Hot Black Latino Phone Chat Hook Up

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Hot Black Latino Phone Chat Hook Up
This took place a few years ago before I had a computer or a cell phone and before I knew about hook up sites. As always the name has been changed but this is how it happened.

I rushed home from work, changed my clothes and threw some more in my overnight bag and hit the road. It was going to be a long ride – bout 3 hours and I didn’t know if I was wasting my time, and gas. I had been to several ABS and even a few saunas, and knew it could be hit or miss. You see several weeks ago while traveling to an out of state conference with friends I had spotted the ABS sign just off the interstate. Plus I noticed two national motel chains at the same exit. “Sweet” I thought as we drove by. I don’t play near home as I live in a very small town.
It was after 9PM when I reached the exit, so I thought I better get a motel room first. Fortunately I chose the one where every room had an outside entrance. At the time I didn’t know what a wise choice it was.

After checking in I went to the ABS. For a Friday night I was disappointed not much going on. It was after 11pm when I decided to leave as I was tired and thought “hopefully tomorrow would be better”. I picked up the local gay newspaper on my way out.

I went back to my room and started to read it, to see what else the area had to offer. The meet local men for hot action ad caught my eye. The ad said the calls were free. This was a first for me and I was horny and it wasn’t going to cost me anything. I called and set up my profile, and recorded my greeting. Well I soon learned it wasn’t totally free, yeah you could listen to profiles and greetings and send replies, but to hear private messages to you, you had to pay. I got out my credit card and paid to play. The cool thing was you could sort by age, ethnicity, body type, sexual position etc. I listened to the profiles and greetings for men who described themselves as “into oral, black or African-American, and looking to hook up” With nothing to lose I left a message for a 23 year old husky football player built 6’3 black guy. Never expecting to hear from him, but his voice was so deep and sexy I was hard just listening canlı bahis şirketleri to it.

I woke up early the next morning with a woody. I could hardly sleep, and didn’t even get out of bed, stroking my less than average size piece, I just called in to see who might need early morning relief.

“Ding – Ding” – you have mail. I quickly listened to the reply message from the guy I left a message for. Then the auto operator says “This caller is on line now, you can leave an instant message” This caused my dick to wake up even more. Of course I sent an instant message. And instantly I got a message back in a deep husky voice, “call me RIGHT now within the next 5 minutes only,” and he left his number.

I quickly called and he said he was looking to have his cock sucked now and would be right over. He knew the Motel I was at, and I gave him my room number. Having an outside entrance was handy. He said he would be there in 15 minutes.

Then reality set in. What was I doing? I am average size, average looking, 40 something year old white guy with a passion for sucking cock particularly of men of color. I had just invited a big strong black guy who was 20 years my junior to my motel room and whom I knew nothing about and whom I had had a two-minute conversion with. Giving a blow-job in a bookstore or at a rest area was one thing, but inviting someone I hadn’t even met before was another. Would he rob me, hurt me, be satisfied with only a blow-job or force me do something I didn’t want to do and **** me? Plus no one knew I was here.

When my co-workers asked “Any plans for the week end” “Yeah I’m traveling to the city to see if I can get some cock to suck” wasn’t the answer.

I really didn’t have much time to worry about it. In less than 15 minutes there was a knock on the door. With excitement and nervousness I opened the door. Oh shit! A cop. The headlines of my hometown newspaper flashed through my mind: Local man arrested out of state soliciting sex. (Maybe I wasn’t fully awake yet) After a few seconds of me not saying anything he said “ I’m Diego.” Relief swept over me and I invited him in.

Once inside I could see canlı kaçak bahis how stupid I was, it was a security guard uniform, but just as crisp and tight fitting as a police uniform and with black polished shoes. Diego was a dream come true: tall, a very dark complexion, muscular and very handsome. Not only was he Afro-American descent but also Caribbean Latin too. Two of my favorite men all in one.!! We shook hands; we didn’t know each other well enough to do more. I gave a little squeeze to the bulge straining in his pants. He took off his shoes and then started to undress carefully placing his shirt and pants on the bed. I was able to drink in the beautiful sight of his smooth toned, dark body; I took off my t-shirt so I was just in a pair of gym shorts. And I knelt down before him. I pulled down his boxers and allowing his 8 eight inch uncut Afro- Latin man meat to be free. This was going to be a challenge. I was up for it and he was definitely up. I licked the hard shaft up and down and all around, while caressing his nuts sack, getting ready for me to begin pleasing him like I wanted and like he deserved. I ran my tongue under the foreskin and coached the head out from its hood.

I took the head in my mouth and then stated to take a few more inches in my hot mouth. I am only 5’10” and I knew this wasn’t going to work. Diego wanted to remain standing and stepped out of his boxers. I grabbed the hotel pillows and the bedspread spread I had already folded up and placed them on the floor to give me the height I needed. I turned on the TV for some background noise. It was early and I didn’t want to disturb the other guests with other noises cumming from the room.

I then started to go to work. Four inches was easy even though he has pretty thick. I continued to work this magnificent Caribbean sausage and soon had 6 inches gliding in and out of my throat. His musky black man scent so different than a white’s man scent was urging me on and I could taste his salty pre-cum. I knew I was going to need some help so I placed Diego’s big powerful hands on my head. The only sounds in the room I could hear was my slurping noises bahis siteleri canlı and his oohhh yeahs as he slowly guided my head down the entire 8 inches of his hot black Latino dick. Once I could take it all he picked up the pace and gave my throat a nice work out for about 15 minutes, never rough but sensual. My hands were planted on his firm ass cheeks and I was helping him go as deep as he could too. His moans and the intensity of his oohh yeahs told me I was doing something right.

My jaws were getting tired, and I was afraid I was I was going to have to take a breather. Then I felt has cheeks tighten and the grip of his hands tighten too has his breathing got heavier and his oh yeahs louder and louder. Good thing I had thought to turn on the TV.

With me clenching his ass cheeks and pulling him in, he didn’t have to ask where I wanted him to cum. With a few more quick and deep thrusts his big cock swelled and then pulsated as his sweet cream was exploding down my throat. 4 big creamy shots followed by several small rocket shots. I am holding him tight and deep into my throat and his hands have left my head and are griping my shoulders for balance. I am savoring and swallowing all of his hot man juice he is giving me. No jizz escaped from my mouth.

We relaxed and I got the last remaining drops and licked him cleaned as he pulled out. “Man o man” he said, “that was great- thank you” I said NO- THANK YOU!. He grabbed his clothes and went into the bathroom. When he came out, he said he had to get to work. I smiled and said not yet. He looked puzzled. I pointed to his fly. His shirttail was sticking out of his fly. He smiled as he tucked it in and zipped up. We hugged and said we would need to do it again.

For the next several years until I moved to far away for work, whenever I was down and he was on line if he could, he would always stop by for that service he deserved and I so enjoyed giving. We shake hands, hug and get right down to business. I started to bring a stool to sit on which put me at the right height to enjoy his man scent and his tasty meat. We never did anything else but blow and go, but it worked for both of us. I never saw him in uniform again as he got another job. But no matter how he was dressed he looked hot.

The rest of the weekend picked up and after a few trips I had 7 hot Latino and/or black guys, plus a white guy I could service on a regular basis. I have to get back there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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