Dubai men fucked my wife

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Dubai men fucked my wife

I would like to tell you about my wife in this story. Her mane is Jincy a fairly good looking woman and wife of age 27 with 36 size breasts enough for me as I don’t see many with 42 size breasts around. I am now going to tell you some amazing Desi wife gangbang sex stories.

Jaan hurry up we need to go fast we are already late. I called to my wife coming she said. We were in our home with me in the bedroom and my wife in the bathroom. We were supposed to go to shopping with my client from Dubai. Actually they were the called to Kerala by my broker who had fixed an interview for me for a job in Dubai. They were really important for my career and future so I was getting miffed at every silly mistake done by my wife. The bathroom door opened and my wife walked out only in her bra and panty.

She had a cleanly shaved vagina as I hated finding hair go in my mouth whenever I licked her. She started dressing up and we got ready just 10 minutes before the broker came. But before that when we were getting ready. My wife was wearing her saree (white as worn in onam) she applied lipstick on her lips while I sprayed some perfume on my dress oh no I have applied too much lipstick I looked at her; yes she had applied too much chocolate lipstick on her lips.

I went close to her and pulled her delicate face towards me and sucked her lips is it okay now? Yeah alright and she said hugging me. I kissed her forehead and we went. The broker took us to maniprabha hotel in Ernakulum
(it is a medium class hotel as we couldn’t afford a 5 star hotel) there in the dinner table the broker left us and joined a dazzling looking lady who was his wife, they went in the lift and vanished. The Dubai man came in with a small
girl who looked barely 20.

The man’s name was Ali sohail. The girl was a good looking Arabian with chubby cheeks and lovely lips. Her name was Arfa hello you must be Virat’’ he asked yes sir ‘’ I replied, they sat opposite to me and my wife smiled at them then we started talking about the job and asked about my experience. I replied that I had a 3 year old experience of work in bank (whose name I would not like to provide) he was impressed with my talk and qualifications but said that I had little experience so my wife intervened and flattered the man with her fluent English which made the man give me the job.

Thanks sir, I said No problem son but I have a problem at the moment
what sir?

I don’t want to stay in a hotel as you understand that if there is raid I understood that the girl was a call girl but kept quiet you can come to our house sir we will be glad canlı bahis şirketleri to have you with us’’ said my wife oh thank you a lot, I will stay only for 1 day he said. We went home and my wife prepared dinner. We arranged the guest room and made the Arabians sleep there. After 10 o clock in the night I and the Arabian had whisky. We were heavily drunk when Arfa the girl came and sat next to me.

She smiled at me and I closed my eyes due to drowsiness. Then she went over to Ali and they talked something in Arabic. I watched them through my eyelids as I wasn’t completely asleep. They kissed each other uncountable times and I felt my cock rising and my heart beat going fast. Suddenly the got up and went to the bedroom from where I could hear them smooching. I went to their room and peeped through the curtain.

The man was completely nude and the girl was kissing his dick which was really huge as I cannot tell the exact size just by looking at it. But it was probably an inch or two bigger than mine a lot thicker. The girl had really small breasts but she was good sucker though. I was tired and went to my room where my wife was waiting she pulled me to the bed and I removed her dress. She was rubbing her vagina over my cock vigorously.

So I made her lie under me and I entered her so that the session gets over faster. I pumped really hard licking her lips. The other girl’s act was in my mind so I made her suck my dick which she did pleasingly. We finished our session but slept kissing each other. After 2 months me and my wife were off to Dubai and loved the place very much. Ali was my senior and boss while the both of us had another boss.

We turned into really good friends. He and his brother had become our weekend dinner guests. We used to call each other by our name even though Ali was 10 years older than me. One weekend we were heavily drunk and wanted to sleep. Ali bhai please stay in our house today with your brother I requested. Okay Virat but I want A.C in my room because without that I cannot sleep I was in trouble as A.C was only in my room

Ali bhai you can sleep in my room’’ I said in a state of drunkenness. My wife gave me an irritated look and went to arrange the guest room for us. We slept that night early as I was drunk. Then, I woke up late at night due to severe head-ache and went to bathroom. As the pipe wasn’t working I decided to go to my bedroom where there was a bathroom and Ali and his brother were sleeping.

I knocked the door but nobody opened it till sometime and then suddenly the door opened and Ali looked at me what? Bathroom’’ was canlı kaçak bahis the only word I managed to say. I went to the bathroom and washed my face. After the pain subsided a little Ali made me sleep on their bed and I lost sense. After a while I woke up again to find myself in my bedroom with the A.C on and the brothers missing. I was anxious and went to the guest room fearing something as I knew Ali very well only to find it to be true!

The door was open and the room was filled with whispers. I moved the curtain to find my wife Jincy lying under Ali who was having sexual intercourse with her. He was wearing a condom which I know he keeps ready for every occasion. His brother mansoor had her lips in his mouth and was looking like trying to pull it out. He made really loud noises while kissing! I wanted it to stop. I was really against it. But I couldn’t maybe because I was a gutless swine.

I was gutless to stop my boss who could throw me out of my job. My head-ache increased due to anger and fear. But the three of them continued. To give an overview my wife was lying flat on bed with Ali on her continuously fucking. Her night dress was dragged up and it was covering her boobs. Meanwhile the other chap was glued to her lips I guess he was a lip lover like me. I couldn’t see her reaction due to this! She had her lips stretched wide in the course of kissing and eyes closed. Ali pulled his cock out of her and stopped his brother Mansoor. Now I could see her face. She was totally red with her lipstick sucked out. She was having an unexplained reaction on her face. She was frowning out of anger or pleasure I didn’t know. Then Ali removed her dress and rolled over the bed with her. He was kissing her crushing her boobs against his. After some time they stopped rolling and were still with their lips sticking to each other like magnets They only stopped this when mansoor made them realize that even he wanted to enjoy. Suck me now’’ said mansoor to my wife. My wife’s face was opposite to me so I couldn’t see how she reacted. Then she pulled his dick in her mouth and stroked Ali as well. She was sucking him better this time around at least better than how she had sucked me last time. She encircled her cherry tongue over his purple dick head and licked out his pre-cum as Ali

He came early and spilled his semen over my wife’s breasts. Now Ali pulled her towards him and gave her a good deep throat kiss. Virat was hiding such a good sex partner from us. Said Ali he kissed her again and made her lie on the bed. He caught her boobs and played with it. Her boobs bahis siteleri canlı were so soft that he started biting her while Mansoor watched them jealously waiting for his dick to regain power. Ali now started biting her light brown nipples while she winced occasionally out of pain or pleasure I didn’t know. He was now biting her nipples and cuddling her pussy. He was very good at it; I mean fucking almost every day gives you good experience. He got impatient now and sat up, and then he pulled my wife in a sitting position over his lap, embraced her and entered her again. I didn’t know the name of that position but liked it for the first time. My wife was gasping as he continued to thump his thick dick in her pussy. He cummed inside her in 13 minutes and mansoor waiting for his chance leapt on her.

He made her lie flat and licked her pussy and as I said before an experienced person. She was just not able to control the amount of pleasure she was getting. She bit her lips and coiled his hair pushing him in her, let’s fuck her’’ Mansoor called to his brother. Ali got up and positioned Jincy in doggy style. He entered her slowly closing his eyes and from the other end Mansoor had his dick in her mouth. They began slowly with Ali pushing from behind. It was like this; when Ali pushed from behind she went forward and Mansoor’s dick went deeper in her mouth.

I looked at myself for some time! I had been rubbing my dick over my pajama and had got pre-cum. I was absent minded till they got my attention. They had started ramming her!! I was astounded by their speed. My wife had two holes filled and they weren’t interested in her ass.Mansoor cum early in her mouth but Ali continued. Then some time they lay down in missionary position. Ali started pounding again and they were talking to each other almost whispering so I couldn’t hear them.

He seemed to be like asking some question and my wife was answering with gasps. My wife never moaned loudly or shouted dirty words while fucking. Ali kissed her for every answer and she kept talking. I occasionally heard my name and it sounded like my wife was asking him not to tell me anything. Ali thought for a while and kissed her saying yes. Ali finished fucking my wife in another 5 minutes and they went to the bathroom to clean themselves. I knew there was no water in the pipe so they would return to my bedroom so I ran. As expected they came naked and silently. They spent a lot of time in the washroom and came out fully dressed. From then onwards Ali came to my house every weekend and stayed overnight. I was successful in stopping them make love by some ideas but it didn’t work always and it continued till 2 months. And after that I changed my job my house and broke contact with Ali. I forgave my wife as she was forced to have sex but I never mentioned to her that I knew about her affair. So how was my story?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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