Getting Closer to Daughter’s Friend

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This is the same story as:

Just written from the male perspective.


She was gorgeous; you know those girls that are just effortlessly cute. Her swimming costume glistened with the water as she stood at the side sorting her goggles out. The black material reflecting the bright light from the fluorescent tubes high above, the water reflecting off her bare arms and neck But she was also my daughters best mate so I probably shouldn’t be imagining her bent over as making her squeal as I screw her.

Of course just because I shouldn’t, didn’t mean to say that I wasn’t, relishing when our paths crossed allowing me a sneaky glance down her top, or as she over took me, a long look between her legs as she kicked breaststroke a couple of feet from me. I imagined what she looked like with the thin, figure hugging material pealed off her, her youthful body slick with water as I did things to her in my mind that no female body was designed to take.

“See ya later John,” she said, snapping my attention back from my sordid imagination.

“Yeah, see ya later Fi,” I replied watching her as she got out and headed into the changing rooms.

I did another few lengths and got out myself. I instantly regretted the decision as I saw the crowd of kids and parents at the showers as I wished I had left it a bit longer for it to clear. I smiled at Fi as she tip toed around the bottles and kids as she headed for a cubicle. It did momentarily cross my mind if she was naked under the towel, but then, almost in slow motion, a kid ran passed her using the towel to help him change direction.

You know those moments that are slow motion, yet happen so fast. He laughed and continued on his game of chase, oblivious of the mayhem he had just setup, his sister or friend chasing after him as they disappeared behind a few of the parents. The towel slipped, not much, a few inches if that, but with her hands full, it folded down from under her arm, her bare back exposed down to her waist. It almost felt like I had time to casually walk up to her and catch the towel, but after a heartbeat I was staring at her naked ass.

She swore and fruitlessly tried to hide herself as the kids got told off by their parents as a good number of people just watched. She was naked underneath the towel, and now the towel was not hiding what it should. Her ass was so hot, and yet I was actually a bit gutted that she was facing away from me as the towel was gone, her hands were full and I bet the view from the front was a lot better. She scurried off to a cubicle and slammed the door.

I grabbed the towel off the floor and passed it to her under the door. She took it and I asked if she was okay. She said that she was, but her voice was shakey and she was clearly fighting back the tears. I got changed and waited in the car park to offer her a lift home. The male in me was so happy to have seen such a hot 19 year old girl naked, even if it was only from behind, but the dad in me felt sorry for her. A lot of people just saw her naked, ten or so from the front and there was no way she could have covered. Probably made their day; it made mine and I only saw her from behind, but for a 19 year old girl, it was likely fairly traumatic.

Just as I was beginning to doubt if I had missed her, she appeared from the doors and I flashed my lights. She recognised the car and came over. I offered her a lift which she accepted and got in. I can’t even remember what I said, hello, you okay, something equally as neutral but she burst into tears.

After a while she calmed down, maybe she just needed a good cry and she somehow managed to invite herself for dinner, and I was paying. I smiled at her when she caught me staring, I was actually staring at her legs, the angle she was sat at was showing a lot of leg, not enough to be indecent, but enough to draw my attention. I wondered if she was wearing underwear or not, logic said that she was, my hope said that she wasn’t. “What?” she asked defensively sweeping her hand down the front of her skirt checking she was covered.

“Oh, nothing,” I said, very aware I had just been busted gawping at her legs, “You do have a cute ass, if it helps…”

She laughed, “Not really, but thanks.”

“Not that I was looking,” I defended.

“Yeah, cause not,” she said still smiling at me and holding my gaze a little too long.

Now it was my turn to be defensive, “What?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing, can’t believe you saw me naked,” she said shaking her head.

“From behind,” I answered without thinking.

“Don’t sound so disappointed,” she replied still holding my gaze.

“Sorry,” I answered, unsure what to say or do.

“Is okay,” she said back, “I would have looked, roles reversed.”

We headed back to mine. I gave her my credit card and headed upstairs for a shower. The image of her cute naked body scurrying away in the changing rooms allowed my hand to wander to my penis. I was semi erect, and after a escort bayan gaziantep few strokes I was stood to full attention. “She is young enough to be your daughter… literally…” I said to myself as I finished showering and got dressed,

She was sat on the sofa, her legs tucked up underneath her as she watched TV. She was wearing a white blouse which was see-through enough to just about make out her white bra underneath it, her black skirt stopped above the knee, high enough to be sexy, but long enough to not be slutty. She handed me back my wallet, leaning forwards onto her legs as she did so. “Thanks,” I said, my eyes flicking down her body pausing for a second; she was wearing panties, black ones, before returning to her eyes. I threw my wallet onto the empty sofa and settled down opposite her.

The pizza arrived and it got eaten quickly between us, conversation ebbed and flowed throughout the evening and into the night. It was like sitting with my own daughter; we were relaxed in each other’s company. I am not sure if she just got more comfortable, or whether she was just getting drunker, but as the evening wore on the conversation dipped to “saucy” a few times, and she was less careful how she moved. The odd glimpse of her panties became more frequent and I had to shift my position to hide my excitement.

The strip poker episode of Friends came on, which caused the usual unease of watching stuff like that with your parents / kids. “Ever played?” I asked, partly to break the silence, but also I wondered if she had,

“Maybe,” she replied coyly.

“Oh really,” I pressed.

“Yeah, maybe,” she said sipping her drink.

“Did you win?” I pressed.

“Never said I played yet,” she said smiling at me and looking at me.

“Well…” I pressed again.

“Have you?” she asked.

“Not really,” I replied being honest, maybe she would spill some good stories, “someone always wimped out in my day.”

“Spoil sports,” she said sticking her tongue out at me.

“Sooo…” I asked again, not really wanting to push it or sound like a total perv.

“Yeah, played a few times,” she answered after a few moments.

“Win?” I asked looking at her.

“Win some, lose some,” she said matter of factly.

“Hehehe,” I laughed, “Awesome. No one wimp out?”

“Sometimes, but not usually, just set any limits before hand,” she replied.

“What were your li…” I started but stopped myself.

She just smiled at me and didn’t say anything. She took a sip of her drink and looked at me. “Do you really want to know?” she asked.

“Depends if Sarah was there and how far you went…” I asked, my mind imagining a full on no limits game with all sorts of sexual deviance going on.

She looked at me confused for a few seconds before her eyes widened, “Oh god no, nothing like that,” she said smiling. “What do you take me for?”

“I did wonder,” I said, somewhat relieved she hadn’t done that sort of game. I’m sure she or Sarah were no longer virgins, but thinking about it felt wrong.

“Just clothes,” she clarified.

“All clothes?” I questioned.

“Sometimes, yeah,” she said sounding a little shy.

“You ever lose all?” I pressed again.

She just nodded and looked at me. I smiled; the thought of her shyly and begrudgingly taking off her panties was making me very horny. “Well done for going through with it,” I said downing the rest of my drink.

She also downed hers and said, “My turn I guess,” as she stood up giving me another flash of her panties and headed to the kitchen. She handed me a bottle and settled back down again. I so wanted to continue to quiz her on strip games, but it is a fine line between genuine friendly intrigue and just being a pervy fucker, so I drew the line on the side of caution.

We chatted for another hour or so before I asked if she wanted me to call her a taxi, or if she wanted to stay. She decided to stay, which was fine so I made her a drink and we headed up stairs. I let her use the bathroom first, waiting patiently for her to finish before going in myself. On the way back I tapped on her door. I had forgotten that Sarah had moved her stuff to the spare room as a walk in wardrobe type thing. “One sec,” she blurted back, the sound of panic in her voice was obvious.

Was she naked? “Damn, should have just walked in,” I said to myself jokingly. “Sorry,” I said, “Sarah keeps her stuff in the spare room now if you want something to sleep in.

“Nar, will be okay,” she replied after a couple of seconds.

“Okay,” I replied and headed to my room. I had washed Sarah’s bed sheets along with her pyjamas, and I knew that she didn’t have any in that room. I wondered if she was sleeping naked, I guessed at the most she was going to be only wearing panties as my hand once again wandered between my legs. I took myself in my hand and imagined her stripping down, sliding her blouse off and her skirt before unclipping her bra and shrugging it off, slowly pushing her panties down exposing her pussy before climbing into bed naked. “Was she trimmed?” I asked myself, “or natural, or shaved entirely?”

I closed my eyes and stroked myself, I didn’t last long, I barely got to the bit where she took over in my imagination, grabbing a tissue to catch the cum just as I orgasmed. I slipped some shorts on and went to sleep.

“Higher or lower than a five,” Sarah asks.

“Higher,” I say as she sits next to Fi, both of them visibly excited as a three appears.

“Ooooo,” Fi says as I take my top off.

“Higher than a three,” Fi says confidently revealing a nine.

“Erm, lower,” Sarah says and curses as a king appears ,but takes her jeans off. She is down to her underwear, Fi is wearing jeans, panties and a bra and I have shorts and boxers left.

“Lower,” I say as a four is revealed.

“Higher,” Fi says revealing a five.

“Ooooo,” Sarah says, “Higher.”

A Queen appears and she visibly looks relieved; she is down to the interesting items, topless or bottomless next loss.

“Lower,” I say as a seven appears.

“Erm… lower,” Fi says hesitantly

“Crap,” she says. Standing up and kicking her jeans off.

Eight of hearts is in the deck, and Sarah is down to her underwear. “Higher…” she says closing her eyes.

Jack appears much to my disappointment. “Lower,” I say confidently, but another jack is drawn. “Redraw?” I ask.

“Nice try,” Fi says, “Draw is loss, drop em.”

I remove my shorts, realising I am only wearing boxers now, but try not to show my nerves. Sarah smiles at me. I am playing a strip game with my daughter and her best mate?

“Lower,” Fi says, but loudly curses as a King is drawn, “Oh, come on!”

“Oh dear,” Sarah says, “Boobies or kitty?”

Fi just stares at her, but after a few seconds unclips and removes her bra immediately covering herself up with her arms.

“Lower,” Sarah says, which it was, a three.

“Higher,” I say somewhat relieved when a nine appears.

“Erm…” Sarah hesitates, “lower, statistically it has to be lower,” she says trying to convince herself.

A ten appears. “Boobs or kitty…” Fi says to her, the tone of her voice clearly reflecting the tease of the same question Sarah asked her a few moments earlier.

She looks at me, but I just shrug and watch as she takes her bra off. She didn’t bother covering herself, her apple sized breasts in full view; I couldn’t help but stare for a few moments, my eyes drawn to her hard, peanut-sized nipples. She avoided my eyes, glancing at the floor shyly as she sat back down again.

“So ten John… higher or lower,” Fi asks smiling at me, “one round shoot out… next loss is embarrassing for us all… doubly embarrassing for us.”

I looked at them both nervously, Sarah was casually covering her breasts as she waited for my move, Fi had her arms vertically in front of her chest covering herself totally. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as as said “Lower,” as convincingly as I could and couldn’t help but celebrate as a four was drawn.

“Higher,” Fi said which it was revealing a seven. “Oh dear, 50/50 Sarah, for your panties,” she added smiling.

Sarah hesitated as she looked at the card. Aces were low, so it was a 50/50 call, flip a coin and do you feel lucky. She looked nervous and looked at me;, I avoided eye contact with her. My daughter and her mate were sat a few feet away, wearing only a small pair of panties as I sat wearing just boxers. “Lower,” Sarah said after a few moments as Fi turned the card over in slow motion.

She held it so only she could see it and flashed a smile at Sarah. She placed the card down revealing a queen, “Oh dear… kitty is gonna be on show…” she teased.

“Fuck,” Sarah blurted.

“Language,” I snapped instinctively although in the situation I guess it was acceptable, she did however mutter an apology.

Fi smiled at Sarah as she slowly stood up and then at me as I just stared silently. Her white panties hugged between her legs as she stood up, using her thumbs around the waist to neaten them up as she looked at me for a few seconds. “When was the last time you saw your baby girl naked?” she asked me with a smile.

“Dunno,” I replied, genuinely, thinking about it; I don’t think I have ever seen her naked.

“I don’t think he has,” Sarah said quietly, “Well not since… I grew up.”

“Always a first time,” Fi replied, “Quick or slow…”

“We could call it a draw and stop,” Sarah said.

“Yeah you wish,” Fi replied instantly looking at her.

“Okay, fine,” Sarah said hooking her fingers into the elastic of her panties, “Bitch,” she added with a wry smile.

“Yeah, yeah, let your daddy see your kitty,” she said with a mischievous smile.

Sarah looked at Fi, who just grinned at her; I just maintained an uncomfortable eye contact with her. “One down, one to go John; don’t fuck it up,” I heard Steve say. It was then I realised that the room was full, work mates and friends, the receptionist looking at me half naked as well as some of the people from the changing rooms.

“No,” I muttered; it was a dream and the scene slowly fades to nothing and blackness.

“Fuck,” I mutter to myself as I wake up. I shift my weight and feel the wetness in my shorts from my inevitable wet dream. I just stare at the ceiling for a while before kicking the covers off.

I get up and go to the bathroom. I listen for a few moments outside the room Fi is in but don’t hear anything. I gently tap on the door and pause, followed by a second tap, “Yeah?” I heard a sleepy voice reply.

“Cuppa?” I asked through the door.

“Please,” she replies.

I go downstairs and make her a drink as well as my own. I get the paper off the porch and have a quick scan of the headlines, nothing exciting. I go back upstairs with her drink and tap on the door again. “Yeah,” she replies sounding much more awake this time.

I hesitate for a second, “Can I come in?” I confirm.

“Yeah,” she says as I open the door and go in.

The covers from the bed are round her feet and she is laying on her side facing me. Sarah’s t-shirt drowns her, clearly too baggy on her due to her tiny size, but even with its size it manages to stop just below her belly button. My eyes snap to her panties, the black material disappearing between her legs. “Sleep okay?” I manage to stammer dragging my eyes back to her eyes.

“Yeah,” she said smiling at me, “You?”

“Becks does the job,” I reply and placing the drink on the bedside table.

I turn around and start to leave when she says, “Thanks for yesterday.”

“No problem,” I reply turning around to face her again. My eyes once again diverting south,. I wondered if she knew her panties were on show.

“Thanks, really appreciated,” she added.

“Hey, cost of a pizza for a peek of an ass is a small price,” I reply.

“Perv,” she says playfully teasing her t-shirt up with her finger tips.

I swallow hard as I watch more and more skin get exposed. She stops just below her boobs, seemingly oblivious to the show she is putting on. “I can see your… erm…”

“Stop looking then,” she replies matter of factly.

Was she teasing me? I looked at her confused, “Fuck me Fi,” I breathed as she lifted her leg in a way that just oozed fuck me in my mind, “You will give me a heart attack.”

“Stop looking then,” she repeated.

I headed towards the door, not really sure what to do, but just as I got to the door she repeated my name and I turned around. “Oh…” I breathed. She was knelt on the bed, her legs open slightly as she slowly lifted her top again. She lifted it higher and higher; maintaining my eye contact I felt my penis twitch as the bottom of her breast came into view. “Do you have a bra on?” I murmured, my eyes not deviating from the sight in front of me.

“Nope,” she said matter of factly, lifting her top up and off, her small perky teenage breasts pointing straight at me. I was grateful for my shorts as without them I would be pointing straight back at her again. I just mumbled nothingness as she dropped her shirt to the floor and teased her thumbs around the elastic of her panties. She was just smiling at me, “Wanna see?” she asked gesturing down and as my eyes met her hand, she pushed it down the front of her panties seductively. She closed her eyes before withdrawing her hand, “Did she just finger herself?” I ask myself.

I just mumbled, my eyes locked on her as she got off the bed and stood in front of me half naked. They were Sarah’s panties, high leg, stopping just short of being a thong, but the cut just about giving full front coverage. They were a bit baggy; Sarah wore size 10 underwear, I did her washing, but Fi was a fair bit smaller, size 8, maybe a tight size 6. “What you wearing?” she asked.

“Shirt and shorts,” I replied hiding and covering my erection that was doing its best to escape my shorts.

“Wanna see me naked?” Fi asked, her fingers toying with the elastic of her panties as she bit her lip.

I said yes, but no sound came out. Was I dreaming? She just smiled at me and looked down her body then back at me again. “Count down from three,” she said wrapping her thumb and finger around the thin strip of elastic either side of her hips.

I counted down, almost silently, waiting to wake up, but as I finished the word “one” she bent over and stood back up again in what seemed like less than a second. My eyes flicked up and down her body as she twisted her foot up to her hand taking hold of the panties. “Oh wow,” I muttered. She was naked, holding her panties and not covering herself; her neck, her breasts, delicate slender legs, tiny feet, and naval piercing glinting against her flat tummy.

She was shaved hairless, the lips of her pussy exposed as I just stared. I had never seen a girl hairless before, not in real life anyway. She threw her panties at me which I caught and held them; they were warm to the touch still as I squeezed them. I paused for a second, were they wet? Before I could tell, Fi approached me, stopping less than a foot between us, I breathed in deeply through my nose, her smell was almost intoxicating.

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