Jock Tales—The Tournament

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Jock Tales—The Tournament
Jock Tales—The Tournament

“Maaaathuuuu” crash—boom—crakle crakle “Maaathuuu—-agggg” Jesue fuckin christ—what was happening. I jumped from my bed, and rocketed up the stairs to Dustin’s room—buck ass naked, lol. There was Dustin, standing in the middle of his room, with his arms over his head—screaming like a banshee. POW pop boom, sizzle, sizzle. “Aggggg Mathew “ ! “Jesus Dustin—what is it “? “Im scared Matthew” “Oh fuck dude, you mean the storm “? BAMM rumble rumble “Ahhhh yes, Matthew the storm—Im scared” Oh fuck, I mumble to myself. It was a pretty drastic storm—even for East Texas. I grabbed my lil bro by the waist, and picked him up. He instantly wrapped his legs around my waist, and his arms around my neck. His trembles turned to whimpering, and eventually started crying. Bringing my hand up to his head, and tossling his hair, I tried to assure him that it was just thunder. I headed for the bathroom to take a piss, lil bro still in tow. Leaning forward and grabbing the towel bar, I cut loose a long strong stream.

I then head for the kitchen, and pour Dustin a small glass of milk. Placing it in the microwave to warm it up, and adding a couple of taps of nutmeg, I it to him. Walking over to the patio door, I open it up and step out on the patio. “See” I said softly, “It’s just thunder, and wind” Dustin took a slug of his milk and replied, “Im still scared” I told Dustin to drink up, and placing the glass on the kitchen table, headed back down to my room. I gave Dustin a full body slam on the bed. He let out a shriek, and then started giggling.

I plopped down on the bed, on my belly, and grabbed my pillow above my head with both arms. In just a few moments, Dustin had turned over and wrapped his arm around the lower part of my back, and snuggled his head just under my pit. “You stink, Matthew” I simply replied, “Yep, go back to sleep”

When I awoke again later that morning, our positions had reversed. Dustin now had his back to me, and I had him pulled in close to my belly, with my arm over his waist. My dick was rock hard now, holding back a fresh supply of morning piss. I was right in the small crack of my lil bros ass, and I smiled to myself. I had no idea at this moment, but in a few short years, the day would come when I tore that ass up like it was the last piece on earth. As it would turn out—he asked for it, and he got it.

I jumped up for another piss, then returning to the bed again plopped down on my belly. I felt Dustin turn over again. After a few moments of silence, Dustin commented “you got hair on your butt, and in your crack” I couldn’t help but giggle, and just replied “ya”, you’ll get that some day too”. “Can I feel it”? I snickered to myself again, at his innocence. “No, you can’t feel it, you don’t sposed to touch another dudes butt” “But your not another dude Matthew, your my big bro” Such logic—this was going to get tough. “NO Dustin, you can’t touch my butt” “Please Matthew, I won’t tell” Again I snickered to myself. I hated to deny my lil bro his prize, but as they say, one thing would lead to another, and then shit would get out of hand. He was just too young—there would be plenty of time later. “No, now get up to your room, and get out of those silly PJ’s. You look like a 6 year old”.

Dustin did as told, and went stomping up the stairs, slamming the door to his room. I guess I broke his heart, but I did what I had to do. Rolling over on my back, I reach into the nite stand and fish out a blount. I fire it up, and take a quick pull. Just a little buzz would be fine for now. As usual, as my brain came awake, so did my dick. It only took moments for me to become fully boned. I looked down and smiled at my big teen age dick. Eight fuckin inches so far, and only 15 years old. I grab the head with my right fist, and rub my thumb over my piss slit. There it was—an endless supply of fuck juice. Most b o y s didn’t even ooze juice, but I had enuff for several. Slicking the juice over my cockhead, I immediately went to work. Squeezing hard, I began pulling up and down. The feeling set in right away. I spread my legs just a bit, and raised my left arm up over my head. Turning to the left, and taking a quick whiff of my ripe pit, I picked up the pace. Stroking like a jackhammer now, I just couldn’t go slow. I had shit to do today, but I had to get that nut first. As I felt my belly and thighs tighten up, I began pounding my dick like I was trying to rip it off. As I spread my legs a bit more, and reaching down grabbing my balls, I gave them a hard squeez and tugged down. Then it came-bamm, bamm, bamm, bamm. Four streams of unbroken jizz flying out of my dick head like a rocket launch, each one hitting the wall over my head, splatting like a bug hitting a windshield. I looked up at the wall, still jackin my dick, and shot 5 more ropes of thick jock juice across my chest and belly. I was in shock at the amount of my load. Even in the few porns I had seen, I never seen a man shoot that much jizz. I was thinking I may have just set a world record, lol.

Before I could calm down, and collect my thoughts, there was a rapping at the front door. “Fuck” I mumbled to myself. It was just so fuckin far from the basement to the front door. I grabbed a pr of gym shorts from the floor, and a dirty tee to wipe off the jizz from my torso. At the door was Mark Mattox. “What’s up dude” he exclaimed all cheerfull and shit. I hated happy morning people. “Dude—come on in, I gotta show you sompin” Literally grabbing Mark by the hand, and pulling him down to the basement, bahis firmaları I pointed out my achievement on the wall above my bed. “Jesus Dillon—you just do that”? Mark was ecstatic. “Ya dude, 4 shots—right over my head. I was just wiping up when you knocked” “Holy fuck dude—I seen grown men that didn’t nut like that—that’s gotta be a record” “Fuck ya dude—Im impressed with myself” I kinda chuckled at my accomplishment.

“Say—I gotta big deal for ya late tonight after the game, if ur up for it” Mark had a mischievous look in his eyes. “Ya maybe—what’s up” I asked . “Old man party—they want some gogo boy types, or maybe strippers. Figure you come straight from the game in ur sweaty uniform, and you’ll be a big hit”

“Ya man—that sounds awesome” I replied with a smile.

We had a noon game, and this would be the end of the season for Pony League. I asked Mark to run me over to the field, as I needed to work out a bit, and get pumped up for the game. We grab Dustin, and scoot over to the field, where there is a little league game in progress. I hand Dustin a few bucks and told him ‘don’t get into any trouble’. In the locker room a few other guys had showed up, and were working out as well. It was evens, so we all paired up to spot each other. Ricky, the bat b o y, was arranging the bats and batting helments. I flashed him a big smile and asked him was he abusing that little dick of his. He flashed back a big grin and proudly proclaimed “yes sir ! Three times a day”! All the guys chuckled at him, knowing they were just as guilty. “That’s my boi—tear it up”

I strip down to just my jock, exposing my baseball size bulge, and my tite moon shaped hairy ass. As we began pumping iron, and working up a sweat, Mark again complimented me on my fine body. Still at just 5’10’, and 150 lbs, I was still pretty skinny—just 29” waist. The 6 pac was poppin out really good, and I started some really intense crunches. “give it the summer, Dillon, you’ll have 7 & 8 before you know it” encouraged Mark. I grinned at the anticipation of having an 8 pac by the time football started next fall. On the bench press now, workin up the shoulders, one of the dudes walked by and popped me pretty hard right on my jock strap. “What the fuck dude” ? It actually hurt pretty bad. “Cover that shit up Dillon, we all know you got the biggest dick—fuckin show off” One of the other b o y s hollered out “I think he likes ur dick Dillon”. Everybody just laughed and went back to their routine.

Suddenly Ricky hollers out “batter up—30 minutes” That was the cue to get dressed, and get ready for the game. Tony Truelove wheeled up to me in his wheelchair as I was getting dressed. He had been hit by a car on his skateboard earlier in the year, and lost his legs, but he was still on the roster for the team. “Hit one for me, Dillon” He was looking particularly down today, so I just smiled at him, and said “you got it bro’

The game went pretty intense. We stayed neck and neck with the Tigers, until now, it was the bottom of the ninth, and I was the last batter. As I approached the plate, I look over and see Tony in the dugout. I just couldn’t stand it. I called for a time out, and motioned for one of the b o y s lined up down the third base line to come to me. I told him to go get Tony, and wheel him out to the baseline with them, so he could see better. He nodded approval. “And Traylor—when I hit that fuckin ball, you wheel his ass over here to this plate as fast as you can” Traylor grinned mischievously, as if he figured out what I was going to do. I called time in, and as the Tigers picture took the stance, preparing for the wind up, I raised my bat, and pointed to center field. The crowd went nuts, with roars and cheers. It took a lot of hairy balls for someone in Pony League to pull a ‘Babe Ruth’, but I was determined. As the picture prepared for the wind up, he then called time. It was getting crazy out here for sure. He walked up to me, and whispered in my ear—”I know you want this game Dillon, but if you think ur bad enuff to hit that ball out of the park, I WILL SUCK– YOUR –DICK” I flash a big grin at Cole Parker, and said to him “You got your word on that” ? Parker replied “I just did bro”

The wind up—and the pitch. It was either the league championship, or we go down in a tie. POW I swung so hard that I felt every bone in my vertebrae pop, from my waist up to my neck, and broke the bat clean in two. I stood there, with everyone else in the park, in dead silence. And there it went.

Clean over center field—clearing the fence by over three feet. Still, the stadium was silent, and frozen in time. Finally, the announcer screams into the microphone—”RUUUUUUN” I jerk around to look behind me, and there was Traylor, as ordered, pushing Tony Truelove to the plate. I grab the handles of his wheelchair, and start running. Pushing as hard and fast as I could, the front wheels wobbling in the dirt. “I hope it doesn’t lock up” was all I could think. First—second–third–and finally, HOME. The crowd went totally nuclear. I continued pushing Tony around in circles, doing donuts, if you will. In the ecstasy of the moment, I ripped my jersey off, Tarzan style, screaming at the top of my lungs and d****d it over Tony’s shoulders, raising his arm in victory. My bushy pits were dripping in sweat, running down my rib cage, and I could smell my own ripe jock funk. My dick twitched a bit. Mark had managed to work his way into the crowd to home plate. He smack me on the belly, and told me to look down. In all the excitement, and jumping and tipobet güvenilir mi twisting around, I was poppin an 8 pac ! I nearly creamed, and literally started crying with joy. Somehow, my little bro, Dustin had managed to climb the fence, and was running towards me to home plate. I grabbed him up, and spun around in circles, tears now in my eyes. I kissed Dustin right on the lips. He laughed, and wiped it off with the back of his hand. Suddenly, I looked Dustin square in the eyes–”Bro—go find that ball. Twenty bucks Dustin, go find my ball” He nodded his head up and down, and as I lowered him back down to the ground, gave him a hard smack on the butt. “Run b o y—run” Dustin took off like a cougar. I had no thoughts about it at that moment, but years later, I would painfully figure out that from that moment, my lil bro worshiped the ground I walked on. And that idolization would become his own motivation for becoming quite the baseball star himself. And as we both got older, I less and less gave him the time of day.

The cheers continued around the field. I could see the TV crew making it’s way over to home plate. Parker, still standing on the pictures mound, glanced over at me, with his head hung. I pointed at him, with an evil grin. He gave me back a thumbs up, indicating he would live up to the bet.

“Matthew—Matthew—Matt Dillon—Mary Stevens, Action news Five. Matthew—how does it feel”? “Ahhhhh Miss Mary, I dunno” chocking on my words, barely able to speak. “I mean, oh gawd, I just dunno” “It’s the first Pony League win for Tyler in nearly twenty years—you are a hero “ ! “Well, maybe Miss Mary, it was a lot of work and confidence in myself, and Im sure a good bit of luck, too. But really—I wanna give some of this glory to the dude that actually scored the run”. “You mean Tony Truelove” ? “Yes ma’mm, as a pinch runner, he actually gets the credit for the run. I checked the rule book earlier, and it’s all legit”. “Matthew, are you saying you planned this whole thing before the game”? “Well, ya kinda—it was sort of a fantasy really, but then in the locker room before the game, Tony came up to me and asked me to hit one for me. Then, it just all came together. I was determined to do just that. By now Dustin was racing across the field, holding his arm up high in the air, with the game ball. “Ohh Miss Mary—here come my lil bro. Could somebody bring me the wireless mic from the booth please.”? It took a minute, but someone finally heard me, and brought the mic.

“Could I get everyone’s attention, please ? Could all the Mustangs come over behind me, in a circle, I guess. And you Tiger guys, you too. Miss Mary, I want to thank everyone here, for their support of our activity, and all the coaches and staff, and vender’s, and groundskeepers, and well, just everybody. Ya know, it takes more the just nine guys on a baseball field to have a game, it fact, it takes two teams of nine guys—so lets get a big roar for the Tigers”. The crowd responds with a loud cheer and applause for the team. “But Miss Mary, I want to point out one player in particular, and it’s not me. Ricky—bat b o y Ricky—could you wheel Tony back over here to home plate please. Ya know—I just hit the ball—technically, Tony ran the play. So Tony—YOU dude, actually scored the winning run.” The crowd went up in cheers again. “And thanks to the help from my lil bro, Dustin, I now have here in my hand, the game ball. The winning run, game ball, and on behalf of all the Mustangs, I would like to present it to you, Tony Truelove, for scoring the winning run”. The crowd goes nuts again, and as I hand the ball to Tony, he looses control, and starts ballin like a baby. I look over at Coach Jones, and mouth “You got it” ? And he hands me the trophy. “And further, after talking with Coach Jones, and a few of the guys on the team, we all agree, and I also present this trophy to Tony Truelove, for player of the year”

The crowd goes wild again, and Tony just buckles up in his wheelchair in joy. Myself, and Mark grab Tony under each arm pit, and yank him up out of his chair, so he could stand for his awards. After about an hour and half, the crowd finally starts to dissipate, and some of us start heading for the locker room to shower up and change clothes. I run up to Cole Parker, and grabbing him by his jersey, just say “common punk, ur with me” “Jesus Dillon—now ?? here ??” “Yup, right fuckin now, cause Im horny as fuck, and ur fixin to choke down on this big jock dick” I dragged him around to the back of the shower house. It was a weird thing—this second wall that protruded about three feet out from the back wall of the house, then ran about half the length of the house. There was a gate at the end of it, and it was like this cubby hole, if you will. Nobody new why it was there, or what it was supposed to do. It was finally decided that it was just a glitch when they built the building, so there we have it—more like a big closet behind the building.

WE walk in and I close the gate, and pushing Cole to the back, grab him by the hair and push him down to his knees. I whip out my big 8” of jock meat, give him a grin, and just say “SUCK”. As Cole opens his mouth, I waist no time in shoving my meat down his throat. Tightening my grip on his hair, I instantly go into a relentless pounding of his throat, plunging my now rock hard cock to the back of his throat, my pubes going up his nose with each thrust. It took no time for the snot to start pouring out of Cole’s nose, but I just grinned and kept plunging my vein poppin tipobet giriş cock into his throat. I took my left hand and slapped him up side the face, “squeeze those lips punk, make it tight” I ordered him as I continued to run my cock in and out of his throat. Again, taking my left hand, this time grabbing him by the throat, and squeezing hard, you could now see my cock going in and out of his tight wet throat. The snot continued to pour, as well now as the sweat pouring from my pits and belly. I yanked my dick from his mouth, and shoved his face into my right pit. “Huff it dude—just like glue. Learn my stink, cause you’ll be getting lots more of it”. I moved his face from my pit over to the left one, then ordered him to lick the sweat from my ripe pungent pit. He eyes squimished at the funk of my pits, as I returned him to the right one to lick it clean as well. I don’t know what got over me, but I was really bonning up on the abuse I was giving to Cole.

Grabbing his hair again, I returned him to my dick, and shoved it again, straight down his throat. “God damm ur fuckin good” Grabbing him now by both sides of his head, I began slamming his throat hard as I could. He began bucking back, and trying to fight me off, as he began to choke and gag on my big teen age dick. “Had enuff, punk” ? I asked him staring into his eyes. All he could do was nod his head up and down. “Great” I replied. “Now drop your pants” A look of horror came over Cole’s face, and he shook his head back and forth. “No fuckin way Dillon—your not sticking that thing in my ass—no fuckin way—not part of the deal” Cole responded in a panic. “You want me to finish up ur ass, and plant my jock junk in ur guts, or put it back in ur mouth, and flood your mouth with it”? “Enuff dude” !

“I said I’d suck ur dick bro, and I sucked ur dick. Didn’t say nothing about you fuckin my ass—I ain’t no fag, Dillon” “I aint no fag either, Cole—I just like fuckin dudes up the ass” “Na -ah, that’s it. I said Id suck ur dick dude, and that’s it. No fuckin more” Having reached that ‘crazed’ state of mind, I couldn’t stop. I rared back with my right arm, and delivered a crushing blow to the right side of Cole’s face. Before he could recover, I delivered three pops to his right eye, instantly busting it, and the
b l o o d began pouring down his face dripping onto his shoulder. “Jesus Dillon, you fuckin lunatic—what the fuck is wrong with you”? “Want some ass, that’s what—and ur givin it up, punk” With that I swung a left cross across his mouth, busting his lip open, again the b l o o d dripping down his chin, hitting his chest. I grabbed him by both sides of his head, and pulled him in close to my face, and hawking up a luggie, spat my spit and snot into his mouth. Then delivering three hard blows to his gut, I slung him down to the ground on his belly. I got hold of his belt, and ripped it from his pants, and shucked them down. One more blow to the right k I d n e y , and then screaming at him “You want some dick now punk, huh—you want some” ? I was a complete madman at this point. Whimpering now, Cole finally relented—“ ya Dillon, give it to me” Angry, I struck him on the back of his head. “Naa punk—that aint gonna git it now—you got to fuckin beg for it fag” ! “Aight, aight, Dillon, please fuck my ass—please fuck me hard and bust ur nuts up in my guts—please Dillon”

An evil chuckle emerged from my throat—deep down from the diaphragm. Again I worked up a handfull of spit and snot, and ran it over the pulsating purple mushroom head, of my juice oozing dick. I slicked up the whole head, and then ran my hand up into the crack of Cole’s ass crack. Pushing my middle finger deep into his super tite jock hole (Jeez, I thought—this bois has never even broken the toilet paper, lol) to loosen him up. I pull my finger, and notice a bit of ass slim on it, then grabbing Cole by his hair again, and pulling his head backwards, shove the finger into his mouth. “Suck it, pig” was all I said to him. In the same motion, I squeeze my dick hard, and slam into Cole’s tight virgin hole. Wasting no time, I went right into plunging my rock hard meat into the depths of his guts, All 8” to the hilt, poppin his ass as I hit it. Shoving his face into the concrete wall, I relentless began pounding his guts like a jackhammer. It only took about 10-12 thrusts, and then it all exploded.

Nut after nut, I shot deep into Cole Parker’s ass. Each one hitting as hard as I could deliver. Still holding him by his hair, and slamming his face into the concrete. I came for what seemed like an hour, destroying his cherry. My nut was so intense that I began trembling, and shacking at my thighs, and my jizz began to ooz back out of his tite jock hole. My belly was so tight, that it was now easy to see my tight, popping 8 pac of abs, that seemed to have grown overnight.

Finally spent, I yanked Cole around, and shoved his back up against the wall. Grabbing his hair again, I popped his mouth again with my left fist, and as he opened it up, I shoved my now half limp dick back into his mouth, now covered with my jizz and his ass juice. “Suck it” was all I said, with b l o o d in my eyes, like a demon. “Use ur tongue punk, get it good and clean” With no energy to fight back, Cole did as I ordered him. Relaxing now, and deciding that I was probably good and clean, and reared my head backwards, and closing my eyes, cut loose. Cole went into a convulsion like epileptic shock as I cut loose the stream of my hot nasty stinkin jock piss down his throat. I filled his belly with my nectar, grinning at him the whole while. Finally I pulled out, and stepped back to pull up my own pants, and buckled them up. Delivering one more mouthfull of spit and snot to his face, told him to get up, and get himself together. “Yep Parker, definitely looking forward to freshmen football”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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