Cait’s new thing

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Cait’s new thing
Cait texted a couple of days later; ‘On our way home. Missed you!’ and I wrote ‘Missed you too!’
‘We can pick you up?’
‘Great! 2 hours or so.’

So I took a shower and packed my bag and mom was still in bed so I knocked on her door and opened it and said “Mom” and she said “Hmm?” and sat up and squinted at the light from the hallway and I said “Cait’s picking me up” and she said “Oh ok” and rubbed her eyes. “Want me to cook breakfast before you go?” and I said “It’s late mom, I already had some” and she said “Oh ok” again and she put her feet on the floor and covered herself with the comforter and when she did one of her dildos fell from the bed and I pretended not to notice and she did too and I said “Bye” and she said “Bye, honey”.

I got in the back of their car with Cait but it was only her dad driving and Cait said “We had to drop mom off at work” and her dad said “I have to go too but I’ll take you two home first” and I said “Cool”.

And at their place Cait dropped her bags in the living room and I did the same and then she said “I soooo need a shower right now” so I followed her to the bathroom and as she undressed I asked her how it had been and she said “Boring most of the time. Dad was in meetings and lectures mostly and mom was on the phone a lot” and I jumped up on the vanity and said “Sucks” and she said “Yeah” and then she said “I met a boy though” and she might as well have punched me in the face. Or the heart. And that was really stupid and I had no right but I couldn’t help it and I pictured this boy with his hands all over her naked body and i guess it was like a ‘wave of jealousy’ but this was more like a giant tsunami like in that movie with the meteor and I could feel that annoying itch behind the nose that means you’re about to cry and that was really really stupid.
And she could see it I guess because she laughed a little and said “Don’t worry, babe, nothing happened” and I said “What? I wasn’t…” and she said “Yeah you were” and she came up to me and put her arms around me and said “You’re the only one for me” and then she kissed me and I said “You’re for me too” and she said “Pfft! As if” and for like half a second she looked almost angry but then she smiled and said “Join me” and I undressed too and we showered together.

And later we were in the living room and we hadn’t bothered to put clothes on and we would do that sometimes when we were home alone even when we were little, and I wanted her to tell me about that boy but at the same time I didn’t want her to tell me anything and so I didn’t ask her and we talked about school ending soon and what we could do this summer and we had both found summer jobs and I said “Why do you even bother? Your mom and dad are rich” and she said “So?” and I said “So, you don’t need the money” and she said “They’re canlı bahis şirketleri not rich” and I gestured with my hand like I was showing her the room and all the stuff they had and I said “Really?” and she said “Yeah well, if they are it’s because they’ve worked hard for it. And that’s what I’m going to do too. Like, what’s your plan? Marry someone rich?” and I said “That’s exactly my plan. I’m going to marry you” and she said “Aawww, did you just propose to me?” and she threw her arms around me and kissed my face over and over and said “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes” real theatrically like and then she said “We should practice our wedding night” and she grabbed my hand and I ran after her up the stairs to the second floor but then she kept going up to the third and into her parents’ bedroom and I said “In here??” and she said “Bigger bed” and their bedroom had always been off limits for us but she had told me she would sometimes sneak in there when they weren’t home and masturbate on their bed but as far as she knew I had never been there.
And she jumped on the bed and landed on her back and then she shouted “Owweee!” and she put her hand underneath her and pulled out whatever she had landed on and it was a key and she didn’t even look at it but just dropped it on the floor.
And then she laid back down and spread her legs and closed her eyes and said “Be gentle with me” and I crawled on top of her and I wasn’t gentle at all.

And when we finally stopped it was getting dark outside and I had my head on her breasts and she was stroking my hair and I said “So when will your mom and dad be home?” and she said “Any minute now I guess” and I sat up and said “For real?!” and she said “Yeah. Maybe they’re here already” and I said “Well don’t you think we should get out of here?” and she said “Yeah definitely” but she didn’t move and I jumped out of the bed and started straightening the covers but she was still on top of them and I pulled her off and she reluctantly got out of the way and then she said “We’re getting married, we have to tell them some day” and I said “Cait, please, it’s not funny any more” and the bed looked all right now on this side and Cait said “Fine” and took a step back and then she said “Ouch! What the fuck?” and she had stepped on something and it was they key again and she picked it up and I walked around to the other side of the bed and fixed that too and then Cait said “What. The. Fuck?!”

And I looked at her and she had used the key to open the door to her mom’s walk in closet and she was staring at the stuff in there.
And I had to pretend I had never seen it before and I said “Wow!” and then Cait stepped inside and picked up some of the things there and looked at it and then she picked up something else and looked at that and her mouth and her eyes were wide open canlı kaçak bahis and then she picked up a strap-on from one of the shelves and she turned to me and showed it to me and I just said “Wow” again and she said “So… who’s this for?” and I said “What do you mean?” and she said “Duh. This is a two women – toy. So mom and who?” and I said “I don’t know. Maybe your dad… you know…” and she gasped and her mouth dropped even more and she stared at it.
And I said “Cait, we have to go” but she couldn’t take her eyes off it and I was sure she had some crazy pictures in her head right now and I said “Cait, we have to go!” again.
So she shut the door and locked it and threw the key back on the bed and I said “You can’t take that” and she was still holding the strap-on and she said “Oh I’m taking it” and I said “They’ll know” and she said “They have a bunch of them in there” and I said “But…” and she said “Remember the one you had? You had to borrow it. And you said you couldn’t do that again. Now we have one” and I said “Cait…” and she said “I’m taking it. Get over it.”

We went downstairs and into the bathroom and we just put our panties and shirts on and before we went to Cait’s room she shouted down the stairs “Mom? Dad?” but no one answered so they weren’t home yet. And in Cait’s room she sat down on the bed and stared at the strap-on again and said “I figured they were into stuff but I thought they were a bit more… normal” and I said “Who?” and she said “Mom and dad” and I said “They’re not normal?” and she said “No. I mean, people have a vibrator and maybe handcuffs. That’s it. Mom and dad have a room full of stuff. Like, literally a room full”.
“So?” I said. “That’s just hot isn’t it?” and she said “I guess, but…”
And then she stood up from the bed and said “No, you know, you’re right. It is hot” and then she pulled her panties off and put the strap-on on and then she got down on her knees and pulled the box out from under her bed and opened it and took out a bottle of lube that she had bought for her vibrator and she opened it and put a lot of it in her hand and rubbed it on the strap-on and I just looked at her and when she was done she looked at me and said “Well?” and I said “What?” and she said “Take your clothes off” and I had like a huge flashback about her mom and then I said “Wow, you could say ‘please’ you know” but I took my clothes off of course.

And I sat there naked on the edge of the bed in front of her and she still had her shirt on and the rubber cock was sticking out from beneath it and looked almost real and then she said “Turn around” and so I did and I got up on the bed on my knees and I had to spread my legs a little so that my pussy was level with the cock she was wearing and she put more lube on her fingers and then she rubbed it on my asshole.
And bahis siteleri canlı I had put a finger up there many times and even some of the toys mom had and she had this one dildo that was for both holes at the same time and I had used that too but I had never done it with Cait and never done anything like this with anyone and Cait said “Can I?” and I said “Yes”.

So she put the tip of it to my asshole and pushed a little and all that lube helped and I tried to relax and let it in and it did but it hurt just a little at first when the head of it slid in and it kinda stung all around the opening and I said “Stop, wait” and she did and when it didn’t hurt anymore I said “Okay” and she pushed it in slowly and now it just felt good and she got it almost all the way in I think and she said “Oh wow” like she was really loving looking at it in my ass.

And she fucked my ass like that, grabbing my hips and I rubbed my clit while she did and it felt so good like she was a part of me in a way and Cait said “Do you like it?” and I said “Mhmm” and I turned around to look at Cait and she was just looking down at my ass and she was biting her lip and she was so into it and that was so hot and it made me come.

And then she asked me if I could do it to her and so we switched and she climbed up on the bed and I did too and stood on my knees behind her and when I put it in her she said “Ooohh” and fell down on the bed and I followed her so I was laying on top of her and then I just fucked her slowly and she was moaning so loud with her face in her pillow and I put my face next to hers and kissed her cheek and then after a while she wanted to turn around so I pulled it out of her and she turned around on her back and she grabbed under her knees and lifted her legs up and I put it back in her ass and we kissed as I fucked her and then I whispered into her ear “I want you to call me ‘Daddy’” and she giggled and kinda pushed me away but not really trying to push me away and she said “You perv” and I smiled and said “Please?” and I kept fucking her and then she said “Oh daddy” and “Fuck me daddy” and things like that but she was giggling and just being silly and I could tell she didn’t mean it but it was hot anyway.
And then she stopped saying it and stopped laughing and just closed her eyes and she rubbed herself and I had her legs on my shoulders and she rubbed herself faster and when she was about to come she covered her mouth with her hands and said “Ooh ffu-uck! Mee! Daah-aad!” into them and I didn’t think she was being silly now, and her body convulsed and she said “Nnngh! Nnngh! Nnngh!” and when it was over and I pulled it out of her I was a little too quick and she said “Ow ow ow” because her asshole had tightened around it when she came and I said “Sorry”, and I laid down beside her and looked at the strap-on sticking up from my pussy and I said “It’s not even that big, you need to practice more”.
And she turned on her side and grabbed it and pretended to jerk me off and it was still slippery and she said “Yes, daddy, let’s do it again” and she was being silly again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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