Curious married

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Curious married
His wife was out for the weekend
It was maybe just me but he seemed bigger than usual walking in the shower talking about the match we just lost 2-3

”wanna come home for a beer , the wife is out i have the place”

i knew him since the start of the league , he was older maybe 46 , i just turned 26

I was back at his place drinking beer watching the habs game eating some pizza left over

I new something was in his head, he had been looking at me suspicious all night , sit on the couch finishing dinner

he came back from the kitchen naked his bbc up glowing from the tip

i watch in disbelief how he sit legs spread looking at me frozen at the sight of him

he said nothing , i didnt either

i look at him stroke it clearly offering me to suck on his big cock

my body wasnt moving until he reach for my head

bringing it down until i was mouth open around the tip

making me go up and down on his big cock , moaning watching the game

”go slow, take you time, its all yours for the night boy”

my older friend not stopping his control over my head , helping me suck deeper on his meat

weak and mouth working on his fat cock, its all i felt crawl over him slurping on canlı bahis şirketleri his big cock all by myself now, i was wondering why my gf never sucked me and i knew at this time i was too small to be sucked like this

i felt ashame , but worked on his bbc, because i loved it in my mouth and hands

he knew it

he knew i was average and would love the feeling of a big cock

i was help between his legs sit on the floor, he reach with his two big arm for my head

”come here little cock sucker. daddy needs to train that throat”

he puled me down making me gag and drool on myself

”stay weak mouth open like that yes”

i watch him fuck my face , his big belly soon on my forehead

”oh yes, like this stay down little cock sleave mouth”

”here it comes here it comes boy”

i felt like i was getting drown by his cum floading deep in my throat

”ohhhh yes, daddy just gonna deposit it all in that cute mouth , like this , like this yes , ahhhhh fuck , you took it all , clean my cock now , fuck yes lick and kiss it , thanks me for that good cumload boy”

i was trying to recover from it all kissing and licking him , how big he was, how hot the cock i just sick canlı kaçak bahis empty was

i was nowhere close to how big and hot he was

”damn my wife never suck me i hop[e i wasnt to hard on you, you made me so hard peaking at my crotch ”

”its….. it was ok ”

”dont be shy , you love it , its ok i would like a secret cock sucker like you”

i was now a cocksucker, there was no undoing , his cumload still making my mouth and throat all gooey

i went home feeling so weird and weak , the though of being a cocksucker repeating in my head

i was home the next evening

my phone wrang

”you home boy? my wife went shopping with the k**s i needs your mouth now”

my door knock hard 10 min later still wondering if i should reply to it

i ope the door and it was him

pushing me in closing the door

”why dont you answer my text boy”

”im not sure i want to be a cock sucker…..its i have a gf”

”dont be shy here let daddy help you”

pushed on my knees , his pants down , feeding me his bbc holding my head against the loby wall

”see , stop pretending , just get me that mouth open i can do the job”

pumping in my mouth hard and deep

”see, how a good cocksucker bahis siteleri canlı you are . mouth open for daddy big black tasty cock whenever i need it”

”this is ok boy i wont tell your gf, i have a wife, suck my cock in secret its ok boy”

and god i felt getting hot sucking a big cock again

he saw it and let me suck , telling me i suck good , teaching me to be a good cock sucking boy

”shes not coming back right?”

i nod no

and he pushed me down

i tried to run on all 4 my little legs pull until i was spread on the floor my sweat pant down

he spit a large amouth of saliva

and pushed it in

”ahhhhhhh oh fuck , oh fuck , your fucking me , im not sure im not gayyyy ahhhhh”

”im not gay either , i have a wife you have a gf, im just having fun in your holes ”

”your ass so tight. your gf dsnt fuck you with her toys yet?”

”ahhhh ahhhhh no no shitttt ahhhhhh”

”good boy,take it , relax your cunt for my cock”

down on the floor moaning under the big older black daddy plumbing my hole full of cum
grunting loud i was i good boy , flooding my ass with a huge load

fucked open , his cock all deep in me now pumping the cum in me

i moan and moan under the assault, my pretty lil pink ass turned into another cum receptacle for my daddy

he left after lifting my pant up and kissing me on the cheek

”gotta go back to the wife, thanks boy this was perfect”

nothing had change
except for the fact i was now a secret btm for daddy

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