Friends swap for the first time

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Friends swap for the first time
The two ladies stood across from each other, both nervous, and excited. They had been close friends for over 15 years. Julie had been the matron of honor at her friends wedding and Sharon had been the same for her friend.
Julie and Jim had been married for 10 years and Sharon and Dave for 9. Julie and Jim had become curious about swinging and had been surfing an adult site on the web. Julie was bi curious and so they had been looking for a couple with a bi curious wife and discovered an ad by their friends Sharon and Dave with the same interest.
Julie had some doubts at first about contacting them. But Jim pointed out that, why not, since knowing someone was better than strangers and safer. Finally Julie agreed and they answered the ad. At first Sharon and Dave did not know it was their friends answering their ad and only after answering back was it discovered. So after they found out, they decided that their secret was out, so they answered back and Julie called Sharon and they talked. They decided on a full swap of husbands and than themselves to experiment.
Sharon and Julie looked at each other and both laughed and traded husbands. The girls had agreed on separate room for the first time. No body moved, they just all stood there waiting for someone to make the first move. Jim really liked Sharon and she liked him. The four of them had been close friends for a long time, but this was far different. Finally Jim took her hand and led her off to one of the bedrooms.
With the door open they stood next to each other, knowing that they were about to have sex. Sharon said wow, who would have known after all these years we would be doing this? Jim said well are you sure you want to do this? Sharon oh yes Dave and I have talked for years about doing this and both of us want to so it, it is just never occurred to us that it would be with you and Julie.
Jim kissed her and there was passion in the kiss. He stepped back and asked will you undress for me. I like watching a woman take her clothes off for me. Sharon said ok, but it will be the first time for anyone except Dave. Jim said I think you are beautiful.
Sharon unbuttoned her top and slowly removed all her clothes as Jim watched. He was very hard by the time she was naked. Sharon was full breasted and slim at the waist. Jim looked at her and said you are beautiful and moved over to her.
Sharon could see he was up and hard reached down and rubbed his cock thru his pants and than unbuckled his belt and he removed his clothes. His 8 inch cock sprung free and Sharon looked down and said very nice and they moved to the bed. They wasted no time and Sharon spread for Jim and he slipped into her and went deep. She gasped and said oh yes good, you feel so good. .
After Sharon and Jim left Dave and Julie went to the other bedroom and stood looking at each other. Both laughed and Dave said well we are here. Julie said yes we are you ready for this? Dave looked down at his crotch and said looks that way. Are you? Julie said oh yes and said do me now. I cannot wait any longer. Dave moved over to her and turned her around and pushed up her skirt and pushed her panties to the side, bent her over and slipped his cock inside and went deep. Julie grunted and climaxed instantly. Dave rode bahis şirketleri her for a while and than pulled out and Julie stood up and turned around and kissed him with passion. Dave removed her clothes and she stood there naked and said like what you see? Yes and what we just did. You are a bad girl and Julie said oh yes I am and Jim likes me that way. I like you that way too. Julie dropped to her knees and took Dave in her mouth and sucked him hard. He grunted in surprise and grabbed her head and thrusted forward and exploded in her mouth and down her throat.
They moved to the bed kissing and Dave got naked.
Jim and Sharon could hear sounds coming from the other bedroom and it turned them on even more knowing what their partners were doing. Sharon said I am so wet as Jim moved in and out of her. Jim flipped them over and with Sharon on top she rode him. He played and sucked on her boobs. He looked up and watched her face as she rode him. They made eye contact and he could see the pure lust in her eyes. He took a chance and said I love fucking you. Sharon looked down at him and said I love you fucking me. She began to jerk and gasped cum and cried out as she climaxed. She fell forward kissing him passionately. Jim turned her over and went in doggie and road her hard and fast and exploded inside her pussy pulling out squirting over her butt and back.
Dave and Julie relaxed next to each other. They listened to their partners in the other room. They could hear the grunting and slapping sounds knowing what was going on. Dave said sounds like they are having fun. Dave asked Julie if her and Sharon were going to play that evening. Julie said I hope so, we did talk about it and are both interested. Dave was getting hard again talking about the two ladies getting it on. He said I would love to watch you go down on her and her on you. Julie noticed how turned on he had gotten talking about her and his wife and encouraged him by saying yes I am looking forward to licking her pussy. Dave pulled her to him and slipped into her for the second time that evening.
They fucked slowly for a long time. With a lot of kissing, they made eye contact and Dave could see how red her face had become and the lust in her eyes as he increased his pace. She grabbed his butt and moaned and said oh yes fuck me and thrusted against him. He rode her hard and fast and she cried our and grunted and started cumming and he gasped and jerked and squirted inside her and she feeling him cum climaxed with him.
The two couples met in the living room, all, with that I just got fucked look about them.
They all knew they had just fucked each other.
Jim said break time and time for drinks.
The ladies excused themselves and went to the bathroom to tidy up. While there they talked again about the bi curious stuff and what it meant to them. Julie took a risk and pulled Sharon close and kissed her long and hard. Sharon was breathing hard by the time the kiss ended and said wow that was so nice. Sharon pulled Julie to her and kissed her the same way and they stood in the bathroom kissing hugging and holding each other in loving ways, pressing their boobs together. Both were hot. Julie finally said I want to have sex with you. Sharon said I can tell and I do to and Dave wants me to and tipobet güvenilir mi it turns him on thinking and talking about it. Julie said I know we talked about it when we were together. I had a very good time with him. Sharon said Jim got me off twice; he is really a good lover. Lets get together again soon in front of each other next time. Julie agreed.
They kissed some more and Julie said I have some toys do you want to start with them. Sharon said sure sounds like a fun way to began, but I want to get very close to you soon.
They made eye contact and both knew what she meant. Julie said me too and we will.
The girls returned to the guys, both a little flushed and turned on by their kissing and intentions. Julie went to get her toys and Sharon turned down the lights and stood waiting for Julie. Julie and Jim had gone shopping for toys when they knew what the girls were planning.
Julie returned with her toys and joined Sharon in the middle of the living room, kissing her and asked ready? Sharon smiled and said yes but very nervous. Julie said me too.
Sharon asked what are we going to do? Julie said whatever we want and kissed Sharon again and they began. The guys moved into the shadows to watch their wives.
The ladies began with passionate kissing and after a while Julie reached over and unbuttoned Sharon and her boobs fell out of her top. She had not put her bra on from her time with Jim. Julie looked down and said very nice, Jim must have enjoyed those.
Jim quipped from the shadows, I sure did. Sharon than unbuttoned Julie and the two ladies each reached out and felt each other up.
Sharon said wow never have done this before. Julie gasped at her touch and Sharon tweaked her nipples and Julie said oh yes good and kissed her friend offering her tongue with the kiss. The girls stood kissing sucking on each others tongues with their naked boobs pressed together. Sharon whispered to her friend I am so turned on and so wet.
I love this.
Julie moved her hand to her friends butt and than slid her hand down and up under her friends skirt. Julie slipped a finger into Sharon. Sharon gasped and thrust forward and pulled Julie closer and rode the finger inside her. Julie pulled her finger out before Sharon could cum and said now you for me. Sharon slid her hand up and under and the two girls stood there kissing and fingering each other. Both were panting and hot.
The two girls finally parted and undressed each other and moved to the carpet naked and rapped up and rubbing against each other. Their legs sezzored and their pussies touched.
They were lost in each other. Their pussies were banging against each other as they did fucking motion.
They pulled apart and Julie grabbed one of the toys and slipped one end into her friend and the other into herself. The dildo disappeared into their pussies and they began to fuck each other. Sharon was on top and thrusting into Julie. Kissing passionately they fucked each other moving toward a climax. Julie gasped and her legs went up into the air and she shuttered and shook and said oh yes I am going to cum. Sharon was grunting as she thrust into her friend and said me too and the two ladies lost all control and both panting and jerking against each other came together. Suddenly it became perabet very quiet except for the sound of breathing.
They held each other in a loving embrace for a time until their breathing returned to normal. Julie looked up to her friend and said I love you. Sharon looked down to her friend and said I love you too. They moved apart and the dildo slipped out glistening onto the floor between them.
They were not finished yet as there was one more thing they both wanted to do. They held each other for a time with quiet kisses. Just feeling the experience they had just shared. Julie said that was incredible. Sharon said I came so hard with you.
Both had recovered from their intense high and were lying together. Julie made eye contact with her friend and said ready and do you still want to? Sharon looked back to her best friend and said I have wanted too ever since I realized I was curious about what it would be like to be with another woman. Dave and I have talked about it and he really wants me to do whatever I want. So yes I want to if you do. Julie smiled and said I think our relationship is about to change and gave her friend a long kiss and said I want to experience all of you.
They continued kissing passionately and soon were hot for each other again. They sucked on each others boobs and began licking down each others bodies as they turned around.
Soon they were in the position that would change them forever. They were ready to taste another woman for there first time. Sharon looked up at her friend and made eye contact with her and licked her pussy watching her friends face. Julie looked down at her friend waiting and watching as her friend licked her for the first time. At the touch of her tongue on her pussy Julie gasped and jerked, than turned to her friends pussy and the two ladies moved into a 69 licking each other.
Any doubts vanished and they intensely were licking and sucking on each others clits.
Fingers came into play and they fingered and sucked each other. They grabbed and rubbed each others butts as they ate each other. Lastly their tongues were inside and they tongued each other spreading for total access to each other. The girls made eye contact once again. Faces were flushed and wet from each other as their passion increased. They could see the pure lust between them.
The two guys sat in the shadows watching their wives getting it on. They were both naked by now and stroking their cocks. Dave said this is wild and Jim said oh yes the wildest.
The girls were totally into each other jerking and thrusting against each other, heads moving side to side moaning and gasping for air with their faces buried in each others pussies.
Julie cried out I am going to cum and Sharon pulled her tight against her mouth as her friend shuttered and gasped and pushed against her mouth and lost it completely and came gushing on her friends face and in her mouth.
Sharon cried out oh yes and Julie was back on her licking and sucking and Sharon gasped and said gonna cum for you and Julie pulled her in tight and her friend jerked and thrusting forward exploding on her friends face. They fell apart both gasping for air.
They guys joined the ladies on the carpet both with raging hardons needing attention. .
Jim turned to Dave and said, do Julie, I want to see you two doing it and moved over to Sharon.
The two girls turned over and rose up and the two guys moved into doggie and fucked each others wife. It was a short fuck and they both came inside each others wife watching each other.
The swap was now complete.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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