Camping with my step-daughter’s (Week One )

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Camping with my step-daughter’s (Week One )
I was enjoying the single life when l met Sylvia who had 2 daughter’s, Elisabeth and Stephanie, we often spent days together as Sylvia was a work acholic. I got on well with the girls, we were out one day having lunch when they asked if we could go away during the summer holidays and l remembered going camping a few times so l suggested we go camping the girls jumped at the idea, but Sylvia wasn’t keen so l proposed l would take them.
I now had to go out and buy a tent with accessories, when the day came for us to go away we packed the car on the Friday night, both girls were excited, it was question after question, what sort of tent, where were we going, was there a swimming pool, l informed them the site had all they wanted even a clubhouse and joked they wasn’t to get drunk. We left early Saturday morning, Steph slept most of the way while Beth and the sat-nav helped navigate to Somerset, she kept me awake by updating me on who was who in the music world even though l wasn’t interested.
We pulled into the campsite early afternoon put up the tent and went for something to eat after that it was find the nearest supermarket to get food and drink supplies along with games they could play while camping such as swing-ball and as a treat l told Beth and Steph they had a hundred pounds each to spend on clothes but they wasn’t to expect me to go around with them l would be waiting in the café, finely they appeared holding bags.
On the way back l got a run down on what they brought and who looked the best then was promised to a fashion show when all l wanted to do was sit with a large vodka and coke to recover from the drive. We got back to the tent they rushed into their bed compartment to try on the new clothes, l got a chair out and sat with that vodka and coke l promised myself their bed compartment door wasn’t closed properly, so l could see my step-daughter Beth’s naked body she had some hair covering her pussy and her tits looked bigger now she didn’t have a baggy top on, l should have turned away but my eyes were fixed, Beth turned and l could now see her tight firm bum, l couldn’t stop my cock from stiffening and found myself wondering if any boys had put a finger into her pussy or had she ever been fucked and if she hadn’t how tight would her pussy be, l was brought out of my thoughts by Steph bounding out of the compartment in shorts and T-shirt holding 2 more T-shirts and shorts announcing how she looked good then jump back into the bed compartment, Beth stepped out wearing a mini skirt, boob tube holding up another top with some sexy underwear. I didn’t realise teenagers could buy such revealing underwear but l liked it, Steph appeared in a bikini telling me she had brought 2 and which one did l like, l pointed at the one she was wearing due to the crutch was cutting between her pussy lips, l asked Beth if she got a bikini and a few minutes later was stood in front of me wearing a black bikini, the bottoms only just covered her pussy and the top were triangles attached to boot laces that only covered her nipples but she did look fucking hot, Beth declared that her mother wasn’t to find out they were wearing bikini’s she then showed me what Silvia had packed for them to wear when they go swimming l joked were they her nan’s swim suits which set us all off laughing.
They changed their clothes, Beth wore shorts that looked like she would be cut in half should she bend over, her top was a bikini top while Steph wore short skirt and vest they were outside playing swing-ball while l sat in front of the tent slowly and happily getting drunk, l couldn’t help noticing boys and men gawking at the girls when they passed by a few men even stopped to chat but then saw me, waved and carried on their way.
Before l got to drunk l thought we had better eat so went to the clubhouse then had a few drinks together, l made my excuse that l was tired due to the drive and gave the girls some cash and went back to the tent. Sitting watching the sun go down and listening to the radio was quite relaxing but then had to shut the tent door as mosquitos became attracted to the light, it was about 9.15pm when the door was unzipped and Steph stormed in and flopped herself down looking really peeved, ‘what is it’ l inquired, she then proceeded to tell me that Beth had stolen the boy she liked, l should have been more caring but instead said ‘that’s life’, Steph asked if she could have a drink, l thought she meant my coke so told her to help herself, after she had knock back 2 or 3 glasses l realised, she had been pouring herself my vodka and coke, Steph looked spaced out but at least it took her mind off Beth taking the boy she liked, l told her to go to bed. She began stripping in front of me, l could see blonde hairs around her pussy and a better look at Steph’s developing tits, l was loving the view. I hadn’t brought sleeping bags but quilts because l was more likely to reuse the quilts, l covered Steph and she went to sleep, it wasn’t till after 10pm Beth turned up telling me all about the boy and her evening, l showed interest then she went to bed. I finished my drink and turned in, l don’t know what time it was but Steph was calling me saying she felt ill so l went to see what the problem was she did look green in the face, Steph crawled from the bed compartment l got bahis firmaları the bucket for her to be sick into, Beth poked her head out looked at her sister and remarked ‘l told her not to guts her food’ then went back to bed not knowing it was the vodka and coke Steph had drunk. I took Steph to the showers to wash her down, l made sure between her legs was clean and her front then realised l forgot to take her clothes so she had to wear the T-shirt l was wearing because she had been sick over her nightie, when we got back to the tent Steph asked to sleep with me as she still didn’t feel well, so we crawled into my compartment and l threw the quilt over us. She had nothing on under my T-shirt and backed onto me then asked me to put my arm over her, my cock was pressed against her lower back every time she moved l became more aroused and started to gently press my cock against Steph’s warm body, l held her tight onto me and rubbed my cock up and down using her body to wank my cock, my balls tingled as l fucked Steph’s back faster then when my hot cum shot from the end of my cock l kept her tight against me as my creamy cum covered her back and held her tighter as more cum oozed from my cock it did feel so good, l wasn’t worried she might wake to realise her back and my T-shirt were now wet and sticky because Steph was out cold then before going to sleep l had a play with her tits which were more like bumps, l got one finger a little way into her pussy l didn’t want to push it too far then when l had enough l went to sleep.
In the morning l was tempted to use Steph again to wank my cock and cover her in more of my spunk but l heard Beth moving about so got up and made a coffee to sit watching Beth dress, she went for a wash which gave me time to get back into my bed compartment lay Steph onto her belly sandwich my cock between her bum cheeks next lower myself and rub myself up and down till l shot a full sticky cum load over her bum and lower back, l rubbed my cum into her skin like sun cream then got up and finished my coffee. When Beth returned, we talked about what we might do that day and decided the beach as it wasn’t far. After l had been for a shower l woke Steph and she had a massive hangover and stayed in the tent while me and Beth went for breakfast the café did picnic’s so l got one to take to the beach. Steph still looked rough but managed to make it to the beach and after putting on her bikini she flaked out on her towel, me and Beth went into the water to throw a ball to one another which turned into a splashing fight, when l held her against me l could feel her tits or she would jump onto me wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist, l had her hot pussy pressed against my belly so l would hold her onto me and fall into the water, Beth’s bikini bottoms were so skimpy at the crutch l got a really good feel of her pussy when l picked her up to throw in to the water. We stopped to eat and l opened a bottle of wine l told the girls to help themselves, Steph decided against having a drink but Beth held out her cup and knocked it back, Steph after eating some food began drinking the wine. After a while the wine began to affect us all, Beth wanted to pee, l told her to go into the sea but she refused, Steph looked after our belongings while Beth and l went to find a quiet spot for her to pee we found some rocks but Beth had trouble squatting due to being slightly merry, she slipped her bikini bottoms off and l held her under the arms while she peed then it was my turn to pee and l teased she could now hold me, Beth laughed and asked where did l want holding, l got my cock out and pointed she nervously held my cock as if it was going too bite her, as l began peeing she kept repeating ‘oh my god, oh my god’, l finished and took my cock back to shake then put it into my shorts, on the way back Beth was telling me how my cock felt warm soft and rubbery, l bragged that she should see me when lm horny.
We stay on the beach and the girls went into the sea for a while when they came back Beth sat over me and didn’t realise when she moved her pussy it was rubbing against my cock which got me hard, Beth blurted out was l getting horny, Steph wanted to know what she was talking about, Beth slid herself down my legs and pointed at the large bulge in my shorts which caused Steph to laugh, l was wishing one of them would say l could fuck them but they didn’t, we left the beach and the girls went back to the tent and l went to the clubhouse to get a take away for us. I got back to the tent Beth and Steph were drinking the cider we got from the supermarket, after eating l had to lay down while my 2 drunk step-daughters played badminton which didn’t last long due to them being unable to hit the shuttlecock they came back into the tent and climbed into my bed compartment, Steph sat over me and started sliding herself back and forth as Beth sat beside us telling her sister to go faster if she wanted to get me horny, Steph lifted herself and was slightly disappointed l wasn’t horny as Beth put it, so l told her to remove her knickers which she did, l slid my shorts down to my knees so l could feel her bare pussy against my cock which was now between her soft pussy lips, Steph began sliding herself back and forth on my shaft. She was happier that my cock began to increase kaçak iddaa greatly, l began to make soft low moans, ‘it’s that good’ asked Steph, l just grunted a ‘yes’s’, as she slid herself faster, Beth was encouraging her sister at the same time asking her what did it feel like before Steph could answer l held her hips and shot my cum which seemed to go everywhere onto my belly over Steph’s inner thighs and between her pussy lips, she let out ‘err’, Beth informed her sister that she had my spunk on her. I released my hold my hands fell to my side Steph began playing with the cum on her inner thighs by sliding a finger in a circular motion then slowly lifting her finger curious at how my cum was sticking to her finger, Beth placed her whole hand onto my belly announcing ‘it’s warm and sticky’ then wiped her hand on Steph’s leg, Steph kissed me then said she liked it, it was nice, Beth confessed she had wanked a boy but when he began shooting his spunk she let go of his cock, l asked if she had ever gone all the way, Steph declared that she would if the boy wore a condom, l joked l’ll get some from the clubhouse toilets, Beth told her sister that she hasn’t even had a boys finger in her pussy Steph replied nor had Beth before it broke out into an argument l said we should shower to get ready if we are going to the clubhouse. We used the family bathroom, l had my 2 step-daughter’s washing me then it was my turn, l also tried to fuck Beth with her bent over but she said it was hurting, Steph wanted me to try fucking her but l realised lm going to need gel if l was going to fuck them and l might as well buy some condoms as it might help with sliding my cock into their pussy’s.
The clubhouse was quite busy but we found a table and the boy who the girls were arguing about came over to ask Beth if she wanted to sit with him, l could see Steph didn’t want the boy sitting with us so Beth and the lad sat elsewhere. The boy’s mother came over and began flirting with me, l got the feeling Steph didn’t like her by the way she stared at the woman, Steph then said she didn’t feel well and could l take her back to the tent as we left the clubhouse she asked if l got the condoms, so l nipped to the toilet to get a pack.
In the tent we began kissing and undressing before climbing into my bed compartment, l had Steph on her back licking and sucking her pussy l was surprised how excited she got even wriggling herself on my tongue, next l was sucking her small tits then rolled her onto her belly and got her onto all fours because l thought doggy style would open up Steph’s pussy wider. I should have taken my time discovering her soft warm firm body but at that time l wanted my hard shaft wedged deep in Steph’s virgin pussy, l rolled a condom down my shaft not having any gel l had to take it easy to begin with by slowly pushing the head of my cock into her pussy, her lips unfolded over my shaft until the head of my cock had disappeared the deeper l slid into her the more l felt her tight inner muscles rippling over my cock, l was almost fully inside her when Steph let out ‘aww’, so l stopped and told her to relax before l carried on getting my cock fully inside her. Taking hold of her smooth hips l eased my cock halfway out then in again and asked if she was alright ‘hmm, hmm’ she replied, l began my fucking of Steph working my cock in and out getting faster. I knew l wasn’t going to last long unlike when lm fucking her mother and held Steph onto my cock and shot a very full load of spunk into her but it was stopped from flooding her inside by the condom covering my cock when the last of my spunk filled the condom l knew l had to flood Steph’s inside the next time l fucked her. We fell in a heap, l slid my cock from her oh so tight pussy knelt up and took the spunk filled condom off my cock then tied a knot and showed her how much cum would have filled her inside ‘oh god, all that’ she declared, l put the condom to one side and we lay together kissing, it wasn’t long before my cock was itching to get back inside Steph’s pussy but this time l wasn’t going to show her all the spunk in the condom after because it was going to be washing about inside her. This time l kept Steph on her back and raised her legs high then before getting between them l unrolled a condom down my shaft, when l lowered myself between her legs l pulled the condom off my cock and eased my shaft into her now stretched hole the head of my cock parted her pussy lips l didn’t stop too asked if she was alright she got the full length deep in her hole, we kissed and then l fucked that young pussy hard and very fast it was even better the second time as l knew this time when l shot my sticky load deep inside Steph she was going to feel what it was like to get a thick shipment of my creamy cum swamping her womb. My cock was the first to feel her inner pussy and now she was going to get her first ever load of spunk shot inside her and it was my hot sticky cum that was going to be the first to fill the depths of her hole. Giving a deep thrust of my cock into Steph’s pussy caused her to yelp, l held myself on top of her and groaned just before l deposited my hot load, she straight away declared it felt different than the last time, smiling l asked if it felt better, Steph pondered for a moment then replied ‘hmm yeah’, so l told her it was because kaçak bahis l didn’t wear a condom and she now had my spunk washing about inside her, l was expecting her to ask about getting pregnant but instead said she really liked it then my spunk began dribbling from her pussy, l gave her some tissues to wipe herself, once she cleaned up she lay down to sleep, l hadn’t realised the time and Beth wasn’t back from the clubhouse so l stayed up while Steph slept.
I could hear the music from the clubhouse so poured myself a drink and sat waiting, l must have drifted off to sleep but quickly woke when l heard Beth trip over a guide rope then start swearing, she was having trouble opening the zip on the door which she then fell through. I helped her into a chair, she proudly announced that the boy tried to get her drunk so they would have sex but she wouldn’t so he dumped her then from my bed compartment Steph’s head appeared telling Beth that we had fucked and produced the spunk filled condom then added how l put more of my spunk inside her and it was really good. I told Steph to go back to sleep then helped Beth undress and get into the long night shirt she was going to wear to bed, Steph’s head appeared again asking if l was going to now fuck Beth, l joked that l’ll fuck her tomorrow then put Beth into bed had a quick feel of her pussy just to make sure there wasn’t any cum running from her as l wanted my cock to be the first and my spunk the first load she gets flooding her inside, l got back into bed with Steph who was now out cold so l turned her onto her back and fucked her while she was asleep so she now had 2 full loads of my spunk flooding her womb.
It was 2 days later before l got to fuck Beth but Steph was allowing me to fuck her whenever l wanted and she gave up the stupid idea of me wearing a condom. We were all at the pool when the boy who wanted to fuck Beth was there, she started flirting with any boy that paid her attention and also drinking more than she should have done, l had enough by the pool and went back to the tent leaving Beth in the hands of her younger sister Steph. I lay on a blow-up bed by the side of the tent having a lovely erotic dream when the woman from the clubhouse appeared and sat next to me, we chatted and l offered her a drink she was really coming onto me making innuendoes placing a hand onto my leg in the end l had to agree that l would go to the clubhouse that evening for a drink, it was only then she went. I went back to my dream and was woken by Beth straddling me asking if l was horny because l was hard, Steph told Beth to let me fuck her because it really feels good, l raised my hips so my hard cock pressed against Beth’s pussy and teased her by telling Steph that Beth was scared, Beth retorted she wasn’t and stood over me, her pussy did look good from where l was, she then said ‘let’s go’ and went into the tent then into my bed compartment laydown and slipped out of her bikini to lay naked waiting for me.
I went into the tent stripped and climbed into the compartment to lower myself on top of Beth while her sister Steph was sat beside us telling Beth it was better without a condom but she wanted me to use one so l unrolled a condom over my cock got between Beth’s legs and raised them then pulled the condom off and slid the head of my cock between her pussy lips to eased my hard shaft into Beth’s hole, she was nervous the deeper l buried my cock inside her, Beth’s inner muscles gripped my cock so tight even when she had my whole shaft in her. I began to slowly fuck Beth, she told Steph it feels alright so l started to fuck her faster, ‘oh yes’s that’s better’ she let out. We kissed then l told her sister Steph to kiss Beth, she looked at Beth then their lips met when they separated Beth told Steph she didn’t kiss properly and informed Steph to open her mouth and use her tongue they tried another kiss after the kiss Beth said it was better so l told the girls to kiss again and Beth was to put a finger into Steph’s pussy, it was no good watching them kiss and finger fuck as l fucked Beth got far too much for me, l thrusted my cock into Beth’s tight pussy hole and just let my hot sticky cum go, it felt like her inside was sucking my spunk from my balls they were completely drain by the time the last couple of spunk drops dripped inside Beth. When my cock slid from her very full cum filled womb she gave me a strange look and realised l had filled her inside with my sticky cream spunk and simply said ‘you didn’t use a condom’, before l could answer, Steph piped up telling Beth ‘it feels better’ and that was all that was said, l kissed Beth then Steph and rolled onto my back. Steph gave Beth some tissues to wipe my spunk that was now trickling from between her pussy lips, l lay with their heads resting on my arm neither one had yet sucked my cock so l took the opportunity to ask who wanted to suck my cock, Steph being the one to try anything had her lips around my shaft, she only removed my cock to say it tasted funny, her sucking wasn’t perfect but it was doing the job, l thought she might have stopped when my pre-cum dribbled from the head but Steph was happy to swallow it all even the small amount of cum that l shot. We stay in the compartment till early evening and that night once l told the girls about the woman wanting a drink with me, they were happy for us all to have a shower for more fun then have a take away and spend the evening getting drunk. That was my first week of camping with my step-daughters we had another 6 days to go before going home.
I will continue later……

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