Grammy Was My First and Best! Part 1

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Grammy Was My First and Best! Part 1

In the summer of 1974, there were no cell phones, porn movies were rare and boys learned about sex from d**g store magazines and their families. In my case, there was a weekend with Grammy……

I was spending the weekend with Grammy as Mom and Dad were going on a business / vacation trip and my sister was spending the weekend at our cousin’s home (they were all girls).

Saturday morning, Grammy and I got up early and we worked hard in her garage. Gramps had died a year earlier and she had decided I was her perfect helper for going through stuff in his shop and deciding what to keep and what to throw away. So we started off with his tool crib and things she thought she might use I carried over and put on his big work bench and the other stuff (like a huge set of iron ice tongs) I took over and piled up on an old farm wagon to be auctioned off.

Grammy had a sleeveless blouse on and a pair of shorts. I kept walking over to her and catching an opportunity here and there to look down and see her nice big tits in their lacy white bra. The cups were satin, I know now. Then I just thought they were really neat and shiny. And when she would bend over and her shorts would show off her long legs that still had a really nice shape to them… well I even remember telling her she looked really pretty and asking if she ever thought about marrying another man. She had blushed and then said something about how, at times it would be nice to have a man around. I remember her cheeks were flushed and I said something about, “I would love to be your man and help in every way that Gramps did!” She had just turned redder and asked me to go ahead and start looking through Gramps office, she was going to go wash up a little and make us some lunch.

Now Gramps had this big old roll top desk where he would sketch out plans for things he was building. He also kept all kinds of things, little wooden toys he had made in there as well as odd tools and nick knacks from places he had been. I pulled open one drawer though and it was full of magazines. The top three or four were parts and tool supply catalogs but then under that was a Playboy and then some other canlı bahis skin magazines that were written in a language I could not read! But I knew one thing, this was the type of stuff the guys at school were always talking about and I was not going to let Grammy throw them all away!

I found an old rucksack from Gramps days in the Army (he fought in Africa and then Italy and finally Germany itself!) and I pushed four or five of the magazines into the bottom of the pack and then put tools and some other things Grammy had let me claim. I put the bag out of where Grammy would notice and then I went back into the office to look at some of the other magazines.

I was getting hard and had been rubbing myself without really noticing when Grammy came in to tell me to wash up. When I jumped up, the magazine fell to the floor and the naked centerfold was there in all of her glory. But what was more was my little pecker was standing straight out and there was a wet spot on my shorts where the tip was pushing out the most! Grammy looked at me, looked down at the magazine and back at me. She then slowly squatted down in that lady like fashion of hers, not taking her eyes off of mine until she was all of the way down. She looked down and picked up the magazine and leafed through a few of the pages and then moved her hand to the top button on her blouse. Without looking up at me she said, “Well,…” and then fanned her blouse open and back a couple of times before raising her eyes. I saw her eyes grow large as she found herself staring at my bulge from just inches away. My own eyes were big as silver dollars having just seen all of the way down my Grammy’s shirt!!!

She looked to the side and lifted the magazine up to me and said, “I think this belonged to your Gramps. He probably would laugh, knowing you had it. Just don’t let your parents find it.” I reached out slowly to take the magazine from her and she looked up at me. Her blouse was undone to the point that her bra cups were nearly completely visible and she made no effort to hide them, even when she noticed me looking down her shirt. Instead, she stood up slowly and turned toward Gramps’ workbench. “You probably need to go get a shower before we eat, Bryan. bahis siteleri And take your time.”

I did not say a thing, I just turned and went over and put my magazine on top of a pile of other things I wanted and walked out of the shop. I got almost to the backdoor of the house and decided I had better go apologize to Grammy. She had looked upset when I walked out, so I turned and ran back to the open door to the workshop.

I could see Grammy through the doorway before I got near the door and when I realized what was going on I jumped to the side. Grammy was still at Gramps workbench, but her top was nearly all unbuttoned and she was leaning back against the bench, and her hand was between her legs….inside her unzipped shorts!!! I stood there with my heart pounding in my ears and decided to sneak around and look in and see what was really happening from the side window to the shop. Sure enough, Grammy was still leaning back on the bench but she had pushed her shorts and underwear down to her ankles and she was running her fingers through a fleshy set of pussy lips in the middle of a pussy covered sparsely with light brown hair. Her other hand was flat on her chest and as I watched, she slid it down and inside of her bra. She gave herself a couple of squeezes and then my eyes nearly popped out of my head. She gave a single shoulder shrug and then she pulled her nice full tit up and out of her bra, the hard brown nipple capping the end of it between her fingers as she gave her breast a nice tug.

She was not the only one tugging. I pulled my shorts down over my butt and started stroking my cock. I had only recently begun masturbating and I had never done it outside. The warm sun and cool breeze blowing over my normally covered parts only made it all that much more exciting and I spit in my hand and started stroking as my eyes traveled down Grammy’s body to what her fingers were doing between her legs.

She was using just two of her fingers and unlike the magazine the girls in magazines, she was just slowly rubbing them around in circles up at the top of her pussy. I watched as she would slide them down and get them wet and then slightly part her fingers, trapping a little bit of really pink flesh canlı bahis siteleri between her fingers and then she would slowly slide them up and down just a little or move them in circles as her other hand squeezed and caressed her breast.

I had never thought of my Grammy as being sexual. Dad had said that Mom looked a lot like what Grammy did a few years ago. Mom was one of the women I fantasized about while cumming. She looks really good in her two piece bikini by the pool and if I time it right, I can sometimes see her getting dressed in the morning. She keeps her pussy shaved. Grammy did not, but there still was not a lot of hair down there. I could see her fingers getting faster and faster as they were rubbing.

She lifter her tit up and sucked the hard nipple up into her mouth and really started rubbing harder and faster on her pussy. I was speeding up too and I knew I was not going to last long. Then Grammy opened her mouth and let out this long groan that I could just hear through the closed window. She slapped herself between the legs a couple of times real hard (hard enough I could hear it and then she grabbed herself real hard and started shuddering.

That was all I saw, because I started cumming right then, shooting out thick white spurts of stuff all over the white wood siding of the shop. I’m not certain I had ever had a better orgasm than that one before! Seeing Grammy, Mom’s mom, doing those things after having seen her star at my own prick bulge… well that just sent another quivering thrusts of my hips into the air, spraying everything with my spurts!

I glanced into the shop and Grammy was now lying on the workbench, her legs spread, fingers lightly pulling on the hairs down there that all seemed wet. I watched her chest rise and fall and I knew she was as out of breath as I was. I shook my now softening cock a few quick times, trying not to get more stuff on my shorts or under wear before I pulled them up and took off to the house to get my shower.

If you remember back to those times, all of this may sound real familiar! This was how the weekend with Grammy started, but there was more to come. Yes, I have some wonderful memories of my Grammy and if you would like for me to share them with you , I would like to have a comment from you about whether you ever touched your Grammy or Gramps? Leave me a thumbs up at least if you enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Then look for part 2.

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