I Joined White CockSuckers Club Gay

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I Joined White CockSuckers Club Gay
I mean, I never imagined I would ACTUALLY suck a cock.

Although I would be lying if I said the idea hadn’t become a growing curiosity fantasy over the past few months leading up to the ‘incident’.

I mean, I was, and still am, happily married, although our once wild sex life had dwindled to once, maybe twice a month, sex. And not the wild in public, or marathon sex sessions of our younger days, either… usually missionary, with maybe thirty seconds of head if I was lucky.

I’m not defending what I’m about to tell you, just giving you the reality of the mundane sex life I was living before the ‘incident’.

With so little actual sex, I spent a lot of time online… sometimes it was watching porn, but more times than not it was reading erotica.

Mostly I read lesbian (I loved the idea of girls seducing older women… often imaging my wife being seduced), group (the idea of swinging with my wife was a secret fantasy), i****t (I personally wasn’t interested in committing i****t, but the taboo of it did turn me on), interracial (I couldn’t explain it, but watching a black guy, usually with a huge cock, fucking a white girl always turned me on) or anal (it was my other obsession… something I had been able to do with a few girls in my younger days) but when I found an author I really liked I would read their entire catalogue… as finding stories that had believable, or any, plot, character development and decent grammar were rare. Sometimes you got two out of three, but mostly just one out of three… so when I found an author who did all three, I added them to my favourites, voted five stars for the stories I enjoyed and checked back every few days hopeful that a new story was there. On occasion, I favourited a story too, but like movies, I very seldom wanted to read the same story twice.

Anyways, one author wrote stories in all my favourite themes and once I devoured them, I felt empty. So I skimmed her story page and read the one category I had always avoided… gay.

I’m not homophobic… I teach high school and am actually the teacher advisor of the LGBT club… but it’s just not something I had considered…. even remotely.

Even during my one threesome, when the hot Latino Colleen said as she sucked my cock, “Hey baby, why don’t you let Jimmy suck your cock while you lick me? He is a better cocksucker then I am.”

Even then, in the heat of the moment, I wasn’t remotely interested.

Although I did get to fuck my first ass that night, pounding Colleen’s big booty as her boyfriend watched and jerked off.

Yet, I resisted going for more threesomes, finding the situation awkward once I was sober.

Anyways, I clicked on a story and a whole new world opened up to me. I was drawn in by her words, her description of cock and the visual of it in a mouth.

She made the idea of sucking cock not only not gay, but something all men wanted to do… that only those that were brave and truthful about their sexuality were being true to themselves.

All guys at some point wondered about sucking cock or getting sucked by a guy according to her.

Before that day I could truthfully say I didn’t fit either of those assumptions.

Yet, after reading a dozen of her gay stories over a few days, and coming a half dozen times from them… I began to wonder, and even dreamt about sucking cock or getting sucked by a guy.

If the stories and many online sites I read were true, guys were way better cock suckers, they swallowed and didn’t stop until the job was done and every drop of cum was drained.

I hadn’t shot a load in a mouth since college, my wife never once finishing what she started… at least with her mouth… she used to suck like a minx, but wouldn’t swallow.

Now, with that all said, I never imagined I would end up becoming a cock sucker… but I did… I mean I am.

Sharing a hotel room with my first year colleague wasn’t a big deal… it saved the football team money and we booked two queen beds.

But a variety of things led to the man I now am.

First, we ended up getting upgraded to a room with a hot tub… but only one king-size bed.

Second, it was the only room available and they were also out of cots.

Third, after an eight hour drive, I was stiff as hell and decided I was going to use the hot tub.

Fourth, I saw Tyler’s massive cock… which made me think back to all the gay stories I had read, especially the black cock, white cock sucker stories.

That all said, just because I was curious, I never imagined crossing the line: fantasy is not reality.

Once in the hotel room, I said, “I’m going directly into the hot tub.”

Sounds like a plan,” he concurred, before adding, “although not without a drink.”

“Good call,” I nodded, knowing he had brought whiskey.

He poured a couple of drinks and then began undressing.

This surprised me, yet I suppose it shouldn’t have. Coaching football, seeing guys undressing or completely naked wasn’t really anything out of the ordinary.

I began getting undressed too, really wanting to get in the hot tub. Enough alcohol and a lengthy time in the hot tub should make me crash hard.

To my surprise, once he was naked, he headed to the hot tub.

I asked, “No trunks?”

He joked as he turned canlı bahis to me and I saw his dick for the first time, as he grabbed it casually, “Just one trunk.”

I laughed, as I stared at his huge dick, larger in its flaccid state than I was when completely hard and ready for action.

I also felt my cock betray me as it began to harden.

It was also completely shaved.

I said, realizing I was staring at it, “Jesus Christ, what do you feed that thing?”

He shrugged, making a joke, “It generally feeds people.”

“I imagine so,” I laughed, as I tried to not look back down at it, before adding, I don’t know why, “At least the myth of big black dick is true.”

He turned around and went into the hot tub as he agreed, “It’s just dominant ancestral genetics.”

I laughed, now only in my boxers, “I guess my ancestors come from a different line.”

He laughed, “It’s probably God’s way of paying back black people for centuries of slavery to white people.”

“Well, then, damn my ancestors,” I joked, wishing I could see his dick again. There was just something enticing and majestic about it… as if tempting me to cross the threshold of straightness I had been clinging onto by a thread.

“Are you coming in or what?” He asked.

“Yeah, yeah,” I nodded, as I added, “just feeling a little self-conscious after seeing your elephant dick.” As I tried to convince my completely hard cock to go back to slumber.

“Haven’t heard that one before,” he laughed.

“It’s like a cannon,” I said, wishing my cock would calm down.

“It has shot many cannonballs,” he laughed.

“I imagine so,” I nodded, still not taking off my boxers to avoid revealing that his dick and/or the conversation had me horny.

After a pause, he asked, “You’re hard aren’t you?”

“Pardon?” I asked hearing his very accurate assumption, but trying to play dumb as I told my dick ‘Go down, go down, go down.’

“Don’t be embarrassed,” he said. “Many straight guys get excited by my cock.”

“I’m not excited by your cock,” I lied, as I figured ‘fuck it’ and pulled off my boxers to reveal my completely erect five inch cock.

“I didn’t mean you are some cock sucker,” he said, “I’m just saying I tend to have an impact on straight white guys.”

“You do, I guess,” I laughed, as I got in the hot tub.

After a pause he asked, “So what is tomorrow’s plan?”

“Go to the conference,” I said, thinking that was pretty obvious.

“I meant after the sessions are done?” He asked.

“No idea,” I shrugged. “There are some good restaurants here, I’m told.”

We ended up talking for fifteen minutes about football, our useless principal, and how hot the new English teacher was, before he suddenly stood up.

Instantly, his cock was right in front of my face, just dangling there like forbidden fruit.

I thought about how the many stories I read often had moments like this… that pivotal moment where a straight guy crosses the line.

This could be my story.

But I wasn’t that brave nor was I about to risk my professional relationship with a colleague, a colleague much younger than me.

He asked, “Want another drink?”

“Definitely,” I agreed, handing him my empty glass, all the while trying, but failing, not to stare at his cock.

He walked away, seemingly oblivious to the impact he was having on me as my cock again hardened under the water.

When he returned a couple of minutes later, he handed me my drink, his dick again a couple inches from my face.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was doing this on purpose… although I had met his hot blonde cheerleader girlfriend, who attended a local college.

He sat back down and we chatted sports for a while longer until he suddenly stood, lifted himself up and sat on the ledge with only his legs in the water.

His cock was again in perfect view…seemingly there to tempt me.

He kept talking about football as I tried not to glance down or stare at his cock… which was hard (not his cock, not looking at it and drooling like a coed slut)… like my own had again become at the sight of his impressive member and the idea of actually sucking cock for the first time.

Of course, like checking out a student with excessive cleavage, or Mrs. Walker and her amazing legs always encased in pantyhose, I couldn’t resist taking quick glances.

It was a few minutes of vague listening, with me making a lot of agreement sounds, as an internal hunger grew inside me… my fantasy as well as the alcohol having me definitely thinking with the wrong head… about giving head (LOL).

Tyler changed the subject as he asked, “Are you hungry?”

“A little,” I answered, instantly glancing down at his juicy cock.

Fuck, I just called my much younger colleague’s cock ‘juicy’.

“Just want a snack?” He asked, his tone shifting as I realized that my last quick glance had turned into a stare.

I looked up at him and he had a smile on his face. He said, “Don’t worry, Dan, you’re not alone.”

“What?” I asked.

“Like I said, straight white guys love my cock,” he said rather matter-of-factly.

“Excuse me?” I questioned. Even though I’d heard the words.

“Have you sucked cock before?” He asked casually, as if he was asking if I’d ever had sushi before.

“What? No,” I answered, trying to act shocked, even as I desperately bahis siteleri tried not to glance down at his tantalizing cock.

“Dan, it’s obvious you’re enamoured by my cock and it’s nothing to be ashamed of,” he continued. “Most white guys are.”

If the many stories I had read online, and the comments at the end of the stories, as well as the research I had done on cock sucking were true, he wasn’t lying. I had read about many straight white guys who discovered they were cock suckers or full out faggots once they saw a black cock.

Yet, it was one thing to read and jerk off to the idea of sucking a cock, especially a black cock, it was an entirely different thing to actually suck a cock… especially a young colleague’s black cock.

“Go ahead,” he continued, “we both know you want to.”

I finally glanced back down to take another look at the majestic beauty of what God had blessed him with.

I looked back up at him with a look that I imagined matched what my body was feeling: confused lust.

Did I want to suck his cock?

God, yes.

Did I want to make a fantasy that had been consuming my thoughts for a while come true?


Did I want to feel a cock harden in my mouth?


Was I curious what it would feel like in my mouth, to bob up and down the thick cock and to taste a full load of cum?


And yes

And yes.

Yet, my cock hard, and my mouth watering, I still wasn’t sure I could cross the invisible line from straight to cock sucker.

“Is your dick still hard?” He asked.

“Yeah,” I admitted, figuring no reason to lie since I couldn’t hide the evidence.

“Why?” He asked.

“I don’t know,” I lied, not wanting to admit the obvious to him.

“We both know why,” he said confidently. “You want to suck my cock.”

“Tyler!” I gasped, hearing him say it bluntly and confidently.

“Dan,” he continued, “it’s natural. White men almost unanimously deep down want to suck black cock. It’s just in your DNA.”

“That’s ridiculous,” I said. Sure, I wanted to suck his cock, but my curiosity about sucking cock wasn’t about colour and race, but about the unique beauty of a man’s penis. Plus, the idea most white men craved black cock was an utterly preposterous assumption.

“Is it?” he questioned. “I have had straight teens when I was in high school, straight jocks throughout college, straight teachers and professors and many straight strangers who all became cock suckers for me. I don’t force them, I don’t belittle them, but once they see my black cock… well… the rest is history.”

I tried to imagine others who would be feeling like I was at this exact moment. While I wasn’t sure race completely factored into my excitement, it definitely enhanced it, I did indeed want to suck a cock… his cock.

“You wouldn’t be the first white colleague either,” he added.

My eyes instantly went big. I doubted he was bluffing. Who else on my staff had already sucked his cock?

He continued adding to my shock, “You see, I never have to go far to get my dick sucked. If you don’t want to I’ll simply snap a picture of my black cock, put an ad on Craigslist and I’ll have dozens of eager offers to choose from.”

Baffled by his words, I pointed out, “But you have a hot girlfriend.”

“So?” He shrugged. “First off, I’m not married although I imagine I’ll keep letting white guys suck on me when I am. But I don’t fuck other women, I don’t get sucked by other women. I only do what she can’t do, what no female can do, get an amazing blow job from a straight guy. Plus, guys give way better head than girls.”

“Really?” I asked, my eyes moving back and forth from his eyes to his cock like a yoyo.

“Women eat pussy better because they understand the entire region and for the same reason guys are better cock suckers.”

There was a crazy logic to his reasoning and I wondered how much better a guy would do sucking me.

“Plus, white cock suckers think it is a complete privilege to suck a black cock and worship it like a dick should be worshipped. While women think of it as just a part of the act of sexual intimacy,” he continued.

Again that made sense, as that was definitely my life.

“And even better, no talking or reciprocation needed. They come to me, drop to their knees, suck my cock, swallow my load and leave. What is better than that?”

I laughed, “Sounds too good to be true.”

“It does, but it is the truth,” he finished, before asking, “are you going to keep staring and drooling over my dick or are you going to take the plunge?”

“What about work?” I asked.

“I don’t reveal my cock suckers to others,” he revealed, before adding, “so many white guys you think are straight are eager cock suckers for black cock. I’ve been sucked by every type of guy: rich businessmen, high priced lawyers, old school judges, politicians who get elected on family values, doctors, teachers and even students I teach.”

The list turned me on. The idea of a secret world of cock suckers somehow was riveting even as I pondered what teachers, which students had sucked his cock.

“I’m going to get another drink and turn on the television to watch the pregame,” he said, standing up and moving in front of me again.,, the forbidden fruit again dangling in front of me, “If you want to suck my cock, come suck canlı bahis siteleri me while I watch TV.”

I decided I couldn’t resist any longer, instantly understanding why Eve couldn’t resist the temptation of

the forbidden fruit. I reached for the majestic black snake.

But, he moved away. “I’ve given you a few opportunities to suck me and you haven’t taken them. Now you will have to come to me.”

He got out of the tub and headed to pour himself another drink.

I suddenly felt like I was in high school again trying to impress a girl.

I didn’t move right away as I watched him pour his drink, grab the remote control and sit on the king sized bed we were to share.

He sipped on his drink while watching the pre-game between the Giants and the Eagles. It was a big division game with both of them and the Redskins all tied for first.

I waited a couple of minutes before I got out of the hot tub and dried off.

I continued bouncing back and forth between my two options, even as I walked towards the bed, my lust and curiosity leading the way.

I got onto the bed and he simple parted his legs without saying a word.

I crawled between them shame and excitement crashing inside me at the same time.

I wordlessly took his flaccid cock in my hand, in awe of how thick and heavy it was.

I then leaned down, opened my mouth and took his thick mushroom top in my mouth.

“There ya go,” was all he said as I crossed the line… realizing there wasn’t any going back.

I was in complete awe as I stroked the bottom of his python while feeling it awaken from its slumber in my mouth.

It felt so amazing.

It felt so natural.

It felt like this was what I was born to do.

I bobbed slowly, taking only a couple of inches into my mouth, as it hardened.

Soon it was completely hard.

In my mouth.

I had a massive black cock between my lips.

I had the thick black dick of one of my colleagues in my mouth.

I continued stroking the porn star worthy dick as I bobbed on it… slowly trying to take more in my mouth with each downward suck.

As I did, in complete euphoria at what I was doing, I thought of my wife and wondered how she could complain about doing such a thing.

My hard cock ached with longing as I serviced my colleague’s dick.

“Christ, Manning’s stats the last two weeks have been terrible,” he said, talking to me as if I wasn’t sucking his dick.

I tried listening to the TV, but the reality was I couldn’t. I instead focused on worshipping one of God’s greatest creations: black dick.

I was curious how long he could last.

I was curious what cum… especially his cum… would taste like.

I also couldn’t help but wonder who else I knew that had sucked his cock or were cock suckers. Which teachers? Which students? Any of my players?

“You’re a natural, Dan,” he groaned after a few minutes of slow cock sucking.

This made me want to please him more. I began going faster, and as I took more of his cock in my mouth, I suddenly gagged.

“It’s okay Dan, even experienced cock suckers gag a bit on me sometimes.”

As I took his cock out of my mouth, my eyes watering, I asked, “Are all black dicks this big?”

“Most,” he shrugged, before adding, “hurry up. I’m getting hungry.”

I nodded and took his cock back in my mouth determined to get him off… be a good white cock sucker.

I bobbed, like a female porn star, hungrily sucking with appetite for cum.

“Oh yeah, Dan, you’re going to be a great addition to my white cock suckers club,” He groaned.

I instantly wondered what kind of club it was. Was it just all the guys who sucked him off, or was it like in the stories I read where there were clubs for cock suckers to serve?

The idea of a whole bunch of black dicks to suck was suddenly super appealing.

“Sucking black cock is like that chip commercial, you can’t stop at just one,” he said.

And I imagined he was right.

I knew, without a doubt, I was no longer as straight as I was an hour ago.

I bobbed, taking more of his cock in my mouth, and finally found a rhythm that I was comfortable in.

He groaned, “Don’t stop.”

And I had no intention of stopping.

“Oh yeah,” he groaned. “So good, Dan. You’re such a good cock sucker.”

I kept bobbing.

Then he groaned and warned, “Here comes your reward.”

And then I felt warm thick cum erupt in my mouth, I eagerly swallowed it the best I could before I gagged again and moved my mouth off his cock as some of his cum splattered on my face.

I was surprised how warm the cum was on my cheek.

Once he was done, I took it back in my mouth, trying to retrieve more of his delicious seed.

Tyler said, “Definitely a natural.”

When I took his cock out of my mouth again, I looked up and said, “Sorry, I gagged.”

“You were in an awkward position to swallow,” he said.

“Okay,” I said.

“On your knees is easier to suck and swallow,” he informed me as he got off the bed.

“Good to know,” I said.

“Go wash up,” he suggested. “I need to eat supper.”

“Okay,” I said, still in awe of how casual everything was. I’d just sucked his cock, swallowed some of his cum and took some on my face and now we were talking about dinner.

Again, as I mentioned, everything had changed.

I sucked his cock again after dinner, this time on my knees. Indeed it was easier this way to suck and control. It was also easier to swallow his entire load.

I sucked him in the morning.

I sucked him in the evening.

I became addicted to his cock, his cum.

And now, a month later, I get my daily dose in my office.

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