He came over and sat down and we started to talk a little when suddenly the door opened and Joe walked in. We both looked up at Joe for a minute, when he then looked at me,
“Who’s this?” he asked pointing at Joe
“That’s just my husband” I replied.
Calvin was about to get up when I placed my hand on his thigh,
“Easy” I started
“He’s not going to hurt you” I added. Having Joe show up unexpectedly wasn’t going to ruin my chances of having Calvin’s cock in my mouth or cunt and I had him settle back down,
“He’ll do whatever I tell him and you needn’t worry” I then said as I caressed his leg. Looking up at Joe who had come close to the sofa,
“What the fuck are you doing home?” I asked him
“The meeting ended earlier than expected” Joe answered and looking at Calvin.
“Who’s your friend?” Joe asked me
“This is Calvin and he’s going to be my fuck” I answered back, knowing Joe couldn’t and wouldn’t stop me from having sex with Calvin. A moments silence went by and I looked at Calvin,
“Watch this” I said. Looking back at Joe
“Get your fuckin’ clothes off” I ordered him and Calvin and I sat there as we watched bahis siteleri canlı strip naked.
“On your knees” I then demanded and down went Joe.
“You’re gonna watch as me and Calvin enjoy one another” I told Joe and moving to the edge of the sofa, I slapped Joe’s face hard,
“Any objections?” I asked
“No” Joe said softly as he bowed his head a little.
“Look up here you fuckin’ shit” as I slapped his face again. Joe looked up as I turned my head to Calvin,
“Caress me baby” I told him and around to my tits went his hands. Calvin caressed and squeezed my tits as he leaned forward and planted kiss after kiss around my neck, driving up into a state of lust. I turned around just enough to lean in and start kissing him. After a few beautiful prolong kisses I softly whispered,
“Undo my zipper” I told him. Calvin reached behind me and pulled down my zipper as I pulled the dress off me, showing off my black bra and full tits.
“Fuckin’ nice” Calvin said as he started caressing my tits and all around my abdomen. I stood up and the dress fell to my feet and I ordered Joe to pick it up and put it aside. I went back to kissing Calvin for a minute as he went back to caressing my body. I soon moved my hand down to his crotch and could feel his hard cock.
“Undo my bra” I then told Calvin and he reached around and undid it and I took it off and with it, slapped at Joe’s face. Calvin went back to caressing and squeezing my tits,
“Suck on my tits baby” I told him and grasping one tit, he began to suck on it, biting softly at my nipple. Looking at Joe watching Calvin, I slapped his face hard again,
“You like watching another man suck on my tits?” I asked him
“Watching him bite my nipples?” I asked then as I slapped his face again.
Calvin stopped for a second, looked at Joe,
“He’s distracting me” he told me. I softly caressed his cheeks and then slapped Joe’s face again.
“Go ahead” I said to Calvin
“Slap the faggots face if that will make you feel better” Calvin hit Joe hard enough to send him a bit off balance and then returned to playing with my tits.
“My fuckin’ husband loves to watch another man play with my tits” I told Calvin. After another minute or so I rose casino siteleri up off the sofa and looking back at Calvin,
“Take my panties off” I ordered him and he reached up and down they went. By now I was ready for Calvin’s cock and sitting back down, I massaged his crotch for a minute and then undid his belt and open up his pants. I pulled his shorts aside and his hard cock popped out at me.
“Fuckin’ nice cock baby” I said to him as I took it in my hand.
Looking at Joe who was looking at Calvin’s cock in my hand,
“Now this is a fuckin’ nice hard cock” I told Joe as I stroked Calvin’s cock.
“You wanna see your fuckin’ whore wife suckin’ on this fuckin’ cock?’ I asked Joe. When he didn’t answered I slapped his face really hard,
“Answer me you fuckin’ worthless shit” I demanded
“Yes I want to see you suck on his fuckin’ cock my love” Joe answered back.
“Slap his face hard” I ordered Calvin and he did so,
“I’m your fuckin’ whore wife” I told Joe
“You call me that you bastard” I demanded
“Yes I want to see my fuckin’ whore wife suckin’ on another man’s fuckin’ cock” I replied.
Moving down a bit, I slowly licked Calvin’s cock from top to bottom and around his shaft, then looking at Joe for a minute, I turned and into my mouth went Calvin’s cock. He was so nice and large I savored the taste of his cock and took it as far into my mouth as I could, gagging a bit as I did. I sucked on Calvin’s cock slowly, the faster, rubbing his cock over my lips and cheeks, taking his cock into my cheek, just thoroughly enjoying another man’s cock. I slapped at Joe’s face again as I took Calvin’s cock out of my mouth.
“You like watching another man’s cock in my mouth don’t you?” I asked Joe
“Yes I like watching another man’s cock in my fuckin’ whore wife’s mouth” he answered.
Back into my mouth went Calvin’s cock. I finally broke off after a few more minutes and raising up,
“Fuck me” I told Calvin
“Fuck my fuckin’ cunt” I added as I rose up off the sofa.
I moved over to the end of the sofa and lowered myself over the end so that my ass was sticking up. Looking back at Calvin,
“Fuck me” I said again and Calvin moved up behind me. Into my cunt Calvin shoved his cock and canlı casino I moaned out in pleasure as he started to fuck me. I was lost in the pleasure of his cock fucking me and after a few minutes I looked over at Joe,
“Get over here” I ordered him and he moved over behind Calvin.
“Watch him fuck me” I said to Joe
“Watch another man’s cock fucking your fuckin’ whore wife’s cunt” I added.
For a few minutes more I savored Calvin’s cock as he pounded away at my cunt,
“Play with my cunt bastard” I demanded of Joe and while Calvin fucked away at my cunt, Joe fingered it and my cunt lips. Calvin by now had bent down a bit and was squeezing and pulling on my tits. Finally after more time I rose up a bit,
“Pull out baby” I said to Calvin. Looking at Joe,
“Lay down on your back you fuckin’ shit” I ordered him and watched as Joe laid on the floor on his back. When he was ready, I positioned myself on his body with my cunt up near his head. Motioning to Calvin to come to me,
“Fuck me” I said to him
“Fuck me hard” I added and down on his knees Calvin got and moving up he took his cock in his hand and slowly guided it into my cunt. Calvin again started to fuck me as I gave Joe a bird’s eye view of his cock fucking my wet cunt with deep and hard thrusts. For several more minutes I was in pure heaven as Calvin fucked me and fondled my tits.
“I’m gonna come” Calvin finally called out and before anything could be done, he shot a huge load of cum into my cunt and I knew Joe was watching as Calvin pumped his load deep into me. When he finally stopped, he pulled out and looking down at Joe,
“Clean my cock off you fuckin’ shit” Calvin told Joe and Joe reached up, took Calvin’s cock and proceeded to lick and suck it off. When he finished I rose up and placing my cunt over Joe’s face,
“Suck my cunt you filthy shit” I ordered and Joe then sucked and licked Calvin’s cum off me.
Calvin and I sat back down on the sofa while I made Joe get back on his knees in front of us.
“That was so fuckin’ awesome baby” I told Calvin as I moved in to kiss him.
We finally got dressed and at the door,
“Thank you for a wonderful fuck baby” I told Calvin softly
“Your cock was so fuckin’ good” I added. Looking at me, Calvin kissed me again and,
“You were really great yourself” he told me
“Your beautiful tits and fuckin’ hot wet cunt” he went on,
“Fuck” and with that he kissed me one last time and left. I made sure he left me with his number, just in case.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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