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Lisa had gone to college which not only left a void in my life but also a spare bedroom, I didn’t want a full-time lodger really so was looking for options.
I saw an advert in Craigs about AirBNB which could work as I would get a mix of people and it wouldn’t be every night, sounded perfect so I decided to check it out and sent a message giving brief details about my circumstances, I purposefully left out my number as I wanted to see the reply first.

Within an hour I got a reply from a lady called Anika, the brief details she gave was that she run an AirBNB service via an online directory, it all sounded good and she said that in order to proceed she would need to visit to check out the property and take some pictures for my profile. She had an opening later in the afternoon and if interested to write back with my address details which I happily did, what’s the worst that could happen, I could always back out after I have met her.

Luckily Lisa’s room was clean and tidy so I didn’t have to do much to prepare for Anika’s visit, I took a quick shower, threw on a tee shirt and a pair of shorts and waited for my visitor.
I didn’t have long to wait as a smart looking car pulled up outside with a blonde woman driving, this must be her I thought. The door opened and a pair of tanned legs appeared, I was watching every move as Anika exited the car, she must have been around 20 years old, she had short blonde hair with lightly tanned skin, her summer dress was flowing in the light breeze, she took out her briefcase and walked up the path smiling. I was beginning to think going commando under the shorts was not the best idea, too late now the doorbell rang.

I opened the door and looked straight into Anika’s baby blue eyes before my gaze ran down her body at her buttoned-up dress, she looked divine and held her hand out, I didn’t know whether to kiss it or shake it, deciding to shake it she had very warm and soft hands.
“Hello, I’m Anika, you must be Frank” she said in a soft accented voice. She looked me up and down as she spoke
“Yes, please come in” I replied and stood back into the hallway. I motioned her into the lounge and as I followed the sun caught her dress and I could just make out the outline of her brief panties, a very nice sight.

I sat her on the sofa and offered her coffee which she accepted and we chatted through the hatch while I türkçe bahis made it, I glanced at her while we spoke and as she was digging out paperwork from her case I noticed her dress ride up a little, I just hope old Percy behaves as I take the coffee in, luckily it did as I handed her coffee and took my seat opposite. A good choice as her lovely tanned legs were in full view.

She told me about the business and how it works, it was basically an Airbnb for people that liked a bit of company during their stay which suited me fine. All hosts are listed in the directory with photos of the accommodation and the host, you have a bio that lists useful information about yourself and visitors then book their stay through the site, the company take their 20% and I get the rest, it all sounded so simple really.

As we spoke I was lucky enough to get a glimpse up Anika’s dress, definitely white panties and I think on occasions she saw me looking, oh well I have been busted before and I am sure it wont be the last either.
When she told me that my bio can be as personal as I liked, even the photos the penny dropped and it all became clear, she looked down at my lap and could see the obvious state of arousal I was in and she smiled realizing that we were both on the same page.

She took out a form to fill in and rested it on her lap, she asked for my details and told me that all transactions went through PayPal which suited me fine.
We then talked about my preferences and as she wrote I could see her looking up at my groin, I was nearly busting out my shorts and my erection was obvious.

She asked me if I preferred males/females/couples etc and I had no preferences, no age range either as I wasn’t going to be picky. I listed out a few of my interests keeping it as clean as possible and not being too perverse. Am I available at short notice, any house rules, dress codes etc and I think I gave an open and honest account of things, Anika was busy writing all this down and did drop her guard a few times to give a further glimpse of white panties, or maybe she was playing a game?
“OK, shall we take some pics?” she asked with a smile as she put the papers away and took her phone out.
“No problem” I said smiling back, “where shall we start?” I asked and she stood up and went to the back of the room, “Right here” she said as she clicked away, even getting me tipobet güvenilir mi in the shots sitting back in my chair. She then asked me to stand which I did with embarrassment as my cock was clearly visible through my shorts.
Anika made no comment but snapped away with some head and shoulders along with full body shots.
We went to the kitchen and did the same, some with me in and some without, she could clearly see that I was suffering with erection issues but kept on saying what great shots they were.

She led as we left the kitchen and headed up the stairs and she knew I was behind her, she even pretended to stumble which forced her arse nearly back onto my face, not that I was complaining as I discovered she was in fact wearing a thong.
We entered the spare room and my erection was even more evident and Anika snapped away, she even asked me to take my tee shirt off and lay on the bed and I was happy to oblige although there was now no hiding the bulge.

I followed her into the bathroom totally forgetting to put my shirt back on as she snapped away. She then looked at me clearing her throat
“Um, I don’t suppose you would do a shower shot?” she said very hesitantly, “You don’t have to have the water running, just pretend” she said with a giggle, how could I refuse this sweet young lady as I slowly pulled my shorts off allowing my cock to spring out.

I saw Anika’s eyes widen as I stepped into the shower with my cock totally erect, Anika snapped away as I did a 360, she smiled and asked me to pretend washing myself, basically running my hands all over my body while she snapped away saying “Wow! What a great shot” about a million times.
When I got to the point of ‘pretending’ to wash my cock, basically wanking, her eyes lit up again, “Oh yes!” she said, “what a great shot” and she started to move closer. She was now right at the shower door on her knees taking close ups of me slowly wanking until I saw her reach out and felt her warm hand cup my balls. Game on.

Her hand then moved onto my cock as she took over from me and slowly started to wank me, after a few more shots she passed me the phone and started to lick around the helmet, she looked up at me as I took some snaps as she slowly took my cock deep into her mouth while her hands wrapped around my arse pulling me in closer, I could feel the tightness of her throat perabet as my cock went in deep.

I was close, very close and as her fingers searched out my arsehole I was about to bust it, she could feel it too as her intensity grew and my whole body shook as I felt my cock pulsate and hard spurts hit the back of her throat, she didn’t even flinch as she continued sucking me, she squeezed my balls tight forcing the last drops of man juice from me. She pulled away and looked up at me, licking her lips and her eyes glowing.

She stood up and started to unbutton her dress, my cock stayed rigid as I watched taking in each button, as her skin became more exposed the harder my cock became. The dress soon came off and her bra unclipped exposing a sweet pair of 34b with stiff erect nipples.
Reaching down she slowly pulled her panties down, she had absolutely no hair and her protruding labia lips just screamed out to be sucked.

“Move over” she said as she joined me in the shower, “We need to show that the shower is big enough for two” she continued as she took control and took various selfies of us both in the shower.
“Can I get you naked on the bed Frank” she asked and before I could answer she was leading me by the hand back into the spare room where she instructed me to lay on the bed, erection in full view.
“You have such a wonderful cock Frank” she said in a soft voice as she took various snaps, some so close I could feel the heat generated by her over worked phone.

She climbed on the bed and straddled me slowly lowering herself down onto my throbbing member and I let out a loud moan as the warmth and wetness of her pussy engulfed my cock, she slid straight down easily and gripped me with her cunt muscles. The feeling was intense as she started to bounce slowly at first and then built up a rhythm as she rode me.
I held her hips as I thrust upwards, she screamed as her body started to shake and I felt the wetness of her juices running down my balls as she orgasmed. Her pace quickened as she grabbed my balls, squeezing gently and I knew I was close. I closed my eyes as I felt my cock starting to pulsate again and she cried out as she felt my hot cum shoot deep into her belly
“OMG, FUCK YESSS!” she cried out as the second and third spurt hit home. She kept bouncing like she couldn’t get enough but I was drained, I could feel my cock softening inside her and she looked sad when it slipped out.

We regained our composure and found our clothes, Anika told me she would sort the best photos for my profile and to kick things off would write me a review, I was eager to see how this would all turn out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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