Hot ‘n’ Spicy Sacrilege

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Hot ‘n’ Spicy Sacrilege
Hot ‘n’ Spicy Sacrilege

Hitting the ground with a hard thud, I groaned and picked myself up. I dusted myself off, and looked around me.

I pondered to myself as I took in the red dusty scene. It was kind of dark, like being inside a huge cavernous red-rock cave. The whole place was illuminated by a glowing red flowing river off to the side of the beaten dusty path. There was bodies floating along on the river’s surface.

A voice suddenly cheered from the river. I looked further up the river, and saw a naked person floating along on a large inflatable doughnut ring.

I pondered to myself again,
“I guess Hell isn’t so bad after all.”

“Hey, idiot!”
Another voice caught me off guard. I turned around to see a long line of people standing behind me, and a very grumpy looking old nun stood directly behind me,
“Quit holding up the line, idiot! Some of us want to get into Hell while we’re still young!”

“Oh, uh, sorry.”
I apologised, turned back around and started walking forward along the linear path.

The old nun muttered behind me.

I turned a corner, and was greeted by the sight of a large, beautifully decorated resort hotel carved into the rock.

I anxiously walked up the path and through the doors, and saw a large front desk, manned by red-skinned demons with little horns and a pointy tail sticking up in the air behind their bodies.

One of the pretty-looking female demon receptionists asked me.

“Uh, what?”
I asked in confusion.

“I’ll just put you down as ‘Idiot’.”
She sighed impatiently as she wrote on a piece of parchment with an ornate quill.

“Can everyone stop calling me that!”
I growled.

She then asked, barely taking her eyes off the parchment in front of her.

“Uh… Traveller.”
I answered, unsure.

“What kind of job title is that?”
She looked up and squinted hard at me.

“Um… Wandering Traveller.”
I replied.

“Oh, well that makes much more sense(!) Why didn’t you just say(?) …Idiot.”
She rolled her eyes and marked the parchment.

“That’s it!”
I snapped and reached across the desk to grab her by the horns. I pulled her red-coloured yet very pretty face up to mine until the bright red irises of her big eyes were inches from mine,
“Listen here, you fucking demon cunt, I am having a very bad day! The last thing I need right now is some stuck-up demon bitch calling me an idiot! Now, you’re going to treat me with some fucking respect and dignity, or I’m going to take that quill and shove it so far up your little red hot ass, you’ll be able to literally write novels just by speaking the words!”

I then shoved her back into her seat. She just stared at me, completely in shocked fear, with her mouth gaping in silent terror.

“Ha ha ha! I knew this one had some spirit in her!”
A voice boomed from beside me.

I turned and saw an incredibly tall, incredibly buff looking man. He was topless, which showed off his big strong hench muscles, with a pair of long black board shorts which had stylish red flames detailed onto it. He wore black sandals on his feet. He had the most beautiful face I had ever seen on a guy. Even more beautiful than Jesus’! He had pale yet perfectly clear skin, his hair waved down his neck and was jet black in colour. His eyes glowed an almost luminescent emerald green colour. He had a black goatee beard that came to a point at the end of it’s length beneath his full luscious lips.

He grinned at me, with his teeth looking pristine white and perfectly straight, except for his canines which hung down just a little bit more pointy in length than normal.

He stood beside me, placing a really strong heavy hand onto my shoulder.

“Damn, lady, you’re the first person in aeons to actually scare one of my little pets speechless like that!”
His voice boomed deeply, like a lion’s roar.

“Um, thanks.”
I stared in wide-eyed, lustful awe at him.

“Come. You are no ordinary soul, I’ll have someone deal with your paperwork for you.”
He led me away from the front desk, and walked me towards an elevator made of shiny jet by the side of the large hall.

I noticed the large, ornate marbled fountain in the middle of the hall also had red water flowing from it. He walked me into the elevator, and pushed a button.

“Consider this a special occasion. Not many mortals are worthy enough of coming to my office.”
He explained as we travelled up to his office floor.

When the doors opened, I was greeted by the most impressive office ever. It was huge, with luxuriously soft red carpet underfoot, and intricately-carved ebony wood walls, which were covered by many rows upon rows of bookshelves stuffed to the brim with books, and impressive, somewhat Gothic looking nick-knacks adorned in the gaps.

There was many more of those beautiful-looking demon creatures, only I noticed they was all female, and wearing nothing at all to cover up their big bouncing tits and wide hips. They all looked very similar to each other, only each one was wearing their black-as-night hair in a different style and length to the other.

“Good afternoon, sir!”
They all flocked towards him, giggling impishly as they gushed over him, running their hands over his broad strong pecs and muscles.

“Hello, girls. Please, make our guest feel welcome.”
He smiled as he spoke in his deep voice to them.

“Yes, sir! Anything for you, sir!”
One of the she-demons gushed with a big beaming pearly-white smile.

They suddenly all surrounded me, and started gushing over me too as they touched and stroked my hair and skin, much to my startled shock.

“Who does your gorgeous hair for you?”, “Wow, your nails are so pretty!”, “You have the most prettiest eyes!”, “Where’d you get that lovely dress?”, “Wish my nose was as cute as yours!”, and all kinds of other gushing compliments were rained down upon me by these red-skinned demonic imps.

“Um, uh, well I- uh.”
I could barely speak as they marched me over towards the large ebony desk in the middle of the office.

They sat me down into the large, leather, super comfortable cushioned chair in front of the desk, as they continued to touch, caress bahis firmaları and stroke my skin all over my body.

“Can I please get you a drink? Or perhaps something to snack on? Oh, please let me serve you!”
One of the she-demons asked, in total desperation to please me.

“How about a foot rub?”
Another asked before she immediately dropped to her knees in front of me, threw off my sandal and started massaging my foot.

“Aw, no fair! I wanted to rub her feet for her!”
Another whined, and fell to her knees to rub my other foot.

“Really, ladies, that’s not necessar -”
I couldn’t even finish my sentence as I was interrupted by another she-demon shoving the rim of a glass of wine against my lips, and poured the really sweet-tasting liquid down my throat. I spluttered as I gulped, almost choking, which knocked the glass out of her hand and spilled the rest of the drink over my humble frock.

“Gah! Now look what you done!”
One of the demons scolded the demon with the now empty wine glass.

“Please, allow me to get that for you!”
Another quickly jumped in and started patting my wine-soaked boobs with a cloth.

“No! Let me!”
The wine-carrier leaned over me, pushing her breasts against my face as she fought over the real estate of my damp cleavage with her own cloth.

The tall man’s voice roared, which made them all jump to their feet and freeze in place, startled by his commanding voice.

“Sorry, sir, we was just making her feel welcome is all…”
One pouted with an upset frown on her cute face.

“Yes, sir. Only making her welcome… We’re sorry we went too far…”
Another pouted as she scratched her arm like a little child that’s just been told off.

“It’s not me you need to apologise to.”
He told them.

They all turned to me, bowing their heads as though they were feeling great shame.

“Sorry, miss.”
They all said in unison.

“Um, OK, n-no problem, I guess. …I uh, I appreciate you being so welcoming.”
I replied, confused by it all, and offered them a reassuring smile.

“Are… Are we forgiven then, miss?”
One nervously asked me, peaking up to look into my eyes, before bowing her head again.

“S-sure, it’s OK. You didn’t mean any har-”
I was suddenly interrupted by their grateful yet piercing squeals of joy.

“Ohh! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
They all cheered in grateful glee, throwing their arms and lips at me to hug and kiss me over and over again.

“Girls, please, leave us to talk in private.”
The tall fit man ordered them.

“Yes, sir.”
They all spoke in unison again, and hurried away out of the room without ever turning their backs onto me or him, a smile on their pretty faces the whole time as they exited.

“…Well, they are very well-behaved.”
I commented, still pretty stunned by the whole show.

“Yeah. I taught them well.”
He chuckled deeply.

“So, uh, Mr…?”
I studied him hard as he sat down in his much bigger, much blacker, leather chair in front of me, behind his desk.

“Please, call me Lucifer.”
He smiled.

“Lucifer…? You mean, you’re the devil himself?”
I questioned.

“Well, I don’t like to brag but… Guilty as charged!”
He chuckled in that really deep sexy voice.

“Wow. I never would have imagined the most evil creature ever to be so handsome.”
I flirted.

“Evil? I’m many things, my love, but evil is not one of them!”
He seemed to be offended by my remark.

“Really? But like, aren’t you the cause of all human suffering?”
I narrowed my eyes on him.

“Me?! Bah!”
He jumped to his feet and pounded his desk beneath his clenched fists,
“I do no such thing!”

“But… But…”
I stammered, trying to think of the right way of putting it without upsetting him further.

“I know you humans like to always blame everyone else for your misfortunes in your petty lives, but really, the only reason there’s any human suffering, is because humans don’t like to take responsibility for their own actions. They rather hurt themselves and others, and then blame the hurt they cause onto someone or something else.”
He explained.

“I… I guess I never really thought of it like that…”
I pondered over his words.

“It’s the nasty by-product of that free-will of yours.”
He smirked.

“Hmm… If that’s true, then I guess God is to blame for giving us free-will!”
I joked, purposefully ignoring what he had just said about us humans and how we put blame onto something else for our own actions to humour myself.

He snorted in derision,
“God? That pompous jackass? I know He claims He gave you humans free-will, but it wasn’t His to give in the first place! You’ve always had free-will ever since the first moment you came into conscious being. That stupid fool doesn’t have that kind of power over any human. That stuck-up insecure oath is barely more than a jumped-up florist with ideas way above His station!”

“He did come across like a petty asshole with severe self-image and insecurity issues.”
I nodded.

“You don’t know the half of it, young lady…”
Lucifer smirked as he sat back down into his luxurious chair,
“I watched the whole thing go down. Usually I stay out of His silly affairs, but I sensed something about you. You’re different from the rest…”

“Oh, uh, thanks. But wait a minute! You may not be the cause of human suffering up on Earth, but what about down here? You clearly must be making the souls of sinners suffer here, right?”
I questioned him.

“Sweetheart, the only damned souls I cause any suffering to are those who truly deserve it. I could show you what I do to the souls of unjust murderers, paedophiles, rapists, just all the most vile scum of humanity… But I fear what such images would do to someone as delicate and pretty as you.”
He smiled warmly.

“Hey, I’m tougher than I look, mister!”
I scoffed defiantly.

“I can believe that,”
He chuckled seductively,
“I have no interest at all in punishing someone just because they wore clothing made from mixed or blended fabrics, or because they dared to eat meat on a Friday. I won’t punish someone just because they had consensual sex with a person without being married to them first, or even just for having consensual sex with someone of the same gender perabet as them. Nor have I any interest in punishing someone just because they took their own life as a result of being inflicted with the mental illness of depression. Such unjust cruelty is beyond me.”

“So what do you do with those who aren’t so vile in life? You know, your regular, ordinary, garden-variety, everyday sinner?”
I asked.

“Take a look for yourself.”
He stood up, stepped aside, and pushed a button on his desk, which opened up a large drawn curtain at the end of the wall, revealing a huge window. I got up out of my seat, and walked over to the window. From high on up, I looked down from behind the glass at what looked like the world’s most largest and most luxurious outdoor water park. There was billions upon billions of excited looking naked people, having the time of their lives, splashing around in huge swimming pools, sliding down water slides, or just relaxing comfortably on sun-loungers, or bobbing along in the red water on inflatable rings, sipping cocktails as they’re served by many of those pretty demon creatures.

“That’s just our outdoor activities. We have many indoor amenities, catering to many levels of pleasure and leisure, such as spas and saunas, card game tables, dice tables, arcade and pinball machines, hairdressing salons and massage parlours.”
He stated proudly.

“But… But why make Hell so comfortable for people?”
I questioned.

“Why not? I usually can’t tolerate most humans. As I’m sure you know, people are idiots. I don’t want to have to deal with stupid idiots all day long. So I simply give the people everything they desire. They never argue or backchat or complain or moan, like people are normally prone to doing. No, they just want to spend their eternities in peace and comfort, and that’s all I want for myself too. So I give them paradise, so that they may leave me alone to suffer in peace.”
He explained.

“I can totally understand that need.”
I turned to stare at him, wide-eyed and understanding.

“But why are you being so nice to me if you hate people?”
I asked.

“Like I said. People are idiots. Individuals, on the other hand, well individuals can be smart. Individuals can be intelligent. Practical. Reasonable. Understanding. …Beautiful.”
He ran his eyes up and down me.

“Oh… And you think I’m all that?”
I grinned playfully and then bit my lip.

“M’lady, you are something else…”
He softly chuckled with a playful manner, in that deep voice, as he reached a hand out to stroke my hair,
“You’re something quite special, indeed…”

We stared at each other in silence for a few moments. The tension, though weighing heavy, made me feel very at ease…

“I’m going to come right out and say it. Forgive me for being so forward, but…”
He paused and moved up closer to me, putting his arm around my waist to draw his lips in close to my ear. He towered so mightily above me, and yet it felt like we was really on the same level with each other.

“I want to give you more than just an easy-going eternity… You deserve better than that. Tell me, what is your most deepest, darkest desire?”
He asked me in soft-spoken words.

“What are you asking?”
I questioned.

“If you could have anything you’ve ever wanted… Just what do you desire to have the most?”
He softly purred into my ear. I paused to think.

“…I wouldn’t mind a nice luxurious bedroom full of cute playful kittens to pet and play with, and all of the delicious food that I can eat without it ever making me fat!”
I grinned.

“Think deeper.”
He softly chuckled in my ear as he nosed at my neck,
“Think… Darker.”
He grabbed my chin in his large mighty hand, tilting my head to the side as he brushed the skin of my neck with the very tip of his tongue…

“Just how dark can I go?”
I softly chuckled thoughtfully.

“As dark as you desire…”
He softly moaned into my ear.

I paused, pressed my lips to his ear, and whispered my most naughtiest of desire to him.

The next thing I knew, I was being bent over his office desk, with him tearing my dress of, and pressing all of his weight over the back of me. He grabbed my arms, and like magic, he began to bound my wrists together behind my back with black rope. As I felt the tightness of the rope wrapping around my wrists, he squeezed and tied my arms in place behind my back. Nice and tight. No escape.

He then reached a powerful big hand around my throat, his hand was so huge that it covered the whole of my neck with plenty of hand left to have the space between his thumb and index finger pressing over the whole of my mouth, stopping me from even being able to scream, as he used his foot to forcefully spread my legs open for him.

As he choked me, I felt him teasing at the entrance of one of my most intimate of womanly holes with a very large, very powerful fleshly object… I gasped and bit into the flesh of his hand, which didn’t even cause him to wince at all as though he was impervious to pain, while I felt my tight hole beginning to stretch as it was invaded so slowly, inch by inch, by him…

My eyes glazed over as the pleasure overwhelmed and overpowered my every sense, as he began to slam hard into me. Repeatedly.

I cried, and groaned, and screamed, but every struggled noise I made muffled against the flesh of his choking finger, as he squeezed my throat hard. Yet it was the most peculiar experience, as even though he was squeezing my throat hard, I never once felt uncomfortable. It was like I was breathing but without having to breathe… Like being a fish underwater sifting oxygen out of my surroundings. Or like being a flower soaking up the rays of the sun to live. It felt so natural. So comfortable. So satisfying.

He was suffocating me, but I never felt more alive.

He placed another powerfully strong hand against my tied wrists, holding onto them for leverage as he really got right in there, unmercifully pounding my dripping wet pussy. I felt like I was going to die, as if my mortal soul was about ready to just explode in a burst of intense pleasure… But the only exploding I did was perabet giriş gushing my hot liquid cum all over his powerfully pounding cock.

After making me cum loads on his very stiff hot rod, he pulled out, and backed off of me.

I laid forward onto his desktop, panting hard, with my legs quivering limply, with my feet barely touching the soft carpet beneath it. I could feel warmth trickling down my legs. I realised it was my own cummy juice just leaking from me. Endlessly leaking cum juice…

He suddenly called out, making me jump and squeal by the sudden booming loudness of his sexy voice, and then giggle orgasmically.

Those she-demons came rushing back into the room on command, and without even having to be told, they all rushed excitedly over to me and started working their hands and fingers on me. They were touching me, caressing me, pulling on me, playing with my body, as they giggled naughtily, and I was just too exhausted from the hard pounding to do anything but to just lay there and take it all.

“Let’s string her up!”
One of them suggested.

“Yes, lets!”
Another agreed, as they all nodded eagerly with playful grins.

I was helpless to stop them, as they tied my feet together, and wrestled me to the floor. They started tying my already tied wrists and ankles together, and then tied my hogtied limbs to some ropes that had falling down from the ceiling, hanging loosely in the air.

I suddenly felt myself being lifted up into the air by the ropes, but all the weight was off of my limbs. It felt like I was floating freely in the air. But free was something I was not. I was tied up, and hanging suspended in the air by my restraints. Completely exposed and helpless.

“Doesn’t she look so pretty?!”
One of the demons declared with excitement.

“As pretty as a present!”
Another added.

“I could just eat her up!”
Another grinned.

“I call first bite!”
Another decreed, and just shoved her hungry mouth to my leaky pussy to bury her forked tongue into me like a slithering snake, licking me out and lapping up my cummy juices.

“There’s plenty here for me!”
Another giggled naughtily as she bent backwards underneath my suspended body and began suckling on my nipples.

“Hey! Some of us are hungry too!”
Another joined in beneath me to push in and latch her lips around my areola to suck my nipple.

“What can we eat?”
One pouted as she began nibbling at the skin on my hip, and another started nibbling on the flesh of my thigh, and I felt another demon taking a gentle soft bite of my big toe.

“I found something tasty for me..!”
Another grinned naughtily, and the next thing I knew, I felt the tips of a forked tongue slipping into the crack of my exposed bum.

I couldn’t do anything at all. Except just let the pleasurable feelings overwhelm my soul once more. I was a slave to the pleasure. I was at their mercy, and I didn’t want to be anywhere else!

“Girls, you’re forgetting one very important thing.”
Lucifer chuckled.

“What, sir?”
One of the girls pulled her lips off of my tingling flesh to ask, before suckling hungrily right back onto my now spit-moistened flesh.

“Our special guest is a hungry girl, too!”
He smirked as he approached my face.

How did he know?!

He was so tall, that my head was right at the same height as his powerful throbbing cock. He grabbed my chin beneath his hand, lifting my head up so that my eyes looked up into his, as he stroked my hair so tenderly with his other hand as I strained my expression in orgasmic pleasure.

“Tell me, beautiful, are you hungry too?”
He asked me sweetly.

“Mmmmmm yes, sir.”
I nodded with a lustful moan and licked my lips.

He gently lowered my head back down, so that my eyes went right back to staring at that beautiful, powerful, large, inviting, throbbing cock of his.

“So, so hungry…”
My sigh was quivering by the overwhelming pleasure being given to me.

“Then feast…”
He ordered as he grabbed the suspended ropes above me, and swung me towards him, my mouth open to receive every inch of his tasty cock, from the stiff bulbous throbbing red head right down to the very base of the thick shaft as we both just let his awesome cock jam down my throat.

I didn’t gag, I just took it all, and began to suck as he swung me slowly back and forth in the air by my restraints so that his cock slipped in and out of my mouth/throat in sweet rhythm.

By the time he shot his red hot load of gooey cream down my throat, I was completely buzzing. Just dangling, in my own little headspace, away with the fairies, like a drugged up harpy high on cum.

It might not have tasted like chocolate, but it definitely tasted like the most juiciest of refreshing forbidden fruit… It felt a little spicy going down my throat too, like the sparkling crackles of a campfire…

He stopped the momentum of the swinging ropes, allowing him to stay slotted in my mouth, which allowed me to enjoy the delicious hot taste of his cummy cock until I was good and ready for him to pull out of me.

“OK girls, I think she’s had enough.”
He finally told his pets.

“Aww, but we’re still hungry!”
One she-demon pouted.

He warned them like a stern father.

“OK, sir. Anything for you, sir.”
They pouted and sulked away.

“Hey, we can always eat each other!”
One suddenly perked up to tell another.

“Yeah! Good idea!”
Another agreed with her as they all grinned and disappeared into a side room, giggling naughtily amongst each other, with the door closing on them. Leaving just me and Satan in the office.

“Was that everything you wanted?”
He then asked me as he comfortingly stroked my hair.

“For now…”
I sighed, still in total orgasmic bliss.

“Good girl.”
He chuckled as he pulled out of my lips. I licked them, swallowed the delicious cock-flavoured residue, and looked up into his eyes like a very satisfied puppy.

“After we get you down and cleaned up, I’ll start preparing to help you fulfil that deep dark desire of yours.”
He told me as he continued stroking my hair.

“Thank you, sir.”
I smiled sweetly.

“Anything for you, my dark Angel of War.”
He smiled and tended to my restraints…

You’ve read it, you can’t un-read it!

Are you anxious to await the awesome return of the Angel of War?
Do you desire to know what dastardly deeds the devilish duo have dreamt up?

Find out next time, when they return in,

Heavenly Sacrilege!!!

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