Briefs Buddy Part 6

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Briefs Buddy Part 6
He was an expert cocksucker, and enthusiastic too. He began by letting his tongue trace the edge of Steve’s big cockhead, concentrating on the area round the retracted foreskin and making little darting movements with his tongue which made Steve squirm with pleasure. Then he moved down the whole length of the dick, keeping his teeth out of the way and making maximum use of his lips, tongue and throat to add to his mate’s delight. Steve had ten inches, thick too, but Dave took the whole lot without gagging. Each time Dave touched another pleasure spot, Steve would grunt or whisper, in a horny, hoarse voice “Suck my dick, mate – suck it right there.”

For Dave, as he reached the base of Steve’s cock, there was an extra bonus. His face came right up against Steve’s hot Jockeys and their sweet load of precum. For the last half hour, before getting onto the bed, both lads had been leaking precum into their briefs like waiters drizzling oil on a salad. Dave now got the benefit, and he loved it. He was pleased that his mate was willing to be sucked off, and to fuck, whilst wearing his briefs – not everyone would do that.

Gradually the cocksucking turned into a face fucking, as Steve’s excitement mounted. Dave was happy as he loved the feel of Steve’s cock down his throat, and he got a face full of briefs with every thrust. His own dick responded, leaching even more precum into his thong and tenting it till the waistband was stretched to breaking point.

But it was arse fucking the lads were really wanting. After several minutes and with great self control , Steve took his dick out of Dave’s mouth, lifted Dave’s legs over his shoulders and reached for a tube of lube next to the bed. Pushing the strap of Dave’s thong out of the way, he smeared a pile of lube around Dave’s arse hole and then worked a finger up the arse. Dave was so well used to this he didn’t flinch, but welcomed in the finger and the cool lube.

“That’s right, mate – put it casino oyna right there.” he whispered.

Steve now slapped some lube on his dick and eased it to the entry hole, then gradually past it and up, ever so slowly and tenderly into a welcoming arse, Dave all the time making little grunting sounds of content.

“Fuck me, Steve” he said loud and clear this time, “fuck me hard.” Steve needed no encouragement and soon was grinding away like a piston in a cylinder, getting faster and breathing more heavily with every thrust. The lads kissed passionately as they moved towards their climax. Each time Steve’s big cock entered him, Dave felt a surge of pleasure as the hot rod massaged his prostate, finding his g spot every time. Steve in turn was getting incredible thrills from his cock as it found its way up his mate’s arse, every inch of his massive member feeling hot with arousal. Each lad could feel the cum mounting up and soon Dave said “I’m getting close now, mate.” Straightaway he seized Matt’s briefs and clamped them to his face, hyperventilating from the feel of the briefs and their rich man smells. Dave’s cock had by now escaped from the thong and about two inches were sticking up above the waistband. As he breathed deep on the briefs, and without any help from his hands, he suddenly cried out “I’m fucking cumming” and the spunk flew out of his cock, the first spurt hitting his forehead, the second and third his chest and the rest pooling on his stomach.

Now it was Steve’s turn. As Dave’s cock let fly it’s man juice, his sphincter clamped even more tightly around Steve’s tool and this was enough. Steve lost all control of events as his cock took over. His bollocks were boiling with their two days’ load and he pushed ever harder into his mate’ arse, every thrust firing up his cock to greater heights of ecstasy. With a yell of “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck” he shot his spunk up Dave’s man hole, thrust after thrust, thick wad after thick wad, till all was canlı casino siteleri spent and gradually he started to wind down like a machine slowly coming to rest.

Still inside Dave – they both loved to keep their cocks up one another for a few moments after climaxing – he bent forward and kissed his friend on the lips. “Thanks, mate” he whispered. Dave said nothing but gave him the biggest grin.

Steve withdrew slowly and the two lads lay together on the bed. One of our best ever, they both agreed, as they savoured a few euphoric moments.

Dave had decided he’d use Matt’s briefs to clean the spunk off him, so that tomorrow he could show Matt clear proof of their potency. He picked them off the pillow but before he could start wiping up his jizz, Steve playfully snatched them out of his hand and put them to his nose.

“Mmm” he said, “Young Lad Vintage 2017. I’m getting hints of crotch sweat, a few piss notes, strong precum flavours and a touch of arse. A cheeky little number, promising well for the future. Goes well with meaty cock”

“Shut up, you stupid bugger” laughed Dave as he seized back the Calvins and started to mop up. “Never knew you were into wine. Still, you could add cum smells to the list now.”

“One whiff of those briefs and you shot your biggest load yet. Thought I’d have to wash the wall down!”

“Who needs poppers if they’ve got Matt’s briefs up their nose?”

“I’ll think about that one” chuckled Steve. Dave had always hoped he might tempt Steve further along his journey into briefs, but the best he could say so far was that it was work in progress.

“Cop a look at that” Steve suddenly said. His attention was now on the porn vid, which had been rolling on unobserved by the lads most of the time and was now reaching the end of the second and last long scene. A group of London Cum Pigs were standing round one of their mates and unloading their wads onto him. He seemed happy enough – he also had a big cock up his arse canlı bahis and was wanking himself like there was no tomorrow. In the background, they could hear the sound of the leather sling creaking on its chains as another Cum Pig was having the arse fucked off him and was trying to keep his mouth round a big cock at the same time.

“Have you ever wondered?” Steve asked, as the cum flew across the screen. “If all the spunk produced by all the men there’ve ever been was put together would there be enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool?”

“Silly arse” said Dave with a broad grin. He could never understand where Steve would be coming from next. It was one of his most endearing traits. “Are you including straight guys as well as gay? ”

“Yes – but man for man, a straight guy’s output must be a lot less. We’re always at it like fucking rabbits.”

They both agreed that the maths was too complicated for them but that if ever there was such a pool they’d like to have a swim in it. Meanwhile, the Cum Pigs had stopped cumming and the movie was over.

“Time for me to go” said Dave, giving his mate a quick kiss. “Sleep to catch up on, work to prepare for, Matt to prepare for……”

He went to the toilet and squelched Steve’s horny cum out of his arse. There was a lot of it, and cleaning up took a bit longer than usual. Back in the bedroom he put on Matt’s Calvins, enjoying the feel of his own fresh cum around his cock and balls, and then his jeans, t-shirt and trainers. Steve had by this time stripped off his Jockeys and he handed them over to Dave, who gave them a quick approving sniff and put them in his pocket. In return he gave Steve a clean pair of FTL y-fronts he’d brought back from the States, with strict instructions to get them ripe and raunchy for him.

“You look good in those Levis” Steve said. “You should wear them more often.”

“Thanks, mate. You look good in most things, especially my Jockeys” laughed Dave. “And you’re not so bad naked either” as he looked at his fuck buddy lying on the bed. Then a quick man hug, and he was off.

“Don’t forget – early introduction to Matt, please” were Steve’s parting words.

Dave got on his bike, put on its lights as it was now dark, and pedalled off home.

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