Aunt Karen Walked In On Me

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Aunt Karen Walked In On Me
As a teenager, I had an aunt, Karen, who was in her late 30s, brown hair, curvy figure and big boobs with great curvy legs too. One of my friends, Ricky, fancied her too and would often tell me how much he loved her legs and wanted to fuck her.

She kept her washing basket in the bathroom, so whenever I was in her house, which was at least twice a week, I’d have a rummage and try on her used tights, my young cock straining against the black nylon, or sniff her panties, breathing in the delicious sweet, musky smell while wanking.

One summer day, my family went to the beach and my aunt tagged along and it turned out she was wearing a black swimming costume under her clothes. As she walked off for a swim, I stared at her big curvy bum til she was in the sea. After a while, she came back to sit on the beach with a towel wrapped around her. When we were leaving, she lagged back on the beach for a moment while my parents, sisters and I walked up to road level.

I then realised I’d left something down on the beach and casually hopped over the railing, dropping the 7 feet or so to the warm sand not realising Karen had stayed behind to get changed back into her clothes. As I landed, she had a beach towel wrapped round her with her wet swimming costume on the ground next to her. Seeing türkçe bahis me, she tugged the towel closer, but the movement made the bottom of it billow out, and there for a second, right in front of me, only about 2 feet from my face, was her bare pussy.

In that short time, my eyes took in every possible detail: the triangle of thick pubic hair curving down and inward between her thighs, slightly thicker in the middle as it gathered around her labia. What struck me was that her pubic hair was brown – not the jet black I’d seen before in magazines or films or glimpses of others, but a lovely russet brown.

I stood up and didn’t say anything. Karen looked at me for a moment, then said ‘I’ll be a few minutes’
‘OK’ I said, and walked back up to the road, my heart beating at what I’d seen.

I wanked to the image of that fanny as soon as I got home, and when I told my friend Ricky about it, he asked me to describe it in detail and again told me how much he wanted to fuck Karen, going into detail about how he planned to suck on tits while doing so.

I kept rummaging through her undies whenever I was in her house after that, and then, one weekend, for reasons I can’t remember, I ended up staying at her house overnight.

When she went to bed, I went into her spare room and made myself comfy in the bed, tipobet giriş but felt so horny I had to get up again. I turned the lights off and opened the curtains, took off all my clothes and sat down on a wooden chair with its back to the window. The room was only dimly lit by moonlight as I began to rub my cock, quickly becoming fully erect.

Just then, there was a soft knock at the door and, before I could speak, it opened slightly and Karen took a step into the room. ‘Are you OK?’ she asked, ‘I heard you moving about.’

She was facing toward the bed, obviously expecting me to be lying there, but as she realised I wasn’t in bed, she looked round and seemed to see me in the chair. I sat stock still, not knowing what to do, my legs still open, my hard cock pointing at the ceiling. She seemed to squint at me, as though not really sure what she was seeing.

‘I’m fine’, I said.
‘OK, good night then,’ she said and left, closing the door.

My heart started thumping. How much had she seen? Had her eyes become more accustomed to the dimness in the room as she stood there, and had my nakedness and erection gradually faded into vision as she peered at me? I tested the theory by standing at the door and looking toward where I was sitting – I could see almost every detail of the chair, so I tipobet güvenilir mi assume she’d had a good look at my stiff penis.

The thought of it just got me even more turned on and I started wanking, cumming very quickly, ejaculating long strings of cum all over my hands.

Next morning, she didn’t say anything, just asked if I got to sleep eventually, but I still wonder how much she saw.

Once again, I told Ricky. His unhelpful advice was that I should have leapt up and put the light on!

A few years later, when I was in my twenties, Karen got a job where she would work away for a few days occasionally. My parents would ask me to go check on her house on my way out to meet my friends, what they didn’t know is that I wasn’t meeting my friends, instead I’d just spend a few hours in Karen’s house, masturbating, having a look at her underwear drawer, once finding a beautiful black lacy basque and stockings, and in the back of her drawer, a small envelope containing one photograph: Karen and her best friend Susie sitting on a beach on holiday overseas, both of them topless. Susie’s small pointy breasts on display as she beamed at the camera, Karen’s big boobs sitting up perfectly, not the slightest sag despite their size (34e according the the labels on her bra) while she also smiled at whoever was taking the photo.

A few years after that, Karen got married and still lives happily with her husband. I still remember those fantastic boobs in the picture and that lovely brown-haired fanny and still wonder what she thought that night she saw my erection.

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