Caught in the act Pt. 1

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Caught in the act Pt. 1
OK, I have to admit it, I am a porn addict. I simply adore pornography, every kind, every flavor, every color, every sexual orientation. From the days of Playboy and Hustler to the present internet age, I have been enjoying getting my cock out and jerking off to porn. I love it. Every chance I get I get on the computer and search for new pictures and videos. Most of the time I hunt for women, however recently I have been enjoying some men and boys. I get my cock out and jerk away.

My wife does not know of my addiction, she thinks I am her knight in shining armor, pure and chaste. If she only knew. A few years back I purchased a pen camera and started making hidden videos of us having sex. Nothing too exciting for the outside observer, but it sure turns me on to watch her naked body getting fucked by me. We have two c***dren together, both are grown and married, neither ever suspected that I have my little passion for porn, we also have living with us my step-brother’s daughter Melissa, she is a shy 19-year old girl, still living at home with us. She has lived with us for years and even calls me “daddy” ever since her father and mother died in a car accident when she was young. I have kept my porn very private and hidden……..until last week.

Everything changed last week and my life will never be the same again. It all began when my wife, Alice, went out of town on a business trip. Gone for two weeks, I was in 7th heaven, able to jerk off to my heart’s content whenever Melissa was at work or every night when she went to bed and I was alone to play with myself.

I had driven Alice to the airport in the afternoon and returned home to find all was quiet. Melissa was at work and bahis siteleri canlı I had the house to myself. I started to get an erection just thinking about the fun I was going to have. I locked the doors and set the alarm so that I would know when Melissa returned from work and quickly undressed. I threw on my bathrobe and with my erect cock in hand I climbed the stairs to the office. I began to surf the web for my latest fantasy, homemade amateur porn. I was enjoying my search when I heard the alarm go off telling me that Melissa was home. Quickly I covered up and closed my porn sites and opened up a news site to make it look like I was reading the latest news.

“Daddy, you here?” came Melissa’s call.

“Yeah, sweetie, I am up in the office”.

I heard her climb the stairs and then saw her bright smiling face at the office door. “Hi sweetie, how was work?” I asked. She responded with a shrug of her shoulders and a sideways nod of her head. So cute. Melissa is a shy girl, always has been. She is as cute as a bug’s ear and really does have a nice figure, even though she thinks she is fat, I have to disagree, I think she is a doll. Skinny “twiggy” girls are not my cup of tea, I prefer women who have some curves and Melissa definitely would turn my head if I were still that age.

“Did you eat yet?” I asked

“Yeah, I had caught something before coming home. I am really beat, I am going to shower and climb into bed. Do you need anything?” she asked.

“No, I am fine. You go ahead and I will see you in the morning” I replied.

I heard her start the water running for her shower and heard her close the bathroom door. I then went down stairs and fixed myself a quick bite to eat. Not really very hungry but needed canlı casino siteleri to kill some time. About an hour later Melissa had gone to bed and the house was quiet, I went back to the office and sat at my desk and started to play. My desk faces the door so the computer screen is not seen by someone walking into the room. It was feeling soooo good. Erection was huge, just kept edging (on the edge of ejaculating but holding off to make it last), it was awesome. I knew that Melissa had gone to bed, I could hear her deep breathing in the next room, I felt confident to get naked to enhance the enjoyment of stroking my hard cock so I took my bath robe off and laid it on a chair across the room and enjoyed the feeling of being naked.

I was really getting into it, stroking away watching one of the videos that I made of Alice and I making love, it was feeling so good, I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the moment, but then I heard a gasp from the doorway, there stood Melissa her eyes bulging from her sockets, mouth open as she gasped “daddy, what are you doing?”

I froze, not knowing what to say as I gazed at her and she stared at my hard cock. What could I say? I had been caught and was completely tongue tied. I stared at her and she stared at my cock. I had no clothes on, my bathrobe was across the room d****d across a chair, it would have been pointless to try to cover my cock up so she could not see it. She stepped into the room and gazed upon my naked body.

“Well, she said, what are you doing?” she then saw the computer screen and saw that I was watching a video of her mother with her legs spread wide as I stuck my cock deep in her pussy. “is… that you and mom”? she asked.
“Umm, Yes, it is” was all casino oyna I could say.

“Does she know you video taped her like that?” she asked.

“No, I am afraid she does not know, at least not yet, unless you tell her”.

She then turned her gaze again on my hard cock and naked body and said…

“Why are you naked, playing with yourself and watching that movie? why?”

“Well, Melissa, a man needs to be sexually satisfied on a regular basis, and since your mother is out of town I felt the need to do this”, I lied. I knew I was dead-meat because when Alice got back Melissa would tell her all about what she saw and what I was doing. But then, to my utter amazement Melissa said “tell me more, I have never been with a boy and… actually never seen what a real….cock….looks like, till now, please tell me more.” She looked at me and with her beautiful blue eyes and gazed again at my cock.

Now it was my turn to let my jaw hit the floor. I never dreamed that she would react this way. I mean, here I was, stark naked, huge erection in my hand and my 19 year-old “daughter” is asking me for a sex education discussion. I again was speechless.

“Please daddy, I want to learn, mom has never really talked to me about it other than to say ‘it is a beautiful thing that happens naturally between a man and wife, you will find pleasure in exploring it when you get married, don’t worry about such things now dear’. But daddy, I have these feelings inside me, I want to touch myself and when I do it feels so good, yet I feel bad about myself when I do it. I have wanted to talk to someone but was embarrassed to do so. Please help me understand”

What could I say to such a request except “sure Melissa, I’ll be glad to explain everything to you, but you must promise, on your word of honor, that you will never tell your mother about what you saw or about what we are about to do together. Do you promise this?”

“Yes daddy, of course, this will be just between the two of us.”

To be continued………

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