I Needed A Pay Hike But Ended Up Getting Job Offer

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I Needed A Pay Hike But Ended Up Getting Job Offer

I am a 24 yr old girl, a software professional working with a it firm in Delhi , I am young, gorgeous, perfect bodied brown eyed lass, currently living and working in Delhi. I’m not originally from here, I was born and raised in a smallish town in himachal(northern india). I have a very small family, a younger brother (who is thalassemiac) and my mother.

Four years ago in an unfortunate road accident I lost my father, he was a private bank employee and his death came to us as a shock .After him the responsibility of my family was on my shoulder I left my grads in the middle and started working , as my father had no savings whatever he earned all was spent on my brothers illness as his regular medication and treatments costs a lot, so I applied for a job so that I can provide a better living to my family,

Since I have joined this company I always took my job seriously, but unfortunately my employees never took their employee seriously ever, needless to say as I completed a year I realized I was falling short of money, every now and then I have to crib for a pay hike but there was hardly any effect to this was the awful part about my job, relocating was not an option as it would add onto expenses, I decided hold on till I found something better, it was not that I did not love my job but money was my basic necessity, in that time I also had made good friends here, having always been a confident, social person I enjoyed learning about new people.

So this was another reason I was stuck here. But in the mean time a hike was necessary as burden of debt (i had borrowed eighty thousand rupees) for my brothers medical expenses and other bills and rents were adding up, and nothing was left as savings. I had lots of dreams to set up a fashion boutique of my own to by my own house, my own car but these were dreams far fetched, I wanted to get married to the person of my dream my bf of two years naman we met in college, liked each other and fell in love

Since then our love has grown with the passage of time, naman is loving, and caring he always keeps my concern. My job timings were such they never permitted me to go for a part time, once my office commenced at 10 in the morning and gave up at 8 in the evening, leave alone going for an outing, on weekends I used to work for bonus so that I can afford to spend on some miscellaneous expenses, my whole life was turning out to be miserable and monotonous. Till one evening I was talking with one of my colleagues after our office was over,

I asked his reference for some job he said if he had anything he’ll let me know. We were waiting for our cab as it was drizzling I was standing under the porch of my office building. We lived on a different route , he left as his cab came.

After that I was standing alone as it would take ten more minutes for my cab to come, when suddenly realized there was someone standing behind my back, as I noticed a shadow, I turned back and saw it was rakeshji, he was the head of security and transport facility in our office. God ! You scared me rakeshji ! He was fair, short height-ed man, must have been in his late forties, he was bald and had a cut mark above his left eyebrow. I am sorry madamji he replied ” but I thought it was raining and I had made some tea I wished you could join me ” I was moved by his hospitality but I tried to resist saying no thank you he paused for a moment and then continued madamji I heard your conversation with your friend you are not happy with your job here and you needed more money, I learnt you have family issues too, I think I can help you regarding this , in fact know somebody ,

I was slowly buying into this conversation when he said they hires professionals for their firm and pay them good salaries. Just then as he was about to utter the next sentence I heard my cab’s horn , I told him I would like to know more about this company , he gave me a visiting card of the company sc consultants was written and asked me to call him if I needed some help , he wrote his number at the back with a pen, I slid the card into my bag and told him “i’ll decide and let him know “.

Late that night I was on a phone call with my bf I told him about the offer rakeshji made he was happy to hear it , and told me I should definitely look forward to it, next morning it was weekend and and off at my office I decided I should go and talk with sc consultants for a job, but before that I needed to tell rakeshji about it also. I called him and told him that I liked his proposal, and wanted to see the office today he asked me to get ready and wait for him as he will come by and pick me up, I told him that I was able to go myself but he suggested he knew some important people there as he had worked there before so he should accompany me there, to which I agreed. I hung over the phone and was busy deciding what to wear,

I usually wore skirts and trousers to office with formal shirts or round collar t’s, but all my clothes were up for laundry. I had a hard time trying to figure out just when I noticed a pencil bottom grey skirt and a navy blue shirt. I remember I got this as a birthday present from my bf , but wore it once on my birthday last month, that was it I said to myself but my legs are not waxed clean so I decided to put on black leggings and pumps, as I got dressed and was doing a final touch up I heard my cell phone ring it was rakeshji he was calling from below he had brought a car, I slammed the door of my flat and hurried downstairs as we had scheduled a meeting post lunch and it was already half past two in the afternoon,

Rakeshji said don’t worry madamji I told them we are stuck in a traffic, we both smiled as he said. In half an hour we were there it was a huge building with number of offices as we walked down a long corridor I noticed a glass door with words s.C. Consultants etched on it, I entered followed by rakeshji, it was a good office big, better than my present office. As I looked there were some people working on computers making calls I imagined in a short time I will also be one among them. Just then rakeshji said madamji they are calling us inside the md’s chamber. I felt nervous for a while but collected myself back together and walked gently towards the cabin.

The md was a lady shalini chopra , I asked her “madam may I come in ” she looked up and gave a gentle nod of approval. Rakeshji was following me everywhere, as he knew them shalini madam saw us and asked us to have a seat, after few minutes of formal conversation I was told that theirs was a export import business and this consultancy was a part of it, she told me my job was to make cordial relations with investors, trade partners and business houses I was to set up meetings and encourage business deals, after that shalini mam came towards my chair and looking at my dress she remarked you need to change your attire and looks too.

I shook my head knowing that in recent times due to shortage of money I started looking a bit shabby she must have said because of that. She said I would like you to join from tomorrow, but tomorrow was a sunday mam ! She laughed off and said if you want to earn forget sunday’s. She said she will fix my client meeting and I should be there by four next evening, she sat on her chair and asked someone to send some girl named maya, in seconds she was there, she introduced me to her and asked her to take care of my needs, after which she gave her some cash (around forty thousand) and said arrange things for her !

I was so naive I was hardly aware of what was going on the other hand rakeshji stood up he got some money and he left . I along with maya went to a par lour she paid up for my hair and whole body waxing , I was feeling shy although I casino oyna like to dress up and fashion but I have never done whole body waxing before , I was nervous how things would work out , I had done this privately but now someone else ! What difference does it make if it is a woman .

But then I thought that is her work and it should be normal for her I just had some kind of stigma attached , all extra hair from my body including my pubic area were cleaned off , I was looking like a new born naked baby, she applied some cream to smoothen my skin and asked me to sit after a while we paid the bills and went from there , maya said we should get some clothes, we went onto a shop there were latest stock available I picked a formal trouser and a shirt when maya stopped me saying you waxed yourself to wear these ? I told her it was a meeting what else should be formal , she told me wait I ll show u ! She brought a blue body con full-on sequins with sheer mesh panels. It was too short ,

I asked her this won’t be comfortable but she replied you try it on, she also picked up a similar dress, black in colour but it had long backless and deep neck , and when she tried it out I just can’t believe my eyes she was a different being all together. She packed her dress and asked me to try very hesitantly I went inside dropped my skirt and put it on as I came she remarked its good but there is something missing , well let’s get some lingerie’s , at the lingerie’s section she was fast to pick out her stuff a black sheer lacked thong and a 36d cup bra, as I bought my stuff she said even my grandmother doesn’t wear these , I felt insulted , she picked up a similar material red thong for me and a red cup bra my size were 36 b , after that we went to the footwear sections she bought a pair of beige stiletto’s I like the pair too and got a white colour as we finished off she asked me to go back home and come back early tomorrow,

I went home I was so excited I started of on a good job, day 1 I got so many things I took my lunch and started dressing , I noticed that my cups fitted exactly the size and were looking in good shape , I made up my mind from next time on-wards I ll get these bra’s only , as I wore the thong I notice it was too revealing , I was not used to wear such things , I felt a vibe in me , I looked at the mirror and admired the sexy person in me as I slipped on the dress and every single inch of it clad my body I felt a rush of emotions as if I have transformed into someone else. Just then I got a call it was maya she asked me to come at the shangri-la I she said she will be there in five ten – minutes and we will meet there and said she had sent her driver to pick me up . I saw a car standing below my apartment I got down and asked the driver then we drove to the place mentioned, I was feeling conscious as I had never worn something such skimpy and revealing so I watched my steps carefully . At shangri-la I met maya she was there with rakeshji ,

I was surprised to see him there , but couldn’t talk to him as maya said hurry up we are late, I just heard him say “all the best ” then we walked into the lift. It opened into a hall on the twelfth floor there was some party going on we slowly dissolved into the crowd , maya told me stick close to me , we are here for business it was a high class event with different cuisines, there was lot of drinks and all kinds of men’s and women’s dressed in heavy designer wear and bling .

Just then I noticed maya waked up to someone called mr.James and they greeted each other with cheek to cheek kisses and she spoke let me introduce my friend ridzy to you . Ridzy ? Who was that ! She called out ridz I was two three steps behind , did she called me by that name , I didn’t knew when I became ridzy from ridhi .. I barely reached out my hand to shake hands he grabbed my forearm and we exchanged similar kisses like he did with maya. I was nervous, shaken , taken a back he asked me don’t you like here , I replied shaking my head ‘yes’ he smiled and handed me a glass of champagne, as a courtesy gesture. I took it and sipped a little, I have taken drinks before but not champagne. Wine and vodka , tequila that’s all I can remember .

As I drank I saw he was looking at me from top to bottom he had some guest surrounded , I saw maya had some little conversation with him and then she took me aside , I told her that’s it we are done ! I suppose the deal is final ? She replied the deal is final but it is not yet over . Why what’s left now she said just enjoy yourself and she ordered a cocktail martini over the counter make it two she said loud and clear , two ! No way I am not gonna drink here, chill babes ! She revolted you have come here to enjoy this is your first day at your new work be at ease don’t be shy . Saying this she handed me the glass I was slowly feeling high after three four sips , she took some fries and passed me some when the glass was empty I was full . She ordered one more I strongly objected , but she gulped her glass quickly god she had an appetite to do that .

As I was nearing a vacant enclosure I saw mr. James approached me he asked me can I get you a drink ,, I said no thanks , but he was not ready to take it for a no. He asked can I have the opportunity to share the stage with the lady. Mr. James was a man in his mid forties probably although not that aged his hairs were white , not blonde like many foreigner’s do have. He was fair skin , not that tall but average.

I thought replying to him would be offensive and may prove bad for our business so I shook my head in approval , we matched steps for a tune or so. Then I asked his leave and made my way to the enclosure on the way I tried to look for maya but she was nowhere to be found, I thought maybe she would have drunk so much she must have been forced to use the washroom. I sat there for a while, just then a waiter approached me with a key and said ” mam , sir has asked you to take this keys and wait in his room above as your friend is busy doing some deals.

I looked at him trying to tell him it’s ok I was fine I just needed to get back home as it was above nine , it has been over three hours now and I felt we should leave just then he interrupted mam it’s a request from sir to ensure you comfort at his room may I lead you to his room, this time I was unable to express and walked behind him picking up my purse , we took the lift as we reached he opened the door and I followed he told gave a bottle of water and left.

I was feeling tired so I laid on the bed , after an hour there was sound of the door open it was mr. James he saw me and smiled, I smiled too he sat on the bed as he opened his shoes and unbuttoning his shirt . I was shocked ! I told I feel I must leave mr. James thank you for your hospitality, he grabbed my hand and said you haven’t seen my hospitality yet I was shocked by the way he acted ,

I asked him to leave my hand , he pulled me towards himself and was misbehaving rubbing his mouth on my cheeks and breathing hard in my ear , I tried to free myself from him, he told I will give you whatever you want, I pushed him and finally managed to get out of that room , once outside I thought about maya, where would she be , is she also in some kind of a trouble , as I walked past the hallway just a room next to the lift I heard her voice I was about to call her name, when I saw the door to that room opened as I pushed it , what I saw shook me off my feet , maya was having sex with another foreigner, and she was riding this guy on top.

I was so ashamed I just ran till I got home somehow , rakeshji saw me running he called out my name but I didn’t stop . When I got back home I went into the shower I was sobbing , what happened to me , I opened the shower to wash my soul but I cannot canlı casino siteleri forget what happened back . I was sobbing just then I heard a knock on the door , I was afraid who will be here at this time , I heard my name being called it was rakeshji’s voice. I gathered courage and opened the door to see shalini mam too, they both barged in , Shalini mam slapped me on my face , rakeshji tried to console her said u leave it I will handle her . He asked her to leave and told her he will meet her in the morning .

He got inside closed the door and sat down but before that he picked up a towel and put it over me , I asked him why did you do this to me Rakeshji ? He replied looking down I needed money and for that you sold me ? He was silent for a while and said my daughter had a hole in her septum and I needed money to treat her, I had no other way to earn more than this, I had too much of loan on my head a friend of mine suggested me a way to get into the business of escorting ! Escort ! I said u mean to say I was an escort ! A prostitute and what is shalini mam ? A pimp ? An agent ? He told me you sit down first I ll explain everything to you. But please try to understand me don’t go against these people ! These people which people I interrupted , these influential people , politicians , business men they will wipe you out like dust on their shoes.

He continued shalini mam runs an export import business, a chain of hotels in this city under this is her world of dark secrets , she runs a premium escort services, and her this business is just not limited to this city only but to other cities and across the globe , she has twelve luxury cars and lives a lavish life with a bungalow in a posh locale. Posh locale ! Yeah prostitutes ! I said , he interrupted don’t say that word they are not prostitutes , why I asked ? Escort seems more a classy word than prostitute. Girls feel it is ok. Contacts are exchanged with agents . It slowly starts as a part time weekend job which later becomes fully fledged, these high end escorts are never available directly. They do not have pimps like prostitute but have agents. They work discretely, mostly from premium hotels in the city or resorts/service apartments on the outskirts, villas, farm houses , bungalows .

These days they stay at the most unexpected place. You get their contact only through their agencies or someone who has used her service or who’s an agent of such services. The agent quotes the price, hourly or for the night, depending on the escort’s preference. Then negotiation happens. If agreed by all parties, then they proceed. . These high end escorts they speak english are very hygienic, elegant, dignified and know the etiquette’s, be it dining, talking, dressing appropriately, etc. They all have smart phones and are very professional, agencies take a lot of care for them and they spend a lot of their money on shoes, clothing, grooming, etc.

On the outside, they lead a very glamorous life, they attend parties, shows, foreign trips with corporate or people from political backgrounds. Rakeshji said a premium escort earns around thirty- forty thousand bucks with a client for three to four hours at a time, virgins are slotted and listed for lottery they get special package some expensive gifts, cars , jewelry and earns fifty thousand or more just in their first night, there were rate cards and clients could view and pay for their services, finding a girl who is completely clean and can blend in at parties is getting harder and harder these days. The agency doesn’t just accept anyone.

No one gives a newcomer that job easily as many high profile people are associated in this business, they have to be charming and engaging with people whom they don’t know and may never see again. They have to make them eat out of the palm of their hand to make the man look good. Then when the event is over they either part ways or return to his place for sex. The better they are at playing this role the better they’re paid and the better the chances are the men become regulars.

I asked him how many girls he supplied? He said to me that ” I was the first” and he never wanted to push me but he feared that those people will harm both of us that’s why he did as he was said, I asked him what he got ? He kept silent and said thirty thousand I am a commission agent I just lure in prospective girls , but I heard agents get well paid . An escort and an agent regular can together earn a lot.

He said there is a lot of money as there are lots of guest arriving for a business summit in two to three months he wished of becoming an agent. I paused for a moment, I asked how much do you require for your daughters treatment he said four lakh rupees I then said ” will you be my agent and get me clients ? He was awestruck ! But madamji , I stopped him and asked him to be brief ,

He said yes then I told him call up shalini mam and ask her to book me up with mr. James I know she slapped me for him I want to apologize personally. He did as I told him to . Next morning I called up mr. James we spoke on the phone to schedule the date he told me he was attending a charity event that he was on the committee for so his attendance was pretty much a must. He was looking for a date for the party and as he put it, “some kinky fun afterwards.” clearly it was going to be totally different night than last night which I was very grateful for! He said the party wasn’t supposed to be very formal but everyone was expected to wear white. I can work with that!

I said the event was to benefit c***dhood cancer research and it was very successful. He also made a point to let me know he loves something sexy hiding beneath a nice dress which made shopping and getting dressed pretty easy. I wish all the dates in future came with such laid out requests. Anyway, I found the perfect dress for the party that I literally fell in love with! I found it at shacks store lawrence avenue and there was no way I was going in anything else. It was absolutely perfect. Don’t you love it? I asked myself looking at the mirror it fit’s the must wear white guidelines but had a fun touch to it with the bright orange. I especially loved the orange strip down the back along the zipper. Very sexy. Underneath I went for matching strapless lace bra and panties also in an orange colour.

Plus I threw lace stockings and a garter belt into my purse for later in the night. To top it off I had 3 1/2 inch strappy heels and a partial up do. When the car arrived to pick me up I was actually really looking forward to the date, I arrived at the shangri-la late in the evening . Turns out it was more party than anything and far from a stuffy formal event. There was even a dj and it seemed everyone was there to have a good time as well as donate money. Mr. James also really loved to dance and I think we spent the majority of the night on the dance floor. What’s more fun than a guy who can actually dance? Being handsome and fit didn’t hurt either. Quite a few of the women were staring at him and I was having a ball. The dress was a big hit,

After hours of dancing and fun mr. James started thinking less about the party and more about what was in his pants. As we were leaving he told me he had a bit of a surprise that he hoped I will enjoy as much as he did. He had already given the hint that “something kinky” was coming but I had no idea what was waiting for me, as we reached his room we unlocked the door from inside I could see something that I have never seen before , I saw them just in porn movies which I used to watch sometimes back in the room, there was a leather whip, blindfolds, handcuffs ,i can’t say i’m experienced in this world but I always found it intriguing.

No sooner james started to blindfold me as he zipped down my canlı bahis expensive dress , I was getting aroused feeling vibes I have never before experienced , I was a virgin , my bf never used me , we never had sex , but I wanted it and now I was getting it the felling and the thought of getting used and imagining I won’t be a virgin after this night turned me on. James unbuttoned his shirt as he cuddled me from behind , pressing my tits over my cups , I wanted him badly I was getting so turned on he started kissing my back and fondling and pressing my boobs , little did I knew that it was time for my bra’s to drop down and reveal my 36b cups in front of a foreign stranger ,

Last night after I made up my mind I watched porn for an hour I knew the styles all I wanted was to experience them , I asked him to fetch my bag as I had a surprise for him, he obeyed me and found my lace stockings and a garter belt I could see his bulge , I teased him asking would you mind if I put these on he nodded as he approved all he wanted was to watch me in them I opened my blind fold took sat on the sofa in front as he laid on the bed and wore my stockings slowly and gracefully I was not in a hurry and neither was he , we both had time till morning, I asked him did he wish to find out what I was hiding under my garters , he shook his head in a gesture which said “aaghh yes” I picked the cuffs and handcuffed his hands behind, I asked him he wanted some kinky fun yes he said I got over him and rubbed my pussy over his bulge ,

I could hear him gasp as he wanted to fuck me desperately , even I knew that he would fuck me , and he could fuck me really hard , harder than anyone I knew I was a virgin and that my cunt will grip his cock like it doesn’t wanted to leave it. I asked him do you wish to fuck me , yes he gasped ! You know I am a virgin , yes he said , and I set my price , what you want I want a four lakh rupees , he said I will give you anything ridzy.. You want just let me fuck you, I zipped open his pant’s that was the first real cock I have seen in my life and it was circumcised thick and it was big I took a deep breath before I spat over it , I wanted him to cry because she was my slave I dominated him , his hands were tied and I had the key, I told him does he likes my finger over his pee hole he was shaking I pulled down his pants till he was full naked I wanted him to watch me eye in eye as I sucked his cock,

So I undid his blindfold I got between his legs sucked his balls they were big I could remember I hardly could fit one at a time in my mouth , I asked him did he had cum in them , he was whining I squeezed them to see if he really meant what he said , they indeed were full he needed his load out and I needed money , I licked the head of his cock the crown he must have felt like a king in bed and let out my saliva roll down his entire girth and length ,

As it rolled I tasted my spit from a man’s cock a man I hardly knew , but that meat tasted good and I was longing for it , for now I have decided my way where and how I was to go how I was to live, finally I allowed his cock in my mouth I could sense my warm breath and moist lips made him quiver for more I could barely fit that entire thing in my mouth but I gave it a hard try and succeeded ,there is a saying “try try try till you succeed , and again try if you fail ” quite intellectual. I remembered sucking his entire length and girth for fifteen minutes till he was hard erect ,

I made sure that he achieved his full length before he entered me, after that he begged me to allow him lick my cunt, this was new but I always wanted to be licked, my sex drive was high always often when I masturbated I licked my juices, I agreed at once but I said I wont allow u to use your hands, I ll help you with my hands , it was just I wanted to be in complete control and not allow him to go rough but to my amazement he was a complete gentleman when he was with women, I approached towards the end of the bed a position which will allow me to bury his head in my pussy and he can smell, sniff , lick , eat, suck , do whatever he felt with ease .

As laid his head close to my cunt he sniffed it and kissed my under thigh, looking in my eyes , I asked him to lick but he continued his kisses which made me moan and groan , this was my beginning, I was horny my juices were brimming out of my cunt and he was busy kissing gently I caught his head and buried it deep in my pussy so that he asphyxiates for some time and realizes what I wanted him to do exactly , when I left his head he saw me and said your cunt tastes fresh , I wanted him to talk more dirty I told him don’t you want to fuck this cunt before anyone else fucks it open ? Then open me I did as he commanded, he was free , free to devour me , free to give me the best fuck of my life , free to avenge me for teasing him but he took out a dotted condom wore it over his cock and leaned down he licked me as I was preparing myself for his cock , and he entered me with a slight push from below , he lifted me and we were both on the bed he on top of me ,

I just could remember vividly my both legs were apart , my hands stretched and grabbing the bed sheet tightly o get a grip to ease the pain, as he cracked open my hymen, we laid there for sometime the pain was there I had my eyes closed and tears rolled down the side, he licked every drop, and started his rhythmic sway movements slowly inside and outside his back was swaying as he plunged into me after some time he wanted to enter me from behind I agreed to it as I was his now , I saw blood on his cock he looked at me and said oops ! Congratulations you aren’t a virgin any more, we smiled and as he entered from behind his kisses were sensual , gentle , romantic and heartfelt . This time I could feel him up to my belly I never stopped him I liked it , I got on top of him , from 69 to reverse cowboy , back to missionary ,

To doggy style he was an expert after about lasting for twenty five minutes he wanted to shoot his load I wanted to taste his cum and see how it feels , he did as directed and there I was with a face full of cum load shot on my by a random client who has booked me as an escort for the highest price virgin and with his load on my face I licked carefully each drop of that cum as it was expensive , I cleaned his cock of the leftover and gulped it down my throat , there I was from a simple small town virgin girl to a high priced , premium escort fucking and sucking load of a foreigner , I wanted money , there was money I earned four lakh’s in two days,

It was time james had to go his business dealing in india were over and my deals were also sealed, I dropped him at the airport we bade goodbye I don’t know if I am ever going to see him again or if he wishes to see, I returned and gave rakeshji the money he thanked me, but now I cannot get back to m old life again, I am a changed person exploring new horizons in me but the fact is I am sharing my experience on the hopes that you will get something out of it. I’m not the one who gets to decide what that is, if anything. I just started a new “journey” if you will let me know whether I am right or wrong , as I can’t possibly know it yet and what the “message” of my life really is ! I only know what has happened to me so far, was not more than a nightmare and how i’ve felt up until this moment. “you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved as you can’t love someone who doesn’t love themselves “. I think it’s better to be comfortable in your skin than to be miserable being who you are.

(this is just the beginning of my new life there are more chapters to this, somebody said true money can’t buy happiness , but it can buy things that give you happiness, my journey in the world of escort just started and it continues there are more revelations and much more experiences are yet to come out ,but I like my readers to give their views, after all its them from whom I get this courage and support )

I Needed A Pay Hike But Ended Up Getting A Lucrative Job Offer

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