Business trip a true story

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Business trip a true story
This is a true story that happened on a business trip 25 yrs ago.  I am married with 2 k**s and very deep in the closet since I’ve been 15 when I found my love for cock and cum,  God only knows why I got married, but back then it was the thing to do. ,  I am not a big guy either in size or cock. 
I got a new job when I was in my late 30’s where I traveled for 2 weeks and home for a month.  It made me happy I was able to play and not worry about getting found out.  When I traveled I either hosted in my room if I traveled alone or traveled if I had co workers in my hotel.  I make sure that I stayed deep in the closet.
One trip I went to TX, and I was with co workers, so I could not host.  As soon as I arrived in my hotel room I changed my profile in all the gay web sites to as if I lived there.  That night I got a hit from Silverdaddies!  A divorced guy could host, and he was around 20 mins away.  I e-mailed him back for some pictures.  He sent me a face picture, very nice face 50 something, I sent him a picture of me and asked for a cock picture.  He responded are you sure you can handle it.
  Very funny I said and sent.  he then sent me a cock picture…  very nice cut cock with a edge shave cream can as comparison.  My mouth watered!
We arrange to meet in 2 days at around 6PM.  I called my wife before I left and told my co-workers I was staying in for the night.  The ride took 45 mins longer then I expected, but it was a straight run.  The road to the house was a long and straight as an arrow dirt dusty road, and his driveway was about 1/4 mile off the main road.  When I arrived at his house he met me at the door wearing a flowed shirt, no pants with his türkçe bahis cock standing hard as a rock just waiting for me.  I dropped to my knees and started to suck him and licking up and down his shaft and balls.
You like cock he said
love cock
do you like my cock
yes, can’t you tell
you like getting fucked too…right
a lot or alittle
A lot
then he told me to get up and he will fuck me so hard I wish we never met.  He brought me over to a room that had what looked like work horses with foam padding.  strip and bend over the horses.  I strip in 2 seconds, and bend over the horses and reached back and spread my ass cheeks.  He said are you ready to get royally fucked.  Yes fuck me!
He slowly walked his cock in and when he was balls deep said he we go.  I let out a moan, then he started.  At 1st it was slow and easy, he had me moaning like a bitch in heat. 
Do you like it he said
O yeah
do you want me to stop
Then he started to jack hammer my ass, I kept grunting and doing the old ah,ah, ah evey time he trusted forward.  After 20 fucking minutes, I came.  He laughed and said you came you slut.  Yes I said and when will you cum.
He said he could go for an hour fucking me before he cums……OMG I was in trouble.  He kept changing speeds on my ass, and felt his sweat dripping on me, then the burning in my ass.  And then it happened I came again.  My legs were getting week and I begged him to come.  he said in a minute, then threw me off the horse and said open your fucking mouth.  I opened wide and stuck my tongue out.  He JO  a gallon of cum into my mouth and face.  I was exhausted.
I took a shower at his place, then he said why don’t I rest on the bed.  I was exhausted güvenilir bahis siteleri from his fucking that I layed on the bed.  Ay about 2 AM, I woke not realizing I fell asleep, with is cock up my ass and he was snoring.  I got dressed and went back to hotel room.  The next day working with co-workers no one knew.  A few days later, my TR (texas ranger) sent me an e-mail…..ready for another go around. 
sure what day?
how about Thursday
Sure (Friday I had a late flight out)
Good can I introduce you to a friend, we want to split roast you.
do you have a picture of your friend.
Yes …..and he sents me this picture of a big fat black guy with a unnatural large cock.  more like a water bottle but wider
I hesitate answering him.
well he says yes or no
I respond yes.  then think what am I doing.
We arrange to meet at 6PM, now this is where I become a debauched slut.  When I get onto the long dirt road, I stop the car and stip naked, no cars are on the road so no one will see me.  When I get to the house, I pull up and honk the horn.  TR comes up with a short silk robe with his cock swaying below it.  He walk up to the car and looks in and says I like.  He tells me to get out of the car, and he opens the back door for a little privacy.   I drop to my knees sucking his cock and moaning as I do it.  You are the biggest cock hound I have ever had he says oh and by the way BBC will be late.  I just say ok and go back to slobbering over his cock.  OK enough of sucking, get your ass over here, bend over into the car.  My feet are suspended off the ground with my torso through the drivers window.  As I am getting my ass royally pounded as BBC shows up.  He looks in through the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri passenger window and says hi pussyboy.  In between the grunts and the ah ah ah ah…I say hi.  TR swing the driver door open and tell BBC to sit in the drivers seat, which he does and wipes his cock out.  TR shuts the door putting me face to face with a monster cock.  I suck the best I could but I can’t get my mouth around it.  BBC tells me I doing good, and better then his old lady.  TR is at my ass pounding me,,, I cum all over the door.  TR announces that I came and BBC looks at me and says wait till I get your ass, you won’t be able to sit for a week.   TR sends another 10 mins fucking may ass and BBC tell me he is going to destroy me.  Next TR says to BBC your turn…. I was shaking.  BBC gets behind me and I hear his coveralls drop, then I fell this intense pain, then I scream like a fucking girl.  TR and BBC are telling me I’m a slut, a fagot, 2 cent whore and before their finished with me I’ll never want pussy.  I then came again, and could barely take any more.  BBC was driving into me so hard I think we dented the door.  Finally BBC says he can’t hold on much longer, TR says hold on I’ll get ready too.  I beg BBC not to cum in my ass.  He says to me…never tell BBC where he can’t cum, if I want to cum in you I will.  With that he pulls out and throws to the ground.  TR stands over me and says open wide.  I open my mouth and stick out my tongue.  TR and BBC both are JO next to my mouth.  Then it happens 2 loads at the same time….it was like Niagria falls of cum.  After they finished I cleaned them up,  BBC thanked me and said mind your ass it will hurt for at least a week.  I took a shower got dressed and left, TR asked me to stay but I didn’t want to fall asleep with a cock up my ass.
BBC was correct, my ass did hurt, even my wife asked if I had a problem because I sat funny and walked like I had something stuck up my ass. 
Sorry its long but it is true

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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