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Cruising spot
I found this great cruising spot off the freeway. I am happily married with a great sex life but sometimes have the urge to suck anonymous cock. I stop by there occasionally after work to suck someone off on my way home. Most of the guys are married and not getting anything at home. My problem is that as I get horny, my inhibitions disappear and I get even more horny,

I stopped by one afternoon thinking I would suck someone off and then head home. When I arrived, there were several cars in the parking area. I walked down the trail and saw about 5 guys standing in a circle stroking their cocks. I quickly joined them. They had their pants undone with their cocks out. Looking at all these hard cocks, I was immediately rock hard. I dropped my shorts and underwear to my feet, allowing my cock to jump out. A couple of the guys made moaning sounds. They all seemed a little nervous and that they were all looking for someone to suck them.

I saw that one of the cocks was leaking a lot of precum, so I got on my knees in front of him. He quickly fed his cock to me. I began slurping up and down his shaft, enjoying the taste of his precum. After just a couple of minutes, he grabbed my head and began fucking my face as he unloaded his cum down my throat. I hungrily sucked it down and kept sucking his cock until I was sure I had every drop of it. I then licked his balls to be sure nothing had leaked out of his mouth. When I was sure I had it all, I thanked him for letting me suck his cock and drink his cum. He smiled and walked away.

I turned to the next guy and crawled towards him. He let go of his cock so I took it in my mouth. I sucked up and down his shaft. I took his cock out of my mouth and licked his balls and then licked back up his shaft. This cock was a little smaller than the last one so I was able to take it completely in my mouth an rub my nose in his pubes. I slurped up and down his shaft. I stuck my tongue out and licked his balls when I was buried deep on him and then licked as I bahis firmaları sucked back up his shaft. He had his hands on his waist and did not touch me at all. The guy behind me started to encourage me. “Oh yeah, suck that cock, deep throat him, you are good cock whore, work hard for that cum, you know you want it, show us that you are a good cum slut” he said. The cock in my mouth erupted and sucked every drop of his cum down my throat. I licked him clean until he pushed me away, buttoned his pants, and walked away without saying a work. I thanked him for his cum and told him he had a wonderful cock. I felt like a complete whore.

My knees were hurting so I stood up and pulled my shirt off. I tossed my shirt onto my shorts that were sitting in a pile. I was now completely naked in a group of men with only their cocks sticking out. I felt like a vulnerable whore. I had sucked off 2 guys, but there were 4 here so another guy must have joined us. One of the guys said he wanted to go next. I told him my knees were hurting so I was going to bend over and suck his cock.

I spread my legs a little to get better footing and put my hands on my knees as I bent over and took his cock in my mouth. This is a little awkward position but I began to work my head up and down. He grabbed my head and began fucking my face. The way I was bent over allowed for him to rock me has he fucked my face. I felt a hand on my ass rubbing my cheeks. I had not come her to get fucked, but after drinking 2 loads of cum, I was in heat and ready for anything.

I felt another hand on my other side as I felt guys move next to me on either side. The hands were massaging my ass cheeks, playing with my balls and stroking my cock. I then felt a finger probing my ass. With a big hard cock in my mouth and the guy fucking my face, there was nothing I could do but enjoying being used as I did my best to suck. I felt someone spit on my ass as another finger worked into me. I had at least 4 hands exploring my body and 2 more holding my youwin face. This felt amazing. I let out a moan to let them all know I was really enjoying this.

“This cock whore is loving this. He wants to be used and filled with cum. Look at how easily his ass accepts my fingers. He is begging for a cock to get shoved in his ass.” I whimpered. I wanted to beg for someone to fuck me but the cock in my mouth would only let me moan. He spit on my ass again and kept working his fingers in my ass. I was moaning with pleasure and then the cock in my mouth erupted. He pulled me tight against him with his cock buried in my throat and my nose pushed against his pubes. I felt his cock swell and erupt shot after shot of cum straight into my stomach. Once he was empty, he pushed me away, not even giving me a chance to lick him clean. I probably would have fallen over if I did not have these other hands holding me.

With my mouth empty, I was able to beg. “Oh god, please shove a cock in my ass. You have me so horny I need to get fucked, please shove a cock in my ass now, I need this so bad I cannot stand being teased any more.” One of the guys asked if I had a condom because none of them did. I explained that I had only come here to give a quick blow job so was not prepared. They were still fingering my ass, playing with my cock and balls, and rubbing their hands all over my ass cheeks. I told them that I normally will not allow strangers to bareback me but I was so horny, I needed to get fucked now. “Please don’t fuck me if you have anything, but if you are clean, please fuck me now,” I begged.

I felt someone step up and rub his cock up and down my ass. It felt so good. I wiggled my ass and let out a moan. As he crossed my hole, I pushed back into him, but he kept teasing me. After a few passes, I could not take it anymore and began to beg. “Please fuck me, fuck me now, I need to feel your hard cock in me,” I shouted. With that, he shoved his hard cock deep in my ass. He grabbed my hips and began youwin güvenilir mi fucking me hard. “Oh go yes! That feels so good, that is what I needed.” He pounded my ass hard and then began to grunt. I knew what was cuming. “Yes, yes, shoot your cum deep in my ass, let me feel you explode in me, I need your cum!” I then felt him explode in my ass as he grunted. When he was done, I squeezed my ass tight to try to hold him in, but he pulled out. Fortunately, another guy quickly took his place.

I felt another cock being shoved in my ass. I was so horny, I just wanted to be used over and over. The guy who was cheering everyone on moved in front of me and presented his cock to my mouth. “Show us what a good cock whore you are by taking cocks on both ends,” said as I happily sucked him into my mouth. This made me a little unstable, so I wrapped my arms around him to hold his cock deep in my mouth. He reached over me and pulled my ass cheeks apart as the guy behind me continued to fuck my ass. After a few more minutes, the guy fucking me exploded in my ass, filling me full of cum. I felt some of it leaking past his cock and down my leg. As he pulled out, more escaped.

The guy fucking my face asked who was next. He held my ass cheeks apart as the next guy took his place and easily slid balls deep in my ass. As he fucked me, I could feel more cum leaking out of my ass. After a few minutes, he added his load of cum to my well fucked ass. My mouth was still full of cock and my face buried in his pubs so I could not see anything or even move. He called over the next guy who slammed his cock in my and began fucking my ass.

Over the next 30 minutes, I was used as a cum dumpster by every man in the area. I had cum running across my balls and down my legs. After my ass had satisfied every man available, the guy who was controlling me let me up. My legs were sore from being bent over so long. My ass felt amazing. I reached down and took a scoop of cum from my leg and slurped it in my mouth. The guys standing around watching said that I was a great cum slut and that I should stop by more often. They said that they have a circle jerk on Wednesday afternoons and I was always welcome to join them.

I think I may have a new Wednesday routine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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