First Hot Extra-Marital Affair

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The life has multiple aspects and impacts on human life. Sometimes it moves straight and simple, like calm and quiet ocean and then suddenly it changes its routs, brings a lot of uncertainties and instabilities, becoming so rough and rude like an uncontrolled river, falling from the unseen heights to the unreachable depths, making us unable to see its beginning and the falling end. We just become so helpless and can do nothing but to listen to the nerve-rattling aqua sonic and surrender ourselves to the mighty waves to take us wherever they want. Because we can not go against the heavy flow and we can not survive forcefully into a rough sea and falling river the survival is only to surrender ourselves and keep floating on the water bed. I had been enjoying a straight and normal marital life till a year from now. Before I proceed any further, let me tell you briefly about myself..

My name is Wajid Ahmed and I am a 35 years old normal looking man. I belong to Bombay. I am not a handsome and cute person like so-called heroes of our film industry, but rather have an average good look with normal physic. I have been living in Kuwait, an oil-rich Gulf State since past 15 years and working in one of the governmental organizations here. I am married with three children and my family had been living with me till a year and a half ago. But due to some domestic reasons, I had to send them back to India. I frequently visit home and try to spend more and more time with them.

My life got a turning point when I remained alone after the departure of my family and started spending a bachelor life. I was still living in the same apartment alone and sometimes I felt so uneasy and lonely as I had been accustomed of living with my family.

I do not have more friends and I do not like to visit families since my wife is not around. So, I started spending more time in front of my computer, surfing different internet sites. I had been enjoying a very active and sensational sex life with my wife and we were quite satisfied with it. My wife is a very sexy woman, and she knows how to please her husband in bed. But now I started missing her and my sex hunger and desire grew day by day. I was in strong need of a female companion to fulfill and extinguish my sex desire. I had spent a clean and normal life and never had sexual contacts with any other woman rather than my own wife. It was my first ever xperience to be away from my wife since I got married with her.

I have a strong sex drive which led to love making session almost every alternate night. But now being away from her, it was very hard for me to control my desire for silky flesh. My hands became so eager and anxious to explore heights and valleys of a sexy woman and my fingers were so aching to move on a perfect soft body and to reach the depth of a hot and wet cunt. My thirsty tongue was missing badly a juicy pussy to lick all its sweetness and I was losing control against my strong sex desire to fuck a woman.

As I previously stated that I had spent a clean life and did not have courage to lure or induce a girl or a woman around me at my work place to get involved in extra-marital activities. Being alone at home, I started surfing net and incidentally, I came across some porn sites. Viewing nude and lustful teen girls showing their treasures and being fucked by their male counterparts, I became horny and my hunger and thirst for bringing a sexy woman under my legs reached its peaks and I did not know how to control my wild feelings. And ultimately that moment came into my life which completely changed it and threw me into the depth of rough and tough Ocean where I had become so helpless and surrendered myself in front of its might and strength. The flood of extreme sex desire later took me to an unseen world of joy and pleasure. It was HumanDigest and its erotic stories, which I came across during net surfing. I soon became a fan of it and spending more and more time in reading sexual experiences of different people around the world. Till that time I did not have any experience to share with other Human Digest fans but those stories really gave me much escort bayan gaziantep courage and strength to find a love one around me.

During those days, I noticed that a family had recently shifted in the next flat which remained unoccupied since past few months. There were only two flats in each floor so I new about its non-occupancy. Then one day I saw a couple emerging out from that flat. The man was so slim and unhealthy whereas the woman accompanied him was so beautiful and sexy. She was wearing a beautiful sari. As she was with that man and since we did not have any introduction, I just had a glance at her briefly unhidden her body secretes through her dress. She has an attractive face, with bright brown big eyes and creamy skin. From the outfit of her sari, I could easily feel that she has a perfect body.

It was our first meeting and I liked that woman (and being courageous by desi stories and due to the extensive sex drive), I had started fantasizing about her. Later I saw her in Salwar kameez and it allowed me a detailed look of her sexy physic. Her breasts were tight and carefully packed in a proper bra and her ass was so attractive and I could easily feel its beauty and tightness through her fabrics. Whenever I saw her alone or with her husband entering or exiting the apartment, I kept staring at her. At the beginning she did not notice my act but later she started responding positively. At one occasion, when our eyes met, I flicked my eye and she replied in the same way, giving me more courage to increase my activities towards herself. Then one day when I returned from my job, I found her waiting for the lift to go up. She was alone and it gave me a chance to say her hello.. She replied smilingly and we both entered the lift. I took that opportunity to introduce myself to her and so did she.

Let’s say her name was Salma and she told me that she lives in a North Indian City in India. I told her that my family was in India and that I was living all alone in my apartment. And then whenever our eyes met she threw a sexy smile at me and I noticed that her eyes were sending different messages to me. It was a Thursday, when I was off from my duty and went down to get my breakfast from nearby restaurant. When I returned back, she was already waiting for the lift. We exchanged smiles towards each other and since I was carrying breakfast I offered her to take Nashtaa with me, knowing the fact that her husband was already at work. Salma said that she would be glad if I could have my breakfast at her place. I did not believe on her words and accepted her offer. We had breakfast in a romantic atmosphere and then she came and sat besides me on a comfortable sofa. She was wearing a tight maxi, revealing her beautiful boobs and this sight arouse me and my cock started bulging and was clearly visible through my pyjama as I was in my night dress and was not wearing an underwear. She had a couple of glances at the jerking and bulging coke and was not able to avoid looking at it time to time.

She told me that she had completed three years of her marital life but had no child. Her husband was sexually weak and was not able to fulfil her sexual demand. While touching that sensitive subject, I imperceptibly moved towards her that she could not feel. I clearly saw the lust of our talk in her eyes and it made me so horny. I put my hand over her hand and pressed it passionately. Her response was so warm and positive as if she was waiting such a move from my side. I suddenly I pulled her towards me and planted a soft kiss on her pink lips. She closed her eyes with shyness and I further pulled her touching her lips with mine. She opened her lips and started kissing me wildly. It reflected her psychological condition which resulted due to the lack of sexual satisfaction. I was an unknown person to her and so was she to me. But both of us were hungry and dying for the satisfaction of our animal desire. We did not think about our social status, our religious boundaries, and our cultural values and actually we were not in a position to think all such things. The only and ultimate motivation to extinguish our sex heat kept us away from all such thoughts. My hands were freely and eagerly moving to explore her rock hard heights and green valleys over her dress. I was kissing her lips, her neck, her cheeks, squeezing her hard boobs with one hand and caressing her tight ass with the other. She started moaning with lust and pleasure and rubbing her hand on my hard-rock cock. She was not wearing anything but a beautiful silky pink bra and a panty of the same fabric. Her body was irresistible and reminded me my sweet wife who has the same attractive figure which can make anyone mad. I was continuously kissing and hugging her and she was getting hotter to the hottest. Her breaths were getting heavy and unbalanced. I unclipped her bra and her lustful bosoms were in full swing inviting me to eat and chew her erected pink nipples, and I did not miss a single minute and took her right nipple into my mouth and started sucking it heavily.

Her lust made her shouting and she started whispering in my ears.. Oh Wajid.., suck it with all your strength.. I am enjoying uhhhhh ahhhhh mmmmm and so on and it made me hornier and my hands picked more speed to bring her to peak of lust and pleasure. I moved my hands from her bust to her flat belly and then slipped it into her panty where her erected clit was desperately waiting for my finger to touch and rub. A 1000 volt current travelled through her body as I touched her clit with my finger and she started kissing all over my face wildly and hugging me with her full strength. I removed her panty and her shining, shaven pussy was In front of my eyes. I laid her down on the sofa and started licking the juicy lips of her pussy. I licked her clit and her moaning increased with each and every lick then I moved my dick to her mouth and asked her to kiss, lick and suck it. It was a new thing for her and she seemed to be a bid reluctant but I made her agreeable to do so. She hesitantly started licking my dick and it sent a great wave of pleasure in my body.. My dick was fully erected and throbbing into her hand. I forced my dick into her mouth and she gradually started sucking it. While sucking my dick, she was looking up at my eyes and her eyes were filled with lust, joy, pleasure and satisfaction. Since I was meeting a woman after many months and my anxiety and sensation was so high, I was not able to control myself.

The continuous movement of her lips on my dick build a quick and strong orgasm and I discharged my load into her mouth. A sudden pressure of my discharge did not allow her to understand what had happened and she had to swallow my salty liquid and remaining started spilling out of her mouth which she cleaned with a tissue paper. We laid on the sofa in each other’s arms for a few minutes to bring our heavy and uneven breaths in control. Suddenly, she got up and turned on the music system and played a classical Indian instrumental tune and started dancing. I must say that she was a very good classical dancer as she was performing her art in an exclusive musical session and she was totally nude.

I had never seen such a wonderful scene even on the screen whereas a live show was being held in front of my bare eyes. The curves of her lustful body were moving heavenly and it again brought my dick in its full length and hardness. I moved towards her and grabbed her from her thin waste and started kissing on her juicy lips and squeezing her boobs harshly. I lifted her in my arms and brought her into the bed room. We were licking and hugging each other. I made her so horny by the special touches of my fingers and she was ready for a tremendous fuck. I laid her on the bed and opened her legs apart and had a full view of her shining cunt. She was moaning with pleasure and saying please Wajid, put your dick in my hungry and tight cunt.. please give me the taste of great fucking which I have been missing I put my dick tip on the opening of her juicy pussy and applied a little pressure and it slid inside and then I gradually increase my pressure until it reached deep inside her tight vagina. She was shouting with pain and pleasure as her vagina was almost virgin and tight. I was pumping hard and fucking her wildly.

Her moaning and shouting made me hornier and I increase my thrusts into her pussy. Soon she recovered the pain and responding positively and started enjoying my dick into her deep pussy. Soon I controlled myself, as I did not want to cum quickly. I wanted to prolong my sexual encounter with a sexy and hungry woman so I slowed down my movement. I wanted to use all Kamasutra sex techniques which I learned and experienced with my wife. I wanted to make my ever first extra-marital sex encounter an unforgettable event of my life and at the same time I wanted to give the utmost sexual satisfaction of her life. I wanted her to just remember me for the rest of her life, no matter where ever she lives.

Salma was at the peak of her sexual pleasure. My lips were constantly busy extracting honey from her sweet lips, my hands were completing their basic and important task to ride and slid to an from her peaks and valleys and my throbbing iron-rod was making its way throughout her wet, hot and tight vagina, making her fly in the open sky of lust. Her legs were resting on my shoulders and she was moving her ass upwards while I pushed my dick downward hence allowing it to make contact with her womb wall, giving her utmost sense of fucking. Then I removed her legs from my shoulder and put them together and brought in front of my chest and face, making her lye in an L shape. I held both legs close to each other and this position squeezed her pussy muscles and made it further tight. Fucking her in this position for about a minute, I opened her legs apart in the air and in opposite direction from each other and it gave my dick a complete penetration in her deep pussy. Then I brought the legs in the same L position and pushed them back touching her breasts and stomach. I was getting heavenly pleasure whereas I can not express the lust and satisfaction she was experiencing. Suddenly, I felt that my orgasm was building inside me, but I still did not want to cum so I removed my dick out of her pussy to give it a little rest, while my finger was rubbing her erect clit to keep her warm and horny.

I must say that she had already had two orgasms till I removed my dick out. Then I asked her to lie on her chest and lift her ass upward. I rested my dick for about one minute out of the hot and burning atmosphere of her throbbing cunt before I reinserted it back into the wet waiting pussy hole. This position made her pussy muscles semi-squeezed and I was lying completely on her back and pulling my dick almost out and sending it deep inside with a single thrust. She was moving her ass faster and faster to get maximum taste.. Then I pulled her up making a doggy position but here I lost control over my orgasm and filled her cunt with my hot sperm and simultaneously she had her third and complete orgasm. I was so happy and so she was. We laid on the bad, kissing and hugging each other. Her eyes were glittering with long awaited pleasure and satisfaction. I asked her how the fucking session was and she replied that it was and probably will remain in my memories an unforgettable fucking I have ever had in my life to date. Then this relationship continued till five months. We did not miss any chance to have sex. I fucked her ass and made her familiar with another taste of fucking and opened many fucking horizons to her. As time went by, she became a perfect cock sucker and gave me utmost sucking pleasure which I can not forget. But one day she left for India permanently as her husband lost his job and decided to go back to India to start his own business. We still exchange messages through internet and she keeps inviting me to visit her place to revive our love-making memories. Readers, this has changed my entire life and gave me a new sex drive.

I am still living alone. My family is in India and I keep visiting them time to time but the gap between the two visits brings the same problems for me which I had been experiencing before meeting with Salma. I wish to visit Salma when I am in India.. But situation has changed now.. And do not want to disrupt her marital life just for my pleasure. But back to Kuwait, I am waiting for another Salma to come in my life and fill it with pleasure and lust.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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