Friends Curious Daughter

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Friends Curious Daughter
We just arrived at the beach, the k**s were anxious to play in the sand, the wife was still checking nearby hotels to no avail, she sighed in frustration and set her phone down. Saying “there is nothing available” I said “We knew it would be difficult to find a hotel by the beach on such short notice. It’s only a 2-hour drive home, let’s just enjoy our time and drive home later” She agreed, and we set off to the beach.

We were having a good time, and finally decided to go and get some dinner. We found a nice restaurant and enjoyed a nice quiet dinner.

As we were leaving, we saw our day care provider (Luba) with her husband and k**s. It had been maybe 2 years since saw them. We stopped to talk to each other. After we got caught up on life events.

First let’s get up to speed on Luba’s family. They are a Russian family, Luba is 41 years old, about 6 foot 180 pounds a little chubby, but in all the right places, a beautiful woman. Her Husband Val, not much to say he is nice and makes a good living. They have 2 sons, who couldn’t make it as they had to work, and 3 daughters ages 20, 18 and 8. The oldest Sonja is a 20-year-old, beautifully shaped much like her mother. Elena the youngest is 8, a nice girl a little younger than my 2 boys.

And then there is Yulia, (who this story is about) she is 18, and just graduated high school. Due to her being born two months premature, she has not grown the way other girls her age have. She is 4 foot 10 inches tall, a very petite frame, weighs only 85 pounds. Her manner and intellect are much more mature even for her age, but due to her little girl looks, no one treats her like an adult. So, she can be very naïve on certain topics.

Luba asked “so are you guys staying the night nearby” My wife frowned and said, “no we didn’t book anything in time, and nothing is available, we were getting ready to drive back home after dinner” Luba chimed in and said, “we are staying in one of those communal style hotels, it’s just our family there and there is an extra four beds that we aren’t using. You guys are more than welcome to stay? The only thing is there isn’t much privacy”

My wife and I looked at each other. My wife said, “we would love that, it would be great to hang out and have a good time. Of course, we would want to pay our fair share!” Luba said, “we can’t except any money, everything was supplied by one of my Day care clients who owns the building. Plus, it will be great to have company” My wife and I agreed on one condition, that we will take care of breakfast.

We entered the Hotel. We were surprised to see that it was more like a military barracks. With 5 bunk beds 5 feet apart from each other. True there was a total of 10 twin beds, but no privacy. Luba and Val had already taken the first bunk, he was on top and she was on the bottom. The bunk next to them was empty so My wife and I were to take that one. I would be on the top and the wife on the bottom.

The girls and boys were in the other three bunks. Yulia had a bunk all to herself right next to us, apparently, she chose the top side.

We had a great night! The big problem we found was just before bed. It seemed everyone needed the toilet at the same time, there is only one restroom. I saw the 2 older girls looking antsy (like they really had to go pee) they walked hurriedly back outside, then two minutes later came back looking refreshed. I didn’t give it much thought at the time. Luba Came out of the restroom first she had changed into her nightgown, then it was Val’s turn, he came back out in only his boxers. My wife is kind of a prude and looked at me with en güvenilir bahis sitesi a shocked face. My wife came back in her ultra conservative nightwear. I decided to do the same as Val and came out in only my boxers. I noticed Luba checking out my crotch area, never even looking towards my eyes. I have a big beer belly minus the beer. My Wife gave me an embarrass pissed off look and turned the other way. I got up to my bunk and laid down.

My 2 boys were already in bed, soundly sleeping. The older girls ran into the bathroom and came back wearing short shorts and t-shirts. I noticed Sonja’s nipples poking through her white t-shirt, I could clearly see the shape and color of her nipples, she may as well of been wearing no shirt. Yulia’s shorts seemed even shorter than her sisters and kind loose on her petite frame, she had a blue t-shirt and don’t think she had a bra on.

I fell asleep rather quickly. I awoke a few hours later to the sound of a soft moan. I looked around to see where it came from. The moonlight coming in from the skylights lit up Luba’s bunk, it had highlighted her bed perfectly. She had kicked off her blanket, Then I took notice that her nightgown had ridden up to just above her bare naked and hairless pussy. The moonlight helped to give me an unobstructed view. It was awesome. I looked up to see her husband sleeping peacefully.

Then I heard the soft moan again, I turned to my other side to see the skylight highlighted Yulia’s bed as well. She was sound asleep, her eyes twitching, apparently having a really good dream, as the moon light shined right on her chest, I could clearly see her tiny nipples trying to poke through her t-shirt.

I turned my attention back to Luba and her beautiful pussy. Trying to take mental snapshots. This image will be with me forever. She was laying on her back with her legs spread! From this angle I could see her hairless pussy in all its glory. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her pussy. I was as hard as a rock! I could feel the precum oozing from my cock, beginning to soak my underwear. I decided to remove my boxers, before they got soaked. It would be difficult to explain if someone were to ask why my underwear was so wet.

I heard another soft moan coming from Yulia. I switched to my other side to watch her, during her obvious wet dream. Her body began to spasm in her sleep. She let out a whimper then a louder but still soft moan. Her eyes twitching in her sleep. Evidently, she just had an orgasm in her sleep. The smell of an aroused pussy was in the air, it was unmistakable.

I heard rustling coming from the bunk below, I couldn’t tell if it was my wife or Luba. So I pretended to be asleep, looking through the slits of my eyes, I saw Luba walking towards her daughters top bunk, Stopping midway, I could see she was staring at the middle of my bed. I was laying on my back with my head facing towards Yulia’s bed. She must have got out of her trance and went to check on Yulia. I could see she tapped Yulia on the shoulder and in a whisper said “are you ok” Yulia responded only with a “Mmm”

Satisfied that her daughter was ok and still sleeping she turned to go back to bed. She stopped again at my bunk, first looking at my face, apparently satisfied I was sleeping, brought her gaze back to my covers tented by my ultra-hard cock. I Shifted in my apparent sleep, which just happen to remove the covers, exposing my hard cock. She moved to the end of the bed, until she was sure I was sleeping, she stayed there for about 10 minutes just staring at my cock.
Then I heard Yulia say “Mom what are you” she stopped midsentence freebet veren siteler as her eyes followed her moms, now Yulia was staring at my hard cock. Her mom seemed to be at a loss, and went to the side of my bed, and reached over me to grab the covers and cover my naked cock.

Luba turned to her daughter and said “sorry honey I guess he likes to sleep the same way your father does” Yulia said with a giggle “you mean dad sleeps naked too” Her mom seemed embarrassed giving her daughter more info than intended, Calmly said go back to bed sweetheart.

Yulia said “Mom, I woke up and my panties are wet” Luba said “oh, is your bed wet” Yulia said “No I was having a great Dre…” she cut herself off realizing she didn’t want her mom to know she just had a very erotic dream. Her mom noticing her predicament, said “that’s ok honey, even I still have those from time to time, go and change your shorts and get some sleep. Within minutes they were both back to bed.

I found it really difficult to fall back asleep. My cock was so hard, it was difficult to train my thoughts on anything else for the rest of the night.

Dawn just started to settle in, I turned to the other side of the bed, and noticed Luba quickly turn her head and close her eyes, pretending to be asleep. I kept on staring at her. She must have changed positions as her head was at the other end of the bed. I guess it was easier to view me from the angle. But it also gave me a great view too. She shifted much the same way I did earlier, kicking the cover this time to the floor, exposing not only her pussy, but also her large breast, they hung to the side, her hard-pink nipples looked wonderful. At some point she took off her nightgown in the night. I took the sight in, I was awestruck.

Her legs were open showing off the gaping entrance of her hairless pussy. It was a glorious sight. I heard shuffling coming from Yulia’s bed. She was climbing down from her bunk. She went to her mom, picked up the covers from the floor and covered her mom. Her mom Grogily said, “Good morning sweety” Yulia said, “Good morning mom, I see you sleep naked too” Her mom said, “not normally honey, I just felt so hot it was the only way to get comfortable”
Getting up Luba said I need a shower. Once she left the room, 2 minutes later, I got up and walked towards the restroom, I could hear the tinkle of pee in the toilet. Then I saw Yulia walk up behind me and say, “Mom’s in there it could be awhile” I said I really need to go”. She bit her lip and with a serious look said, “follow me.”

She led us out the Back door to a fenced in corner of the backyard, went through a Gate, which was fenced on the other side. She said “here you can go here, it’s where we go when someone is using the toilet, no one can see you” I said “thank you and halfway closed the gate with her on the other side.

Just as I pulled my dick out, She opened the gate and came through, Yulia said, “sorry I cant hold any longer either”. She dropped her shorts to the ground facing me, as I was facing to the side of her. Her pussy had thinly groomed blond pubic hair, her slit looked tiny. She squatted to the ground and began urinating, my cock was half hard making it harder to pee, finally my urine began spraying out. She was mesmerized by my cock staring at it. As was I by her young little pussy. She was done peeing but kept in her squatted position staring at me.

She Said in a whisper, “Can I feel it” without waiting a response, she stood up with her shorts around her ankles and reached for my urinating cock. She took hold of it and began directing my urine at deneme bonusu veren siteler will and let out a giggle and said, “this is fun”

She noticed my cock getting harder in her hand and said, “I have never saw one or even felt one before, do they always grow like this” I said, When a beautiful young woman is holding it, yes it does” She smiled and said, “you think I’m beautiful” I said, “Yes I do, I never imagined you would have such a beautiful pussy” She smiled and said, “do you want to touch me too”

With my biggest grin I said, “I would love too, but first let me finish” She guided my cock left and right until my pee came to a stop. I said, “squeeze it from the base to the top and give it a little shake to get all the pee out” She did just as I said. Then she said, “I never knew one would feel this good” I just smiled and said do you like it?” She said, “Yes, it feels amazing”

I looked around and saw a picnic table. I motioned her to get up on top, to sit at the edge and spread her legs. She penguin walked to the table with her shorts around her ankles and crawled to the top of the top of the table sat at the edge and spread her legs.

Her pussy looked delicious exposed to me, I brought my hands to her pussy, parted her lips and began to manipulate her clit, I strummed her clit faster and faster. I brought my head down and sucked her clit into my mouth. She began having a massive orgasm and said “oh my god, it’s amazing, faster, harder… oh my GAHHHH” as her orgasm reached its pinnacle, I released her clit, and starred into her eyes. Her body trembling.

Her eyes were glazed over, she looked like a new woman. She said, “I have never felt anything like that before, is that how it always is” I said, “Depending on the partner it can be”. She looked at my rock-hard cock as my precum dripping to the ground and said, “what now”.

I said, “would you like to feel him inside of you?” She smiled and shook her head yes excitedly. I laid her on her back on the table, and raised her legs to my shoulders and said, “I’ll go gently, it will be painful if this is your first time” She nervously said, “I know, but I need this more tan anything”

I brought the head of my cock to her entrance watch as my head pushed into her opening. She was tight, I felt the resistance of her hymen, I pushed harder, and suddenly she pushed herself onto my cock, really hard, causing my cock to rip past her hymen barrier, she let out a harsh squeal of pain, I looked down to see just a little pinkish blood. We stood motionless for a few seconds.

Finally, she said, “keep going” I started slowly pushing all the way into her. She was really getting into it. I started going faster and faster, watching how my cock would enter and exit her sweet tight pussy. I was about to cum. I started fucking her hot pussy harder and faster, I pulled my cock from her and just as I pulled out with a loud pop, I shot my largest load, the first few shots hit her chin, then her t-shirt.

As I composed myself, I looked to her saw my spunk dripping from her chin, I reached up and using my hand wiped it off her chin and rubbed it into her already soiled shirt. I said, “I think you better take off your t-shirt and put it back on inside out.” She did just that giving me the first look at her little boobs, her nipples were tiny and very erect, they seemed to be straining the skin, I took the opportunity and took a nipple into my mouth and began fingering her pussy again. She had a massive orgasm once again.

We got ourselves decent looking, while giving knowing smiles and went back inside. Her mom was still in the shower. And everyone else was still sound asleep. I said, “You may want to take the first shower” She just said “ok” I said, “You know we cant ever tell anyone about this right” She just nodded her head.

We ended up leaving just after breakfast. I have since friended Yulia on social media. Who knows what will come next

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