It Started In The Bath With Mum.

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It Started In The Bath With Mum.
This is the story of my relationship with my mum. My dad left when I was very young so as far back as I can remember, it was always just me and my mum.
One of my favorite things to do when I was little was my nightly bath with mum. I loved the feel of her skin against mine, especially when we were both soapy. I loved how she scrubbed me all over. I loved when she’d wrap me up in a big fluffy towel when we were done. It wasn’t anything sexual, it was just the wonderful sensations that I enjoyed. I remember the day it happened. My mum had just finished scrubbing me and I wanted to return the favour. I took the soap and started soaping my mum up. She’d already explained to me about girls breasts, and how all women had them, different sizes, that they were for feeding babys, etc., I had often looked between her legs before at her dark hairy bush. As I was washing her down there, she moaned a little, then grabbed my arm and said, “I think it’s clean enough.” I finished with the rest of her body, not realizing that anything had happened. When we got out and were watching tv while drying off, my mum told me that she thought I was old enough to start taking baths…by myself. I was kind of sad that I wouldn’t get to take any more baths with my mum, That a few months ago, though, and I only remember it because that was the first time I touched my mum’s pussy.
The real story begins several months later. As I said, it was just me and mum at home. My mum thought that since I didn’t have a father, she should be available to me at all times, so she worked part time. I don’t ever remember my mum going to any great lengths to hide her body from me. Modesty was practically unheard of at our house, so it wasn’t rare for me to see her naked coming out of the bathroom or changing clothes. In the mornings, she’d come out wearing a short silk robe. When I started jerking off around 13, I started looking forward to the days when she would wear short sheer nightys or her short silk ones. Most of them weren’t much longer than long shirts, which would give me fleeting glimpses of her breasts. At that age, I was looking anywhere and everywhere for masturbation material, and it was countless nights that I would jerk off picturing my mum’s dark hairy pussy or her 38C breasts, as I stroked myself to orgasm. On one days, I got up the nerve to tell her how great her legs looked, she blushed and thanked me, and started wearing the short ones most of the time around the house. We were always very touchy-feely, spending nights at home laying with each other on the sofa while we watched tv. It was only in the morning that she would wear her short nightys, most of the other time she’d walk around the house in a t-shirt and knickers. Don’t think that didn’t have an effect on me. My masturbation fantasies were fueled with visions of her long and her bush that you could always see in her knickers.
One night, as we were on the sofa, my mother asked if I would rub her feet, as she’d been out shopping all day and they were sore. Any excuse to get my hands on her was ok by me, so I agreed. We were on opposite ends of the sofa, she had her feet in my lap. I took special care, making sure I did a good job, and realized that I really liked rubbing her feet. I liked seeing the wrinkles form around my thumbs as I kneaded the soles of her feet. I loved the soft silkiness of the top of her feet as I gently rubbed the backs of my fingers across them. I loved the way her toes wiggled in my hands when I accidentally tickled her. I had an instant hard on. From that night on, I was constantly asking her if I could rub her feet. Like most people, my mum wasn’t going to say no to a foot rub, so most nights, I had her feet in my lap. It didn’t take me long to realize that if I maneuvered things just right, my mum’s legs would be spread, and I’d get to see her knickers. I already knew, from the glimpses her robes would allow, that she mostly wore sheer knickers, but I didn’t realize what kind of a view of her pussy that would give me. There were a lot of nights where I couldn’t even begin to tell you what was on because I was entranced by the view of the material seeming to come out from her between her arse cheeks, pressed up tightly against her hairy mound. Sometimes, one of her lips would work it’s way out of her knicker gusset, and I’d just stare. She was very good about it, and would casually just smile when she noticed me staring. I’d have jerk off material for later. If I had to guess, I’d say the reason she didn’t stop me was because it felt good for her.
It was after one such session, as I was laying in bed that I heard a strange noise coming from my mum’s bedroom. It was a buzzing sound, and a low moaning. I’d been jerking off in the dark for about half an hour. I had a visual images of mum’s hairy bush poking out from her knicker sides I was using as I masturbated again and again. I’d been laying there, almost drifting off when I heard it. I debated whether or not to check it out, and when it didn’t stop, I decided to see what was up. I pulled my underwear up, pulling it up high so I could wipe off any cum that I’d missed with my fingers on my stomach. I’d never been brought up to knock on doors when at home, so when I reached her door, I just pushed it open wide. The sight took my breath away. Like me, she had the tv on, hers was also muted, it’s glow revealing to me her naked body, nipples hard, legs spread, hands working a vibe in and out of her hairy pussy. From my own experiences, I could tell she was probably close to cumming, that’s probably why she didn’t remove the vibrator from her wet pussy. She just closed her legs, blocking my view of that white plastic cock protruding from her hairy pussy, sat up some, and asked me if I needed something. I told her that I’d heard a noise and was just checking it out. She said it was nothing and asked me to please go back to bed. I saw her glance at the obvious bulge in my underwear and a smile appeared on her face. I stuttered out an “ok” and closed the door. I stood right outside her bedroom and listened to her. I could tell she was struggling not to scream, and could hear her hissing “oh shit, oh god, oh god.” I didn’t go back to my room until I heard the vibrator being turned off. I couldn’t take my underwear off fast enough, they were completely off by the time I got back in bed, and I didn’t waste any time before I started jerking off again. That moment when I first opened the door was frozen in my mind, the way her legs were spread, the look on her face, the wetness on the vibrator. It was all too much and I came almost immediately.
I had just started stroking again, those images would not leave my mind, when my mother came into the room. I was frozen in place. I couldn’t cover up, my sheet was under me, I couldn’t pull my underwear up, I’d taken them completely off, and, for some unknown reason, I couldn’t let go of my cock. She was silhouetted against the hall light, and I noticed she’d put on one of her robes. I saw her pause when she saw what I was doing. She seemed about to leave, then took a steadying breath, and walked over to my bed. Her eyes kept flicking to my hand wrapped around my cock, pulsating. She sat on the edge of the bed and smiled sheepishly at me.
“Looks like we’re both feeling naughty tonight.” She said as she glanced down at my hand around my cock again. “Darling, we don’t need to be embarrassed about this. Everyone does it and it’s nothing to be ashamed about.” With that, she patted my stomach, inadvertently putting her fingers in a small puddle of my cum, one I’d made thinking about her fucking herself. She said “I’ll let you get back to what you’re doing,” and stood bahis firmaları up. She rubbed her fingers together, and I saw her stick them in her mouth as she walked out of my room. She didn’t bother closing my door, nor did she close her door as she let the robe fall from her shoulders, letting me see that she was still naked. I followed her. She laid down in bed, reached into her nightstand and pulled out her vibrator again. I started stroking myself again as I watched her suck on the vibrator to get it wet, and then slide it into herself. We watched each other while we masturbated, I came before her but didn’t stop stroking until she’d come too. Then, she turned off her tv, I turned and went to bed.
I don’t think either one of us ever closed those doors again. We would go to our separate bedrooms after I was done rubbing her toes, then we’d masturbate while watching each other. Usually, I’d get naked first and lay on top of the covers. I’d picture her hairy pussy while I started stroking myself, and it wasn’t long before I was moaning. Then she’d start playing with her nipples. Taking them between her fingers and pulling. She’d sometimes point the nipple up to her mouth and suck on it, all the while watching me stroke my cock. She didn’t always use her vibrator. Sometimes she would stick her fingers in her mouth, make them very wet, the saliva dripping off them, then start rubbing her clit. She continue to play with her breasts with one hand while she rubbed her clit with the other. She’d roll the nipples between her fingers, then back to her mouth so she could suck on them, her hand a blur between her legs. She’d spread her legs wide when she was getting ready to cum, to show me that she was a squirter. She’d sometimes put her other hand between her legs while she squirted, her fingers getting soaked, then bring the hand back to her breasts. Slathering her nipples with her pussy juice, then sucking it off. It was no less exciting when she used her vibrator. She’d use both hands to work it in and out of her pussy. Fucking herself mercilessly while she watched my hand move up and down my cock. She’d always make sure to suck on it for a few minutes, make it nice and wet before she stuck it inside herself. After she came, no longer bothering to stifle her screams, she’d always clean it off with her mouth. It’d be dripping with her pussy juices every time she took it out, and she savored every drop. We watched each other every night. When I saw that she had no problem licking her own pussy juices, and remembering how she’d sucked my cum off her fingers that first night, I wasn’t embarrassed having her watch me scoop up my cum and eat it afterwards. I think it turned her on. Every night we’d go to bed, not like other mother and son, every night we’d become each other’s masturbation partners. We only did that for a few months before our relationship progressed.

It felt strange doing this with my mother. From the time we woke up until we sat down in the evening for her play and suck, we were just like any other mother and son. It was when we got on that couch that we became something different. Something more. She’d started moaning alot while I rubbed her nipples, and especially when I sucked on them. We stopped bothering to turn on the tv since neither one of us really paid any attention to it. I tried pulling my cock out one night, so I could jerk it while I sucked her nipple. She’d set limits to what we could and couldn’t do, but it wasn’t enough for me. Seeing her hairy pussy glisten every damn night, I couldn’t take much more and I decided to do something about it.
Once I’d reached my decision, I had to wait a few nights to make my move. I continued to masturbate with her nightly, enjoying it immensely, I continued to eat my cum afterwards, just like she did, and thoughts of what I was planning never failed to keep me hard after I’d cum, and we’d end up doing it again. It was the last time she used a dildo that had given me the idea of what to do, watching her, in the throes of passion, how she’d throw her head back as she moaned loudly. I would’ve done it the next night, but she used her fingers for the following four nights.

Finally, my moment arrived. I’d sucked and nibbled on her nipples. She let out a contented sigh and asked me if I was ready to go to bed, as she looked at the tent in my shorts. I smiled and told her that I was. I was already naked as she crawled into her bed, my cock standing at attention. She watched me while she undressed, and I started caressing my cock. She got into the bed while she watched me stroking myself, then she reached into her bedside draw and pulled out her dildo. I was so happy. I moved myself closer to the edge of the bed, and watched her take half the dildo into her mouth. She slowly pulled it out, then started to rub the head of it on her already glistening pussy lips. She then took it back to her mouth, and slowly, sensuously licked her pussy juices from the head. Then she started to push it into her mouth, past her lips, past her teeth. She kept pushing it until only the balls of the dildo weren’t inside her and held it there. I could see her throat muscles working around the dildo and briefly wondered if I’d be able to do what I had planned. My thoughts evaporated when she started to slowly pull the dildo out of her mouth. She held it in front of her face and I could see a line of saliva still connecting the head to her lips, I had to fight to keep from cumming at the sight. She started to pinch her nipple with one hand, making it nice and hard. She then used the head of the dildo to stimulate the nipple, using it as she often used her finger. Making smaller and smaller circles around her nipples, then rubbing it back and forth across it. With her other hand, she reached down and slid two fingers inside herself, then slathered the other nipple with her pussy juices. She started to move her nipple toward her mouth when she glanced at me, and she froze. My cock was harder than it had ever been. Half of me was watching the show she was putting on for me, the other half was anticipating my plan. She stared hungrily at my veiny cock, hard as steel, pulsating in my hands, and she dropped her breast, the pussy juice smeared on her nipple forgotten, but not by me. She took the dildo into her mouth one more time, to make sure it was wet, it was unnecessary, then she started to slide the dildo into her hairy pussy. She worked it into her pussy just as she had into her mouth, until only the balls were hanging out, then she started to thrust into herself. She pulled it almost all the way out, until only the head of the big rubber cock was inside her, then she slammed into herself. She watched me while I stroked, faster and faster, urged on by the way she fucked herself. Her eyes were full of lust, frozen on my cock. Watching her work the dildo faster and faster, I knew I wouldn’t be able to contain myself much longer. My moans got louder, so did her’s. I let out a loud grunt as I started to cum. I came so hard. Any other night, I would’ve been amazed by it, and would’ve gotten on my knees and licked it off the sheets, put on my own show for my mum. She started to cum, and threw her head back. She was really wailing, her whole body was tensed up in orgasm. I glanced at her, then kneeled at the side of her bed. I leaned over her and placed my mouth on her cum smeared nipple. She grabbed my head with one arm, pulling it to her breasts, holding me tight. I sucked on her nipple, tasting the pussy juice she’d placed there earlier. I rolled my tongue across her nipple. I worked my other hand between her legs and placed it on her hand. Once I got the rhythm down, I took over with the dildo, and casino oyna she placed both her hands on my head, pulling me tighter to her breast. As she started to cum down from her orgasms, I slowed the hand between her legs, and her grip on my head loosened. I continued to suck on her nipple and work the dildo in and out of her slowly until she shuddered one last time. I let go of her nipple, and looked at her face. She was flushed, her eyes were closed.

She didn’t open her eyes until her breathing had slowed to normal. Then she tilted her head to look at me as I slowly and gently pulled the dildo from her wet pussy. I told her that what I’d tasted on her nipple was great, but dry, and that I wanted to taste her juices fresh…like she’d done with mine the first night. With that, I started to lick her juices of the dildo, not caring that I was licking a big plastic cock. Her pussy juices were thick, almost as thick as my cum, and she tasted much better. I moaned as I licked all of her juices off the dildo, then stuck it in my mouth and sucked any my tongue might have missed. I then handed it to her, glistening with my saliva. I apologized to her, telling that that was all I’d meant to do, but that the sight of her dried juice on her nipple was too irresistible. I then got up and started walking back to my bedroom.

“Mark Darling, wait.”

I turned back to her, and she motioned me back to her bed. I sat on the edge of it and looked at her.

“Lay down with me.”

I lay down next to her, feeling her hot, sweaty body against mine, I looked at the ceiling. She got on her side, her nipples brushing against my body were almost too much.
“You know we shouldn’t be doing this.”

I nodded.

“I should’ve stopped you the first time I saw you staring at my knickers up my skirt on the sofa. But I couldn’t.”

I looked at her, put my arm under her head and pulled her closer to me. Her whole body was now pressed up against me, she let her leg casually fall onto both of mine. My hard cock was up against the top of her thigh.

“It’s been so long since anyone’s looked at me that way, it felt good, seeing the lust in your eyes, the bulge in your pants.” She blushed.

“Mum, you’re gorgeous.”

She smiled. It wasn’t just lust in your eyes, there was love there, too. I know I can go out any night and find a willing fuck partner, but that’s not what I want. They wouldn’t care about me, they’d just want to get off. Darling, what I’ve been doing is so wrong, on so many levels, I can’t keep using you like this. I knew that eventually, you’d want more, but I just can’t…we can’t do any more. We shouldn’t even be doing what we have been doing. I’ve just been too weak to stop it. I’m so sorry.”

She put her head on my chest and started to cry. I turned on my side, facing her, our bodies entwined. I held her, and stroked her back, and her hair. I couldn’t help but notice the way her thick pubic hair tickled my leg. Her sobs slowed down, until she was just sniffling. I tilted her head up to look at me, her eyes were red.

“I love you, mum.”

She smiled at me.

“I love you, too, darling.”

I kissed her chin. Then asked, “Mum, why is this wrong?”

She stiffened in my arms, “Darling, it’s just not done.”

“How do you know?” I asked.


“How do you know it’s not done? Have you talked to anyone about what we’ve been doing, because I haven’t.”

“Well, no, but i****t is wrong…”

“But how do you know that no one does this? And who cares if anyone else does or not?, we’re not hurting anyone, why can’t we do this?”

She didn’t say anything.

“Mum…we have something special here. I don’t care if anyone understands or not, I’ve really enjoyed the past few months. I enjoy doing of this as much as I enjoyed the baths we used to take together. I’ve always loved the feel of you, the scent only you seem to have, that’s why I loved taking baths with you, the comfort you provided by just being you. I love the the glances you give to my crotch, the shows you put on for me and me alone. I loved the way you taste, how your nipple felt in my mouth. I love the way your body feels against mine now, Mum, I love you. How can that be wrong?”

Tears slid down her face.

“Oh, Mark my Darling!”

We kissed, passionately, like we were trying to get into each other, our lips were pushed tight against each other. The kisses got gentler, and we both opened our lips a little. Our tongues got in on the action. I felt her tongue slide past my lips and I met it with mine. When she withdrew from my mouth, my tongue followed into her mouth. She tasted so sweet. I was harder than I’d ever been, laying there, naked, my arms around my naked mother. We started rubbing our bodies against each other. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around my hard young cock, then started to stroke me. There was still some cum on the head of my cock, since I hadn’t bothered to wipe up before she finished cumming and the feel of her hand on my lubricated cock was too much. I don’t know how long we lay there, our mouths pressed together, tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouth, my hands all over her body, from her arse to her back, then around to her breasts, down to between her legs, and back to her arse cheeks, her hand wrapped firmly around my cock, stroking, up and down, up and down. I came moaning into her mouth. She withdrew her tongue, kissed me softly on the lips, then on my chin, worked her way down my neck, sucking softly, down my chest, flicking my nipples with her tongue, straight down my stomach, licking up the droplets of cum, until she was staring at my still leaking cock. She licked her lips as she muttered “I’ve been wanting this since the first time I saw it.” She engulfed my cock in her mouth. I could feel her sucking, sucking hard. She kept just the head in her mouth and kept using her hand on the shaft, squeezing, stroking, she was milking me. Nothing had ever felt this good and I wondered if it was possible to die from pleasure.

Slowly the feelings stopped being as intense, my cock stopped being so sensitive. She refused to let go of my cock. I think maybe she was waiting for me to go soft before she removed it from her lips, but I never started to go soft until I’d come at least a couple of times. I looked at my mother, hair disheveled from our make out session, lust burning in her eyes, her mouth full of my cock. I tried to talk but the intense feelings of her mouth on my cock had robbed me off my voice. I motioned to her what I wanted, and she complied. I just stared for about 10 seconds, then I placed my hands on her arse. I started to massage her arse cheeks and watched the way my hands made the rest of her body move. I smiled when I realized that the wetness I was looking at was because of me. Then I started to kiss her thighs, afraid to rush it. I kissed closer and closer to her hairy pussy, she moaned onto my cock. I placed my tongue on her clit and her sucking intensified. I ran my tongue up and down her wet slit, and she moaned again. Her pussy lips were big and puffy. I couldn’t resist. I sucked them into my mouth, massaged them with my tongue, gently nibbled on them. I wrapped my arms around her legs, so that my hands were on her inner thighs, then I spread her. Her lips opened up for me and I stared at her wet hole. I worked my tongue into it. I didn’t think it was possible but she tasted even better. I lapped away at her hole, wanting more and more of her juices. I started fucking her with my tongue. After a few minutes of my tongue fucking, I felt her take my cock from her mouth, and she said “My clit, please. Lick my clit, darling.” I stopped fucking her with my mouth and concentrated on licking her clit. I ran my tongue up and down first, slot oyna and she moaned her enjoyment. Then I tried moving my tongue on her clit side to side, and she sucked harder to show her approval. Encouraged, I started to run my tongue in small circles over and around her clit, and she let my cock slip from her mouth. She ground her hairy pussy into my face, her hand, still wrapped around my cock, was squeezing almost painfully. I could feel the side of her face on the my hip, right next to my cock, and I knew from experience that her eyes were closed. She ground onto my face, muttering unintelligibly, and she squeezed my cock even harder as she squirted her sex juice onto my face. I eagerly lapped up her juices, wanting to swallow it all. As her orgasm subsided, she again took my cock into her mouth, and started sucking and working her mouth up and down with renewed vigor. If I hadn’t already come twice, I would’ve come before I even got to licking her, but even the two orgasms earlier couldn’t keep me from cumming soon after having her squirt her juices over my face and into my mouth. She felt my cock stiffen in her mouth and pressed her face fully into my crotch. I could feel her nose against my balls, her chin in my pubic hair, and I started to cum like never before. I felt my cock twitch, launching stream after stream of cum down her throat. I could feel her throat working around the tip of my cock, swallowing each time my cock twitched. She slowly worked her way up my cock, again wrapping her hand around my cock, milking me again. She took her mouth off my cock, and dragged herself so she was laying half on me again. She smiled at me, her eyes half closed, and let her head rest on my chest.

After a few minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore and had to ask. “Mum?”

“Mm?” She moaned.

“Di-did I do it ok?”

She worked herself up so that she was looking at my face. “My Darling boy,”

I saw the serious look on her face, looked into her eyes.

“You father and many of my old boyfriends used to love licking my pussy. They really liked sucking me, like you were doing, running there tongue from my arse to my pussy and back.”

I looked away, knowing she was going to say that I had a lot to learn, or that I’d disappointed her. She grabbed my face so that I was looking at her again.

“But they never, EVER, listened to me. I’d beg for him to lick my clit and I never came with any of them giving me oral sex. So I want you to understand that I am being completely honest when I tell you that not only was it the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had, but it was also the first one that I have ever had with being licked out”. If you don’t believe me about it being the most intense, the proof is right there, darling.” Just look at your face”” She had squirted all over my face, I grinned foolishly at her face, and her face melted into a grin, too.

“Now, you’re in trouble, because I can get used to cumming like that very quickly, young man.”

I kept smiling as I said “You’d better mum.”

“You’re cum tastes much better straight from the source, she said. in case you were wondering. I didn’t taste as much as you usually do, since you shot most of it straight down my throat, but I don’t mind milking you for every drop of the sweet cum.” Then she moved up and kissed me.

We started making out again, her hand finding my cock still hard. I rolled us over so that I was on top and pressed myself against her. I could feel her lips against my shaft and started to rub up against her. The head of my cock was rubbing against her clit as her lips soaked my shaft. It felt almost as incredible as being in her mouth. We kept kissing and rubbing until she wrapped her legs around me. She shoved her tongue deep into my mouth as she came, her moans muffled by my mouth. I moved slower and slower until we were both laying there, panting, me on top of her, then I lifted myself up onto my hands and knees. She took a hold of my cock and and pulled me until I was pressed up against her hairy pussy. She held me there with one hand, and placed her other on my arse and slowly pulled me into her. I moaned as my cock slid, for the first time, into her hairy pussy. We both looked into each others’ eyes once I was completely inside of her. She smiled up at me and said “Fuck me, Darling.”

I started slowly, wanting to make this moment last as long as possible. I began to pull out of her, until only the head was still inside her, then, just as slowly, pushed back into her. I couldn’t keep that up for very long, the feeling of being surrounded so tightly by her hairy pussy making my cock beg for the release of orgasm. I started fucking her harder and harder. The speed at which my cock was going in and out of her wet pussy making squelching sounds. I kept pounding into her. I didn’t want it to end. The earlier orgasms had taken a toll on me, and I was soon too tired to move anymore. I pulled out of her and lay down, when she got up and straddled my hips. She smiled down at me, “I prefer it this way she said” She grabbed my cock, lifted herself up, placed me at her wet hole, and impaled herself on me. She kept herself up a little, preventing me from going all the way in, then she started rolling her hips. I lay there, watching my beautiful mother as she rode my cock, and I realized she was using my cock as I’d so often seen her use her vibrator. I didn’t know it at the time, but she told me later that she had positioned herself so that the head of my cock was up against her g-spot. She was working herself towards orgasm. I reached up and started rubbing her firm breasts. Pinching her nipples. Rubbing them. I sat up and started sucking on them as she worked on getting off on me. She stiffened as she started to cum. She pulled my head into her breasts, urging me to suck harder. I felt her squirt around my cock, her juices running down my shaft, onto my balls and then I could feel it running down to my arsehole. As she came down from her orgasm, she relaxed, we both moaned as she slid all the way onto my cock. I lay back, pulling her down with me. I bent my legs slightly, so that my heels were digging into the bed, then I started pumping into her. She moaned, Ah Mark fuck me darling”” the fire of her orgasm reignited with my pumping, and she started meeting my thrusts with her own. She placed her hands on either side of me and started to really thrust down as I thrusted up. Her eyes were still closed, she was moaning constantly, I could feel her pussy convulsing around my cock. It was too much. I swelled inside her, then started filling her hairy pussy up with my cum. She continued to move her wet pussy up and down my cock, even after I wasn’t able to thrust up anymore. I had to beg her to stop. We lay there, with me still inside her, both of us panting and sweaty.

“I think it’s time for sleep, baby.”

I moaned my agreement, then I felt her moving on the bed.

“Well, almost.”

I opened my eyes when I felt her get on top of me again. Her head was by my cock, and she positioned her legs on either side of my head, her pussy right above my face.

“I’ve been watching you for months now, and every night, you clean yourself up after you cum. You’ve watched me for months, every night I clean up, whether it’s my fingers or my vibrator. Why should tonight be any different?”

That said, she started licking her dried juices off my balls, working her way up towards the head of my cock. I lifted my head and placed my mouth to her wet hairy pussy. It looked a mess with all our cum mixed together, and started sucking on her. I felt her lips in my mouth, and soon tasted my own cum, intermingled with her juices. I stuck my tongue deep inside her as she took my cock into her mouth. I felt her sucking our juices off my cock as I licked and sucked our juices out of her pussy. When we finished, we shared another kiss. Then she laid her head on my chest again.

“I love you, mum.”

“I love you to, darling.”

And we fell asleep.

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