Black Hotel Studs Wanted White Ass

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Black Hotel Studs Wanted White Ass
A month ago I was laying around and got an email from a couple of Black guys who were staying in a local hotel close to the airport. Seen your ad and was wanting to know if you want to come service me and my partner at our hotel room we in town doing some construction work and in town for a week or so let me know .

So I sent them my phone number and some minutes later I got a call …..Hey this the guy who you sent your number to he said…..

Oh ok cool so whats up with you guys I said.

We seen your ad with the pics and we layin around all horny and shit he said…You look good in those panties. you interested in some black dicks he asked ?

Yeah cool sounds hot I said….What you guys look like ?

We both black straight dudes in town for some work we looking for someone to take care of these dicks…your ad said you like black guys…..I’am 35 my buddy he’s 40

Yeah if you guys are up for it thats cool with me I said….Where you guys at ?

We at a hotel by the airport he said….You gonna be in some panties and stuff for us huh ? he asked ……I told him yes and he gave me the room number and hotel and told me to be discreet and all that …..

I got some stuff together and a short while later and headed to their hotel……….

I knocked on the door and a tall dark black guy with tattoos on his arm answered, Hey whats up he said come on in.

I walked in the room and he said I’am Jerry nice to meet you Jerry I said nice room with two big beds they had, My boy went downstairs to the cafe he coming back soon Jerry said….So what you got in the bag he asked me. Oh just a few clothes and things and some baby oil I said……..Oh ok he said …….You want me to put something on now or wait till your buddy comes back……You can put some stuff on now for me if you want he said…..I said ok and went into the bathroom and put on some black panties and stockings with a pink shirt and closed the bathroom door ……

Jerry was sitting in one of the chairs by the window table….Just texted Mike my buddy he gonna come back up in awhile he said….Ok cool I said looking at Jerrys dark blue work pants…..So what you want me to do he said ……Well why don’t you get out of those pants first I said ….So he stood up and undid his pants and unbuttoned his shirt and stuff till he was in his boxer shorts and he sat back down in the chair….I moved over closer to him on the floor in front of his chair and rubbed his crotch he had bahis siteleri canlı a nice big soft cock in there and as I rubbed his boxers more it was getting bigger…..Jerry stood up and dropped his boxers what you think of that dick he asked me…..Wow Jerry that’s nice I said rubbing and holding his cock in my hand……Jerry cock was about 8 1/2 and cut a beautiful dark black which I like…..
Well let me get my lips on it for you then I said as he kicked back in the chair and I swirled my tongue around the head of his dick and slowly going down his black shaft rubbing his ball sack with my other hand as he moaned …..Ah yes yeah suck that dick work on that head he said…….Jerry seemed to enjoy the pleasure i was giving his cock and balls and loved me sucking and licking on his head of his black prick after some minutes of this he was giving me drops of his precum out the tip I swirled my lips around his piss hole to flavor his leaking juice and up and down on his cock with my mouth as he continued to take in the pleasure as his dick was in and out of my mouth, I went down deep a few times and he liked that…Yeah get deeper on that dick he ordered me suck it suck that dick oh yes he said laying back in the chair with his long legs all kicked out. I stopped a few times to savor his black nuts and lick his ball sack.Yeah work on those nuts he said dat shit feel good he said……..About that time he got a text and we stopped he said his buddy Mike was coming back up. I went to the bathroom and heard the door open and another guy came in……..

Yeah so he here i could hear Mike say, Yeah he in the bathroom right now he was sucking my dick good Jerry said…..Really Mike said ,shit he can get on this dick too then I heard him say……..

Coming out of the bathroom there was Mike a heavy set well built black guy standing there, Hey what up he said as he introduced himself, like them lil panties you got on he said…Thanks I said rubbing his crotch to see what he was packing . Damn you want mine too huh he asked…Jerry was layed out on the bed closest to the window holding his cock in his hand he gonna get back on mine here soon….So I got between Jerrys legs and started back on his shaft as I seen Mike going into the bathroom……

Jerry dick was soon back up and experiencing my skills as I worked his black cock and nuts over . I was busy on Jerrys nuts when I heard Mike come out of the bathroom and felt his hand on my ass. Damn he casino siteleri got a nice ass there in them panties he said smacking my ass a few times as I went up and down on Jerrys dick….He sucking you good bro he asked Jerry….He sucking the fuck out my dick Jerry said to him…..Mike continued to rub my ass and took off my black panties his hands were big, yes indeed he got a nice ass Mike said….I stopped for a second and told him I got some baby oil if he wanted to rub it on my ass, Where it at Mike said .It’s in the bathroom.oh ok he said fetching it and I got back to Blowing Jerrys black stick as he was enjoying the pleasure of my mouth up and down on his dick ….Yeah suck it suck that dick got my dick feeling real good he said….

My mouth was sucking Jerrys black cock head as I felt Mike pour some of the baby oil on my ass and he started rubbing it in and in no time was going for my asshole with one of his big fingers….Oh I moaned a lil bit and raised my ass in the air as he penetrated my asshole with his finger….That really turn me on I said as I went faster and deeper on Jerry sweet tasting black prick….Ah Damn that shits good he said as I was all hot with Mike fingering my asshole and Jerrys cock in my mouth……Damn gots me bout ready to blow this cum Jerry said….As he got up some more on the pillow I went to town on his nuts rubbing them with one hand while I was sucking the fuck out of his dick and Mikes finger job on my asshole had me sucking Jerry for everything he was worth….AAAAAAHHHHHHH SHIT here it cum Jerry yelled out as I felt his nut sack tighten up, This gonna be a big load ahhhhhh here it comes catch it he said…. I felt his load rushing up his main vein and he started bucking as he delivered it in my mouth as some drooled out as he kept spewing his white creme from his dark black cock and I sucked and sucked him till he begged me to stop…..OOOOHHHHH SHIT DAMN FUCK he said as I finished cleaning his balls out and licking his limp dick…..Gotta have me some of that shit Mike said and he watched his buddy reeling from the pleasure….

Mike was still poking my pink asshole with his fingers as Jerry got up and went to the bathroom. He ordered me to turn around on the foot of the bed while he stood up and popped his cock in my mouth as my head hung slightly off the bed.Suck my dick now he said as he drove it in and out my mouth ,Mikes dick was about a good 7 inches and was not too fat and some sweet tasting canlı casino black rod, He pulled out my mouth a few times and forced his nuts on my mouth ,Yeah get them balls too he said ah yeah suck it good…..I reached back and started fingering my asshole as I blew him….You like that ass fingered huh he said…Yeah I would love to have your dick in it too I said to him….Oh you do that too he asked….Hell yeah I’ll get that asshole if you want he said. ……Roll over get that ass up here he said getting the baby oil ….I reared my ass up in the air at the foot of the bed as he poured some of the oil on my asshole…I was hot anticipating the ass fucking he was about to give me…..Jerry came out the bathroom as Mike looked to him and announced he was about to get my ass…..Gonna go up his asshole Jerry he said…..Hell yeah fuck that white ass Jerry said I’am gonna go shower up and Jerry went back in the bathroom….

I felt Mike getting into position behind me directing me with his hands on my ass…Yeah there you go stick it up in the air a lil bit ok thats good right there here it comes ….I felt his cock pointing into my asshole and and some pressure and a lil pop sound from the oil as he penetrated my asshole ……..OH SHIT i said out loud as he continued to snake my butt farther with his dick….Oh Yeah that ass fells good he said as he stroked me in and out slow and then faster bucking his black fat ass against mine all of his 7 inches bucking in and out of my oiled asshole as he was slamming it to me….Yeah you like that black dick huh ? he said….Yeah give to to me baby I said Tear that white ass up !!!! He was doing a good lil number on my butt I soon Had to blow my load as I could not take it any longer, I jerked my own cock off and blew a few heavy streams of cum onto the bed….Oh fuck my ass good I told him….AH AH AH AH YEAH YOU BOUT got me ready to cum to he announced ah shit !!!!! he said he pulled out and shot his seed all over my asshole and I felt his warm juice hit my ass and balls….AHHHHHHfuck Mike said……whew damn sitting back in one of the chairs he was spent also…..

Jerry soon exited the bathroom and was smiling at Mike sitting there all spent out…I soon managed to get to the bathroom wipe off a lil bit and got dressed and got my stuff and was ready to leave…I told them thanks and if they wanted me again while they were in town to call me and I would be glad to be their lil white slut again……Mike went to the bathroom and Jerry seen me out the door….Jerry called me a week later and said Mike had went back to another job and he was interested in getting with me again and wanted to try out my ass like Mike did so we met another time at the same hotel……..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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