Baseball, apple pie, Chevrolet and————–

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Baseball, apple pie, Chevrolet and————–
Baseball, apple pie, Chevrolet and—————Dad

“Matthew Dillon—Mary Stevens, Action News 5 “ “Hey Mary” “Matt, we all saw the game, and congrats on the 7-4 win over the Indians”. “Thanks Miss Stevens” “But Matt, I think asides from the game, everyone wants to know is what was up between you and the bat boy?” I shoot a big grin and respond with “Well, Mary, I noticed that Ricky was coming out of the dugout without a batting helmet on. “I see—yes that’s very good thinking on that” “Ya, thanx Miss Mary—and at the moment, I didn’t care if anyone understood what was going on, or how long I held up the game—I had to get the message to Rick to get a helmet” I understand Matt, and hopefully our viewers will now too. And what else—what about the demonstrations that you did ?”

Well, Miss Mary, in addition to no helmet, I just felt like too that Ricky was still putting himself in danger by the way he was bending down to grab the bats, then standing up and turning right around, still in the path of a runner—and in those few seconds could get himself mowed down, just like Johnson and me demonstrated. I think it scared him enough that he got what I was trying to get across.” “And here comes young Ricky Carson now—Ricky—over here ! Ricky, Mary Stevens Action News 5—Ricky were you confused when Matt started waving at you from the field ?” “Oh ya, we didn’t know what he was trying to say—but I get it now” “Were you nervous at all, when Matt pulled you out on the field, and gave you the demonstration “? “Oh ya I was scared to death cause at first I didn’t know what he was trying to do—I just about peed my pants, lol” “But you get the point now, we assume?” “Yes ma’mm, and I wont ever go out of that dugout again without a helmet on”

“So there you have it folks—Matthew Dillon, safety in baseball, one bat boy at a time”

As I approached the field house for the after game ‘clean up’ Rick was trodding not far behind. Entering the open doorway to the shower room, I almost bumped into him—DAD. “Dad—-what are you doing here?” “What—can’t come see my b o y play ball?” “Ya, I guess—you been here the whole game?” “Naaa—just rolled in this minute—the rig is right over there—need a lift home?” Ricky looks over at me and quanders “What about the pizza Matt?” “Sorry lil dude—you go on with the rest of the guys. I don’t get to see my dad cept a couple of times a month—gotta jet”

“OK” As I slowly follow my dad across türkçe bahis the park, to his rig parked on the side street, I was already nervous about the evening Im sure I was about to have. I felt like shit for blowing off Ricky, and saying nothing to the gus on the team. Arriving back at the house, mom of course was already at work. I took off my cleats on entering the front doorway, then shucked off my jersey. Dad looked at me for a moment and simply stated “nice fuckin abs, son—got ur lil happy trail goin on” I just looked and sneered at him, “Ya, thanx—I guess you wanna beer?” “Sure son, that would be great. I gotta take a piss—I’ll meet you down in your room.”

I grabbed two beers from the fridge as dad headed for the bathroom, and proceeded down the stair to my basement room. Dad showed in just a minute, as I sat and pulled of my socks. “Might as well loose those baseball pants too, son—wouldn’t wanna get anything on them that wouldn’t wash out.” I just sneered again at him, and shucked my uniform pants, leaving now only my jock underneath. I reached inside it and pulled the cup out, and just tossed it on the dresser. “Damm, son, your fillin out nice ! Got some hair on ur ass, I see” “Ya, I figured u like that” I threw the bottle of beer at him, now reclined on my bed. As I popped the cap on my own, dad remarked “Oh—so b o y is all grown up and drinkin too, huh?” “Im 15 now dad” “Oh ya—your a man, for sure” It wasnt that I hated so much what was about to happen between me and my dad—I just hated that condesending ass-holeness that came out of his already stinkin mouth. As I reached for a smoke—he kept it up. “Oh, and the jock now goes for a smoke—that’s real good for ya” “Like I said—Im 15 now” “Well, son, I thought the legal age for this shit was 18?” “Ya—so you gonna stay home now and discipline my hairy ass?”

Dad gives me a swift back slap to the face, and yanks the cig from my mouth. He hit me so hard, that it made my mouth b l e e d. I just let it drip, not touching it. The ‘scene’ had been getting a little rougher now over the last few months, and I feared before long, I was going to have to start fighting back. “Well, being as how your all 15 now, I guess we can dispense with the ‘soft’ stuff, and you can just crawl up here to ur ole man, and get on this dick”

I sucked down about half the bottle of my beer, and jumping up on my bed beside him, grabbed his already hard dick with my left hand, and went down on him all the way. It was a big dick, and tipobet super thick. His crotch and balls were covered in thick sweaty hair, and as I engulfed him, I could smell the stench coming up from the crack of his ass. “Oh that’s right b o y —all the way ! You been practicing, huh?” He places is huge right hand on the back of my head, and f o r c e s his dick past my tonsils, into the back of my throat. I start gagging and spitting up on him, and he just cocks me in the back of the head. “Take it b o y, take it” He rolled me over on my side, and begins a relentless pounding of my throat with his massive truck driving cock. Already, he’s reaching around, and now probing my sweet musky hole with his thick middle finger. “Hmmm, got some hair up in that lil jock hole too, huh ? Guess you are a man now. Guess I’ll just have to start fucking you like a man”

With that dad raises up above me, yanking his dick out of my mouth. He reaches for the nite stand drawer, and fishes out the lube—which was actually kept there for him. With a long squirt, perfectly landing in the crack of my hairy jock crack, he pushes two fingers in without stopping. “Dad ! Dad !!” “Ahh now come on b o y, you know you can handle it” Then mounting me from behind, and with one thrust, he enters me with his 10” cock, and slams it to the hilt. I let out a scream, but he just pops me upside the head again, muttering “keep quite”

Instantly thrusting in and out of my tite jock hole, he’s now holding me down by the back of my shoulders. Slam after slam, as I grunt, under my breath, hardly able to make a sound. He rears back now, and grabs my by the back of my hair, and holding on, continues slamming my ass like we were making a porn. After about 15 minutes, Im totally dazed, and nearly passed out. He flips me on my back, and then pushes my knees way back behind my ears. Holding me by my ankles, he continues the relentless pounding of my young hole, slamming my head into the wall behind me. The sweat was dripping now from his overly bushy, and stinkin pits, as well as from his forehead, and down his back. His eyes were bloodshot, with the look of m u r d e r in them. In a few moments, finally he said “headed for home plate now, b o y . Get ready for a flood !” Picking up the pace, dad began to really let go, almost jumping up from the bed on the upstroke, then slamming back down, with full body weight, into my now destroyed fuck hole. He gargled up a mouthfull of snot, then delivered it to my face, tipobet güvenilir mi mixing with my b l o o d y lip that was still dripping down my chin, and chest.

With just a few more moments of pounding, he finally begins to unload in my ass. I feel the first two shots, as they hit the walls of my guts, almost with a force of having been shot. Then, he pulls out, and jackin his dick, shoot 4 more across my face, chest, and belly. He raked his fist across his dick, and slings the remnants of his jizz, and my ass slime across my face, and sheets. Grinning like a 13 year old getting his first piece, he stands now on the bed, towering over me. In just a moment, from the pressure of the beer, I guess, dad lets go of a powerful hot stream of his nasty stinkin drunk truck driving piss. He unloads forever, soaking me and my bed. As his piss puddles around my pubes, and under my pits, and behind my head, he offers one more mouthful of snot to my face.

Turning around, now, and placing himself in a doggy above me, he commands me lo lick his super hairy ass crack. He was dirty, sweaty, and smelled like a pig. “Eat” was all he said. With two of his super thick fingers, dad shoved them into my greasy hole, still filled with his seed. Scooping up a handful of his cum from my belly, he grabs my now hard as fuck teenage cock. Squeezing me with un-relentless pressure, he yanks my dick like he was trying to pull it off, while yet again, slamming my ass with his fingers. It only took a few minutes before I started trembling at my thighs, and heaving so hard in my breathing I was sure to crack a rib. Dad did a few more jabs into my ass, then jumping off me, and spinning around, he shoved his now dirty greasy fingers into my mouth. Standing my dick straight up, still stroking it, I unload my own volley—shooting straight up nearly three feet into the air. Dad keeps jabbing my throat, and jacking my vein engorged dick, while I shoot rope after rope of thick jock jizz into the air, now landing on my belly and chest, making a plopping noise like a bug hitting your windshield.

Finally he jumps off me, and makes one more sling of his ass juice covered hand into my face. “God Damm B o y! Oh God Damm, you have become one fine piece of prime jock ass !! Damm, you ain’t never made ur ole man get off like that. Don’t know who you been practicing on, but they done taught you good. Daddy’s proud of his lil champ tonight !

I just look up and snarl at him, thinking if I could kill him, and get away with it.

Dad reaches for his jeans, and his filthy tank top, and while getting dressed, says he hated to fuck n go, but had another load to pick up in the morning over at Ft Smith. “Tell ur mom hey for me b o y, and I love her” Ya, right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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