Chel the curious daughter of the neighbor

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Chel the curious daughter of the neighbor
It´s been almost two years since Irene and I met for intimate, loving, and orgy-filled learning, until then no one had noticed. I ended the relationship with the Emily and the guilt of having an affair with the neighbor no more existed.

But that was no reason for our hook-up tô become more constant, Irene worried about the appearances. And even I was embarrassed of fucking a friend of the family. Worse with Irene’s c***dren, i feared their reaction, especially the son for shag with the mother in their’s house.

I hoped this would never happen, especially since our encounters took place at intervals of months, we could rarely tô shag weeks in a row.

Repressed desires that exploded in those few encounters, but the unexpected happened, that are the facts that I will tell:

By a series of coincidences, we stayed a weekend from Friday tô Sunday without anyone seeing us. My country and my brother went tô my uncle’s ranch. Irene’s son, Bobby, was vacation by the Chile and daughter was going tô spend the weekend at her friends’ house.

It has never been like this before …

After college, I went tô Irene’s apartment, we couldn’t miss the opportunity. We hadn’t had sex for couple months. Friday night was a special, delightful and comforting exchange of caresses by inconstant lovers, but even though it was one night the candlelight and red wine, the air of concern at Irene became clear:

– Did something happen? Are your c***dren?

– It’s Rachel a few weeks ago, we discussed and since then I’ve been worried about her – I’m afraid of what might happen and I do not know if what I proposed was the best solution.

– Is it because of college, are the studies?

– Not the boyfriend, he’s pressing tô get laid and she … I do not know, almost…

– Come on … She just needs tô be careful, you can’t control her.

– How absurd! My daughter does’nt having a sex before getting married, even more with that guy who is the Maycon, I heard that him been messing with d**gs.

– But if she likes him, what can u do?

With her chin resting on her shrunken legs and an embarrassed look … I see she hides something she does not want tô talk about. Sighs and continues:

– It’s done, and deep down I like, but I’m worried about Chel’s empty head, she it got weirder.

– Weirder, how?

– It is mother and daughter thing.

After midnight and all the gymnastics we did and a shower we took, we erased naked on Irene’s bed.

It’s a hot day, it’s not yet nine o’clock, but the heat I feel is like of noon. I hug Irene from behind. I lay my body against his soft skin and even a little cold.

Between sleep and wakefulness wake I squeeze my cock in the direction of the butt. I spend fingers on his arm and grip my lover’s waist – the limb grows feeling the contact with Irene’s soft flesh, I move slowly, feeling the warm contact trying tô find the way in her ass – Don’t know if she sleeps – Put my hand and lift the rump enough tô stick my dick.

“How horny!!!”

Irene approaches, I move more easily. Kiss her tô the nape of neck … Bite, she moans … The dick sinks in the ass in search of the anus, hope, I compress the penisagainst the small cavity.

The heat increases, sweat, from my dick runs a seminal fluid that lubricates the anal region, from her I perceive the vaginal heat … It is when she warns:

– Honey!! I need tô go tô the bathroom tô relieve myself.

She leaves and I turn around on my back, still in a mixed of sleep, heat and turn-on – open and close eyes in a pleasant lulling in that combination of sensations, hear Irene washing the face.

I close the eyes and I don’t know when… I notice a pleasant sensation as if fingers caressing the genital region beginning with bahis siteleri canlı the balls, the skin wrinkles with the gentle strumming, they move traveling the flaccid body of the penis that is going growing as that soft touch travels until tô arrive the head, she discovers reentrances and the drawing of that curvilinear part of the cock – bold and brazen outlines the head a few times for then tô arrive tô the top, it smoothes and glide slowly, it goes down behind the erect member. I feel the soft touch that arises until she arrives again on the balls – the dick grows, it earns a living, raise.

Of closed eyes I take advantage of the maximum of that caring that felt never, don’t know if I dream or if really she makes a new type of affection. Now are two hands involve the penises, one caresses balls, the other holds without pressing the dick, that the hand erects as a small mast… I still hear the waters in the bathroom…, and warning:

– Darling, you forgot tô close …

– Chel !!! Daughter!!

I open the eyes and the first thing that I see are girl’s hands with the painted nails of red that press my dick in a hand-job awkwardly. I turn tô the side and in the door of the bathroom is Irene nude with the towel tô dry the face and an scare in the glance of who doesn’t believe in what sees.

– Daughter!! From where… Where were you? It was not…

– It was…, but I distrusted you, I distrusted already does time.

– When did it come back? Or nor was it? Drop this, what ugly thing, have respect.

Chel doesn’t look at me, but for the first time it presses me the phallus as if it was a hand-job decent, I harden…

– I no drop, no drop. I can’t believe…, my mother: educated, religious person, defender of the good costums has a lover that brings here home, as a hooker. And the guy only has half of her age.

Recovered from fright Irene approaches and sits down in front of the daughter, with me in the middle of both. They look at each other, I see the shame and the fright imprints in the face of Irene.

– Well ‘Mrs Irene’, you traitor, after everything that spoke tô me on those days, on that night: that I couldn’t, did not allow… And then… Bitch, appears a chance and shag with anyone.

The eyes of Irene sparkle and the voice get more harsh.

– Don’t I do with anyone no, do you think am bringing all men here home? Is Julius the first and does make time, it is not?

I agree, but Rachel still doesn’t look at me.

– Does make time, a long time, ‘Mrs Irene?’

Irene lowers the eyes.

– Did I ask how long, shit?

– Don’t speak like this tô me. You respect me.

– I TELL! I speak how I want, the mouth is mine, and I speak shit tô when want.

Tears sprout in the eyes of Irene, Rachel cries stronger, hot tears trickle down for the face, and she still clinging me the cock with the small hand.

– Made that whole speech, the other day. Said that I couldn’t, it didn’t owe.

– Chel no!! Stop!! Here no, not now.

– Now yes you… Dirty, shameless, bitch. Because you can sleep and fuck with who want and I can’t, dammit?

Chel dries the tears with the backs of the other hand. Irene tries calm her passing the your´s hand in the daughter’s shoulder.

– Because you are a girl, a virgin girl and girls should marry like this. I was educated is like this, it’s the right thing.

– And do you can, can’t you?

– But I am widow, I married virgin, now… Happened, me and Julius met and us…

– The times changed mother, changed. Today the girls go out with their boyfriends, it was that that I went speak in that night and you… Said that no!! I couldn’t.

– But daughter, besides the virginity, reminds we spoke of your boyfriend’s way…

– Tom. What does what have?

Chel cries stronger casino şirketleri again.

– Your friends warned that he is complicated, u knows.

The hot and thick tears of Chel fall in the withered and arrested cock in the girl’s fingers that badly has nineteen years.

– Mother I spoke tô you, I opened my heart said that couldn’t take it tô be without man, the girls speaking…, saying that stayed they with so-and-so, and me nothing. Then Tom appeared, and… Happened…

– Couldn’t ever my daughter, ever…

– But it happened and I needed tô tell you.

– Fortunately you told, didn’t you? I advised you and you ended with dating. It was better my daughter.

– But is now I stayed without anybody. And there one day I hear your’s conversation combining the encounter for that weekend, I just didn’t know that it was with the neighbor’s son, very beautiful!!

– Daughter!!

– I went home of Meg, but I returned this morning early, with the hope of not being that I heard, but it was, I caught you in the flagrant…, yours… Dictated and done, the madam shagging a boy, nor for saying that u was with a done man. Yours… Pervert!!

– Calm… And take your hand of this dick, that is not thing honest woman!

– I don’t take, if you can I can also. And want, u knows that I want, need.

– k** the Julius is here us cannot speak all, did I show you a way of you if it relieve it was not?

Chel of sad eyes nod.

– I trusted you. Knows that what happened me approximated more of you and now I catch you like this, mom. Me… I feel betrayed. You can shag with whom wants, until a boy, and I cann’t… Nor tô suck my boyfriend’s?

– Stop Chel, stop for of saying foolishness… Drop it that, drop.

– Mom I resolved, today doesn’t pass. I will lose the virginity, of a way or of other, with you helping each other me or not.

– Chel!! Does Julius help me, what do I make what?

I had no idea. Still more in the position it thought me clinging by the cock for a hysterical girl. I was quiet.

– Irene, was as soon as we combined of treating on those moments, it was not? Because for me will be very important that you are present that helps me tô pass for this moment, so… Sóimportant of losing the virginity. Knows that I like you, I ‘want’ you, much more now after everything that happened… Of everything that we spoke… U got more important, for me…

Them if face – both speak for the glance, they exchange information that I only get tô imagine. Irene unstick of the glance of Chel and her hand encounter the girl’s. Caresses the girl’s fingers as well as my flaccid member.

– Ok honey, it won’t be as I wanted, but it is better make with whom can be affectionate with you. The sex today is sócommon, the good side is not cultivated. Only wanted the others not tô speak badly about you, only that.

– Irene, I want tô lose my virginity with a man, the man that you want, only can’t take it any more wait tô wait until marrying. Gosh you messed me up on that day, it was too much…

– Julius you can…, make with her?

– With both of us mom.

I didn’t believe in what heard, but nor I needed tô answer they saw how I was. Both laughed, for me and amongst themselves.

– Mommy.

– Does Irene, remind?

– I want tô play, tô masturbate a man, didn’t I still do. Does u teach me?

Irene gives a smile accomplice, it passes the hand in the face of girl…

– Do it like this, dear.

Irene presses with force the cock moving the fingers of the way that I taught, I grow again, stiff. The girl is surprised and laughs of the condition which I”ll getting.

– Come Chell, do tô me.

Irene catches me for the base, Chel presses the head. I am masturbated by two women’s hands, a dream, mother and daughter, doing caresses. I am canlı casino siteleri milked, wanked doubly.

Without asking Chel it smoothes the balls, again I wrinkle the scrotum, I’m going harder. I don’t care what they think is a divine dawn in those women’s hands.

I stretch out my hands and I caress the arms of Irene and Chel, I close the eyes felt that contact, more and more hot, I begin tô be dripping down for the head of the penises.

– Chel holds stronger, has tô do it with more speed.

The two smooth my thighs at the same time that the hand-job wins force, rhythm. The penis throbbing, compressing squeezed by two hands. Unbelievable…

– Uunnnnhhh!!! Uunnnnhhhh!!!

– Mom?!!!

– It is like this, it lacks little…

– Aaannhhhh!!! AAaaannnhhhh!! OOOooonnnhhhhhhhh!!!!

I spit, I throw, I spurt uncontrolled jets. Stained the hands of both and a little falls in the coat that Chel uses.

– Ready, it is like this, you knew, saw in the films that I showed you.

– Better than in the films, still more when they tô moan, I didn’t know. Do I can tô prove a little, do I can?

– Daughter, like this already too much.

– Irene, when I did with the Tom no did, but here… Does leave that, the what has?

– Perverted.

– U knows that I’m like this… Perverted.

Irene wets the tip of the indicator in the drops of the cum. Takes until the mouth of Chel and raisin as if it was a lipstick, for the whole extension of the lips.

– Passes the tip of the tongue, is more pleasant like this.

– Strange, strange taste.

Irene uses two fingers tô grab more of my milk, I notice in glance that the daughter’s speech left her more excited…

– Opens, it puts the tongue for out Chel.

The girl obeys and Irene drops in drops the white liquid in the middle of the tongue. Chel savors the taste of the jizz. I see the beaks hard of the breasts of Irene, she puts the fingers in the daughter’s mouth.

– Lick, suck… Like this… Presses a little more… That… Girl. They like like this…

Desinibida Irene picks more of my semen and raisin the fingers in the daughter’s cheeks, letting a thick drop tô fall in the tip of the nose. The two laugh.

– Is a make-up, Irene?

The mother approaches and lick what passed in the face, it licks slowly savoring the sperm and the woman’s skin that she holds the head. The two are going being excited. Finish giving a kiss in the nose of Chel.

They look at each other in way strange, freak, both stretch out them tongues and they are only licked the tips, it is not a sensual kiss, but it is tasty tô see mom’s encounter and of daughter. Chel holds the Irene’s breast and later presses with force the beak. The other feels pain, surprise and… Pleasure in the touch. The excitement increases, it warms up

Irene rises behind, first it removes the black coat.

– Chel gets up, it helps gal.

The girl is in of front for me, Irene in his backs, unbutton the white blouse and removes, later opens the zipper of the plaid skirt. I see Chel only of bra and minimum white panties and a shoe high jump.

– Julius, I’ll show you something that didn’t want, but you saw that doesn’t have way.

She arranges the daughter’s long and flat black hair putting them on the bra before tô withdraw – Chel is going being more and more attractive, exciting, with the hairs covering of nipples rosy on the firm-breasted. There is in her a certain air of shame for being like this in front of me.

– Take off the shoes Chel.

– No, saw women fucking like this in the films, I want like this.

– It was all been thought, did u know what it would do?

– And if it goes? I want fuck screw with you all the day, all weekend, but I want with you… Mom.

– And doesn’t that panties I also know girl?

– I bought for occasion.

Irene palpate squeezes the tough tushy. It puts the fingers and massage it the gal’s intimacy.

– Julius helps, take the cherry of my babe.

Continuation of the text: Irene the naughty of the demure neighbor.

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