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Big Dicks

Anne reread the flyer she found. It advertised for a new masseuse offering a unique massage. It had been years since Anne had treated herself to a massage. She enjoyed them years ago, but after a while they all seemed the same and not really satisfying the tension she felt. She could never communicate what exactly she was looking for, but she knew what she found was not it. She never connected the fact that she had gotten divorced and could not find anyone to scratch her itch in over a year, to her not finding what she wanted in a massage. She stopped getting massages and called them a waste of money.

The ad showed the picture of a very handsome young man, smiling and wearing a white T-shirt. It would be worth the money just to be in the same room with this eye candy. Anne found herself looking forward to getting a massage from this man and having his hands on her body. She suddenly found it very warm in her house; maybe she should open a window.

She called the number and mentioned the ad. The man on the other end of the line sounded cheerful and confident. He said he was trying out a new technique in order to stand out from all the other masseuses in the area. She made an appointment for the next day and got directions, she then turned on the fans as it was starting to get very warm in her house. Summer must be coming early this year.

The next morning she awoke with a new energy and didn’t know why. Maybe she finally got a good night’s sleep or maybe she had a healthy dinner last night and passed on the desert. Whatever the reason she felt wonderful. She took her shower and trimmed up all the areas that needed a touch-up.

Her appointment was at two and in an area that was not overly busy, but still in a well used strip mall. There was a sewing store, a craft store and a couple of places to eat among several small office type spaces. She entered one of the offices five minutes early and walked up to the man behind the desk. It was the same man from the flier. She felt a bit of heat rising. She figured that it was warmer outside today than it had been.

She signed in and offered her credit card to the handsome young man wearing that tight, white T-shirt. He introduced himself as Jack and led her back to a room with subdued lighting and very soft sounds of ocean waves. He directed her toward the chair and told her to remove her clothes and leave them on the chair. He also directed her to lie on the table with the sheet over her. He said he would be back shortly.

A few minutes later she heard a knock at the door and answered, “Come in.” She was lying on her stomach with the sheet covering her when Jack came in.

He looked over at her and said, “This is to be a very unique massage and I think you will enjoy it. The waiver you signed out front allows me to perform my task in the way I deemed appropriate. So just relax and allow it to unfold. This is not going to be like any massage you have ever had before.”

She had signed something, gaziantep escortlar but she figured that it just that standard boilerplate they all had about not being under a doctor’s care and all that. She wasn’t aware she had given him so much control. Was this really a safe thing for her to do? She could leave if it got too far out of control, couldn’t she. It would have been better if she had read that waiver before she signed it.

Jack lower the sheet covering her; exposing her back and then the scent of almonds filled the room as he poured oil into the oil warmer and then some onto his hands. He rubbed his hands together together warming up the oil. He then placed his hands flat onto her back near her shoulder blades, allowing the heat to permeate her body, relaxing her. All thoughts of her safety left her as a feeling of bliss overtook her. No one had touched her is such a long time.

He started to slowly and with only medium pressure rub down her back close to her spine turning his hands at her waist and moving back up to her shoulders. He added more oil increasing the scent of almonds then kneaded her shoulders, griping and gently pulling the muscle groups. Back down her back his hands flowed, increasing the pressure with each pass.

Anne relaxed and her breathing slowed as tensions left her body. She was not even aware of how tight her shoulders had been until they relaxed. She felt like a limp noodle in his skillful and very masculine hands.

After several minutes of his hands removing all tightness from her back, neck, shoulders, arms and even fingers, he lowered the sheet exposing her butt. She remembered that some masseuses massaged the glutes, so maybe this was the unique part of the massage, besides something deep inside of her enjoyed that fact that this sexy looking man was looking and touching her butt.

Jack started to stoke her butt and something in her mind told her to not complain. He kneaded her cheeks opening up her butt crack each time. She could imagine the view she was providing to him and her breathing increased. Something about this wasn’t right, but she couldn’t think of what that was. The kneading continued and each time his hand seemed to get closer and closer to her crease. He then ran one finger up that crease and she involuntarily lifted her pelvis.

He stopped touching her and stepped to the side of the table so that she could see him. He pulled his T-shirt over his head and she inhaled sharply. The view of that vast amount of naked muscle brought a flush to her face.

This really isn’t appropriate, she thought but only half-heartedly. She knew she should be protesting, but something inside her said not to. She was torn about what to do. He was a professional and he did promise something unique. This was unique and very unlike any massage she had ever had before.

Jack moved out of her view and placed his hands back on her butt. He placed his finger low between her legs and moved it upwards. She found herself lifting her butt off the table again. He ran his finger up again as she let out a sigh the door opened and another man entered wearing a white lab coat. She was now completely naked in front of two clothed men. The new man moved in front of her just as Jack started to finger her anus.

Anne’s eyes focused on the man in front of her and her ass focused on the finger probing her rear. The new man removed his white coat and stood naked just a foot in front of her. His erection stared back at her her and he moved forward. She opened her mouth to say no, but only “Na” came out before a penis filled her mouth.

She found herself penetrated both front and rear, and not in the traditional way. A finger in her ass felt amazing and a cock in her mouth likewise. The finger left her ass and she felt its loss. She concentrated on the unknown cock in her mouth, until it too left. She looked over and saw that now Jack too was naked with his cock sticking straight out.

The new man turned her over to lie on her back. He stood behind her head and started to massage her shoulders. He hand went lower to her breasts. The table being low allowed his cock to caress her forehead every time the new masseuse reached for her breasts. He massaged lower and onto her stomach, his cock likewise touched lower on her face. He developed a path for his hands starting at her shoulders and glazing down to her breasts and giving them a gentle squeeze and light nipple pinch, then moving down across her rib cage and to her navel. His cock also defined a path of being dragged from her forehead, across her nose and over her lips to her chin. It was the way back that was most exciting. His cock would hesitate resting on her lower lip then kiss her lips with just a bit of pressure indicating a desire to enter before moving back up her face to start again.

He ended the massage and moved to the foot of the massage table. Gripping her ankles he spread her legs, then climbed onto the massage table with her and entered her slick channel. Again she tried to protest, but Jack turned her head and stuffed his cock in her mouth. She felt herself tense up and lifted her pelvis to meet the driving cock, she adjusted her rhythm to match the diving cock in her mouth and found her release within minutes. The arousal she felt from this unique massage is almost more than she could bear, but she didn’t want it to stop.

The men released her and allowed her to catch her breath for about thirty seconds before some one’s mouth started sucking on her clit. His tongue licked down her slit and then plunged deep inside her channel before moving further south. At his furthest point he reversed his path now licking upward back to her erect clitoris.

Anne’s eyes are closed and the tongue is now gone. She feels the tip of a cock at her lips and opens her mouth, someone’s knees are pressing against her ears and then the tongue returns this time licking lower. It starts at the top and licks down all the way to her little puckered hole and back up. The tongue probes into her channel and the cock pumps her mouth. There is a rhythm forming as a dance and she wants it to continue. She lifts her pelvis matching the rhythm and moves her mouth to take the cock as deeply as she can.

The sixty-nine ends too early, but then she is being helped off the table and onto her feet. She is turned so that she is facing the table and bent over to rest her head on the massage table. She feels oil being poured down the crack of her ass and an oily finger probing her. She hadn’t been probed like this for many years, but she did remember and spreads her legs.

She felt a hardened penis moving up and down her crease and her anticipation rose. Nothing happened and she increased her motions against that cock. Her body wanted this and she thrust her butt back, but he backed up too, until just as her frustration was nearing its peak, he slammed into her front very wet channel.

This was not what she expected after the probing by the oil coated finger, but it was welcome and soon she was thrashing about. She tensed every muscle in her body then collapsed onto the massage table.

Anne stood with help from Jack’s assistant and she watched as Jack climbed onto the massage table with his cock reaching for the ceiling. Wasting little time and with some assistance she climbed on top of him and gave his throbbing cock as warm place to reside. She rode him a bit until she felt a hand on her back pushing her forward. The weight of another person now lay atop her and another, now familiar cock probed her oily hole.

She remembered this experience from long ago, and loved it then. She basks in the warmth of the two bodies surrounding her and the feeling of two cocks kissing each other inside of her. She had no control and simply could ride out the experience of multiple orgasms.

This experience also ended too soon for her liking. She again found herself standing with an oily finger probing her ass. The finger suddenly left leaving her again empty until the tip of a cock pressed against her back door. Arms wrapped around her grabbing her breasts and pulling her back, more upright and onto the waiting cock.

Jack appeared in front of her and lifted one of her legs. His cock presses between her legs and her anticipation hit a record high. What was about to happen she had never experienced before. She relaxes and feels Jack enter her from the front while his assistant is fucking her from the rear. A double penetration in the standing position was something she had never heard of before and wasn’t even sure it was possible until she is weightless and being bounced between two gorgeous men. The rhythm is intoxicating as she is lifted up then allowed to fall from the force of gravity onto the two waiting cocks filling her completely. Over and over she is bounced without any control on her part. This is what she has been missing.

Thirty minutes later Anne, fully dressed and very relaxed, stood at the front desk making her next appointment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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