At the doctor’s office (Part One)

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At the doctor’s office (Part One)
I had some pain in my vagina; I did not feel like going to the family doctor, I figured I would be more comfortable with a strange doctor, especially where the pain is.
I looked specialist doctors up on the internet, found one, not too far, called the clinic up, a nurse answered the phone, I made an appointment at a certain time of that week
When my appointment time was due, I was at the clinic, greeted by a charming nurse of early thirties, nice looking woman, very flirty type, and very warm and nice, the type of a woman who makes you feel comfortable talking to her.

She wanted to write down the information’s for the medical record purposes, then a brief description of the problem as she called it, i did feel shy a bit, no matter how open and experienced I am.

She was nice, took me to a private test room to take a look at the place of pain (my pussy), I knew I was going to show my pussy to somebody at the clinic, so I made sure it was fully clean of hair, soft, perfumed and well groomed, I guess you already know that many people see and reach my pussy, so it is almost always that way…loll.

She gave me a special robe to wear after taking off all of my clothes, closed the door behind her and left to give me privacy to change my clothes, it did not take me much to get naked and put that robe on, it did not really cover much, it was only a frontal one.

I did get a nice appraisal from her on the looks of my body and the way I keep it, groomed and cleaned, she did that with a nice eye wink, when she was done, her being flirty and easy going gave me the courage to ask her “what kind of a doctor I am facing?” after all, he would be seeing the most private parts of my body.

She smiled, same time blushing red, saying “he is ok, but I would advise you to make sure I am present while he does the medical exam, ask him for that”
I said “Why? Would he….”

She interrupted me saying “listen, he most probably would not do a thing, but…your body is very sexy and seductive, if I myself could not avoid staring and looking at it, what you would expect from a man? Even a doctor, but he is my brother, with my presence in there, he would be shy and so serious”

That gave me many thoughts, things I like, being a naughty woman, I agreed with her, and had decided to ask him for her presence, she wrote some notes on the record, told me she would go and get the doctor in.

The doctor came in, greeted me, I asked him if the nurse could be present while making the exam, I was not afraid of him or so, but I had naughty ideas on my mind for that, he smiled calling her, she came in, as she was behind him, she gave me an eye wink and stood there helping him remove the robe.

He asked me a few questions, while taking a close look at my pussy, he spread my legs apart, looked deeper while wearing medical soft, white gloves.

When he was done, canlı kaçak iddaa he poked my thigh with a big smile, saying “relax Miss beautiful and sexy, nothing is wrong with you at all, it is just a small normal infection that needs some treatment, and will vanish in no time”

He asked, “Does it hurt while making love, if I may ask?”
I turned away acting shy, then said “Yes a little, especially on the sides”, to be honest, I was not so shy of saying so, the whole idea of coming to a strange doctor, is to cure myself of what I was sure a small thing, but trying to enjoy some games as well, so I did plan on some games, if you have not noticed yet.

The doctor pulled some ointment from a small glass cabinet which was in the examination room; he said you need to apply this, three times, during this week, starting today, once you stop, take three days without it then come back to me for another exam, I know things will go back to perfectly normal.

I asked him “how long the cream should stay there?”

He smiled saying “less than a minute, you need to do nothing to it, it fully vanishes and disappears with no odors or any smell or moisture left, in less than one minute, it is not harmful at all, and it is eatable as well”

He looked at his sister, the nurse, saying, “Would you show her how, and do it for her the first time?, if it is hard for her to do alone, ask her to come to you each time, but I need it to be fully rubbed over outer and inner areas, use KY if you have to for inner areas”

She nodded smiling and said, “OK doctor, I sure will”.

I loved hearing what he said, which means getting the nurse to rub my pussy in and out, she did not seem to be bisexual or so, but she was so cute, I wanted to look at her face while she rubbed and fingered my pussy, I was one hundred percent sure she would not need the KY to insert her fingers in my pussy to apply the ointment on inner walls of my pussy.

The doctor went to his office and left us both in the exam room, I said “shall I get dressed?”
She smiled saying “no my dear, we need to apply the medication, remember?”

She helped me get rid of the robe after locking the door, she said smiling “I don’t think I need to explain to you how you should use it, you will need help, so you just come back for the other two times, if ok with you?”

She spread my legs wide apart, looked at my pussy while opening the tube and squeezing some material on her hand, as she started rubbing it on my pussy, in smooth action which felt so good to me, I closed my eyes, tried to avoid moaning which was under my control, especially when she was rubbing it over my pussy lips reaching my clit.

But getting wet was way beyond my self-control, my pussy lips got swollen, parted and some wetness was so obvious on my pussy, she smiled saying “I think my brother did good by holding up, girl; you got a gorgeous body, I wonder poker oyna how a man could avoid it, I bet he had a hard on, I just wonder how could he manage to hide it from both of us?”

I said “only man is seduced and turned on? What about a woman?”

She smiled saying, “Well, up to this moment, I have always wondered what a woman would find interesting in another woman’s body?”

I laughed saying “And what happened now?”

She blushed all red, continued rubbing my outer pussy parts and said “I think I can comprehend now” with a huge smile and an eye wink.

By now my pussy was so moisturized and I could not help but let out a moan closing my eyes, especially when she inserted a finger in my pussy, she laughed saying, “the doctor is so wrong about needing KY, it looks like my finger is having no problems going in, and… do we seem wet?”

By this time, two of her fingers were inside my pussy, she bent them inward rubbing the inner parts of my pussy, I guess she had reached my G spot by then, I wasn’t sure if by coincidence or on purpose, but louder moans started escaping my mouth beyond my control, she used her free hand to playfully spank my ass, teasing while saying “concentrate on this as medication B….” then she stopped cutting off the rest of the word (Bitch) apologizing and saying, “forgive me I didn’t mean it”

I said “Go on, say it, I may be a bitch being horny with your fingers circling inside my pussy, but who is the bitch? Isn’t it the one who is doing a great job of it, deviating from medication?”
She laughed saying “don’t let your mind go far, I have never done anything with another woman, other than professional work”

I laughed loud saying “I wish I could slip my hand under that skirt of yours, I bet the panties are all wet by now”

She was silent, blushing, her face turned so red, I held her free hand, squeezed it, saying “ I didn’t mean to embarrass you, but if you are going to do something, better do it right, unless you want me to do it alone at home? I am sure I would cum, so be aware and do not be surprised, if you go on like that, I might just cum believe it or not”

I could easily tell she felt a bit more relaxed, slowed down the motion and now was circling her fingers in my pussy as if she was finger fucking me, which made my moans louder, my back was rising up and going back on the exam table, she closed her eyes while doing it, I knew she was turned on.

Later on, she was doing it standing next to me, facing my pussy and lower parts of my body with her back to my face, concentrating on the motion or else trying to avoid looking me in the eyes as she was turned on as well, her skirt was short enough showing most of her upper thighs, I was brave enough to place my hand over her thigh up her skirt and started rubbing softly, she did not seem to object, I pulled my hand upwards till I felt her ass, she was wearing pinbahis a thong, I slipped my hand under it feeling her bare ass which felt silky soft.

She shook her ass right and left teasing, but it was a clear hint of approval, I clearly got the hint, I pushed my hand further till it was over her pussy, I cubed her pussy with my warm palm which felt runny wet, I massaged my finger over her outer pussy lips, then over her slit and gave it a little push inside, she let out a moan moving closer to me giving me a better access to her pussy while working on my pussy with more of an intimate way now than professional.

I started rubbing her wet pussy lips, fingering it, inserting two fingers in her slit while rubbing her already hard clit with my index finger, she was moaning louder and shaking, she kept her fingers in my pussy, kept her body same place, turned her head sideways looking me in the eyes saying “I would say I am done with the medicine now”

I gave her a very naughty and slutty smile while fingering her pussy saying softly, almost whispering in a sexy, feminine voice “I think the doctor said the lotion was not harmful and…eatable?”

She looked me in the eyes with so much lust and passion answering me in the exact tone of voice “what a bitch you are, do you want my tongue in your pussy?”

I made a seductive sound while rubbing her cunt and twisting her clit between my fingers saying in a super seductive, sexy voice “I would love to, if possible?”

She did not say a word, except lowered her head to my pussy, stuck her tongue out and started touching the tip of my hard clit, passing her tongue over my wet parted pussy lips, making me shiver and so close to cum.

I speeded up the motion over her pussy, rubbing and inserting more fingers, fucking her deep and hard while I was already shaking breathing hard, she was doing the same, till we finally started both shivering at the exact same moment, we both came.

Coming back to earth, gaining our normal breathing, we both relaxed, looking each other deep in the eyes, she bent over and gave me a long, passionate kiss on my lips saying, “Thank you for a lovely time, it was the first time for me with another woman, but will definitely not be the last”

I lifted both of my arms for her, took her between them and pulled her to me in a warm soft hug, kissing her on the lips, saying “It sure was not the first for me baby, but was the best, and do not worry we still have two more rounds to go”

She spank me softly and teasingly on my ass saying “I knew you were a bitch from the first moment, but I like you my bitch, make sure I do it for you next two times, do not do it without me” laughing so loud.

I put my clothes on and was ready to leave, we arranged for the next time of my appointment, which was arranged by her at her convenient time, after office hours and she said it would be after the doctor leaves the clinic, when I asked why?

She said “I want us to enjoy it more and feel free to scream…” then laughed, I liked the idea, kissed her on the lips and left.

Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]

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