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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. Always look both ways before crossing the pond. Beware of geeks bearing gifs. An answer known is a power broken. One man’s crisis is another man’s narcissism. This space to let.

Preface: Yet another of my stories based in Truth. The names have not been changed to protect anyone. Yes, this is about a woman who cheats on her family, I however don’t do consequence free bullshit. All actions have consequences and Cheryl’s story is not different. If you don’t like cheating wife stories or stories where the cheaters have to pay then look elsewhere.

I want to thank my friend Jessika_Thorne for her assistance with this tale.

And yes, to borrow from Tony Stark, I am Mithras…


Cheryl Jackson felt a surge of electricity in her clit as she operated the breast pump, slowly relieving the pressure in her full, taunt, tits. She smiled as she watched her new-born son asleep in his crib next to her bed. Cheryl’s nipples have always been exceptionally sensitive, which almost got her in trouble a number of times throughout her school years. However, she managed to graduate from high school, marry her c***dhood sweetheart, and maintain her virginity.

Within a few years, Cheryl and her husband Buddy were the parents of 3 bright and smiling c***dren. But after having 3 k**s in the first five years of their marriage, Buddy decided that was enough and had himself snipped. Cheryl was not pleased by this, having always wanted a very large family.

By their 20th anniversary, they were blessed with their first grandson, which caused no end of problems for Cheryl. While she watched her eldest daughter going through her pregnancy, it stirred a desire in Cheryl she had repressed for a long time: the desire for another baby!

Cheryl implored her husband for the next several months to even consider having another c***d, but he refused. He would not even consider adopting one.

“We’re done with k**s Cher!” was always his reply, regardless of the ache she felt deep inside.

This began to cause major tension in the household. The irony of their mother begging their father for another c***d, while lecturing her two younger c***dren on abstinence and precautions was not lost on the family.

Finally, Cheryl could no longer contain her desire and she resolved to do something about it, even if it meant cheating on her husband to fulfill it!

She began to troll about online, visiting several different social networking sites looking for someone bahis siteleri canlı who might satisfy her craving.

One day by chance she stumbled upon a website called The *************. She couldn’t believe that she had finally found a community of like-minded individuals. She lurked about the site for several weeks before summoning up the courage to actually communicate with some of the men she saw there.

Living in a small Alabama town, Cheryl knew her options might be limited until she saw the profile for Mithras. After reading it thoroughly, she realized he lived in the next town over. His olive skin and black curly hair caused her to moisten almost immediately. He reminded her very much of a boy she knew in high school. A boy that she almost let go too far one night at the local drive-in. She had always wondered how different her life might have been if she hadn’t slapped his face and ran away that sweaty summer night.

With trembling hands, she began to type.

After exchanging several messages with him, she made arrangements for them to met for dinner one evening at a local bar-b-que joint, while Buddy was working.

“I’m not even sure I should be meeting you,” Cheryl said, “I think I want this, but I’m just so nervous about it all…”

“Don’t be afraid little one. I am here to give you want, what you need. If you want a friend, a confidant, I can be that for you. If you want a lover, that too I can do. If you want me to be your stud…”

The possibilities in his tone hung heavier in the room than the smell of cooking pork.

Cheryl began to visibly tremble. She could swear she felt herself ovulate in that same instant.

“Decide for yourself little one. When you are ready, I will be here.”

The whole trip home Cheryl was torn with dread and desire: should she cheat on her husband? Could she take a strange man into her? Would her marriage survive her belly swollen with another man’s c***d?

She pulled off to the side of the road and masturbated furiously till her car seat was drenched in her spend.

Afterward, she became calm. Her path clear, her desire resolute: she wanted a c***d, if her husband would not give it to her, her dark stranger would!

One last time she begged her husband for his c***d. Her youngest daughter looking at her strangely with her choice of words. Once again Buddy refused her.

“Cheryl, you’re 39 and a grandmother! Why on God’s green earth would you want another baby?”

He slammed down the NASCAR magazine he was reading and stormed out of the room. Her youngest daughter Kate ran to comfort her.

“Mom, what’s the big deal? Why do you want another k**?”

Cheryl held her daughter and wept. “Baby, one day you’ll understand.”

The next morning Cheryl typed excitedly, making plans to visit Mithras the following casino siteleri month to coincide with her fertile time. Decision made, she waited for her next cycle to begin.

Nervously Cheryl guided her car down the long dirt path to his home. A simple cabin in the woods adorned with carvings of bulls. He awaited her on his porch, with a lone wildflower in his hand.

She ran to him and was swept up into his arms. Their lips crushed together in passion. He carried her into his home and into his bed.

Their lips never parted as her clothing fell to the floor. The intense passion Cheryl was experiencing was nothing like she had even dared imagine! She did not even realize she was naked until his mouth broke from her’s and she fell backward onto Mithras’ bed. Standing before her he pulled his simple shirt and pants off while never breaking his gaze into her eyes. He smiles sweetly and then dropped to his knees before her and his smiling lips found her sex.

Unbelievable images flashed into her mind as she began to gush fluids out into his mouth. Never a ‘squirter’ before, her cum poured forth like a fountain soaking his bed linens and beard. Flashes of ancient art, erotic fantasies and the like filled her head. Her hips jerking up and down while his tongue filled her narrow sex and flicked across her clit. She had received oral pleasure before, but nothing in her limited experience with Buddy could have prepared her for the tongue-lashing she received at the skilled maw of this man. It almost seemed that his tongue was in several different places at once, even tickling her cervix!

Over and over again she trembled and came… and came again.

She didn’t even realize he had stopped for several moments.

Her eyes cleared, only to behold Mithras standing naked before her. His cock was only a bit longer than average, but my god how thick! She smiled at him and spread her thighs.

“NOW! Please god, NOW!” she cried.

He lifted her ankles beside his head and began to push into her.

Inch by inch he slowly pushed into her depths. His girthy glands stretching her, unlike anything she had ever imagined. She began to cum again…

Dizzy and lost in sensation she thrust her hips at Mithras. He let her set the rhythm and began the mating dance. Lifting herself almost completely off the bed she took him again and again. Sweat poured down her face, burning her eyes. She bit her hand to hold back her cries.

“Let yourself go little one,” Mithras sighed to her. “No one but we shall hear your screams…”

Decades of pent-up passion erupted from her soul. This was what she always dreamed of, giving herself COMPLETELY to her lover! Glad on gland, ovulating and fertile, waiting on the life-giving seed. She opened her eyes briefly to see his face: a mixture canlı casino of surprise and power, concentration and consideration. Yes, he would give her what her heart and body desired!

Another powerful orgasm washed over her, her hips thrusting against him impossibly fast. She felt him swell deep within her sacred space. Her eyes opening wide with the realization that this was the moment, she could never go back, her womb clutched at his hardness, demanding his seed.

“Are you ready little one? Are you ready to be a mommy again?” Mithras asked tenderly as the savage mating continued towards their climax.

“YES!” Cheryl cried out as they both came.

The rest of the day became a blur to Cheryl. She knew nothing but the intensity of her need and the extract of her orgasms. She who pass out from her pleasure, then be jolted to conscientiousness by Mithras’ powerful ejaculations.

Finally, she passed out and knew no more…

Cheryl awoke a bit later to find herself neatly tucked in bed. It was already dark outside and she realized that she must have slept for several hours. As she moved to exit Mithras’ bed, she noticed he had propped up her knees and placed a piece of cork into her vaginal opening to retain his fluids.

She made her way to the bathroom on trembling legs. Removing the piece of cork while standing over the toilet, she was not prepared for the gush of sperm that flowed out of her.

“My God,” she thought. “It looks like he came a gallon in me!”

As Cheryl cleaned herself she realized how her once tiny slit now stood gapingly wide. She dressed quickly and sought her host.

Cheryl looked about for Mithras but could not find him. Disappointed, she returned to her car, which she found with the door standing open and the key still in the ignition! Once inside she noticed a bright purple piece of paper on the passenger’s seat, opening it she read:

Little One,

The heavens have smiled on us this day.

I’m sorry you were unable to handle me, but I’m sure your
sleep will be peaceful and deep.

I had to leave for work. I’m so sorry to miss your waking,
and even sorrier that you drifted through the other two

In nine moons our son will be born.

Until then, remember me with the fondness I shall think of


Cheryl sighed deeply and pointed her car towards home.

Three weeks later her non-existent period told her everything. Two weeks later her violent morning sickness informed her family of her infidelity.

Then came the recriminations and accusations. Followed shortly by lawyers and court proceedings.

By the ninth moon following her encounter with Mithras, Cheryl was divorced and living with her oldest daughter and grandson.

Had it all been worth it? Cheryl had gotten her heart’s desire, only to lose her husband and custody of her two younger k**s.

The tingling in her clit intensified as she continued to pump the milk from her breast. Cheryl knew that in a few months she would once again take that long dirt path to the cabin, her ache not yet satisfied!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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