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Floaty Fairy
We were walking downhill, towards the meadow. It was late spring, the air was filled with smells of nature awakening still, the sound of chirping birds and a warm feeling of comfort and energy. The trees’ leaves were green and if you looked through the thickness of them shielding us from the sun, the blue of the sky was shining through.

He was leading me through the forest, I was on a leash. We almost never do that, showing our relationship that open. But here, in the forest, in nature, different rules seem to apply. No one there to judge, no on there to taunt. I sometimes pulled the leash and laughed. I loved that I could play around and tease him and his dominance. There were no strict protocols, just play and safety. He looked back at me “No, puppet, be a good girl now. Follow me.” I took it all in, the flowers blooming, the sound the ground made when I stepped on it, the smells. I followed him.

We arrived at the meadow, a place covered in green grass, warmed by the sunlight. We were walking to the other side of it, our favourite spot. I pointed at the bag he had been carrying: “So what are we going to eat? I hope you didn’t forget the blanket, the ground is probably still quite cold.”. He smiled. “That is not what is in the bag.”

He came closer to me and unleashed me. He kissed my nose and let his hands wander. “Here? But we are outside, what if”, he stopped me there. He put his finger on my lips: “Shhhh, puppet, it is safe. I am here with türkçe bahis you. And who is in charge?” – “You are, Master”.

He kissed my forehead and slowly took off my dress, then my bra and then my underwear. There I was, standing, naked, just wearing my boots. He took my hand and we walked over to a majestic oak tree. He opened the bag and I caught a glimpse at what is in there. “Oh no!”, I thought and froze. But he pulled me towards the tree, made me stand with my back to it and kneeled down to get what he needed from his bag.

One moment without attention, a moment I seized. I slowly shuffled to the other side of the tree, hiding behind it. I crutched and chuckled. “He is not going to get me that easy!”, I thought. Naked behind a tree, hiding from the man to whom I have handed over all control more often than I could count.

I heard him sigh. I silently chuckled to myself. But then I felt an intense sting on my right ear. He found me! He pinched me really hard and then pulled me up and all the way around the tree, by my ear. Back onto the stage of the meadow. For a moment, I felt like a fairy, feeling free in the presence of nature, feeling free in the presence of my Master, feeling free on this stage.

He cuffed my ankles together. Now there was no way for me to run away anymore. He pushed me onto the tree, pinched my upper arms really hard and looked into my eyes. “You are going to stand still now, puppet. Do not move, you hear me?” I nodded. The pain tipobet in my arms made me hold my breath.

He took the rope out of his bag and started tying me to the tree. I could feel the rope against my naked skin, I felt it sinking into my curves and I started to relax. I felt safe. I couldn’t move but I felt free. I sighed and closed my eyes. I allowed the floaty feeling to carry me.

He was done. I tried to move. I couldn’t. I opened my eyes and saw him standing in front of me, fixating me with his eyes. Those eyes, filled with passion, need and primal dominance. I saw the flogger in his hand and I held my breath. It was going to hurt, it was going to sting, it was going to make me want more.

He started off slow, rhythmically, I felt the teasing tails barely brushing my naked skin. But the intensity heightened, and soon the teasing turned into a burning sensation that made me gasp for air and want more of it. I looked at him, his muscles tense, his face focused. I was floating in a space of bliss with him.

He came closer and brushed the flogger tails against my thighs. I moaned. “Oh, look who is all needy already. What does the puppet need?”, he asked while looking at me.

“Please can you fuck me, Master?”, I whispered.

“What makes you think you derserve that, puppet? You were hiding from me earlier. Do you really think you deserve a reward? Mmm?”

“I am sorry, Master. Please. I am sorry.”

He uncuffed my ankles and spread my legs for me. tipobet güvenilir mi I felt the roughness of the tree on my back. I had to stand straight, the rope didn’t leave me much room to move. He ran the tails of the flogger on the inside of my thighs, I moaned and started to beg: “Master, please, fuck me.”

He smiled at me. “I like it when you are begging, puppet.”

He pinched my left nipple really hard. I squirmed and squealed. I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed him, I needed him to use me. I looked at him, tears in my eyes “Please, please, Master, please make me come.”

He pulled both my nipples really hard. I gasped. “Look at me, puppet.”, he whispered. “You will come when I tell you to come.”


“Two.” He looked me in the eyes. Tears were running down my face from pain, pleasure and intense arousal.


“Four.” I moaned and he stopped for a second to observe me. He smiled.

“Five. Come! Come for me, puppet!”

And I did as I was told. My body did as it was told. A strong shiver of relief ran through my body. Finally! Relief! “Good girl”, he whispered into my ear. I suddenly felt something enter me and his fingers moved rhythmically in and out. I became ecstatic. I tried to move but couldn’t. He was in control. “Come when you need to, puppet. You are so wet, you must be exploding inside.” And I came. Hard. Over and over.

I was a floaty nymphomanic fairy. I couldn’t move but I didn’t want to move. I had my eyes closed. He was slowly untying me, I felt my skin untense, I felt my muscles relax more and more. He took my hand. He was naked now. He softly pushed me on my back, onto the wet grass. He spread my legs and entered me. I was one with him, with nature, with myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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