Mandy, my new sexy black mature assistant

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Mandy, my new sexy black mature assistant
Mandy was the newest coworker in the office.
She had been hired as my assistant.
Mandy was a mature black woman from Alabama, proud of being a Southern Black Lady. She was in her early fifties and she was hot…

She had plump red lips, a very nice pair of round tits always hidden in her discreet cleavage, perfect curvy hips and sexy toned calves under the stem oh her skirt. And she was a perfect assistant for me.
But having her closer, made me get hard sometimes.

One night after office, some colleagues from the company invited me to a party and, being home alone in those days, I accepted the invite, thinking I could rid of a bit from the stress the office gave me during the week.
My lovely wife was away during the week end, visiting some friends.
So, nobody would wait for me at home that night.

At the party, I found Mandy had also been invited.
I got a closer look at this sensual black woman; she was really hot…
Mandy was wearing a tight green dress that showed her magnificent curvaceous figure and her legs looked even more beautiful, standing on a couple of sexy black stilettos. The real deal in terms of a sexy black lady.
I felt captivated by this mature Mandy. I had never been with a black bahis firmaları lady before. Either way, I was enjoying being in her company and enjoying our rather flirtatious conversation.

Although she kept mentioning her loving husband, there was something about the manner in which she did it that made me think perhaps she was just playing a little and actually quite interested in me.
She kept telling me how handsome I was and how lucky my wife Ana was.
But it was the way she kept smiling at me and brushing my thigh that convinced me she was attracted to me. She was one hell of a tease…

When the time was right and she was looking at me with one of her intense, sexy smiles I simply leaned in and kissed her. I got my answer as she kissed me back with such passion, locking her luscious lips round mine…
Then we left the party and I drove her to my empty house.
On entering the living room, we immediately resumed kissing each other and quickly made our way to the bedroom. Mandy sat down on the edge of the bed and she undid my trousers as I took off my shirt and shoes.
Then I stood over her; fully naked, with a raging erection that pleased her.
Mandy took a few moments to absorb the image in front of her and she said I had a nice beautiful kaçak iddaa looking white cock…

She grabbed my ass cheeks, pulling me into her and then she started working my dick with her fabulous red mouth. Her full, luscious lips wrapped around my hard cock looked amazing. She really worked my cockhead.
I simply stood there, enjoying her magic mouth on my rock hard dick.
The black lady really knew how to suck cock, kissing up my shaft as she teased the head and stroked my thighs. She even teased my asshole with her long nailed fingers, making my dick more erect in her willing wet mouth.

Following this most amazing blowjob, I stripped Mandy naked and it was my turn to marvel at her gorgeous, curvy figure with its smooth black skin.
She invited me to explore her nice round firm tits and I enjoyed sucking her erect brown nipples. Soon I straddled Mandy, putting my throbbing dick right between her tits while she worked my asshole with her sexy finger nails.
This literally made my cock ooze pre cum over her sexy black tits which only served to lubricate my thrusting between those magnificent mounds.

Suddenly Mandy made me dismount from her and she got on all fours.
I saw her incredible booty positioned high in the air. I buried kaçak bahis my face in between her round buttocks taking in her wonderful, musky, sweet aroma.

I gave her ass cheeks a little slap that made her tingle down and moan.
Her pink pussy by now was very warm and moist and she moaned as I began to lick her swollen clit. Then I around her sweet puckered butthole while working her clit with my fingers.
Suddenly Mandy started to moan louder and she begged me to fuck her.
I spread her nice cheeks and slid my hard eight inches of steel deep into her soaking pussy and began fucking her frantically as she continued to moan in pleasure.

I drove my cock hard into her pussy while gripping her round black ass but soon I could feel myself getting close to climax and I sensed Mandy was very close also. Few moments later I felt her pussy tighten and grip my cock as she erupted in a very intense orgasm.
She screamed with delight as her whole black body shuddered. This only served to ignite my own climax as I felt that wonderful sensation take over my entire body and I exploded whilst I was balls deep in her warm cunt.

I slipped out of her curvaceous body and I fell on my back. But Mandy began licking my cock with her velvet tongue as she cleaned any trace of my sticky semen.
Mandy said she had enjoyed the good moment with me; but a black husband was waiting for her at home. After we kissed each other for a while, we dressed again and I drove her to her worried husband…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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