Marc and the Mechanic

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Marc and the Mechanic
Marc counts the minutes as they tick by on the clock. Working Sunday shifts sits on his list of favorite things to do just under exploratory dental surgery. He calls it the slug shift. Slow and completely unproductive.
Sitting in front of a blank monitor with his hands just laying on the keyboard, Marc counts his teeth; he touches the tip of his tongue to each tooth that he counts. Playing with his teeth in this manner during this dull moment he realizes that the mostly empty office smells like his dentist’s office. Once he runs out of teeth to count and now just rubbing his tongue against his gum scar where his wisdom tooth used to be he decides enough is enough, he needs to get out. The thinking cap goes on and ideas on how to cut out early are pondered. Something important but not emergency. Something that needs little to no explanation and will also never need to be brought up again. Just then he remembered that his oil light popped on that morning.

“Worth a shot.”, he says quietly to himself.

Marc strums his fingers against the keyboard then stands up. Making his way to the manager’s office, he is already putting his blazer on; confident his ruse is a guaranteed success.
One firm knock on the open door as he steps through the doorway.

“Hey, Rick …”, he begins.

Without looking up from his desk, Rick responds, “What’s up?”. He is very focused and completely immersed in what he is doing. What he is doing is making sculptures out of business cards and paper clips. He is hunched over the desk and moves his hands ever so slowly and with much delicacy as if he were defusing an explosive.
Normally, this would be a behavior to call your boss out on. One could make comment on there being so little to do that the boss himself has resorted to playing make believe. But that would derail Marc’s intentions and possibly trigger the boss to create busy work. Marc instead jumps right to the point.

“Do you think I could punch out early? My oil li …”. Marc gets cut off.

“Yeah. Whatever.”, Rick interrupts. Again, he doesn’t even look up from his pseudo-art.

Marc feels a little disappointed. He was kind of looking forward to unleashing his deception but was thwarted by apathy. Nevertheless, he wastes no time making his exit. He tries to play it cool but there is obvious pep in his step as he saunters out of the office.

It’s a six floor ride to the parking garage in the elevator. Marc stares at his reflection in the shiny elevator doors. He isn’t a scrawny chap, nor is he self conscious, but he does wonder how he would look if he had a little bit more bulk to fill his khakis and sport coat. He has been wearing a size sixteen collar since his high school graduation. Perhaps instead of bulking up he should just cut in. Get that ‘jesus on the cross’ figure. He then begins to think about whether or not his life would have been any different if he had blonde hair rather than brown. What if his eyes were blue instead of hazel. Grandfather’s axe paradox. If all his features were changed along the way, would he still have been him? Or would he become someone completely different? Typical nonsense that rattles through the brain while riding solo in an elevator with no music.

The bell dings and the doors open. The parking garage being mostly empty on Sundays makes his escape that much easier. His car is no more than forty feet from the elevator.
He climbs in his car and starts her up. A few seconds after ignition his car makes a strange noise. It’s sort of a grinding and wrenching sound. He isn’t exactly sure how to describe it, he doesn’t know anything about engines. Fate is a fickle bitch. Use car troubles as an excuse, car troubles happen.

“I guess I am actually going to go get my oil done then.”, he says to himself.

Marc pulls out of his spot and heads out of the garage. No more than ten minutes away from his work; his check engine light comes on.

“Karma! You whore!”, he shouts. Still twenty minutes away from home, he is worried about what is going to happen on the highway.

His attention is drawn to his dash panel. His gauges are actually moving. He has no idea what it all means since he has never seen it before but he does know it’s not a positive sign. Panic is beginning to creep in as he gets closer to the highway and any idea or solution has yet to come. Suddenly, like an oasis in the desert, salvation cometh. Just before the onramp sits a building he has never paid any mind to before. This previously simple white box of a building turns out to be a ‘Lube and Go!”. His day is saved. Hopefully.
Marc pulls into the lot and is immediately ushered into bay 2 of the shop. He steps out of the car and hands the keys to the worker that motioned him in. The worker gives Marc a bit of a funny look. Marc knows why. The car smells like burning paper stuffed inside melting rubber. Marc pays it all no mind. He made it to the garage. Everything should be fine now.

Now inside the shop office, Marc gives his info to the clerk then strums through the display of air fresheners hanging on the wall. The clerk steps out from behind the counter and goes to the shop’s entrance. He locks the door. Marc looks through the window to the garage and sees the inlet doors of the garage closing. He looks to his watch.

“Shit. I’m not holding you guys up, am I?” he asks the clerk.

“Nah. You’re good. We just close the doors a few minutes before actual closing to prevent late arrivals from keeping us here longer than we’re supposed to.”, the clerk explains.

Just then the door between the garage and the office opens. A large man steps through the door rubbing his thick and meaty hands on a blue rag that is filthy with oil and grease.

“You got a problem.”, the large man says.
Knowing the man has directed the statement to him, Marc can’t respond. He is lost in the monolith of a man that stands before him.

This grizzly guy stands tall at somewhere around six-foot-three. His bulky body fills his navy jumpsuit which is unzipped just below his chest and showing his white crew neck t-shirt. It’s a wonder that the stitching doesn’t burst from this man’s incredible size. He is easily three hundred-fifty pounds plus and he holds it tight. It’s clearly not muscle he is carrying but there is definitely a suggestion that he spends time working out to keep his body strong and thick. His large chest and his wide, bulging, belly pull the jumpsuit taught against his body. The b**st’s figure clearly shows that he has always been a large lad, not someone who just happened to get large along the way. The jumpsuit hangs loose on his bottom half. Marc can only wonder how large his tree trunk thighs must be to carry all that size.

He snaps out the haze. “Me?”, Marc asks.

“Yeah you, necktie.”, the monster mechanic responds.

Making eye contact causes Marc to be dazzled by this man’s face. Short, clean cut, salt and pepper hair sits atop his large head. A tight and finely groomed beard stretches from ears to chin and circles around his bountiful lips. The entrancing beard is full grey. Large, ice blue, eyes sit under a thick and heavy brow. They look past a round, stubby, nose. His ears seem a bit small for his head size but have a shape that makes them absolutely adorable. The lobes look like they are begging to be nibbled.

“What’s the problem?”, Marc manages out while still burning the image of this glorious man’s face into his mind.

“You don’t need an oil change. You need oil. Not only is your car leaking oil, but it is also leaking coolant. From the looks of things, it has been leaking for awhile now.”, the mechanic explains. “I don’t know where it is leaking from or what is causing it. It needs to be lifted and checked to find that out.”.

“Uuhhhh …”, is all Marc can think of.

“Just what I expected to hear.”, the mechanic says. “Look. I can’t let you roll out of here like this and the car can’t be repaired here. You’re looking at an actual repair job.”.

“I don’t …”. Once again, Marc is short on words.

“I can get you towed to garage of your choice or to a friend of mine’s garage, but you won’t be driving this car for a day or two, at least.”, the big guy says.

“Yeah. I’m an everyday no one. I don’t have garage of choice or even really know of any,”, Marc tells him.

“I tell ya what. I’ll do you a solid. Let me clean up right quick and I will get you towed and give you a ride over there. It’s not far from here.”.

“That’d be great.”, says Marc. Normally this would be an offer that should make a person think for a second. Not that everyone is out to scam, but there could definitely be a financial gimme gimme between this man mountain and his friend the garage guy. Alas, none of that crossed Marc’s mind. All he heard was ‘Wanna go for a ride?’.
The grizzly guy heads through a door behind the counter then comes back out a minute later. He is now wearing a maroon polo shirt with short sleeves and a pair of dark washed denim that barrel leg down to a pair of brown work boots. His forearms are thicker than Marc’s neck and are blanketed with prominent white hair. They look so soft and fuzzy. So fun to rub and scritch.

“What’s wrong with it? It’s fucked up.”. Bryan is talking to someone on his phone when he returns from the back room.

“Yeah. Yeah. We’ll be there in a few.”. He stuffs the phone into his pocket and nods to Marc. “Let’s hit it.”.

The two of them leave the building and Bryan leads Marc to his truck. The truck is gunmetal grey and huge. Marc thinks to himself about how it seems like his car would fit into the bed of the truck. He then starts thinking about how he would like to put a bed in the bed of the truck and climb in with this kind stranger he just met. He quickly changes his thought trail, he can feel his pants getting tighter due to his cock swelling up from the idea of being in bed with this gorgeous man. After literally climbing into the truck Marc immediately notices the smell of the inside. A very pleasant and alluring aroma that dances into his nose. The cab is strong with the scent of this large lad. A beautiful mix of soft cologne, burly deodorant, and a hint of b**stly body musk. The scent amplifies as Bryan thumps down into the driver’s seat. Marc’s head is swimming from the erotic overload of Bryan’s appearance and scent. He is bulging up again. This time though, he can’t fight it. He cleverly utilizes the seat adjusting and buckling up to move his hard on inside his pants into a position that would hide and hold it steady.

Both are buckled in and the truck rumbles it way out of the parking lot.

“So we got some time to kill. The tow is on the way to your car. They have to pick it up, take it back, and check it over before we hear anything. Wanna grab a bite of something?”, Bryan explains then suggests.

“Sure. What are you thinking? Burger joint?”, responds Marc.

“I’m thinking we are going to need more time than that. Let’s grab a table. I know a great place. Great food, terrific atmosphere.”. More of a statement than a suggestion. Bryan has already begun navigating the hauler of a truck down the city streets. It is easy to see that Bryan is experienced with driving in the city. Even with his truck being as big as it is he cuts turns tight, forces his way in and out of traffic, and makes quick work of getting into the lanes he needs to be in.

The truck cuts a hard right onto a bustling street practically running a yellow cab into oncoming traffic. Marc grips tight onto his seat belt in a slight panic from the maneuver. They come to a heavy halt, they truck hasn’t even been moved out of the lane. Traffic behind the truck screeches behind them and horns begin blaring. As if he doesn’t even notice, Bryan nonchalantly hops out of the truck and leaves it running. Marc is a little confused and a bit on edge. A man in a red vest hops on the driver’s seat and looks at Marc with a bewildered expression.

A knock on Marc’s window. “You comin’? Or are you just going to hang out with the valet for awhile?”, Bryan muffles through the window glass.

Marc hops out of the truck and as fast as they pulled up the valet takes off, hammering through the built up traffic.

“Aren’t you worried how he drives your …”, Marc starts to say.

“Nope.”, Bryan interjects.

They’ve arrived at their destination. Feggle’s Ristorante.

Two tall muscular men stand in front of a red door and keep a line of at least thirty people at bay with velvet ropes. As Marc assesses his surroundings he notices that this ain’t no Applebee’s. He also notices that Bryan is making a straight line towards the door and doesn’t even glance in the direction of the line of people. Feeling very much out of his element now, Marc moves closer to Bryan; almost hugging his hip. Bryan shakes hands with one of the bouncers then puts his hand on the other’s shoulder then leans in and whispers something. The three of them laugh then Bryan heads into the door. Marc is halted for a moment feeling awkward as the crowded line of people all glare at him. He hears a whistle come from the direction of the door and looks to it. Bryan is motioning for Marc to follow.

“Are you, like, famous or something?”, Marc asks.

“‘Round here? More like infamous.”, Bryan says. He nods to the hostess standing behind the podium and she begins leading them through the restaurant before the two of them even get within earshot of her.
Inside the restaurant is something that Marc has never experienced before. Ivory columns, glossy hardwood, and marble fixtures. A baby grand piano sits in the far corner of the restaurant. Soft music plays and the conversations from the tables are no more that a low hush.

The pair get seated in a corner booth. A table that easily seats seven or eight people taken by two. The hostess says nothing after seating them and just wanders off. No more than a minute goes by before a waiter arrives with menus, bread, a bottle of wine with two glasses, and a clipboard. The waiter doesn’t leave. He just stands there, silent. Bryan rattles off his order then begins flipping through papers on the clipboard. After a moment he looks up from the clipboard and directly at Marc. A confused Marc panics a little on the inside, scans the menu, then chooses a dish randomly that he can’t even pronounce. Still silent, the waiter leaves. Bryan goes back to the clipboard. Marc feels a little awkward. He begins building a teepee with his silverware.

After a short time of cold silence the food arrives. Once everything is on the table Bryan hands the clipboard to the waiter then the waiter wanders off. The two of them quietly eat their meals. Marc isn’t sure what he is eating and he’s not really a wine person, but when in Rome …

Halfway through the meal Bryan’s phone buzzes about on the table. He picks it up and futzes around with it. This is when Marc notices the onyx ring on Bryan’s left ring finger.

Desperate for an escape from the weird silence bahis şirketleri Marc asks, “How long have you been married?”.

Bryan looks up for a second, “I’m not.”, then back to his phone. A few more clicks and clunks then he puts his phone down.

“Oh.”, Marc mutters. “I just figured with the wedding ring and all … nevermind.”.

Conversation initiation denied. The two continue to eat in silence.

The two finish eating and slide their plates to the edge of the table. Bryan looks to the bar, puts his hand in the air and raises two fingers, then four fingers, then two fingers again and puts his hand down. Almost immediately someone comes over with a bottle of whiskey and two tumblers. They take the plates away as they leave.
Bryan pours two whiskeys then breaks the silence. “Here’s the thing. Your car is fucked up. It’s at the garage and has been looked over. You’re looking at something like three days, at least, before it is driveable again.”.

“Shit.”, Marc says then swigs his whiskey. “I can easily get tomorrow off from work, but I have no idea how or what I am going to do after that. I’m not even sure how I am getting home.”.

“I can get you a ride home tonight. And you could always just bus or cab it for the time being, right?”, Bryan says.

“Yeah. No. I don’t live in the city. I’m a good twenty minutes outside of it.”.

“Oh.”. Bryan sips his drink slowly. “Tell ya what. You can crash out at my place tonight and work on the rest of your week tomorrow.”.

Marc puzzles a bit. They don’t even actually know each other and this man is offering his home up? He thinks for a moment about wildest dreams and best case scenarios but quickly dismisses the thought. “No. I couldn’t. I mean, we don’t even know each other really.”.

“No worries. I’m a very friendly guy. I like helping people.”, Bryan says with a lovable smile.

“What if I’m a crazy person that wants to steal your organs or things?”, Marc asks jokingly.

“Meh …”. Bryan shrugs out. He then finishes his drink and stands up. “Let’s hit it.”.

Once again, Marc is confused. It’s like he didn’t even have a choice or say in the matter. The man might as well have told him “You’re staying at my place tonight, deal with it.”. None of what has happened today has made sense to Marc, now he is curious to see where the day is going to lead. He knocks back his drink then stands as well. Bryan begins heading for the door.

“Not paying the check, huh?”, Marc jests.

“Nope.”, Bryan says in a straight tone as he walks off.

Marc hurries behind him. “Wait. Really?”.

Bryan says nothing else.

Bryan leads Marc out the front door of the restaurant. A black limousine sits curbside that Bryan climbs into. Marc is more confused than ever. Bryan motions for Marc to hop in. Marc climbs into the limo and closes the door. “Home.”, Bryan says to the driver. The limo rolls off.

It’s a quiet limo ride through the city. Not long after leaving the restaurant the limo pulls into a parking garage and snakes it way up the ramps. It stops on the third level right next to an elevator. The driver gets out of the limo, goes to the elevator, does something, then gets back into the limo. Bryan gets out of the limo and Marc, now just going with the flow, does the same. The pair get into the elevator and ride the car up. Up and up the elevator car climbs. It takes a few minutes for the elevator to finally stop. The elevator dings and the doors open. Marc is amazed. The elevator opened directly into an apartment. No. A suite. No. A penthouse. This man lives in a frickin’ penthouse in the center of the city. A beautiful one too. The furniture, the decoration, even the aroma is mind blowing to Marc. He wanders deeper into the penthouse in amazement like a c***d’s first time in Legoland.

“Seriously.”, Marc finally manages to speak. “Who are you?”.

“Me? Just some guy with lots of money.”, Bryan tells him.

Still looking around in awe, “Wait. If you have money, why are you working at an oil change shop?”. Marc takes off his sport coat and hands it to a ready to receive Bryan.

Bryan chuckles at the question as he hangs Marc’s coat in a closet. He turns back to Marc an approaches him. “Call it a hobby.”, he says. “Do you want to talk about that …”, he grabs Marc by the necktie. “Or would you rather put your lips and tongue to better use?”. Bryan pulls Marc to him hard and quick then presses his thick lips against Marc’s unprepared mouth.

Marc stumbles back. “Whoa now. What makes you think I would want that?”.

Bryan steps to Marc and slides his hefty hands around Marc’s waist. “When would a straight man ask about a wedding ring?”. He kisses Marc again; harder this time. Bryans lips wrap around Marc’s bottom lip and suck hard on it.
Marc stays with the kiss. Bryan releases his lip grip and smiles deviously at Marc.

Marc tilts his head back. “Even IF that showed I was gay, what makes you think I am available and open to involvement?”.

“There were plenty of signs. I’m far from twenty. I’ve been doing the gay dating long enough to know when someone is interested.”. Bryan states confidently. He steps back from Marc. “But hey, if I’m wrong, I totally apologize.”. He smirks.
Marc lunges forward and wraps his arms around the trunk of Bryan’s body. He presses his lips against Bryan’s lips and rubs back and forth against them softly with his tongue. Two hefty hands plant firmly on each of Marc’s seat cheeks. Bryan lifts Marc off the ground while they continue to kiss. Marc sucks Bryan’s tongue fiercely while Bryan carries him through the penthouse.

Tongues twist as the two passionately mouth fuck. A door swings open with a heavy thud as Bryan kicks it open; practically knocking it off the hinges. The large man enters the room and throws his tiny twink on a bed that has only two pillows and a black bed spread. Marc takes a scan of the room and comes to a conclusion that this room certainly is not the master bedroom. Other than the bed, a small nightstand with two drawers next to the bed, a black leather couch, and a floor to ceiling mirror against the wall opposite the bed that is something like five feet wide, the room is empty. The walls are plain white and there are two doors in the far corner. One door is slightly open and reveals signs of it being a bathroom, the other door is shut.

Marc feels a light slap on the right side of his face. “Pay attention.”, orders Bryan.
Bryan stands at the end of the bed lumbering over Marc with an ever growing, menacing, presence. He has a stoic posture with his hands on his hips, his chest barreled, and his large belly pushed forward. The size of his girthy body is nowhere close to the size of his confidence. Marc would actually be very intimidated right now if he weren’t so turned on. His cock already stands at more than a halfy and his toes already tingle. His eyes widen as he watches Bryan pull the polo shirt up over his head. Bryan grins as he towers over Marc bare chested and clutching the shirt in his right hand. His thick, tight, chest stays uniform high on his torso blanketed up and down, side to side, with fluffy white fur. The only gaps in the full chest of hair are where his half-dollar sized nipples rest. Pink, fat, and stiff with a large gauge rings pierced through each. Below that hefty chest is a glorious belly, just as hairy as the chest, fur that is just as white. Once again, the body hair covers the entire area except for a small spot. This time it is his adorable navel that interrupts the growth patch. A deep and wide innie button that Marc could easily fit two fingers into. The soft and plump belly hangs just barely over Bryan’s belt buckle; just about the same place a necktie should hang.

“You like that?”, Bryan asks. He gives a firm slap on his belly with his heavy left hand. The belly jiggles quick and short.

“Yeah you do. I bet you want to get your hands all over this tummy. Paint this large canvas with your pearly cum?”. He plays with his left nipple ring. “Look at you. Your pecker is begging to be let out of its fabric prison.”.
No detective work is needed to confirm Bryan’s statement to be true. Marc’s hard on is raging now and bulging against the zipper of his khakis.

Bryan throws his shirt to the floor then reaches down and grips Marc by his necktie. “Up.”, he commands.

Marc rises up immediately at the bark of the beautiful behemoth.

Bryan flips up Marc’s collar and loosens the necktie. He slips the tie off Marc and slides it over his own head. With a warm grin, Bryan tightens the knot around his own neck. The red tie with black stripes of varying sizes dangles between Bryan’s firm man-cans. Thick fingers poke at the top buttons on Marc’s shirt. “No.”, says Bryan. He smirks. He backs up and parks his large ass on the couch. With arms spread across the couch back and his right leg crossed over his left he tells Marc, “You do it. Slowly.”.

This is new territory for Marc. He has done little strip teases for other guys before, but never has he been commanded to do so. Marc hasn’t had any experience with someone who just assumes the dominant role. Marc has no experience with the dom and sub scenario at all. He is beginning to feel a bit nervous. Nevertheless, he begins to unbutton his shirt, making sure to take the appropriate amount of time on and between each button as to do it in the manner that pleases his spectator. Three buttons down. “I …”.

“Hup hup. No speaking.”, Bryan says while wagging a finger at Marc. “Just keep on moving with those buttons.”.
Stunned but eager, Marc continues to unbutton his shirt. Once fully unbuttoned and untucked, Marc slides the shirt off his shoulders and down his arms. He is about to drop it to the floor when Bryan interjects again.

“Bring it here.”, Bryan orders.

Marc shuffles slowly the few steps it takes to get from the bed end to Bryan.
Bryan reaches out and snatches the shirt from Marc, presses it against his face, then takes a long, deep, breath through his nose; inhaling Marc’s scent deep into his sinuses. “Mmm. Smells like …”, he takes another sniff.

“Anxiousness.”. He stares at Marc’s exposed chest. Smooth; clean; flat. Another deep inhalation. “Excitement.”. Deeper, stronger, taking in the smell and pushing his lungs to maximum capacity. With a grin, “Willingness”. Bryan throws the shirt to the floor and sits forward. He pokes the thick first finger of his right hand into the center of Marc’s chest and slowly slides it down his thin, smooth, body. Marc doesn’t have visible abdominal muscles, but Bryan can feel that they are certainly there. Bryan’s finger does a small swirl around Marc’s navel then gives a quick double tap on his belt buckle. “Hmmm …”. Bryan thinks for a second. “Turn.”

Marc, feeling very nervous and very exposed, slowly turns as directed.

“Yes. That’s good.”, Bryan states. He places his large hands on Marc’s hips then slides them down the outside of Marc’s thighs and back up again. “Let’s see how far your color coordination goes. Lose the pants. Remember. Slowly.”.
Marc unbuckles his belt and lowers his pants at a snail’s pace. Inch by inch, Bryan eggs him on. Once Marc’s waistband is just below his ass Bryan thunders in.

“No no. That’s not going to do at all.”. He grabs Marc’s pants by the sides of the thighs and rips them to the floor.

“Patterned knit boxers? Not in this house.”. Bryan stands up fast, making sure his belly rubs hard against Marc’s bare back, and pushes Marc forward with his hefty torso. He gives Marc a firm smack on his right ass cheek and goes to the closed door. “Wait here.”, he says with a menacing grin. He opens the door and steps inside. A few seconds later his arm swings through the doorway and tosses something to Marc. “That. Put that one.”.
Marc holds the fabric loose and lets it unbundle. Looking at it it appears to be a pair of ordinary, snug, red, boxer briefs with black trim. Upon turning it around for further inspection he sees that these boxer briefs are not so ordinary. Where the seat would be is a void in the fabric. A large hole in the back designed specifically to expose the ass.
Bryan is still in the other room.

Thinking for a second about why a man as large as Bryan would have a pair of underwear that would fit someone Marc’s size, then thinking for another second about how many other men possibly have worn this pair of underwear; Marc quickly dismisses these thoughts due to his growing excitement and switches his mundane boxers for this new-age jockstrap. Just putting them on gets Marc going. The ball cradling, cock hugging, breezy ass underwear makes Marc feel sexy and desirable. So much so that it gives Marc a full on erection. His prick is stiff and it’s head juts out past the waistband.

“How’s that feel?”, Bryan calls out from inside the other room.

“Incredible”, Marc responds.

“Good. Now that you have accepted my gift …”, Bryan steps out of the other room and stands in the doorway leaning against the door jam with his arms crossed over his chest.

Marc turns towards Bryan.

There he stands, burly as fuck. Tall, stocky, and covered in white fur. He is wearing only a pair of tight, black, briefs that hug and define his bulge, a black, leather, four point harness, and Marc’s red and black necktie. “I own you.”. He steps out of the doorway and approaches Marc.

As Bryan gets closer, Marc feels smaller. His cock however, stands large from the excitement.
Only inches away from Marc, Bryan looks down at him. His large hands press firmly against Marc’s smooth chest then slide gently down to his belly. The hands slide around Marc’s waist and the pointer fingers of both hands slip between Marc’s body and the waistband of the jockstrap. Bryan then slides his fingers forward around Marc’s waist slowly and lets them meet just shy of touching Marc’s swollen cock. The left hand finger presses against Marc’s mushroom tip and holds it against his body. The right hand finger pulls the waistband away from Marc’s body. “Shhh.”, Bryan sounds off softly. Bryan pulls his right hand finger from the waist band.

“Mmhph.”, Marc muffles. It hurt so good.

“Good. Good.”, Bryan encourages. “Boy suffers well.”.

“Bry …”, Marc begins.

Bryan places a large finger to Marc’s lips, moves closer, and presses his bulbous belly against Marc’s stomach. “Ssh ssh ssh. Pop will let you know when you can speak. If you feel the need to speak otherwise, you will begin with ‘Sir’. After you do speak, you will end with ‘Sir’.”. Bryan smacks hard against Marc’s left ass cheek and grips it tight.


“Yes.”, Marc responds.

Bryan looks sternly at Marc with one eyebrow high and one low.

Marc jolts, “Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir.”.

“There you go.”, Bryan says smiling. With right hand on Marc’s ass and left hand sliding to the center of Marc’s back, Bryan hugs Marc tight and kisses him strongly.
Marc has never played this type of game before, but he doesn’t need the previous experience to be sure freebet veren siteler that he likes it. In fact, he is loving it.

“Now.”, Bryan begins. “I know you want it. And I am sure it’s an urgent need at this point, so I will give you some freebie.”. Bryan steps back from Marc, lifts his arms, and places his hands on top of his head with his fingers laced.

“Have some rubbies, handsome.”. One hand comes down quickly off his head and a commanding finger sits in front of Marc’s face. “Outside the underwear only.”. He then places his hand back atop his head.

Marc can hardly contain his excitement and isn’t totally sure where he should start. Not wanting to lose even a second in this small window that his Sir has granted him; he lets his hands move on their own. The first place they go to is the most obvious spot to anyone who adores chubs. That perfectly rotund belly. Marc reaches forward and grabs two handfuls of soft, fuzzy, belly. He squeezes and kneads the warm belly fat sensually. Bryan lets out short and quiet groans just to let Marc know he is doing well. The squeezing turns to rubbing. Marc slides his hands up the gorgeous belly and lets his fingers comb through the thick belly fur. This makes Marc moan himself. Just before reaching Bryan’s chest, Marc slides his hands back down. They move around to Bryan’s sides and slowly slide up his thick torso. He continues moving his hands up Bryan’s sides and presses in hard as his fingers move through the dense patch of hair in Bryan’s armpits. Seamlessly, his hands move past the pits and slide against the underside of Bryan’s arms.

It’s okay, honey pot. I can tell you like it there. Go ahead; rub my pits more.”.

Without hesitation Marc does so. His hands slide back into Bryan’s armpits and he rubs and presses firmly into them. Loving every second.

“Soothe the b**st.”, Bryan says quietly. He brings his right hand down off his head and places it on the back of Marc’s head. He mashes Marc’s face into his left pit. “Let me feel that tongue, dirty boy.”.
Marc eagerly does as instructed. His mouth opens wide and he presses as much tongue as he can into Bryan’s hairy armpit. He moves his face up and down within the pit while Bryan cradles his head.

“Yeah, filthy. Just like that. Now put the idle hands to use.”, Bryan demands.

Marc uses his left hand to rub the small of Bryan’s back. Marc’s right hand moves to Bryan’s chest and drags his slender fingers through the forest of Bryan’s polar chest hair. Bryan grabs Marc by the right wrist and guides his hand to his thick right nipple.

“Work your Pop’s nipple.”, he instructs.

Using finger tips and thumbs, Marc rubs, diddles, and flicks Bryan’s nipple.

“Mmmm. Now be more aggressive.”.

Marc rubs harder and starts pinching Bryan’s nipple.

“Yes. Pinch harder.”.

Marc does.

“Fuckin’ right. Pull it.”.

Again, Marc follows instruction.

“Unhhuh.”, Bryan lets out. “Use the ring. Tug that fucker.”.

Face still buried in and licking Bryan’s pit, left hand rubbing side to side across his wide back, and fingers clenched on the right side nipple ring, Marc pulls on it.

“I said tug it, fucker.”, Bryan belts out.

Marc pulls harder on the ring.

“Oh fuck yeah. That’s how you do it!”. He pulls Marc’s face out his pit, smacks him on the right cheek firmly, then pushes his face in to the other nipple. “Suck that one.”.
Marc tongues and sucks Bryan’s left nipple while pulling and twisting on the ring that pierces the right.

“Yes. Bite it. Give that nipple some light teeth action.”, Bryan demands.

Once again, Marc does as told. His teeth sink down on the left nipple and he chomps ever so lightly on it. Bryan groans from the ivory grind. Marc then takes it upon his own to make his next move. He bites down a little firmer on the nipple and pulls back; his teeth sc**** across the length of the nipple then lock down on the ring. He pulls his head back and stretches the nipple as far as it can go. He does the same with the ring that is pinched in his fingers.

“Yes! Fuck yes!.”, Bryan blurts out. He lets Marc hold him in that position for a few seconds then changes the tone. He smacks Marc in the face again; a little harder this time. The smack causes Marc to release both rings and his jaw drops a bit. Bryan grabs Marc by both shoulders and spins him around. “Get it, boy.”. He wraps his thick left arm around the front of Marc’s waist then pushes on Marc’s upper back with his right hand forcing Marc to bend. Bryan draws his right arm back then swings hard. His hand plants against Marc’s exposed ass with a loud SLAP!.

“Aaannhhh.”, Marc honks out.”.

Bryan pushes Marc down on the bed; face first, ass up. He presses his throbbing bulge into Marc’s ass crack and lowers his hefty body on top of his new sex toy. He slides his belly up Marc’s back, nibbles on his left ear lobe, then whispers, “You love it. You love to please your big bruiser.”. It wasn’t a question being asked. It was a statement being made.

“Yes, Sir. I do. I do, Sir. I love it.”.

“How could you not?”, Bryan asks rhetorically. He moves his large body off of Marc’s and slides his family size hand down Marc’s smooth back. Instead of rubbing or grabbing Marc’s ass; Bryan simply slides his lamp post of a thumb between Marc’s cheeks and presses hard on Marc’s puckered winker. Marc jolts forward from the sensation. “Uh oh. What have we here? Are we sporting a delicate balloon knot?”, Bryan asks deviously.

“I, uh, …”.

Bryan pushes hard against Marc’s asshole again.

“OH FUCK!”, Marc blurts.

“Oh fuck indeed.”, Bryan laughs. “I get the feeling my boy has never bottomed. Is that right?”.

“Yes, Sir.”, Marc whimpers.

“Yes, Sir, you have or Yes, Sir you haven’t?”. Bryan demands a clear answer.

“Yes, Sir, I haven’t, Sir.”.

“Is it my birthday? It’s been a long time since being someone’s first.”. He again presses against Marc’s asshole; following shortly with teasing and soft rubbing on it. Marc clenches and squirms from the sensation. “Would Twinkie like to have his first? Pop knows how to be a gentle and kind lover.”.

“I … I guess … I mean,.. I think so.”, Marc stutters out nervously.

“Bruiser doesn’t work with, ‘I guess’ or ‘I think’. Little bears need to be sure.”, Bryan tells him.

“Yes, but I don’t know …”.

“You don’t need to know anything other than Pop knows what he’s doing.”, Bryan comforts. “Anything larger than a finger or two been in there?”.

“No, Sir.”, Marc admits.

Bryan licks the tips of his first and middle finger and rubs the slobber lightly against Marc’s now quivering hole. With his strong upper body, Bryan flips Marc over onto his back and looks deep into his eyes. “Be calm, cute stuff. Not going to just stuff on in there. We gotta relax and loosen you up first.”. He places his wide hand, fingers spread, in the center of Marc’s chest. He pushes hard against it and rubs down Marc’s body. Still looking Marc square in the eyes, Bryan’s hand breaches Marc’s waistband and his fingers wrap firmly around Marc’s throbbing prick. Bryan softly tugs on the swollen pecker. He watches as Marc’s eyes slowly shut and he whispers, “Feel me all through you. I am your happy place.”. Bryan moves and adjusts his body. He lifts and pulls and manages Marc’s jock all the way off his body then immediately goes back to massaging Marc’s cock. “Yeah, babe. You’re quick to let it out. I bet you fire off huge loads.”. Bryan says this because Marc is already starting to dribble early ejaculate out of his mushroom tip. Bryan makes good use of the pre-cum. He coats Marc’s cock with it and every fourth stroke or so he slides under Marc’s bloated sac and rubs the pre on Marc’s knot. “I think I will make you cum before we fully work your hole.”.
Marc is breathing heavily. He wants to respond; speak, look, even hand signs of some sort, but he can’t. Bryan has a mesmerizing hold over him. Bryans hands and words are some sort of black magic.
Bryan kisses Marc’s mouth then plants his lips on Marc’s chest. He kisses down Marc’s chest using tongue and lips as he makes way to the belly. Tongue lashing at Marc’s navel, Bryan’s hand slips under Marc’s thigh and lifts his leg. He positions himself between Marc’s legs and rubs his warm, hairy, belly against Marc’s slippery cock. Marc can only grip the bed sheet and moan. Bryan adjusts a bit and brushes his bulge against Marc’s prick a few times then journeys his face down into Marc’s nether region. Marc is expecting lips on his prick, but that isn’t what he gets. Instead he feels hefty hands squeezing the underside of his thighs and pushing his legs up into the air. The next feeling is a fat tongue lapping, poking, and tickling his asshole; making it warm and sloppy. He moans loud as his asshole puckers and his toes curl. His balls throb and his cock starts leaking even more volume of pre-cum. He’s never felt his hole this kind of wet and he really regrets not letting people do it to him before. His cock pulses harder. Marc’s asshole is getting even more wet now because his cock is leaking streams of pre-cum that make trails down between his crack and combines with the sloppy slobber from Bryan’s tongue.

“Mmmm. yeah. Give me more to work with.”, Bryan encourages. He fondles Marc’s sac and finger juggles his balls to milk out more of the hot and sticky.

Bryan’s tongue slides up Marc’s crack and over his balls. He sucks Marc’s messy balls into his mouth; he lip tugs on them and tongue flicks against the scrotal seam. He glances up to Marc’s face and sees that Marc’s eyes are still shut. His mouth, however, hangs open wide. Bryan imagines stuffing his own cock into that gaping maw. Not yet, though. More to do below deck. He grabs Marc’s cock at the base and squeezes tight. His thick lips wrap around the head of Marc’s prick and he slurps away at it. The taste of Marc’s pre covered cock is giving this chub a chubby. He can feel himself getting dick drippy now too. As turned on as Marc now, Bryan swallows Marc’s engorged cock all the way to its base. His tongue swirls around the tip then he pulls his head up with his lips gripped tight; working that thick prick like a mechanical cum pumper. Bryan changes his attack to a steady paced, push and pull, sucky sucky. He can feel Marc’s body getting loose and he moans hard from the phenomenal blow job. Bryan seizes the moment and slides his fat middle finger into Marc’s ass slowly. He watches Marc’s face while he does so.

Marc’s eyes spring open wide. “HOLY FUCK!”, he exclaims.

Bryan keeps pushing until he is full knuckle deep inside Marc.

Marc groans and moans louder and louder.

Bryan works Marc’s inside and pays special attention to his prostate. Bryan knows that P-spot is the key to opening up Marc’s asshole for full penetration. He works that sweet spot with his thick sausage finger and sucks hard on Marc’s cock; which is ready to explode into a fountain of liquid love.
Marc starts calling things out but it is just garbles and jargon.
Bryan pulls his finger, almost but not entirely, out of Marc’s ass, twists his finger tip around a bit, then stuffs it back in. But it wasn’t alone this time. Bryan’s pointer joins his middle finger this time and the pair slide deep into Marc. Marc shouts loudly as he gets this double fat finger fucking. A pair of fingers that would mirror the size of a standard dildo. The moment Bryan gets both of his thick fingers all the way into Marc; Marc’s dick erupts. Multiple loads spurt out of Marc’s cock and fills Bryan’s mouth full of hot spunk. Bryan swallows splash after splash, drip after drop and keeps on sucking. Fat fingers buried deep inside of Marc’s ass, fat, cummy, cock stuffed deep into Bryan’s mouth. So much spooge that it is beginning to leak out of Bryan’s mouth between his lips and Marc’s sloppy phallus.

Marc can only breathe heavy and erratic like he is giving birth. Every few seconds he cries out in pure ecstasy. Even though Marc has emptied his nuts Bryan is still going at him. The large fingers are still deep inside of him and his deflating cock is still being sucked and pulled on. Bryan is a b**st that won’t stop until he is satisfied with the job himself. Eventually the satisfaction comes and the limpy blow job ends. Just about the same time that Marc finally catches his breath and his heart rate pumps at its normal pace. Bryan carefully slips his fingers out of Marc’s stretched hole and let’s the limp cock flop out of his mouth. The big bear stands up and lords over Marc.

“Well wasn’t that fun?.”, Bryan states while wiping dribbles of cum off his chin and cheek.

Marc just nods at him.

Bryan moves around to the side of the bed. “Got a bit excited myself.”, he says as he climbs up onto the bed. On his knees with his gorgeous belly inches from Marc’s face, “I believe I made a light mess in my briefs.”. Bryan grabs Marc by the back of the head and makes crotch meet face. “How’s that musk smellin’?”.
Marc can only muffle into Bryan’s warm, sweaty, bulge. There is a slight stickiness to the fabric.

“Taste that wet spot. Is it sweat or did you make my dick drip?”.
Marc tongues the mentioned spot on Bryan’s briefs. He pulls his face from Bryan’s crotch and tells him, “That’s definitely cum, Sir.”.

“Excellent.”, Bryan remarks. He stands up on the bed, towering over Marc. His thick hands grip his briefs and yank them down to his knees. Bryan’s fat, half hard, cock flops out and swings between his thighs. A hefty sac with large and swollen testicles hangs low behind the thick, drippy, rod. The low hanger scrotum is clean shaven but the fat pad is not. At the base of this fat cock is a fluffy tuft of polar white hair that matches the rest of the fur this bulky man sports. “Go on.”, Bryan says. “Pull them down the rest of the way.”. Bryan plays with one of his pierced nipples and tickles his own balls while Marc pulls the messy briefs to Bryan’s ankles. Bryan steps out of the briefs. “Smell it.”, he orders. A large hand rubs against the beefy belly while Bryan watches Marc bring the underwear to his face and take a strong whiff. “Good. Now give it here.”, he tells Marc with his hand held out.
Marc hands the briefs up to Bryan who immediately brings them to his own nose for a quick sniff. Bryan then sinks down to his knees, leans into Marc’s face, kisses his mouth, then gives a devilish grin. Before Marc can even consider what the grin may have been saying Bryan shows him. The big man’s large and powerful hand stuffs the dirtied briefs into Marc’s mouth. Without even thinking about it, Marc begins to suck the flavor combination of this man’s body out of the fabric. Bryan takes Marc’s wrist and guides the connected hand to his throbbing balls. Marc fondles the heavy nuts whilst still sucking on the sweat and cum drenched briefs. Bryan simply rubs Marc’s belly and enjoys the moment.

Marc’s hand ventures up from the smooth scrote and he begins to rub the musky sex log of a dick deneme bonusu veren siteler that hangs just in front of his face.

“Boy wants to play with my dick, huh?”.

“Mmphmmph.”, Marc muffles.

“I think that was a yes, but it ain’t that easy. You have to earn it. You have to get it hard if you want to suck it. Would Boy like to know how to make it hard?”.

Marc nods submissively.

Bryan reaches into Marc’s mouth and pulls the briefs out. He then lays belly down on the bed and stretches his body out with his head at Marc’s feet. “Stuff your face between these fat cheeks, slut. Tongue Pop’s hole like a pro.”.
With no hesitation at all, Marc hops to it. He gets right up on Bryan and dives face first into his fat, hairy, ass. Marc’s hands clench on the soft cheeks while his tongue stabs and licks Bryan’s back door.
Bryan guides his slut along. “There you go. Please me well.”. He pushes himself up onto all fours so Marc can spread the cheeks more and tongue deeper. “Yup. That’s a good little slut. Keep going like that and you will surely earn my cock in your dirty mouth.”.

Marc licks at the puckering asshole with gusto. Not only is he enjoying being face first in this fat ass but he is raging to get at that thick, juicy, cock.

“Mmm, you’re almost there, colon cowboy. I’m getting hard as fuck.”. Bryan is tugging at his own nuts at this point.

“Take your filthy face out of my ass and smack one of those fat cheeks.”, demands Bryan.

Marc presses his lips against the asshole one final time, leans back, then gives a strong right hand to Bryan’s ass.

“Fuck yes!”, Bryan shouts. He flips himself over, grabs Marc by the shoulders, and thrusts Marc’s face back to the musky crotch. “Suck that thing, fucker.”.

Marc wraps his lips around the fat tip that is drippy with pre-cum. He feels Bryan pushing on the back of his skull, forcing him to swallow the thick cock. Marc’s starting to get a feeling that he may not be able to take the prick all the way to it’s base but Bryan isn’t letting up on the push. Eyes start to water and the gag reflex begins to kick in as the dick goes deeper and deeper into his mouth. Marc can barely breathe but can’t do anything about it because Bryan has him gripped by the ears and is keeping himself hilted in Marc’s mouth.

“Hold it. Just hold it a bit longer, bitch.”. Bryan then begins to moan. He lets go of Marc’s ears. “Okay, now go. Show me how slutty you are, suck that hog.”.

Marc grips the base of Bryan’s dick firmly while drawing the cock out of his mouth. He slurps and sucks up and down on the throbbing prick. He wants to show this massive man what he can do. Using lips, tongue, and head swivel action, Marc gets Bryan moaning loud in a timely manner. Bryan gets so into it that he begins to thrust his hips up and down and combines Marc’s blow job with a blend of face fucking.

“Get at it, boy. Vacuum that cock. Show me how you own it.”. Bryan grabs both of Marc’s wrists. “No hands. Work that dirty mouth.”.

Marc is more than capable and does just fine with his mouth alone. More than fine actually. He begins sucking
Bryan’s monster cock so well that Bryan has to stop him.

“Ooh. Hold it.”, he says as he pulls Marc’s face off of his dick.

Marc doesn’t want to stop. He wants to get at that dick more until it pops off in his mouth. “Please, Sir. Let me have it.

I want to taste that load.”, Marc pleads.

“Maybe next time. I have something else in mind, remember?”, Bryan says with a strong hold on Marc’s head to keep him away from the pulsing prick. He pushes Marc off of him, throws him around a bit, then mashes his face into the pillows. The fat fingers start tickling Marc’s asshole once again. Bryan gets off the bed and goes over to the nightstand that is next to the bed. He opens the top drawer and pulls out a black, plastic, bottle. Two hefty fingers hook into Marc’s nostrils and the hand the fingers are connected to lifts Marc up by the face until he is on all fours then leads Marc to turn and face the other way. “I want you to watch me defile you.”. Bryan climbs back on the bed and positions himself behind his new, smooth, slim, and submissive sex toy. “Time to break my boy in.”.
Marc feels a cold splatter on his asshole followed a slippery finger massage. He can also hear sloppy, squishy, sounds that he can only imagine is Bryan coating his cock in whatever just slopped up the twinks ass.

Marc anxiously watches the bulky brute square up behind him in the mirror.

“How’s this for a lube and go?.”, Bryan rumbles as he steadily pushes his swollen tip against and into Marc’s tight hole.

Marc shouts out in pain and joy simultaneously as his eyes shut and his head drops. Bryan held no hesitation in the penetration. The fat, sloppy, cock pushes in deep at an uninterrupted pace and plunges well past the sphincters. Marc would swear that Bryan has a four foot cock judging by the feeling of the neverending push into his deepest of deep. Just when Marc thinks he can’t take anymore and knows he can’t clutch the sheets or breathe any harder, he feels Bryans fuzzy, fat, pad press against his ass and his silky, fat, balls slap into his own. He may not have been able to take the penetration if it weren’t for the long, loud, and deep groan Bryan was giving while shoving his dick into Marc’s ass. The gritty bear growl was a helpful distraction.

“And we hold.”, Bryan says as he grips Marc by the hips. “Hey! Look at me!”. Bryan shoves himself forward.

“Aaaahhhhffff.”, Marc lets out. He lifts his head and looks into the mirror. Bryan is in a stiff position and holds stoic while buried deep inside Marc. His smirk is devious and his grip is tight. “I don’t know if I can take this.”.

“Sure you can.”, reassures Bryan. “The hard part is over. Now I can be a bit more gentle for you. However …”, Bryan slaps Marc on the ass.

“OHMYFUCKINGGOD!!!!!!!”, shouts Marc from the sting of the slap and the jolt on the inside of his ass that accompanied it.

“You forgot to call me, Sir.”, Bryan says kindly and smiling.

“I’m sssorry, Ssisir.”. It’s difficult for Marc to get actual words out.

“It’s okay. You’re new, this is new, aaaaaand …”, Bryan starts pulling his cock out of Marc.

“Ooooooooooh.”, Marc wails as the python of a cock pulls out of him.

“Words and posture are hard when I am inside of you. Hard, not unlike my cock.”, with that Bryan pushes back into Marc.

“No no no no no … “, Marc is declaring. “Fucking christ!”, he blurts when their balls meet once again.

“Good?”, Bryan asks.

“Fuck yes.”, Marc responds shakily.

“And that is why there is safe words.”.

“You didn’t make a safe word.”, Marc points out.

“Sure didn’t.”. Bryan starts pulling out again.

“Oh oh oh oh oh …”, Marc continually repeats during the entire draw out.
Bryan pushes back in hard and fast causing the pair’s sacs to slap together. He pulls Marc’s tie over his head and undoes the knot. “Open up slut.”.

Breathing heavy and trying to collect himself, “h-huh ?..”, Marc stammers.

“You heard me, slut. Open that mouth wide.”.

Marc opens his mouth and watches the large b**st, who has him cock speared, in the mirror.
Bryan, holding the tie stretched between both hands, swoops the pseudo lasso over Marc’s head and catches it into Marc’s mouth. He pulls back the newly crafted reigns taught. “That’s thrice now that you failed to address me properly. I guess that mouth of yours is going to have to be put to better use.”.
Marc is a tiny bit alarmed at this new development but he can only reflect on it for a moment. The fat cock within him starts moving again; this time there is no pause. The dick now pumps in and out at a steady pace. A strong pace. A borderline pulverizing pace. Marc can only muffle into his silken bridle, clench his fingers into the bed spread, and attempt to relax his entire anal cavity. Through all this he manages to keep his eyes fixed on the mirror so he can watch as this b**stly bear runs him through. The sound of sloppy insertion and withdrawal coupled with the sound of sacs slapping together is quite audible. Marc’s not sure how much of this he can take but he notices that the more it goes the easier it gets. Not easy, just easier; kind of.

“Don’t worry, pup. Your tight ass is making quick work of this. But get ready, it’s about to get a bit rough.”. Bryan picks up the pace and shortens his thrusts. He begins giving Marc an actual pounding.

Marc moans, howls, and squeals as the pace changes and the pressure increases exponentially. His head starts to feel fuzzy and his dick starts to feel wet. He steadies himself against the ass pummeling and reaches between his legs. A fingertip from his right hand taps against his swelling mushroom tip; it feels gooey. There is only one thing to do at this point. Marc grips his cock and begins stroking himself. He strokes fast and with hard grip in attempt to offset the ass assault that has turned into quick, hard, and erratic thrusts.

“There you go, sultry slut. Beat that cock. Get that fresh load out. You feel me working your prostate with my fat fuck stick?”, Bryan dominantly berates. “Please me, fucker … Suck this spooge out of me with your tight ass … Be … My … Bitch!”. With every in thrust Bryan turns up the domination in his words. He pulls tighter on the tie-bridle. “You, dirty fucker. Squeeze that asshole tighter around my prick.”. He gives another firm slap on Marc’s ass which causes Marc’s knot to clench tight around Bryan’s throbbing shaft. “Yup. Yup. Yup.”, he pounds harder. “Oh fucking right!”, he shouts louder. Marc’s teeth are locked down on the necktie. “Take. This. Fucking. Load. Pig.”. Bryan pulls out until his tip is just past the anal breach. “FUCK YOU!!!”, he screams out as his slams with all his weight into Marc’s backside.
Marc screams a muffled scream almost as loud through the tie.

Bryan’s balls squeeze tight inside his sac as they slap against Marc’s slopped up nuts. A sudden rush of ecstasy rushes from his loins all through his body as his dick explodes into Marc’s ass. He spurts spouts of spunk into Marc’s intestinal cavern and fills the human sex sleeve with hot jizz. The makeshift bridle falls from his hands and he grips Marc at the waist; he jolts his thick body against the slim sex slave in order to get his dick even deeper as it pumps ejaculate in quick bursts.

While Bryan unloads what seems like buckets of cum into Marc, Marc beats his cock furiously. A spark snaps off in his head and his dick goes wild gushing out rope after rope of his own spunk shots. His cum splatters against the bed sheet below them and the scent of it fills the air. The room is polluted with the sounds of their moaning and shouting and the stink of hot cum and body musk.

The both of them continue to squirt their nut like festival fountains.

“Squeeze on it, slut. Push. Push my cock out of your ass.”, Bryan orders Marc.
Marc tightens his body and does as told. His inner muscles push against Bryans engorged phallus while Bryan makes his exit. The fat cock pops out of Marc’s ass and falls between Bryan tree trunk thighs. Pungent spunk leaks out of Marc’s asshole following the hefty prick’s exit in a steady stream. Marc can feel it drain out of him and roll through his crack and down his twitching balls. Bryan, breathing heavily as well, lowers his ass to the bed between his feet; his dick, still leaking, wets the bed sheet. With both his mighty hands he separates Marc’s ass cheeks and watches the spooge run down Marc’s underside. In the mirror Marc can see Bryan smiling and giggling at the sight. Bryan glances up into the mirror and sees the fatigue on Marc’s face.

Bryan runs two thick finger from Marc’s balls up his crack to the thoroughly fucked hole. A collection of cum pools up and coats his fingers. He leans around Marc and pulls the tie out of his mouth. “You said you wanted to taste me.”. He slides his cummy fingers into Marc’s mouth and Marc eagerly sucks on them.

Marc has never done anything quite that dirty before, but he loves it.

Bryan reaches under Marc’s belly and gives a couple soothing pats against it. “At ease, piggy.”, he says.

Marc collapses. Arms and legs spread wide, dick and balls squashed into his cum puddle, and face hanging half off the bed. He huffs and puffs and sweats.

Bryan looks at the tie in his hand. “I’m keeping this.”.

“Enh, enh, enh.”, or something like that, is all Marc can manage out. He then starts groaning in quiet bliss. Bryan is softly rubbing and squeezing Marc’s tender ass.

“Would you like to pass out here on this wasteland of our genetic filth, or would you like to shower and join me in the big boys bed for the night?”, Bryan asks.

With great strain, Marc rolls over. He just nods at Bryan. He then lays his head back and silently revels in the wondersex that just took place.

Bryan gets up and climbs out of the bed. “You take a few minutes while I get the shower hot. But be careful, it looks like you are about to fall asleep.”. Bryan leaves the room.

Marc feels a couple of light slaps on his face. “Hey. Wake up, asshole. What did I tell you?”, Bryan says with a smile while looking down at him.

“Sorry. I … You broke the fuck out of me.”, Marc admits.

“No worries. And for the record, there was still a good bit of time where you were on the sex clock and not staying in your boundaries. I’ll let it slide this time, but know you will be expected to hold to it until told otherwise in the future.”, Bryan explains.

“Future?”, Marc questions. “Like you and I …”.

“Or whoever.”, Bryan says. “You know how it works now and should expect it of yourself lest you be punished.”. He smirks. “C’mon; shower’s nice and hot.”.

Bryan leads Marc into a bathroom that is simply amazing. Marc wants to marvel at its intrigue but his sex stooper has him focused on two things; clean, and sleep.

The majority of the body cleaning for both men, the slim and the large, is done by Bryan. Marc is using all he has just to stay standing. Bryan is actually enjoying himself with it quite a bit. He likes his new toy and wants to make it shiny and keep it in mint condition. He scrub-a-dub-dubs and rinsy-rinse-rinses the two of them. The showering drains what little energy Marc had left straight out of him. Bryan basically drags Marc to the bedroom. Marc is still semi-coherent, but his motor skills are on the back burner.

Bryan gets them both in the bed and situated comfortably. He pulls the blankets up then snuggles up tight and close to Marc. His large body envelops the tiny chaser as he turns him into his little spoon. Marc wiggles his slim body closer to the beefy man and nestles up warmly against his soft and furry body.

“Alexa, lights out.”, Bryan says to the open room. The room goes dark.

Marc’s eyes are closed and he is fading out.

“Can I tell you a secret?”, Bryan asks Marc quietly.”.

“Mm.”, Mark noises.

“Your car was fixed before we left the restaurant.”, Bryan admits. “There actually wasn’t much wrong with it. I just wanted to get you here.”

“Heh.”, is all that comes from Marc.

“I’ll pay for the cost of it all.”, Bryan says.

“Zzz …”, Marc snores.

Bryan licks the back of Marc’s ear, “Goodnight, handsome.”, then lets himself fall asleep as well.

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