Black wife submis

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Black wife submis
Mike was talking to his gorgeous wife,Mandy and Natalie,the curvy 18 yr old girl from his wife’s office in the kitchen of their home.nat spent the weekend with them regularly to keep his daughter,3 years her junior,company.lisa didn’t need a sitter of course but the girls had developed a good friendship.only tonight lisa had cancelled her visit because a school friend was having a birthday party,she’d come tomorrow though
” right Nat,lisa isn’t here so you can come for a drink with us”
” I’d like that mike ,but I’ve brought no suitable clothes”
mandy stepped in” I’ve got lots of things that would fit you, although the tops might be a bit tight” Mandy and her handsome husband laughed, while the pretty younger girl blushed
” it’ll be a change from those baggy tops you normally wear” Mike said with a laugh, looking straight at the blushing teenagers big 38dd tits
he reached into his pocket and pulled out an envelope and tipped a small pile of white powder,quickly chopped it up and formed 3 fat lines
” have had this before Nat?
the curvy teen nodded.” Go on then girls, get snorting!
the beautiful black wife bent over her large tits almost spilling out of her blouse.mike saw Natalie staring at them, licking her lips quickly.they chatted on as the powerful d**g hit,Natalie had indeed had it before,and had enjoyed the confidence it gave her but this was far,far stronger,she felt the euphoria washing over her
they were interrupted illegal bahis siteleri by the phone,as mike answered it he told the two women” go and get changed and we’ll make a move.wear something nice for me darling, and the same for our guest”
mandy knew it was his code for short and low cut,not seethrough on this occasion,but daring
nats mother joy was on the phone and mike stopped the women
” hello joy,the ladies were just going to change,lisa isn’t here nats coming with us,she’s borrowing some of Mandy’s clothes,I’ll put it on speaker so my girls can talk too”
” thanks mike, hi Hattie, love you, and you of course mandy. Mandy when you dress my daughter for God’s sake put her in something a bit daring,she’s got a body to die for and wears those awful shapeless clothes” “ stop it Mum , her embarrassed daughter cried. They all laughed at her obvious discomfort.mean while mike had had the envelope out again
while Nat was distracted sniffing hers he’d signaled Mandy to open another button on her blouse
” right joy, the girls are going to get ready” he said,picking up the receiver stopping the speaker
” have they gone mike” mike confirmed it
” I need to apologise for last weekend at your party, I shouldn’t have kissed and certainly not said what I did”
” well ,we both thought the kiss was sexy,but remind me what you said”
“ I said I wanted to play with her boobs, I’m sorry”
” don’t be,but tell me what you really said,no tipobet güvenilir mi more fucking about,” he said forcefully
”that I’d like to slap her big black tits and bite her big nipples til she cried”
” that’s more like it,and dou you know? If it wasn’t for Natalie I would have asked you to comeback the next day to join us, as long as I’d got to use you too” mike had the feeling that while joy was obviously very dominant with women, obvious just by the way she spoke and seemed to control certain females,including his own daughter, that she was submissive with him. He’d seen him talking to lisa by the side of the house, he was in the rear bedroom with his own mother, he was watching her put on the new bra a good friend had made for was very tight and the inside was lined with hundreds of small nylon spikes the holes for the nipples was surrounded by the same thing which kept the nipples engorged which in turn made the spikes bite harder. You’ll love this Mum he said,kissing her full lips.he reached behind himself for the knickers,he bent down and put them on her pulling them up tight.she let out a moan as the inch high ridge separated her cunt lips and the spikes did their work. That’s when he heard joy and his daughter
” thankyou for showing Natalie all that stuff of youdad and Mandy, as a reward do you want to stay at our house tonight so you and Nat can play properly, don’t be shy darling girl, perabet Nat told me you said you loved her and that you love what she does with you, now hurry with you’re answer”
yes, I do to both” the young girl whispered. Joy ,the bbw mum smiled looking at lisa, taking in the big tits and lovely firm bubble butt of the teenager” ok darling,another thing Nat tells me is that since your mum split with that gorgeous dad of yours she can’t find the right man and that you’ve seen her wanking while hitting herself with a wooden spoon , her thighs and tits, is that true?” Joy bent down an kissed the girl
”yes, it’s true, I recorded it on my phone last night!”
Joy nearly came” oh you naughty little slut, you can show me later and I need to become friends with your mum,won’t that be fun , now let’s sort you out”
she reached for the girls blouse unbuttoning two buttons “ let’s show these beauties off “ she the rolled the waistband of her skirt over twice” and those thighs. , now go and find Natalie and tell her your coming home with us, I’m going to say goodbye to your stepmun and your lovely dad
mike smiles his massive cock hard, he’d known the girls had been spying ,indeed they’d only seen what he’d wanted them to
loks like the three of us have the house tonight, phone dad and tell him your staying here
he left the room and down the stairs,that’s when he saw joy with his wife,and Natalie looking on from the doorway
he related everything to joy
” I don’t know what to say,youmust hate me.but I didn’t touch her,just let them have some space to explore”
” I don’t hate you, I would rather she learnt off somebody I can trust, we will talk soon, I’m now taking your daughter out,just think about that” he put the phone down

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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