Long Story Short

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Long Story Short
Long Story Short

By: Londebaaz Chohan

I am Nestor Diaz. I knew Leslie since his family bought the house next door to us. We were just starting the elementary school and then of course over the years we were the best friends, went to same schools, graduated together from Middle School and then on to the same High school. The only notable point that is still in my mind was that his mother Beatrice was much younger than my mother. She almost reminded me of aunt Beth; my father’s youngest sister and almost like a big sister to me. Soon both of our families developed close relations and Leslie was more like a brother now. I did not understand then, when my parents spoke of his mom as the single mom but I used to feel bad to see her do everything by herself until Leslie was all grown up as a young adult to go out alone for groceries, laundry or other such daily chores to be done.

One most important thing; I was always told by my parents, never to call any elder person by their first name but as they did not know the name of Leslie’s father and I could not be told to call her as Mrs. ‘who’ and even Beatrice did not mind me calling her by this name, it was considered ok for me to call her such. I remember, my mom talking about the neighbors on the other side, about Beatrice as just being a c***d herself and irresponsible to have a c***d of her own. They also spoke of Mrs. Role having seen Bea buying beer at the super market sometime back and even the way she dressed. I did not understand a thing what my mom had spoken and did not understand that what was said wrong here but I and my family liked Beatrice and that was all I wanted to know and be concerned about. I liked her very much. She always invited me in with a smile, whenever I went to see Leslie. She often baked and had fresh baked chocolate chips cookies for me and Leslie as we played in their house. She never objected of crumbs or soda spilling on the sofa or the bed, even like my own mom. I did not see anything wrong in a way, Beatrice would like to dress. It was only when I had grown older that I even noticed the clothes Beatrice wore and by then my reaction was far from disapproval; honestly.

Going back a few years when I and Leslie were still in the Middle school, I started seeing a very rough and gruff man in Beatrice’s home and I found out that she had a new husband. This man was mostly home, not going to work and constantly yelling and shouting when he was in the backyard or in the house. My parents forbade me to go in to see or play with Leslie. One day, my mom sent me over to their house to deliver something, I do not readily remember what and I was very upset to see Beatrice all bruised and beat up. Soon the new father of Leslie was not living there anymore as Beatrice divorced and got rid of him forever. When we graduated high school, couple serious things had happened; my parents had divorced and my father had gone out of our lives and my mother was not keeping well. Leslie wanted to be an Electrical Engineer and so he was gone to a faraway college and I had joined a local community college to stay at home with my mother plus for my aspiration to be a teacher; this was a good college. Things had changed, not all for worse but I grieved the time that had passed. I missed Leslie and I am sure, so did he and we kept in touch with each other mostly via e mails. He always asked me about Bea’s health and general wellbeing as she was living alone. Beatrice was working for some daycare facility in the next town to ours, I was busy with my college.

With Leslie away, there was hardly a reason to go knock on Beatrice’s door and go see her or she coming over to see us. Mom being not very well, their interaction had almost gone to zero as well. I only rarely saw her bringing in the groceries or working in her backyard. She was always smiling and would not forget to wave, whenever she saw me in the back garden and sometime we even talked briefly, mostly about Leslie or the weather. Truly, I wished I had a reason to go pay a special visit to Beatrice. As she was approaching to be 30 in my calculation; she seemed to look, even more beautiful compared to nearly a decade ago; may be it was my age instead of hers. The passing years have been very kind to her. Her dark black hair had grown past her shoulders. Instead of jeans and t shirt, she was mostly wearing skirts and blouses and really looked graceful and lovely.

Her slender frame looked fuller, her hips had developed slightly more curvaceous and looked plumper just to set my mind thinking nasty thoughts, whenever I saw her in a tight skirt. All those 10—15 pounds, she had carried for all those years had melted and gone to the right places. Her hips and ass looked much rounder and even her bust size had gone up by one cup almost. I wanted her more than ever but also felt very guilty lusting over my best friend’s mother.

Winter hit us relatively early that year and about 10—14 days before X mas we were dumped bad by a big storm overnight. All the schools, businesses were shut down while everyone dug themselves out. I got out early and began digging my driveway. As I reached closer to house, I noticed that Beatrice had hired a trucker with plow attached to clear her driveway. He had pushed a larger pile of snow towards the side walk leading to our doors. I had finished the driveway and started clearing the side walk when Beatrice came out of her home in a jeans and a pinkish jacket like upper. She saw me, waved and we started talking about the weather as she started clearing the snow off her steps. I walked over to her yard, in knee deep snow and told her to go back inside; I shall shovel and clean those steps for her.

The early morning sun reflected off the ivory snow lighting up her face as she smiled and thanked me. She looked so beautiful with her hair shining hit by the sunlight. She insisted to do it herself making it an excuse for the needed exercise. I do not know why, I also insisted that no, she did not and gave her a big smile mentioning that Leslie would be very mad at me knowing that she had to shovel the snow. I told her that it would not take me long to finish it. I shall never forget her pose, as she leaned against the porch railing, holding the shovel up, thanked me and almost ordered me to come in after done. She said that the entrance through the side kitchen door was all clean and she will leave the door unlocked. My eyes ran over her rounded ass, bahis siteleri canlı as she turned to go in and I surely felt a big stirring in my adult cock. It had been a long, real long time, I had not spent any time with her inside her home and wanted to join her inside as soon as I could but snow was packed hard and it took me a little longer than needed and anticipated time. I felt glad to have done it for her. She could have done it for herself but then, helping her really appealed to my being gallant and good natured. Soon as I entered her home, the aroma of chocolate chips cookies baking in the oven hit me like a ton of bricks, making me smile feeling like a k** again. Her chocolate chips cookies were my most delicious c***dhood memories. I kicked my wet boots and hung the jacket up.

Bea welcomed me with the news of baking cookies reminding me that it had been ages since I had cookies over here. She was at the kitchen sink, busy washing large mixing bowl and other utensils. I smiled and thanked her for the cookies confessing that they were always the best and only if I knew she would bake some; I would surely had come in sooner. Standing right behind her as she stood at the sink with her back to me, my eyes were running over her behind and cushiony ass hugged by the jeans The sweater she wore was a little too small for her. From the side, I could see her quite enlarged boobs shake and move as she continued scrubbing the bowl and other pots. Some of the meat was also pushing out of the soft solid material of the sweater. Every time she turned a little, I could see the rounded contour of her nipple very clearly. Of course, she was wearing no brassier and may be enjoying the soft touch of her fleece shirt rubbing her stiff nipples.

As she turned and walked to the stove to check the cookies; my eyes trailed her treated by a perfect view of her heart shaped ass as she bended to put the cookies on the cookie sheet from the oven. Turning around she told me that as Leslie was not there and even when he was here, it was very long that she had baked these cookies for anyone and was very glad that I was there with her to eat them because she said, she was already very much overweight. I think, she saw me eyeing her and told me, that I could agree with her because she was overweight anyhow.

No, God honest; I was not thinking that at all, I tried to assure her. You rather look very good. I was afraid of being too honest. She smiled and told me that I had always been a polite k** and she knew Nestor Diaz will grow up as a true gentleman. She had a grand luster in her eyes and I thanked her. She sighed loud as she sat on the dinette seat to my left. She continued talking to say that it was encouraging to know, there were still good men around; although she had been a specialist to pick up the losers. She stopped and thought before saying that one good man she knew was maybe half of her age. The compliment was great and I told her, not to give up; trying to sound encouraging for her. She sighed deep again and quickly announced that no; she had given up already. She mentioned about getting only one good thing, Leslie, out of the bad men she picked for her. She laughed loud saying that after all she did get something good out of all that. He is a good k**; she said and I also chimed in quick; yes, I miss him too. We do stay in touch with each other often through the emails and he tells me to check on you but I do not want to be an intruder, I told her. Bea chuckled and said, that was not at all necessary but you will not be intruding either because you are like a family and most of all, Nestor; you always had a crush on me. She gave me a very shrewd smile.

I felt myself blushing and looked away from her. She noticed my very rosy cheeks and embarrassed feelings and told me that there was no need for me to be nervous or shameful because she thought it was cute, how I used to follow her. She seemed very happy as she recalled those days. Then she suddenly got up and went to the cabinet to fetch the tin jar for the cookies storage and I was relieved a bit to quickly adjust my almost tenting hard cock while she was not looking at me.

She told me to get the juice or the soda from the refrigerator as we sat and ate the cookies. Get up Nestor; she said again, get the soda. You do not have to reduce any weight.

Neither do you, I quickly added.

After a while, she got up and again started washing the pots and pans, she used to bake the cookies. She would look out the window of the kitchen, as I stood to her side and enjoy her sexy hefty curvature. Lucky me, she did not look back, when she took a deep breath because my eyes were roaming over her body and lingering on her chest and ass. She started talking of the days when she would stand there by the window and watch me and Leslie; 2 k**s playing in the driveway with our toy trucks, and other k**die toys. Still the same old Nestor; I can see. I am sure, she teased me, grinning a little.

I did not feel the need to ask, what she meant. My erection was growing little too obvious and pushing out at the front of my jeans and I could only mutter, that is because, you are the same, Bea.

No, she immediately countered. There is more of me now and I simply could not resist to say, yeah; and right where it should be. I was getting very horny now, even enjoying this a bit loose talk with Beatrice. She arched a little, to straighten her back and I noticed her nipples had become very hard. They were thick and pushing out at her sweater and her awesome breasts were also straining the fabric. I could very clearly hear her say that I was making her feel guilty. She had a very faint and timid smile on her face.

I immediately asked her, why she said that and she explained because, I was the friend of her son Leslie and in the back of her mind, she still thinks of me as a k**, playing with my toys. My argument was strong when I said that I felt the same but now I was not a k** anymore and grown big for sure and ready to play with different toys. She gave me a very sexy giggle as a response. Now you are wanting to play with bigger toys. Bea’s voice was much huskier and she burst out a laughter. There was a complete silence in the kitchen for a while. The air could even be felt thick with sexual tension. My solid cock was throbbing and I was wondering if Bea was also getting turned on or only teasing me. She broke the silence, saying that if she allowed casino şirketleri me to play with her bigger toys, could I promise her that no other soul shall ever know of it.

I shall never breathe a word of it; I promised quickly and she held my hand, to pull me to the living room and stop by the couch. Her touch had fed me a lot more arousal. As she stepped closer, her hand grazed the length of my thigh. Truthfully, I used to eye you; when you came to visit Leslie and make myself wet like right now. Bea spoke with almost a hush and gave a hard squeeze to my hand. Now as I slipped my other hand under her sweater, she did not resist. I glided my fingers over her soft smooth stomach to feel the curves. She was quivering, vibrating beneath my shaky hand and breathed faster too. As my fingers touched the underside of her tits, she gasped and her dropped out tongue, sucked on her bottom lip. Soon as I pinched her big and thick nipple, giving it a gentle tweaking, she moaned and reached for my hips immediately. It’s been so long, she pulled me closer making my bamboo to pierce through her and said, that felt so good.

Once I exposed her boobs, she looked a bit nervous. Her breasts looked very lovely. They had hung a little but not at all sagging and keeping their nicely rounded shape. I just could not resist and complimented her for looking so beautiful. Bea thanked me and whispered to suck on them with a shy kind of smile and her both hands at the back of my head. Bea’s nipple felt thick in between my lips as I sucked and tugged it. I was moving from one nipple to the other nipple, holding the larger breasts in my hands. Bea had now slowly held me by my shoulders and her breathing was getting very rapid as she got turned on more and more. Suddenly, she was asking me, pleading, begging to stop. Oh, god; that felt too god, please stop now, please now.

It was not my first time and had no clue, what went wrong in her but I quickly stepped back, saying: I am sorry. No, Nestor; please don’t be, you did not do anything wrong. I think I had an extremely powerful mini orgasm. She was in a kind of panic mode and pulled down her sweater, saying that if we do not stop right away, she was sure to be begging me to fuck her in a very short few minutes. I was disappointed and could only ask her, if that was such a bad thing to do and rubbed her back. I simply could not comprehend when she said, no; the problem was that it was not bad at all.

I thought to leave her alone and get back home for a slow and long session of the solo gratification being in my bed. When I got back home, I saw the time was only 8:50 AM. I had a very enjoyable and long masturbation session. Yes; I did think of Beatrice but honestly, I enjoyed the masturbation being very aroused and then I must have slept for some time; until my mom knocked on my door and asked me to get out quick to help Bea. When I came out, mom told me that she was reading sitting in the living room by the window and saw Beatrice having problem to pull something out of her car trunk and so she asked me to go out and see if she needed help.

As I walked out; Beatrice was kind of glad to see me. She said that soon as I left her home; Leslie called and told her, he would be coming on Saturday, so she ran to buy a Christmas tree. When they were loading it, it went it easy but now it did not want to come out. She told me and I just could not avoid a laughter, saying that it must be a male tree. Bea gave me the most flirtatious smile; I could ever expect from her. I had to struggle a little but soon the tree was out of her car. I thought Leslie would like to decorate the tree, when he came and that’s why, I made a quick run; she added.

Soon we were back in her house, I felt getting semi hard when I asked her, where you want it to go and Beatrice teasingly said; you mean the tree. She said the living room and once again after couple of hours we were back right there in her living room where I left her in the morning. I had tried not to be obvious but while we took our boots, coats off; I just could not help but run my eyes over her body. She was wearing a denim skirt down to her mid calves and a black sweater, giving me a full view of her cleavage due to the open buttons. I was glad to be standing behind the tree, so she could not see my growing bulge but soon as we reached the living room, she looked at my extended bulge and smiled saying; I was expecting an early Christmas and being in Christmas spirit already and I could only say that I was in Beatrice’s spirit and offered my hand, which she took and I pulled her to me with my hand wrapped at her waist.

Her stomach was pressed against my stiff shaft while her hands were on my waist. Her breasts were touching my chest as I looked in her eyes and we both smiled. I slowly unbuttoned her sweater while she watched but did not stop me. With the sweater open wide in the front, her silky brassier was seen pushing her breasts in one firm mound and my fingers teased there and also dug my lips on them beauties. She was breathing much faster. Pulling her sweater off her was easy with her arms going limp on the sides. Her boobs danced a little while the bra came off her to fall on the floor and my finger travelled to her swollen nipples. She moaned with her eyes closed and we took the seat on the couch.

O’ my God! You are very sexy; I told her as my eyes ran over her in front of me and she thanked me saying that I was a great looking young man too. As I leaned over to kiss her, her sweet tongue darted out of the open mouth and she received my tongue willingly. My hands started cupping her breasts as our kisses grew larger and she moaned in my mouth. I was sucking her lips, pinching her nipple, tugging them one by one. I was nibbling at her ear and stroking the inside of her thighs still wrapped in the skirt. My fingers were inching there with her neck tilted like an honorable one feeling proud to spread her legs wide for me. Her total body shivered as my fingertip touched her lower lips already soaked wet.

I asked her; when she played with it last time and without hesitation she told me; after I went home, leaving her in the middle. I asked if I could touch her and she giggled saying that I was too overdressed for the occasion but she was ready for me. As I stood up to undress, she slid off the couch with her hands between her thighs for the panties. Hooking her fingers, she raised her ass and let the black laced canlı casino siteleri white, damp panties slide off, spreading the musk of her scent in the whole living room. I told her, she was sexy and gorgeous. By now my shirt and pants were off and my pendulum was sticking straight forward in the boxers. With extended arm while she sat straight on the sofa again, she got to grab my fat shaft and pulled me on the sofa with her. Once again my hand was slipped between her thighs, under her skirt pushing the hem of her skirt open and up exposing her jet black bush above the cooze slit. She very quickly covered her mound, looking embarrassed and saying that she was sorry for not shaving off the messy hair.

Smiling like a gentleman, I took her hand slowly away from her pussy to reveal the fully wet lips of her cunt, glistening with her juices. With my thumb running down her wet pussy, she moaned and slid forward on the sofa. By now her skirt and my boxer were off us and my thumb was rubbing her cunt button, pushed out of the hood with excitement and Beatrice was writhing and moaning for more, arching her back and calling my name; Nestor, Nestor.

I bent down closer to her juicy pussy, with my tongue running over her clit and cunt lips, she cried and held my head in place pressing it over her sweet mound. My tongue was pushed in her hole and my nose was pressed at her very excited pink clitoris fully out of the hood. Her tasty nectar was already flowing down my chin. That feels awesome; she was heard whispering in a very heavy breath. One of my fingers was deep inside Beatrice’s pussy while I sucked on her clitoris. Soon her pussy repeatedly flexed and squeezed my finger as she orgasmed; thrusting her hips to meet my finger and filling my mouth with her tasty juices and marking all over my chin as well. We both smiled as our eyes met. Soon as she finished with her climax; she used her fingers to spread all of her very viscous juices over the dripping pussy and surrounding areas. I could feel Bea being very horny but somewhat nervous as well and perhaps, so was I. Holding and cupping her chin; I softly kissed her lips and repeated that I had wanted her for long time.

Although, she had known that very well but was pleased to hear that once again. Her hand glided on my thighs to reach and grab my fat and hard 8” cock length with a shy smile. It swelled and the veins all around its length became very obvious and the mushroom looking head pushed out of the pulled back foreskin and looking towards her. I don’t know why, she thought it necessary to let me know that I was not her first young man when she told me that she had forgotten, how hard a young man’s cock can get. I urged her to hold my cock and give it a few strokes and squeezes to keep it hard. Bea’s wide eyes were loving the beauty of my cock as it swayed like a national flag standing up straight towards the ceiling as we lay on the sofa side by side.

I kissed her once again and maneuvered to get between her long legs wide open for me with bent knees. As I gave myself a few tugs to get ready to go inside her, she reminded me of not being on the pill or anything. I smiled and asked her, if she was ovulating still on regular bases but also assured her, not to worry because I shall be careful and she won’t have to tell Leslie of a sibling of his coming and Nestor being the father. She gave me a very daring looks, I could tell. May be I shall dump my load in the dirt hole; I told her and she chuckled with me.

My hands held her hips harder as my cock head slid into her wet pussy. Truly, she felt very hot and tight inside. As my cock sank deeper inside her; she moaned and squeezed her pussy suffocating my cock in her depth. Soon after she released me, I began fucking her, working my cock in and out while she moaned very loud with her eyes closed. You feel so good, Nestor; she was repeating as my thick dong dilated and stretched her tight. My hips were in a galloping mode fucking her inside out with rapid short strokes and feeling her meat thin out against my invasion. She was looking so sexy getting fucked; I told her. I am sure she was very glad to hear this as she began slow fiddling my thighs making me fuck her nonstop asking for longer harder thrusts also. Fuck me harder Nestor, fuck me deeper Nestor. Make me cum Nestor, was her constant cry as my low dangling balls were making music as they hit her ass hole flying haphazard with every larger thrust in her cunt. As she kept on encouraging, I kept fucking Bea; edging again and again and making sure not to finish any soon though she orgasmed twice with all the hoopla making me fill her but I resisted all I could. Holding her hips, I lifted her off the sofa for pumping and plunging in her with a rhythm and pace.

Then once again, she began rubbing her swollen clitoris while asking me to fuck her harder and rougher making her writhe beneath me. Soon she was driven into orgasmic spasms squeezing and tightening her pussy around my cock sending some very harsh sensations. Soon I felt that the feeling was too wonderful but it brought me very close to orgasm as well and unsafe to stay inside her. Beatrice watched as I pulled out my cock from her dripping cavern. My fully glazed 8” long shaft was shining with her juices painted all around it. I immediately held it and began stroking with a whim as she sat up a bit but unsure if I wanted her mouth open.

Then she suddenly went down again and asked me to cum all over her. As if I was only waiting for her permission, my first squirt hit her forehead, covering her lips and boobs. I pumped again and released another string, then another and 2 more to splash and bathe her body with my all natural brew.

Bea moaned as she got smeared with my seed all over hers face, chin and boobs till I milked every drop for her. Oh, before I forget to tell; she used her finger to smear any uncovered area and even tasted a little bit of my freshly produced sperm. Finally, I rolled over besides her and gave a kiss on her red hot cheek. She once again confirmed that I was a wonderful lover and fuck partner and I showed no dereliction saying; because I had a wonderful fuck partner to prove my talents.

As she mentioned that Leslie shall stay for about 2 weeks but with the start of new year, he will go back to school; I told her that I shall be very tempted to move in with her and she chuckled saying that now she knew that I was hoping to eat more than her chocolate chip cookies.

She gave me a wink as I packed my cock back in my pants but of course with a promise to come visit Leslie every day, he would be here and think a better plan after he was gone.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan August 18, 2019.

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