Me and my sis Betty

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Me and my sis Betty
I was groaning very loud as my hips were driving my cock back and forth in my sister’s pussy. She was frantically pushing up meet my every thrust. I yelled as my sperm began shooting into her hot and vibrant pussy. Her vocalizing was the usual loud, sometimes shrill yelling that was familiar to me. I knew she was enjoying a very satisfying orgasm while my cock was jerking and spewing.. It had been a week since we had met at this motel and we both were thoroughly enjoying our time together.

I kept my cock in her until it became very small and felt as if it was about to fall out. Our heavy breathing had subsided and I decided to roll off and lie by her side. We relaxed with our own private thoughts.

I finally spoke, “Sis, this afternoon has been wonderful as usual. I look forward to our time together like this. When was the last time you had sex with Phil?”

“That husband of mine rarely wants sex anymore. I think it’s been about three weeks since he made love to me. When we were married ten years ago, he wanted lots of sex. He gradually lost interest even though I try to make it sexy for him.”

I could only respond, “Too bad. I know you like sex and I really like being with you, too.”

“Yes, I look forward to our meeting. I would be very disappointed with life if I didn’t meet you like this,” she rather sadly said.

I asked, “What do you do to make it sexy to get his interest?”

“Occasionally I get in the shower with him and wash his cock and balls.”

“Doesn’t that get him excited?” I exclaimed.

“A little bit, but by the time we get dried off and in bed, he has lost interest. About the only time I really get his interest is when I take his cock in my mouth.”

I could only add, “When you go down on me, it really gets me excited and I can fill your mouth rather easily. What about him?”

“The other night I did that to him and his cock didn’t even get hard. He told me to wait until some other time.”

“Sis, all this talking about blow jobs is giving me a hard on again.”

“Brother dear, I’m in no hurry to leave, so let’s do a six nine. First, I’m going to the bathroom to clean up a little. I’ll be right back.”

I watched as her shapely body walked to the bathroom. It’s hard to believe her husband doesn’t want sex very often with her. Ever since my divorce, she has been a life saver for me and my sex life. I remember the time back in our senior high school days when we first started having sex. If you will be patient with me, I’ll give you the background of our life and first time we had sex.

My sister, Betty, and I are twins. We often fought each other while growing up, but we finally became good friends and shared many of our secrets during our last year of High School We had our eighteenth birthday and were about to graduate.

Mom and Dad were gone over the weekend leaving Betty and me alone. We were warned not to have any big parties. Saturday afternoon I had been out with some of my friends and decided to come home by six o’clock to get something to eat.

When my best buddy dropped me off at my house, I noticed a car in the driveway. I didn’t recognize it and assumed someone was visiting my sister. I quietly entered the front door and could hear soft music probably coming from one of the bedrooms. I felt sure whoever was in the house did not hear me come in because of the music.

I walked down the hall to hear the noise coming from sister’s bedroom and the door was slightly cracked open. Evidently she had soft music playing on her CD player. I glanced through the crack but could not see her although I didn’t have a complete view of the room. Then I glanced in the large vanity mirror and saw the reflection of my sister near the bed with a man. I then noticed they were undressing and nearly naked

I thought I recognized the man. He had graduated three years earlier and I wondered how he met my sister. I then remembered his name was John.

I saw him tug at my sister’s panties encouraging her to pull them down. I then saw her furry bush which I had never seen before, at least not this clear. John quickly moved his hand down to her crotch and it looked as if he was getting a finger in her pussy. She pulled away from him to say, “Get undressed and let’s get in bed.”

By now my cock was trying to burst out of my jeans. I knew I had to go to my room to masturbate, but I could do that later. I wanted to watch right now.

I had seen her breasts on rare occasions and now I admired the size and shape of her perky nipples. John was naked with a large erection as he jumped in bed. I watched as he kissed her once while his hand was rubbing between her crotch. With very little foreplay, he rolled up on top of her and aimed his erection. I was beginning to think he was taking her like a cave man and wondered if she was wet enough for him to slide in. From my viewpoint, I was looking at the foot of the bed with their feet closest to me. Her feet were small, soft and dainty looking compared to his large rough looking feet, but I guess that is the difference between male and female. I saw his large cock probing at her hole, but wasn’t having much luck getting it started until sister moved a hand down between them to spread herself. He kept pushing and straining to get it in. I heard sister groan with pain and loudly say, “Take it easy, I’m dry.”

Then I watched him back off, take his hand to move the head of his cock up and down her slit. His precum soon allowed the head to enter. I canlı bahis watched as he pulled back some and rammed in some more. I often heard her groan as if she was in pain. I felt the urge to barge in the bedroom to tell the guy to get the hell out of our house. I didn’t know what to do, but about that time I could see he was fully buried in her.

He soon started fucking her rather fast, giving her several long thrusts, then he quickly started yelling and groaning as he flooded her pussy with cum. I knew he didn’t give her time to have an orgasm. He was just using her.

He laid on top of her until she growled , “You’re too heavy, get off.”

He pulled out as I watched cum gush out of her pussy. He got up to dress. I decided since they had never noticed me looking in the vanity mirror, I had better hide out. I went in the kitchen and hid around the corner until I heard the front door shut. Good riddance I thought. I wondered why my sister let this guy fuck her.

I went back down the hall to my sister’s bedroom to see the door fully open. My sister was lying on her back with her legs spread just in the same position when John was on top of her. I think she had her eyes closed, so I quietly walked to the foot of her bed. I could see her pussy lips gaping open with John’s cum still oozing out. She looked well used, but rather sexy in a crude way.

I didn’t want to startle her, so I walked out of the bedroom and partly shut the door. I then lightly knocked on the door and walked in.

She looked frightened and grabbed the sheet to cover herself up. However, she knew I had seen her fully naked with her legs spread and her pussy gaping.

She loudly exclaimed, “What are you doing here?”

I didn’t answer her directly but said, “John’s been here and I know what you have been doing.”

“How long have you been here and did John see you?”

“Sis, I’ll be honest with you. I was in the house while he was fucking you. He was just using you and when he got his rocks off, he dressed and left. Why did you bring that guy here and let him get in your bed?”

Tears were beginning to roll down her face when she said, “I didn’t know he would be so rude. I had heard he was a good lover and some of my friends had sex with him. Maybe they were just bragging because he is a handsome big hunk and a college man. I can see now that it was a mistake.”

“Sis, you better get up and clean up. You need to change the sheets because I see his cum ran right out of your pussy on to the bed.”

She threw the sheet back to expose her nakedness and got out of bed. When she was walking out of the bedroom, she casually said, “You’ve already seen me naked, so I don’t need my robe to walk to the bathroom.”

I watched her naked backside as she walked out of the room. She had just been fucked and I had watched it all. I had a very hard erection and I didn’t know if she noticed because she was so upset about my catching her in the act of fucking John.

A few minutes later, she was still naked as she returned to the bedroom. She walked to the closet, found her robe and put it on. She said, “Now I’m decent. You’ve had your look, what do you think?”

“Sis, you are a very sexy person. You’re very pretty and I liked the way your pussy lips gaped with cum oozing out after John had his big cock in you.”

She sarcastically said, “Oh! You rat. You shouldn’t have watched.”

I continued, “Too bad he didn’t give you a chance for an orgasm.”

“I know. He is a rat too! I thought we could really enjoy sex together, but it just didn’t work out. I’ll never date him again.”

“Watching you get fucked gave me a very big erection. Could you help me with it?”

“Now you’re going too far, little brother.”

“I’m not so little. I’m your age, taller and have a big erection ready for action.”

“Go jerk it off yourself. I know you do it all the time.”

I decided to make a threat, “Remember last month you tattled on me to dad about the problem I had on the school ground? What if I hinted to Mom or Dad that John was in your bedroom?”

With a scolding voice, “Don’t you dare do that.”

Now I had her worried, “Well…. if you’ll be nice to me. Maybe if you would give me a simple hand job, I won’t tell. I heard that you gave Jimmy a hand job, at least that was what Jimmy was telling the guys.”

“That dammed Jimmy. I told him to keep his mouth shut.”

“And I heard you did more than that with Marty, too.”

“Alright, take your pants off. You win.”

“OK, take your robe off so I can feel you tits. I’ve just seen you fully naked this afternoon for the first time, so getting naked again shouldn’t bother you. . And, I think it would be nicer if you took my cock head in your mouth while you give me the hand job.”

By now I had my pants down and my erection sticking out of my shorts. She saw my erection and responded, “I’ll think about that. But no way are you going to fuck me. Remember, you’re my brother.”

I finished removing my clothes. She looked me up and down, then complemented me, “You do look rather handsome with your big erection even if you are my brother. Maybe I’ll like giving you the hand job.”

She removed her robe from her shoulders to let it drop showing all her naked beauty. All I could say was, “Sis, you are a very sexy beauty.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

I moved my hand down to her crotch as we were standing close together. I could feel her wetness even after she had cleaned up in the bathroom. I guided her to sit down on the side of the bed and pushed casino oyna her backward. This exposed her crotch and I could see her pussy lips. She didn’t object when I spread her legs some more and entered a finger, then a second finger to prod deeper into her.

She causally commented, “I thought we agreed that I would give you a hand job. I didn’t agree for you to finger fuck me.”

“Sure, but we can play around a little too. Mom and Dad won’t be home tonight.”

She didn’t say anything so I assumed she did not object. I continued to probe into her pussy and enjoyed the view of parting her pussy lips. It would be so inviting to enter my erection directly into this exotic hole, but we had agreed on a hand job I decided to not rush the hand job and maybe she would get more sexually turned on.

I lightly massaged her clit which she seemed to enjoy. When I did that, she said, “What are you doing? You know it would be i****t to put that big thing in me.”

“But we can play around and have some fun. You seem to like what I’m doing,” I said.

“OK, that feels good.”

I removed my fingers to enter my thumb. I probed in the upper part of her pussy trying to massage a sensitive spot that I had heard about. I didn’t know if it would work, but she started thrusting lightly against my thumb. I pulled my thumb out and saw the opening of her hole with moisture ready for my cock to fill it. I didn’t want to be rejected, so I decided to wait and get her more sexually aroused.

I knew John had filled her pussy with cum, but she had cleaned up in the bathroom. I’m not the type to eat out someone’s cum, but I was getting so turned on I thought I would have a go at it. I stuck out my tongue and licked up her slit, then sucked on her clit. She responded with a moan.

She wasn’t objecting, so I continued to lick her pussy and allow my lips to manipulate her clit. She began to hunch up to my face and continued to lightly moan. I stuck a finger in her pussy and finger fucked her as I continued to lick. She was beginning to squirm against my mouth with light jerks of her butt.

She was groaning a little as she sexily and slowly moaned, “Oh…. keep it up.” I thought about moving up on her body and ramming my cock in her, but I hesitated making the decision. Then she loudly groaned as she reach the climax of an orgasm. Her body sexily shook and jerked with the thrill of a fantastic orgasm.

When she finally quieted down, she asked, “You did that like you had a lot of experience. Have you done that to many girls?”

“No, only one, but I did it several times.”

“Who was it?”

“It was Suzie.”

“Oh, that slut. She has actually bragged about how many guys she fucked. Don’t ever go near her again.”

“Alright, Sis. As long as we can do this, I won’t touch her again.”

She looked at me, “What do you mean about us doing this again? I haven’t agreed to anything like that. I agreed to give you a hand job one time, so let me do it now.”

She moved into a position to easily hold my cock, then began to slowly jack it.

“Sis, I know you wouldn’t mind putting your lips over the head, please.”

“Alright. Let me get in a better position.”

She moved around to hover over me as I was lying on my back. I felt her lips take the head in her mouth, then she started lightly sucking on it.

“Sis, that is so good. It would be more comfortable if you would roll up on by body in a six nine position.”

Evidently, she agreed to my suggestion. I was wondering if she really did that to allow me to suck on her clit again. Whatever the reason, I was now looking at her pussy and ass while I could feel her lips slowly move up and down on my cock. I was hoping she was enjoying it and not just to please me.

I was now moving my tongue up and down her inner lips and sucking on her love button as I passed over it. Her pussy was delicious and I wanted to devour it again and make her cum. I could hear her sucking sounds as her lips came back up and off my cock, then she went all the way down on me. I thought I could feel the head reaching into her throat. Earlier, she wondered where I got the experience to eat a girls pussy. Now I was wondering where she got all the experience sucking a cock.

I explored all parts of my sister’s pussy with my tongue and mouth. I could hear her moan even though she had her mouth full of my cock. Her body was beginning to stiffen as her mouth was working much faster on my cock. I knew I could not hold back any more and was going to explode within seconds.

My cock began jerking and spurting as her mouth frantically worked on it. I began loudly groaning and became very vocal although I kept sucking on her clit to make sure she had a good orgasm. Then she lifted her face up off my cock and became very vocal. Her hand was continuing to jack my cock causing the last few spurts to shoot in the air and on her face. We were overcome with our orgasms and didn’t move after our body spasms quieted down. I felt exhausted and I think my sister felt the same way.

She rolled off and laughed. “That was very good, little brother. I probably look funny with this stuff on my face. I just couldn’t breath with my mouth full and had to lift up.”

She jumped out of bed and practically ran to the bathroom to clean up. When she came back in the bedroom I asked, “Sis, that was the best blow job, although I haven’t had very many to compare against yours. How many guys have you done that with?”

“Don’t ask silly questions because I’m not bedava bonus veren siteler answering.”

I started thinking and decided to make a suggestion. “We’ve both been screwing around and as far as I know, we don’t have any diseases. We could have a problem if we keep messing around with others.”

She looked at me rather serious, “I’ve wondered about that too, but I get all hot and bothered and want to go farther with a guy. What else can I do?”

“We could go out with others, then come home to get in bed together for our sex urges.”

“Do you mean for me not to have sex with my boyfriends and you wouldn’t screw any girls? We would have sex with just each other after we come home from a date?”

“That’s more or less what I am suggesting. Then we can enjoy sex until we’re married and not take a chance on a disease. You’re on the pill, aren’t you?”

“Yes. Maybe you have a good idea. You are a smart brother and I’ll stop calling you ‘little’ since you have a rather large cock.”

“OK, Sis. Mom and Dad won’t be home until tomorrow night, so we have the whole weekend to have fun in bed.”

“It’s a deal, BIG brother.”

Ever since that weekend, we’ve enjoyed our time together for sex. However, our private time slowed down after we both were married and there was about a year or so that my sister and I never had sex. But then sex with our spouses was becoming routine. One afternoon when Betty and I were alone together, we had that old sexual urge for each other and went to bed. Sex between us was great and we made plans to meet again. We started meeting once a week if we could arrange it.

Then Betty went off the pill because she and Phil wanted a baby. We agreed we could still have sex if I used a condom. Phil was trying to get her pregnant over a period of several months. We felt rather secure being together as long as I used a condom. There were two or three mishaps with the condom and finally Betty got pregnant. We’re not sure if I or Phil is the father of her three year old girl. We want to believe that Phil is the father.

My attention returned to the present time when I saw Betty walk out of the bathroom toward the bed. Her well endowed breasts were beautiful and I said, “Lean over me so that I can kiss your nipples.”

Her breasts swayed forward as she leaned into my lips. I nibbled on both nipples before she laughed and crawled in bed with me. We shared a deep tongue searching kiss before she turned around and laid up on top of me in a six nine position. Now her cute pussy and ass was right in my face.

My tongue began to lightly caress her pussy by going up and down her lips. I stopped to suck on her clit each time I passed over it. I could feel her hand holding on to my balls while I had the feeling her mouth was licking around my cock head. Then I could feel her mouth go all the way down to my balls with the head in her throat.

I said, “That is great. If you do that one more time I’ll probably cum in your throat and strangle you.”

She jokingly responded, “Good! That would be a good way to die. Sucking a cock”

We continued pleasing each other this way for awhile without trying to finish with orgasms. Her pussy was so sexy and I thoroughly enjoyed loving it and pleasing her at the same time. Of course, she was giving me thrills by loving my cock and balls with her mouth and tongue.

“Do you want to cum this way or fuck me again?” she asked.

“Let’s turn around so that you can sit on me. I want to sink this stiff one in you one more time today. It will be at least another week before we meet again.”

Without any more words, my sister turned around and squatted over me. My erection was aimed right at her hole as she started to lower her butt. I glanced down to see my cock head started to spread her pussy.

“Ease on down,” I encouraged her.

I watched as my long hard member gradually disappeared into her pussy.

We enjoyed slow movements for a few minutes until she looked at her wrist watch. She didn’t say anything but I knew by the expression on her face that time was getting short.

She began to slowly gyrate on my cock, then started up and down movements. This caused her ample breasts to jiggle some. She leaned forward for a very sexy kiss, then raised back up to start faster movements on my cock. It didn’t take very long before we both were beginning to breath harder and I could feel an orgasm building up in my body. Her gyrations became more frantic and I knew I was going to explode soon. I think she started her orgasm slightly before mine, but she kept grinding away on my cock until I exploded for the second time that day. Her body was going through erotic spasms as her orgasm came on strong.

She cleaned up in the bathroom again while I started dressing. I said, “I’ve really enjoyed myself today and hope you did too.”

By now she was putting on her panties and bra. “This has been a very satisfying afternoon. Can you meet me one week from today at this motel?”

I quickly responded, “I sure can and will look forward to meeting again. Remember, Mom and Dad invited us to their house on Sunday for dinner, so we’ll see each other again.”

She said, “That’s right, we’ll see each other, but strictly as brother and sister. I don’t know what Mom and Dad would say if they knew we meet like this.”

I commented, “We’ve been doing this for maybe fifteen years and we’ve never been caught.”

We were fully dressed and ready to leave. I kissed Betty goodbye when she was ready to go out the door. Then I waited for about another five minutes before I went out the door. One week from today I would be back here to make love to my sister again.

hope you enjoyed this, I did not write it, but has been in my story collection for years

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