I’m a CockSucker Now Gay

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Amy Anderssen

I’m a CockSucker Now Gay
Ever since I had found copies of Penthouse Letters in my older brother’s room I had been curious. There were stories of men with other men there and while at first I was a bit shocked that a publication like this would have letters about gay or bi men, soon I began to realize that on one level or another they were more interesting. Perhaps it was the fact that society seemed so down on men being with men, but whatever it was I searched out those stories. I even found myself thinking of being with a man while I masturbated. Not only that, but I found I imagined myself being the one on my knees much more than the other way around.

Time went by and I began to be more and more curious about how a cock would feel in my mouth. I stroked off at least daily, often more than once, while dreaming of a cock in my mouth, feeling it grow hard, tasting the precum before it finally exploded in my mouth. I never imagined spitting out the cum, rather I always imagined how it would feel sliding down my throat.

For a long time I was too scared to even try to do anything about these desires. I knew I wasn’t gay as I loved women, loved women’s bodies and had my share of encounters with women as the years went by. But I never lost my secret fantasy. I never stopped wondering how it would feel to suck a man’s cock. When I was in my mid twenties events finally conspired to make my desires come true.

I had quite a collection of porn by that time. I would buy it whenever possible to have things to look at while masturbating. I liked pictures, but I liked stories even more. This was long before the days of the internet so there were only so many places a young man could find his porn. I was able to get the men’s magazines, some with stories, some not at convenience stores, but the harder core stuff I knew existed was hard to find.

One day I was driving around a town about 30 miles away from mine when I happened to pass an adult book store. I had heard of them, but had no idea one was so close. I didn’t stop that day but as the days went by I found myself thinking more and more about what might be available there. I was nervous about going. I mean, what if someone I knew saw me there. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that they wouldn’t really know what I was buying, even if I was there, and if they were there they would be just as nervous about me seeing them as I was about being seen. Soon I could not resist and drove over to the store.

Parking was in back and I quickly walked from my car in to the store. I was amazed at what I saw. Rows upon rows of books, magazines and movies. The walls were lined with every sort of sex toy you can imagine and some you would not believe. I was in heaven. While the place was seedy and had a weird smell I could not really identify, I felt like I had found the store of my dreams. They had sections for every kind of desire or kink you could imagine. Straight sex, lesbian sex, BDSM, gay sex, bi sex, TV’s, and more. I wondered that store for an hour before I found myself drawn to the gay section.

Seeing all those images of men sucking cock, being fucked, licking ass and kissing was incredibly exciting. I found myself buying much more than I should and headed out of that store poorer, but with a ton of new jack off material. As I was leaving I saw a door off to the side with a curtain and a sign over it that said movie booths. I asked the older, tough looking man behind the counter what was back there and he said quarter movie booths with all different types of porn movies showing. I had never seen a movie so I was very curious and asked the man behind the counter if he would hold my packages while I went back there to see. He said no problem, bahis firmaları but I had to buy at least $5 worth of quarters to go back there. I got my change and headed back.

Walking through the curtain I was shocked to see it was very dark, with very narrow isles between the movie booths. I could see red lights over some of the doors, and others were dark. I quickly figured out that the ones with the red light were occupied, the dark ones empty. There were maybe 50 different booths and as I walked up and down the isles I saw each had a little sign outside it that showed the movie that was playing inside. I was a bit nervous but I went to booths away from any that had someone in them and browsed the titles. I found one called ‘Young Cocksucker’ and quickly went inside and locked the door. There was very little light in the booth but I could see the coin slot and dropped in a quarter.

A TV came on and the first sight I saw was a young guy on his knees as a much older man fed him his cock. I could feel my cock growing hard right away and sat down on a little stool that was there to watch. The booth had a stale musty order but I could not believe how excited watching this movie was to me. I began to rub my cock through my pants and started dreaming about being the boy on his knees, sucking the cock of a man much older than me and using me for his pleasure.

I could feel my cock beginning to leak precum and thought if I watched too much more and kept rubbing my cock I would soon cum in my pants. It was dark in the booth, I was alone, so eventually I had to open my pants and stroke my exposed cock. I felt so dirty, sitting in this booth watching a cocksucker and slowly stroking up and down my throbbing cock. I felt dirty, but more excited than I had been in a very long time.

Just as I was very close to cumming I saw a light out of the corner of my eye. I looked at it and saw that there was a hole on the side of the booth. The hole was about 4″ in diameter and I could see the flicker of another movie showing through it. I realized someone must be in that booth and scared to death they would see me jacking off I quickly pulled up and fastened my pants. Sitting there catching my breath and wondering what to do next the quarter ran out and my booth became very dark.

I saw movement through the hole and wondered who was there. Not able to help myself, or really without thinking about it, I got down on my knees and tried to sneak a peak at whoever was in there. The first thing I saw as I looked through the hole was a man’s hand sliding up and down a very hard cock. This was the first hard cock I had ever seen in real life other than my own and I was mesmerized. It was about 7 inches long and beautifully shaped. Did I just think beautiful about another man’s cock? Yes, that was what it was.

The man was obviously enjoying the movie he was watching as he began to stroke his cock faster. I could see it very clearly, even the clear drop of liquid at the tip that told me it would not be long until he came. Suddenly there was a loud THUMP THUMP THUMP on the door and a man yelled out to keep the quarters flowing or get the hell out. I quickly dropped another quarter into the slot and looked back through the hole.

When I did I saw the man had shifted his position and was pointing his now dripping cock at the hole. He knew! He knew I was watching him but I could not turn away. He was stroking slower again and his other hand reached down to caress his balls as I watched. I was trembling with excitement and again unzipped and took out my own, much smaller cock, and began to jack off as I watched. I could not believe I was on my knees, in a book store booth, masturbating as I watched another man doing the perabet same. But it didn’t matter. All that mattered was I was more excited than I could remember ever being and I wanted to see him cum.

He took a step closer to the hole and now the head of his incredible cock was only an inch or so from the hole, a few inches from my face. Suddenly he let his hands drop to his sides and just stood there with his very erect cock pointing at me. I could not stop staring at it, at his balls, and his dark pubic hair that surrounded it. Here I was, on my knees, stroking me cock and staring at another mans tool.

Then he spoke. Softly he said “Do you like what you see?” I didn’t respond as my mouth was too dry and I was scared. “I said, do you like what you see boy?” he said a little louder.

Worried someone would hear if he said it any louder I managed to whisper a yes in reply. My face was burning red in embarrassment. I had just admitted to a total stranger that I liked his cock. What did that make me? I had fantasized about this for a long time but this wasn’t a fantasy. It was real. I was on my knees looking at a real man’s very real cock and was harder than I could remember being. Was I gay? No, I loved women, but there was no denying that I also loved looking at this man’s cock.

“Do you want a closer look boy?” he said.

I could not believe it when I uttered the single word that would change me forever. “Please” I said.

He stepped closer to the wall that separated us and as he did his cock slipped through the hole. It really was beautiful. Hard and standing straight out, it’s veins clearly visible in the dim light. I felt very close to cumming and had to stop stroking my cock to make sure I didn’t cum. I didn’t want to cum yet. I wanted this to last. The quarter was used up and I quickly added several more as I didn’t want to be yelled at, or interrupted as the most exciting sexual event in my life was going on.

“Touch it” he said. I couldn’t move. I was too scared to move. He couldn’t really want me to touch his cock, could he? I wanted to; I longed to but was scared. “I said touch it boy” he said again, louder. Without even thinking about it I saw my hand reach up and grasp his cock. I had another man’s cock in my hand and it felt right. It felt natural. I was supposed to be touching his cock. It was so much bigger than mine and felt so different in my hand. Again without thinking I started moving my hand slowly up and down on his throbbing erection.

I heard him moan softly and was thrilled. I was pleasing him. That felt so right. My purpose was to please him. His cock was again leaking precum and I could feel it on my hand as I stroked him. This excited me even more. He was liking what I was doing. I picked up the pace, stroking him faster until he said “Kiss it boy, you know you want to.”

I did want to. My fantasy was about to come true. I wanted nothing more than to please this man, make him cum, show him how much I loved, yes loved, his cock. I lowered my head until my lips made contact with his precum covered cock head and kissed. I kissed his cock! I kissed a man’s cock!!!

I leaned back and licked my lips, tasting for the first time another man’s precum and finding that I loved the taste. I needed more and leaned down again and this time took the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked. I held the base of his cock and slid my mouth down about half way. I had cock in my mouth! I was finally a cocksucker. I had thought about this for so long and now it was happening. I heard him moan again, louder this time, and realized this was something I was born to do. I would always love women but now I knew I would also always love cock. I would never shy away from cock or my desires perabet giriş again.

I moved my lips up and down his cock, feeling it in my mouth, against my tongue. I tasted more of his precum and thought of it as my reward for doing a good job. I no longer felt fear at all. I only felt like this was something I had to do. Pleasing this man was my duty and my pleasure. I could only take about half his cock in my mouth without gagging but he didn’t seem to mind. His moaning told me I was doing a good job. I was sucking his cock and doing a good job.

“That’s it boy, suck my cock. Show me how much you love sucking my cock boy. Show me just how good a cocksucker you are!” he said loudly. I didn’t care who heard. I loved him talking to me that way, knowing I was born to give men pleasure. Knowing that I loved his cock. I didn’t care who heard. I was a cocksucker. I did love his cock and I wanted him to know it.

I sucked harder, moving my lips up and down his cock at an ever increasing pace. I ran my tongue along the hardness that filled my mouth. I tried everything women had tried on me. I worshiped his cock. “I am close to cumming boy.” he said, “Do you want my cum? Do you want me to fill your cocksucking mouth with my cum boy?”

I screamed yes in my head but he couldn’t hear. My mouth was full with his beautiful cock and all I could do was mumble. “Tell me boy, take my cock out of your mouth and tell me!” he said.

I didn’t want to take his cock out of my mouth but I did want his cum and I wanted him to know it. Leaning back I said “Yes, I want your cum.”

“Say it louder boy. Say you want my cum loud enough so I believe you.”

I raised my voice and said “Please give me your cum, please let me make you cum!”

“Where do you want my cum boy?” he asked.

“In my mouth, please let me taste your cum.” I panted, “I need your cum!”

“Then get back to work boy, show me how a cocksucker like you loves cum.” He commanded.

And I obeyed. I dove down on his cock, sucking with renewed energy. Moving my lips up and down, sucking harder, knowing that soon I would get my reward. Soon this man would be filling my mouth with cum. Soon I would truly be a cocksucker. I felt his cock grow even harder, in my hand and in my mouth. I knew he was close and I kept up my sucking. Suddenly, without warning, my mouth was filling with his cum. Thick, salty but delicious. I felt my mouth fill to overflowing and some of his cum leaked out the corners of my lips. I swallowed, feeling it slide down my throat and as it did I felt my own cock explode, shooting cum against the wall. I had cum with a cock in my mouth. I had cum with a strangers cum in my mouth. I had cum without touching myself, just with the thrill of pleasing this man.

There was no going back. I was now officially a cocksucker. His cock slipped from my mouth and back out of the hole and I heard him buckle up and leave the booth. I sat back on the stool and the enormity of what I had just done settled on me. I tried to clean up as best I could, wiping my dripping cock and trying to wipe his cum off my face where it had leaked out. I was nervous again. What if someone saw me leave the booth and knew what I did? My thoughts were conflicted. I didn’t want the whole world to know what I had done but I knew I would have to do it again. I knew I didn’t just want, but needed to suck cock. I was a cocksucker.

I cleaned up as much as possible and taking a deep breath opened the door. No one was out there. No one would know. I walked out of the movie area and headed for the door.

“You forgot your packages.” I heard the man say behind the counter. I knew that voice. It was the voice of the man who had made me a cocksucker. Sheepishly I walked to the counter and he handed me my bags.

Looking down at me he chuckled, “You still have some of my cum on your mouth boy.”

I turned bright red and hurried out of the store. Scared but thrilled my life changed that day. No longer a fantasy, from now on I was a cocksucker!

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