Clean your Mess Up!

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Clean your Mess Up!
My wife and I have been married for almost twelve years. While I love her deeply, our sex life has become somewhat boring. She’s a stay-at-home mom to our two c***dren and our sex life has become a routine of “put the k**s to bed, turn out the lights, and be quick about it”.

That was until recently, when our sex life changed for the better.

In the last few weeks, my wife has begun working out on one of those big inflatable exercise balls. As she worked out, I would often lie on our bed trying to concentrate on the TV. I soon found that I enjoyed watching her workouts more than I enjoyed the programs that were showing on the tube.

Watching her bounce and bend and stretch while she exercised never failed to get me horny. I would often attempt to cop a feel when she wasn’t looking, but would get my hand slapped away as soon as I made contact.

Try as I might, my wife was serious about her workouts. Nothing, it seemed, could break her concentration.

One evening as she worked out, I was feeling especially horny. As my wife rejected my advances, I thought of a way that might make her change her mind. I remembered a comment she made about having to turn down lunch with her girlfriends earlier that week. She didn’t have any cash and had to say no to the invitation.

Flashing her my best seductive smile, I offered her twenty dollars to strip down and do her workout in the nude.

“With twenty dollars you can meet the girls for lunch tomorrow” I teased.

My wife paused her workout and looked over at me as I reclined on our bed. To my complete surprise, she agreed.

“Show me the money and I’ll strip off” she boldly stated. Hands on her hips, she pushed her breasts forward and flashed me a seductive smile.

Not wanting to waste an opportunity like this, I darted downstairs and grabbed my wallet. I pulled a twenty dollar bill out as I rushed back up the stairs.

I was pleasantly surprised when I walked through the doorway of our bedroom. She was in the process of pulling her T-shirt over her head. I watched her delicious breasts tumble into view as she removed her bra. Full and round, my wife’s breasts are capped by a pair of very sensitive nipples. I stared unashamedly at my now topless wife.

I noticed that her nipples were half erect and getting harder with each passing second. Watching my wife’s chest swell deeply with each breath she took, I noticed her starting to get flush from the excitement of being on display.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one getting turned on by our little arrangement.

Turning away from me, she bent down and removed her yoga pants to expose a pair of sexy red boyshort panties. Satin with lace trim, her panties were stretched tightly across her toned buttocks. The panties were very short and left little to the imagination. The roundness of my wife’s ass cheeks was highlighted by the seam that ran down the back of her sexy underwear and disappeared between her legs.

Turning to face me, my wife flashed me a sexy smile as she cupped her large breasts and pinched her nipples. Dropping her arms to her sides, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her sexy red panties. Slowly swiveling her hips from side to side, my wife began sliding the silky garments off of her hips and down her toned thighs. Moving slowly to drag out the sexual tension, my wife released the panties, letting them fall around her ankles.

“Was that a wet spot?” I wondered as she pulled her sexy panties from around her feet and tossed them into a silky pile near the rest of her discarded clothing. With the exception of her white and purple Nikes, my sexy wife was now naked and completely exposed to my gaze.

My wife flashed me another sexy smile and resumed her workout by performing some overhead dumbbell presses. Facing sideways to me while seated on the ball, I reminded her that I paid her good money for this show, I asked her to turn and face the bed while she exercised. Turned facing me, I had a perfect frontal view of my incredibly sexy wife. I noticed that her chest was beginning to flush even more from her efforts as she resumed her presses. I admired the motion her luscious breasts were making as they bounced in unison bahis siteleri canlı with each upward movement of the dumbbells.

“That’s not the only thing moving upward” I thought to myself, feeling my cock beginning to swell.

Finished with her presses, she scooted down onto her back to perform some dumbbell flies. I was happy to see that she had to spread her legs slightly in order to maintain her balance on the ball. With the current position she was in, I was treated to a straight on shot of the glistening treasure between her legs.

“I’d love to bury my face between her thighs” I silently mused as I enjoyed the view.

With the exception of a short cropped, two-finger wide landing strip of hair on top of her pubic mound, my wife keeps herself completely shaved. I could clearly see that she was enjoying her brazen exhibition. The large lips of her labia were flushed a rosy pink and starting to spread open like the wings of a butterfly. Her wetness was obvious. I was pleased by the fact that she was getting as turned on as I was.

I now had a hard-on that was almost painful and decided to strip down myself. My wife smiled and gave a bit of chuckle when she saw how turned on I was.

Her next exercise was a set of elevated pushups. Her feet were on the exercise ball as she worked through the set. I admired the view of her shapely legs and firm ass as she worked her body up and down. That was nice but I longed for a different view. Pushing my luck, I asked if I could lie on the floor beneath her for an up close view.

“That’ll cost you another ten dollars” was her reply.

“Damn!”, I thought. “I’m going to have to skip eating lunch out for the next couple of days.”

“It’s a pleasure doing business with you” my wife teased as I tossed a ten dollar bill onto the floor next to the twenty dollar bill that I had given her earlier.

I quickly got on the floor, my head placed directly below my wife’s ample chest as she pushed up and down. From my new vantage point, I could plainly see that my wife’s nipples were erect and protruding. I noticed the sheen of perspiration forming in the valley between her delectable breasts as I felt a stream of precum running down the shaft of my throbbing member. All too soon it seemed, she was done with the set of pushups.

“Hey, I was starting to enjoy that” I complained.

“Too bad” she sassed. “This is my workout.”

Flipping onto her back while still on the ball, she began doing crunches.

Noticing that her legs were spread like they had been when she was doing her flies, I slowly moved my head between her thighs. My mouth was watering as I moved closer to her glistening honeypot. The smell of her arousal was heavenly as I prepared to taste her sex.

She caught me, trapping my head between her thighs and pushing me away with her hands. I was so close, but could not quite reach her swollen clit with my tongue.

“You paid me to look, not touch” she playfully scolded me.

“But you’ve got me so turned on…”

“You’ll just have to wait, or take care of yourself” she shot back.

As I stood up, the head of my cock briefly brushed against the inside of her thigh, leaving a thick drop of precum where it had made contact with her smooth skin.

“Hey!” she teased. “You did that on purpose.”

“I did not. It was an accident.” I said as I felt my cock twitch from the sensation of rubbing against her leg.

“Clean up the mess you made!” she demanded.

“Ok” I replied as I knelt and cleaned the fluid from her inner thigh with my fingertip. Quickly, I smeared the droplet on her left nipple.

“You’ll pay for that one” she mischievously threatened.

I was laughing as she slid off of the exercise ball and stood up. I was expecting a kiss as she leaned forward and wrapped her hands around the back of my head.

Instead of a kiss, my wife pulled my head into her glistening cleavage. With my face mashed into the valley between her delicious tits, I could barely breath but I unmistakably heard what she said next.

“I’ll let you out when you promise to clean me up. Only this time you’ll use your tongue.”

“Mmmmpphhh!” was my reply.

“Was that a yes?” she inquired.

“Mmmmpphhh!” I replied again, this time nodding casino siteleri my head.

“Do you promise?” she asked.

I didn’t have enough breath to muster another verbal reply, so I just nodded my head.

“That’s what I thought” I heard her say as she released me from her grip.

I felt her hand lift my chin as I was gasping for air. My wife knelt and I could see her breast directly in front of my face, the nipple still smeared with my goo.

“Clean it up” she commanded.

“It’s now or never” I thought as I opened up and took her jutting nipple into my mouth.

Licking her clean with my tongue, I could taste the salty sweetness of the precum I had smeared onto her. I slid my hands down her torso, around to her taut buttocks and began to squeeze her shapely ass while I suckled her breast.

“Mmmmm, that feels good” she moaned. “Stand up.”

I stood in front of her as my wife remained kneeling.

“Did you like the taste?” she asked me.

“It tasted better than I expected” I answered.

“I’ll take that as a yes” my wife said as she wrapped her hand around the shaft of my cock.

“I’ll bet that if I squeeze your cock I can get a great big drop out of you” she teased.

She formed an “O” with her thumb and index finger. Running her fingers down my length, she squeezed at the base of my cock and worked her way back up toward the head. I could feel precum oozing from my cock like a slippery river. I watched as the clear liquid poured from my cock and landed on her breasts.

“Uh-oh, I think you’re going to have another mess to clean up” my wife said, looking me in the eye as she shifted so that my slippery stream flowed directly onto her erect nipple. Pulling my stiffness to her chest, she slathered my slippery precum all over both of her flushed breasts.

“Kneel back down and get to work” she purred.

I knelt once again, my face directly in front of the dripping mess she had just created. Reaching up, I grasped one of her glistening orbs and kneaded it a little bit. I heard a low moan as I placed my mouth over her erect nipple. Judging by her reaction, she was nearly as turned on as I was.

Pulling back and moving to her other breast, I touched the tip of my tongue to my wife’s nipple. Once again, I caught a taste of my salty sweetness.

“This isn’t so bad” I thought to myself.

I couldn’t help myself and let out a moan as I lapped up the rest of my gooey mess from her delectable mounds.

“I think you like the taste” she said when she heard me moan. “Do you like tasting yourself?” she inquired.

Silently, I nodded my head.

“Well, we’ll have to get some more for you to enjoy” she teased. “Stand back up.”

“If you like the taste of that, maybe you should try a taste your own cum” my wife said as she slowly fisted my cock. “If it’s good enough for me to swallow, it should be good enough for you stud” she continued.

“If I let you cum on my tits, will you clean your mess up?” she inquired. She was smirking while she continued to loosely stroke my aching member.

I wasn’t crazy about the idea of eating my own cum, but her handjob was feeling so good I was willing to agree to almost anything to get some relief.

“Yes” I heard myself say.

“Yes what? I want to hear you say it.” she demanded, still stroking my cock.

“I want to lick you clean after I cum on you.” I moaned.

“Now you’ll get the chance to see what it tastes like” she teased, rubbing my cockhead against her nipple. My cock was still leaking copious amounts of precum, which served to make everything nice and slippery. In my heightened state of arousal, the world centered around my cock and her rapidly stroking hand.

“I’m so close” I hissed through clenched teeth.

My wife smiled up at me and gave a little giggle as she increased the pace of her handjob.

I could feel my orgasm building. Once it started to build, I knew it was going to be huge. I felt the tingling in my groin as my wife increased the friction of her fist upon my cock. Again, forming an “O” with her thumb and index finger, she concentrated directly on my helmet shaped cockhead. Her other hand wrapped around the base of my cock and pressed inward stretching the skin tight. This served to make the sensations at the head canlı casino of my cock more intense.

“I’m going to cum” I exclaimed. Her stroking on my sensitive cock was feeling so good I thought I might have an out of body experience.

My wife pulled my cock close to her swaying tits as my vision dimmed and I began to shoot. I shot so hard, I’d swear I heard it hiss as the stream of cum spit forth from my cock. Once. Twice. Three hard shots of hot, frothy cum jetted onto my wife’s upturned breasts as she continued to stroke. She coaxed several smaller spurts from me until I finally had no more to shoot.

Looking down, I could hardly believe the amount of cum that I had shot. Not only were her tits covered, the overflow of my cum was starting to drip down onto her toned belly as well. Puddling near her pubic mound, I wished I had a camera to capture the scene.

“You’d better get to work” she teased as she leaned back.

I hesitated. Spent from my intense orgasm, I was not so thrilled with our agreement to lick my cum off of her sexy body.

“I don’t know if I can do it” I confessed.

“I’ll help” I heard her say as I watched her scoop a dollop of my creamy load onto her index finger.

“Open up” she demanded, sitting up and rubbing her cum coated finger on my lips.

Licking my lips, I found that the taste was not that unpleasant. A bit different from the taste of my precum. I found that it was not as sweet and had a different texture about it.

“I think you liked that” her breasts shaking to and fro as she giggled. “Now get busy and clean up the rest of that mess you made.”

As she reclined back on her elbows I leaned in and took another taste of my semen. As when I had licked it off of my lips, I found that the taste was not that bad.

“Oooh, that’s hot” I heard my wife moan. “You’ve got me so turned on I’ve got to touch myself.”

I watched as she reached down and began fingering her sopping pussy. I enjoyed the show as I licked up the drops of my cum that had dropped from her heaving tits onto her belly.

I could hear the squishing sounds of her arousal as my wife rubbed her erect clit with her left hand and plunged the fingers of her right hand into her steaming pussy. Moaning, she was really getting into playing with herself. Again, I could smell her arousal as she spread her legs wide.

“Squeeze my tits hard when you lick your cum off of them” my wife demanded, continuing her lewd display of masturbation. I watched as she pulled her right hand from her pussy, placed her fingers in her mouth and began licking them clean. My wife returned her hand to her dripping love box and once again plunged her fingers deeply inside. Her eyes were closed and her head lolled from side to side as she started getting lost in the act of pleasuring herself.

Moving upwards to her heaving mounds, I grasped them in my hands, roughly squeezing her tits before licking my salty treat from them. Her nipples were painfully erect as I lavished them with my tongue a gently used my teeth to stimulate them further.

“Omigod! That’s such a turn on. Watching you lick up your own cum” she breathed, watching me as she furiously worked her pussy.

I could hear the squishing sounds my wife’s fingers were making as she rapidly pounded them in and out of her hungry cunt.

I bent down once again to continue licking my creamy load from her sexy body.

“I’m going to cum!” she cried.

I felt her convulse as a massive orgasm ripped through her body. I could see her belly heave and her thighs tense as she shuddered through her release. “Uuuunnnggggghhhh!” she cried. My wife’s ass lifted off the floor and her legs opened and closed as she climaxed. I watched as several smaller orgasms coursed through her body before she was finished working her sodden snatch.

As she recovered, she asked how I had enjoyed our little session.

“Did you like the taste of your own cum?” she hoarsely whispered.

“It wasn’t bad.” was my honest reply. “I think I could get used to it.”

“It was a huge turn on for me. Did it turn you on too?” she continued to question.

“Yes, it was a turn on for me.” I whispered back.

Her right hand reached out and began teasing my cock. “Would you do it again if I asked you to?” she eagerly inquired.

“You know I’d do anything for you.” I groaned, feeling my cock beginning to stiffen.

I swallowed hard and felt my cock lurch when I heard what she said next.

“Good. next time, you can clean it out of my pussy…”

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