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Aunt Robyn
Robyn told John that her niece Amy was coming by for the weekend. John sighed, but Robyn told him that Amy was hawt, and liked to party, so who knows where this could go. John’s face lit up, he’d always wanted a 3-way, and hoped it would happen.

Upon Amy’s arrival, she had an over night bag and a 4 month old black lab named Spunky. Amy hugged Robyn and Amy hugged John, as John awkwardly hugged this cute 20 something cutie. Robyn showed Amy to her room and John petted Scooter who seemed friendly.
A bottle of wine was opened and glasses poured as Robyn and Amy caught up. Robyn kept using sexual innuendo, hoping to get Amy to open up, and maybe see where it would go. But Amy never let on that she wanted to talk about sex, but giggled and glided right past the innuendo.

Another bottle of wine was open as the three talked and laughed. Amy’s hand on Spunky as he lie beside her. When the last bottle of wine was drained, Amy said she was tired, and would shower and go to bed. Everyone said good night and John and Robyn were brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed. Robyn said to John, “what do you think of Amy?”

John, replies, “I think she’s hot as hell”

“I so wished I could have gotten her to open up. I know she’s a bit wild. To be honest John, I’ve had a thing for her for years.” Robyn admitted.

“Really?” John asked, “Omigod, that would be so hot to watch you two together!

“Watch? If I know Amy, she’d want you to participate. Too bad we couldn’t get her to open up, and I could have invited her”, Robyn exclaimed, her hand on her chin.

Amy’s shower was running, but she threw a towel around herself and went to the living room to get her cell phone, and on the way back as she passed by John and Robyn’s room, she paused to eavesdrop. She heard her Aunt Robyn say how she wanted to make love to her, and her heart raced. She had always had a crush on Robyn, but Robyn the School teacher, could not possibly be bi-sexual…and certainly not into i****t. She wanted to bust open the door and say “I’m here…let’s party!”

She went to her shower, and was rubbing her pussy as she bathed, wishing it was Robyn between her legs. As she wondered what Aunt Robyn’s pussy was like…was it shaved, was it furry, she definitely wanted a taste of Robyn’s pussy. She got out of the shower, horny as hell, and called Spunky over and she spread her legs, and Spunky knew what to do.

As she spread her legs Scooter’s tongue licked and pushed it’s way into her pussy. Amy was squeezing her tits and pulling on her nipples as Scooter’s tongue licked and plunged and drove her crazy. She ran to the bed and called Scooter onto the bed, her legs bahis siteleri canlı wide open as Scooter pushed his talented tongue deep into her pussy. Amy rubbed her clit and cum, trying to be quiet, but Scooter licked and lapped her sensitive clit and Amy cum again, in fact, she cum several times before she pushed Scooter away.

Amy lied on the bed, basking in the release from her orgasms, but she was restless. Hearing what Robyn said about her was driving her flippin nuts. How could she tell Robyn of her equal desire? She tossed and she turned, so frustrated that Robyn was just a few feet away, and she had not caught on, that Robyn’s conversations about sex, were to open the door. “Fuck!” she exclaimed, as she threw her legs onto the floor and rushed out of the bedroom to the hall.

Down the hall and pushed open her Aunt Robyn’s bedroom, where Robyn was sucking John’s cock. “Robyn, I’ve always wanted to to make love to you. I’ve wanted to taste you, since I was younger, and ….” she was speechless standing there at the foot of the bed totally naked.

Robyn gazed at her niece, her smoothly shaved pussy with a small strip of hair on her mons, her perky breasts with pink nipples, her auburn hair…you forgot about John’s cock and lifted your arms to her. Amy came to the bed, and you hugged her, kissing her breasts and neck on your way to her mouth. “Amy, I’ve wanted this for so long” as your tongue went into her mouth and you kissed and kissed, hands and fingers touching each other.

You pulled Amy onto the bed. Amy on top of Robyn, pressing her cunt against Robyn’s thigh as her mouth drifted to Robyn’s tits, sucking greedily on each nipple. “Aunt Robyn, I need you now.” Amy said in a husky voice as she slid down between Robin’s legs, her tongue licking Robyn, tasting her flavor, the musky smell of Robyn’s desire and wet pussy was getting Amy so hot. She had two fingers in Robyn’s cunt as she licked and sucked on Robyn’s clit. Robyn was lifting her hips moaning and responding to Amy’s attentions. Robyn had cum a few times, it seemed that as one subsided, Amy’s skillful fingers and tongue would bring yet another orgasm on.
Soon, John was off the bed and watching the two girls…Aunt and Niece, entwined in each other’s embrace as he stroked his cock. Robyn told Amy to lie back, and Robyn found her fingers deep in Amy’s wet pussy, Amy moaned as Robyn added one, then two, then a third finger. Amy was no stranger to sex, and often fucked shampoo bottles in the shower when she was horny. Amy loved to use a bit of conditioner as lube and slide down on the bottle, filling and stretching her pussy, her lips stretched so tight, güvenilir casino tugging on her clit, as she rubbed a few orgasms out. Robyn bent down and tasted her fingers, sucked them so Amy could watch, then bent her head and began to lick and taste Amy. Filling Amy’s cunt with her tongue, licking Amy’s swollen, fat clit as Amy moaned with delight, grabbing Robyn’s head, as Robyn got her off.

As Robyn saw John stroking his cock, she said “John, take me. Fuck me hard as I lick Amy” John moved onto the bed, kissed Robyn’s round ass as he got between her legs and slid his turgid cock, deep into Robyn’s wet pussy, As he thrust his hips, sliding his cock in and out of Robyn’s cunt, his thumb touching her asshole as he fucked her good. He couldn’t hold back, this whole scene was so hot, that he swiftly emptied his load into Robyn. He kept fucking her until his soft cock fell out, and then he got off the bed.

As John stood up, Scooter left Amy’s room, and ran in the open door of John and Robyn’s room and jumped on the bed and started licking Robyn’s pussy. “What the fuck?” John tried to grab Scooter.

Don’t!” yelled Amy. “Scooter, well, Scooter pleasures me. He won’t hurt, I’ll lock him in my room if you like.”

John just stood there, Robyn said “I’ve had a few thoughts about a dog’s long tongue, let him lick me” So Scooter, no longer in trouble, began again to lick Robyn. He licked her pussy and asshole, his nose against her asshole as his long tongue pushed it’s way deep into Robyn’s pussy. Robyn arched her hips as she tried to concentrate on Amy’s pussy. Arching her hips to allow Scooter better access to her cunt. Robyn had just cum again, the kinky-ness of Scooter, and Amy, and John fucking her …she was a mess. Scooter’s tongue was like nothing she had ever experienced.

Amy said “Robyn, just forget about me, lie down and let Scooter do his thing.” I’m going to help out John. So as Robyn gave into the pleasures of Scooter’s tongue, Amy dropped to her knees and began to suck on John’s soft cock. She sucked his balls and stroked and licked his cock, she licked his cock head as she stroked his cock, slowly bringing John’s cock back to life.
“John, lie down on the bed “ Amy said “I have a treat for you.” As John lied down on the bed next to Robyn who was in heaven with Scooter, who every time she cum, and she cum often, would go deep with his tongue in her sopping wet cunt, to find Robyn’s cum.

Amy lifted Johns legs onto her shoulders as she crawled between his legs and began to suck one nut, then the other, then both nuts in her mouth as John’s hard on was shaking and pulsing with delight. Without any warning Amy’s casino firmalari tongue went to John’s asshole. John instantly loved the warm, wetness of Amy’s tongue against his asshole.

“Relax, John” Amy said as she stiffened her tongue and pushed it into John’s ass. John was loving Amy’s tongue and he tried to relax, and her tongue only went deeper. Amy got a little bit crazy, caught up in one of her fetishes…eating ass. She kept her tongue stiff and bobbed her head fucking John’s ass with her tongue. Again and again Amy’s tongue slid deep into Johns ass , as he stroked his cock.

Amy said “Scooter” and Scooter stopped licking Robyn’s cunt and came over and started licking John’s ass, his tongue pushing deeper into John’s relaxed asshole. With a push on his ass behind from, Scooter mounted John and with a feverish flurry of his hips began to fuck John in the ass. John was so surprised, and perversely, he loved having his ass fucked by the Lab. As Scooter fucked away, at John, Scooter got his knot in John’s ass and was stuck there. It hurt when Spunky tried to pull out, but felt great having the knot buried past his sphincter. As Scooter turned full circle, his cock and knot going backwards, stuck in John’s ass as he looked at Amy.

Robyn watched, her hands pulling her nipples as she sees Scooter stuck in John’s ass, John’s legs up, his cock so thick and throbbing. She kneeled over and began to suck John’s cock, while waiting for Scooter to lose his knot. Robyn stroked and sucked John. She’d never seen him so hard and so thick. “Come on baby, gimme your cum”

She said to John and sucked him hard. John responded pretty quick, and a shot of cum erupted from his cock, so hard. It went right down Robyn’s throat, she never got to taste it. Amy came over and grabbed John’s cock and stroked and sucked every bit of cum out of his now limp cock.

Scooter had pulled free and was on the floor licking himself. Amy opened her mouth and showed Robyn, her mouth still had John’s cum in it and they both leaned forward, over John’s limp cock, and kissed, swapping his cum from mouth to mouth as they kissed until horny enough to 69, each latching on to each other’s pussy, never wanting this nite to end. John gave them room, and idly watched….in time he would be hard, and maybe he’d fuck Amy’s ass before morning.

Somewhere late into the night, they all fell asleep. John awoke to Amy’s voice as she let Scooter out to go pee.. “Good morning John” she quipped. Robyn rolled over, rubbing her sleepy eyes, and Amy said. “Aunt Robyn, I am so glad we did this, I loved it”

“Me too Amy, too bad you have to leave today”. I hope you will come back for a whole weekend sometime soon, and be sure to bring Scooter, I’m sure John loves Scooter.” Robyn said as she smiled and patted John’s leg

“OK Robyn, I will. But I don’t have to leave just yet” and Amy leapt into the bed, to play some more

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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