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* * * *

I had waited to go into the office, my first day … well, I giggle, as a secretary … until 9:00 AM per Mr. Nolan’s suggestion. That way the office was sure to be open upon my arrival. I am carrying a cardboard box of personal items for my desk. I awkwardly got the door open, crossed the waiting area and placed the box and my purse on the reception desk that would shortly be mine. I looked around the office area, remembering the images and impressions of my visits last week. Wow, only last week?

I took a deep breath and released it. I smoothed my dress down my body. I smiled. I was wearing one of the dresses Mr. Nolan purchased for me. It was the short slip-dress and the thin, silky material clung to my body. I can see my excited nipples pressing against the fabric. Mr. Nolan liked this dress on me, so …

With another deep breath, I head down the short hall on the left. I passed the glass-walled conference room and saw two men sitting huddled over a conference phone. They both looked my way as I passed. I knocked on the partially open door of Mr. Nolan’s office.

“Aw … Megan, come … come.”

He was up and around his desk before I was halfway into his office. I was surprised when he took me in his arms and kissed me deeply. We’ve certainly done much more, but this was his office. His hand roamed over my back and butt. When we parted, he said, “No bra and a thong. Good, girl. And, we did well in choosing that dress.” I smiled. He chose it, so … After sitting behind his desk and indicating for me to sit in one of the chairs in front of him, “I don’t suppose that would be a customary way for an employee to be greeted by her employer, but …”

I finished for him, “… but I’m not a customary employee.”

He laughed. “Another night to consider you decision and what you’re getting into … any new regrets, questions, concerns …” I shook my head smiling at him. “Was the weekend too …”

“The weekend was too wonderful for words, sir.”

“Excellent, then.” He opened the center drawer of his desk and slid an envelope across the desk surface. I reached out and took it. Inside was a security card and a Corporate Card. I looked at him. “The billing comes to the company. Use it for any clothing, accessories, whatever you need to dress and act the part for you job. You remember where we went shopping?” I nodded. “Don’t be shy about using it.” I knew my thong was getting wet. It occurred to me that this may well be a condition I might find myself in fairly regularly now. “The security card will gain you access to any of our facilities, though, I suspect you’ll only be there with one of us from this office. It will, however, also unlock the door to this office. I’ll show you how to disable and enable the lock.” He then spent time going over more details and routines. “Other details will come as we go.”

“Thank you, sir. I really do appreciate this opportunity.”

He smiled, “Are you speaking about the secretary job or …”

I blushed, again. “I was in the mindset of the secretary job, sir, but … yes … that, too.” Now, I was sure my thong was beyond damp.

He watched me for several moments. Then, “This is one of those irregular times when all five of us are in the office at the same time, so I have called an informal meeting in the conference room,” he indicated outside his door, “shortly to introduce you.” He considered me, again. “Just wondering the best way to create the most impact in doing that.” Most impact? One way popped into my head quickly. “Were you able to formalize the document we drafted over the weekend?”

“Yes, sir. I have it printed. It is with my stuff on my desk.” I smiled broadly and he gave me a curious look. “Oh, sorry, sir … ‘my desk’ … that just … I don’t know … has such a strong implication beyond starting a new job.” I was blushing, again. He smiled at that. We had talked over the weekend (in-between fucking) about so much of my feelings and the implication of the job, including my recognition of issues about giving up control and being controlled. Then he explained how he wanted to introduce me. I smiled nervously, but there was no way I was considering anything but moving forward, as outrageous as that seemed at that moment of realization.

I stayed in his office until it was time for the meeting. He went across the hall alone into the glass-walled conference room. It was only a few moments before he returned to his office door. I didn’t know what he said to them in that time, but as I walked into the room behind him, there singular focus was on me. Mr. Nolan sat at the head of the table closest to the door. Two men were seated on each side of the table that had chairs for eight total. I took my position next to Mr. Nolan while remaining standing.

Mr. Nolan introduced each of the men around the table: Reggie Furman, VP of Blackened, the interracial video and pictorial production and website; Jason Donald, VP of DarkLove, the interracial dating site; Dave Samuels, VP of Finance; and Pat Wasson, VP of legal and HR. All were black, as I already had surmised. A shiver went through my body as Mr. Nolan calmly explained that he had just hired me to fill the open secretarial position. Then, after looking once more into my eyes, he explained the rest of what this new position would entail. His voice was calm and casual, like he was discussing some business matter. The other men, however, shifted in their chairs and their eyes scanned over my clothed, petite body.

Then, Mr. Nolan got into the heart of it. He asked me to hand out the document I had prepared, explaining to his company officers that all of us must understand and agree to it. I went around the table handing a copy of the document to each. Once I was back to Mr. Nolan, there was only the original document inside the manila folder and I placed it on the surface of the table, prepared for the next instruction. The men were glancing at the document, then looked to Mr. Nolan and me. Mr. Nolan smiled, now having their full attention. He turned in the swivel chair and pushed a few feet from me. That was my cue.

The slip-dress was almost a nothing garment. Because adventurous women had sought out pretty versions of slips to wear in public as a dress, this manufacturer produced a line of dresses made out of the same type of fabric but formed more to the body, especially to the breasts and hips. Mine fit like a glove, even considering my smallish breasts. I crossed my arms at the bodice and pulled the garment up and over my head. Standing in only a thong, stockings, and heels I carefully placed the dress on a side chair against the glass wall. I made something of a show of bending over to place the dress down to display my nearly naked ass to the men. I returned to the head of the table and met each of the men’s gaze before bending to push the thong over my hips until it dropped to the carpeted floor. I turned my back to Mr. Nolan, bent to pick it up without bending my knees and felt his hand on my ass. I stopped, bent over and the thong in my fingers, parted my feet about a foot, and felt his fingers slip between my thigh and stroke my wet pussy.

I then stood before the men in only stockings and heels. I shivered as I returned the gaze from each of the men knowing the implication of that act and what it meant for my near future, at least. Mr. Nolan then moved his chair closer and I sat in his lap as he had planned. One hand immediately cupped a breast and began fondling it as the other hand held up his copy of the document. He told the other men to follow along as he read from the document, which would require signed acceptance and compliance:

• Ms. Megan Collins, while in the employ of BlackLand Enterprises, will confidentially hold the position title of Executive Secretary/Office Slut.
• Megan Collins accepts this dual role for BlackLand Enterprises of her own free-will without coercion, pressure, intimidation, or extortion.
• Megan Collins reports directly and solely to Terry Nolan.
• In the role of Executive Secretary for the Headquarters office of BlackLand Enterprises, Megan, while reporting to Terry Nolan, will have dotted-line reporting to the other four men in the office for the purposes of performing those tasks normally required of a secretary.
• In the role of Office Slut, Megan is a willing participant and will comply as requested:
o Megan will always consider her pussy, mouth, and body to be at the disposal of any of the men of BlackLand Enterprises within the office.
o Megan will wear ONLY skirts or dresses with a maximum hem length to mid-thigh, unless directed, to allow easy access to her body. She will NEVER wear pantyhose. Her underwear will be sexy lace or sheer.
o Whether naked or dressed, Megan is to wear high heels, unless directed otherwise.
o At the time of this understanding, Megan is an anal virgin. Until further notice, anal penetration is not included.
• Unless approved by Terry Nolan, Megan’s availability shall be limited to the men of BlackLand Enterprises within these offices.
• Any other use of Megan outside the office must be approved by Terry Nolan.
• Reiterating, Megan is the slut of Terry Nolan who is allowing the men of BlackLand Enterprises access to her. Her continued availability will be predicated on respectful treatment of her.
• It is understood, as leaders of BlackLand Enterprises, this is foremost a place of business and despite the temptations and distractions Megan may present, business must be the priority.
• The undersigned agree to and will abide to the above terms: (Names and signature lines for the five men and Megan are included).

Mr. Nolan ended the reading and looked at the men he trusted with managing his enterprise. “Any questions, guys?”

Reggie Furman, VP of DarkLove, asked the question they were probably all wishing to clarify so there would be no misunderstanding and conflict, “This is … serious, Terry. I know we joked about it and you seemed to … allude to it earlier, but … you’re serious?”

Mr. Nolan chuckled, then turned his chair as his fingers took a nipple and pulled on it. I was facing the men and I parted my legs on his lap. His hand left my breast and dropped to stroke my pussy. bahis firmaları I opened my legs further and a finger disappeared between my lips and into my hole. He whispered to me, again.

I smiled and I was sure it appeared lusty because that was what I was feeling … very lusty and aroused. I was sitting naked before the men on Mr. Nolan’s lap while he had openly fondled my breast and now my pussy. My voice cracked as I tried to speak, then tried, again. “Yes, gentlemen. This is for real. I have accepted this position and all that it requires and it will be my pleasure to pleasure each of you.” I paused because of the fingering Mr. Nolan was giving me. I gasped and released a moan, which had everyone’s attention. He whispered in my ear, again. I nodded and blushed. The weekend with Mr. Nolan was beyond anything I had ever dreamed of. Now, I was about to enter into something that was again beyond my imagination. “Gentlemen, for reasons that are mine, my life has placed me in the position of looking at new options. I have chosen, deliberately, to follow this option and direction. My prior life was nothing like this, so …” I gasped and my hand covered Mr. Nolan’s between my thighs. He whispered into my ear and I pulled it away, opening my legs further, one knee going over the armrest. I shuddered and moaned as an orgasm approached. Oh, God … could I really orgasm being so displayed before them. I struggled to continue, “My prior life did … little to prepare me … hmmmmm … prepare for this option. But … I want it. I only ask you have … a little patience with me … ohhh, sir … ah, patience with me while my experience can … catch up with … nnnnnnn … with your desires.” I leaned back fully against Mr. Nolan’s chest as he slammed three fingers into me. My eyes closed and my body trembled as my body answered the question … a powerful orgasm crashed over me … in front of the men.

Mr. Nolan held me securely in his arms as I fought to control my breathing and the spasming of my body. I heard him chuckled and speak, “Are there any other questions, guys?” I forced my eyes open and found four heads shaking.

Mr. Nolan gave me a moment, then had me take the original around the table for each man to sign and date. Of course, I stood beside each man, bent over him to hold the document to the table so he could sign with one hand and fondle me with the other. Each man fondled my pussy and plunged one or two fingers into my hole. By the time I returned to Mr. Nolan and the same thing happened, I thought I was going to orgasm, again, from the sheer depravity of what had happened. It was now my turn to signed the document, Mr. Nolan noting that my signature would change everything about my life from what I had known. I bent over the document and raised my eyes to look at each man with a lustful appreciation of what I was doing. This really was what I wanted. There were no tremors of fear, apprehension, or doubt remaining. Instead, I found only a deep desire and anticipation. I smiled and signed the document.

The meeting had concluded and I took the signed document and made six copies, one for each of us. I was still essentially naked when I stepped back into Mr. Nolan’s office and placed a copy on his desk. He leaned back in his chair and indicated a chair in front of him. I sat down and waited as he took a moment to consider me … or my body. “What are you feeling, Megan?”

“Excited, sir. Walking into the conference room I wasn’t positive how I would be feeling, but there was no question about it.” I blushed and continued, “When you made me orgasm in front of them, it was embarrassing … to be so displayed, so exhibited, so blatantly … but it was also so terribly exciting … obviously.” I blushed deeper.

He smiled. “I knew this was inside you. You said you wanted more sex. You’re going to have more, more than you ever thought, then more still … then more.”

I stood and moved around the desk and boldly kissed him on the mouth, my hand moving down his hard chest and stomach to his hardening cock inside his slacks. “The weekend was already more than I ever thought.” He smiled and I squeezed his cock inside his pants. “May I take care of this for you, sir?”

He pulled me to him, his hand moving over my bare ass. “As tempting as that is, not yet.” I stood up, giving him a playful pout of disappointment. He gave my ass an equally playful swat, “Go deliver those copies, slut.” I turned for the door and his voice stopped me, “Megan … they are all going to want to sample you and I doubt they will be satisfied with a blowjob the first time.” My smile of anticipation surprised even me. “I doubt you’ve ever been fucked as many times in a short period.”

I smiled at him as I backed out of his office still naked, “As you said, sir … more and more.”

I carried the manila folder with copies of the signed document down the hall, past the empty office, toward the front to Mr. Donald’s office, which was on the same side as Mr. Nolan. I knocked on his partially open door and peeked in.

“May I bother you for a moment, sir?” He looked up with a smile, then his whole face beamed when he saw I was still naked. “Mr. Nolan wanted me to be sure you each got a copy of the signed document.”

He took the copy and offered me a chair as he reviewed the document, again. My mind buzzed … I was sitting in an office with a clothed black man, another officer of the company, while naked. Oh, if mama could see me now. “I’m sure Terry explained the company.”

I nodded. “Yes, sir. If I can oversimplify it, you promote and sell the black man power theme in the sexual world. Mostly to the white community.”

He chuckled. “Well, that is an oversimplification, but, yes. We don’t discriminate, understand. My group, for instance, is DarkLove and the premise for promotion is matching white women with black men very much like other dating sites. But, if a white man is looking for a black woman, we’ll work with that, too. Or, black men to black women. Usually, though, if a white woman comes to the site, they are very much in the mindset of looking for a black man. Our promotional effort does direct that mindset. The site is loaded with white women and black men because that is the main draw.” He paused and was clearly appraising my body, again. “You know, I was frankly surprised by Terry’s selection for this. You’re not the stereotype.”

I smiled, “That’s what he said to me, too. He thought a different look would be striking … and I was eager.”

He chuckled, “I can see that. Inexperienced, though, apparently?” I nodded. “I agree with Terry, though, after I saw you with him. A slightly tentative, petite, white woman next to a large, powerful, black man was, indeed, very striking.” He paused, again. “I am sorry if my talking might make you feel like a piece of meat. That wasn’t my intention. We have just been very careful to present an image that is positive for the company. My job is to oversee how people look for partners and I found you intriguing.”

I smiled at him genuinely, “I didn’t take any offense, sir. To be truthful, I posed the same to Mr. Nolan.”

He talked for a while longer about his group and it was clear he was very proud of the group of people that made up DarkLove. That was nice to see in him. When the conversation quieted, I stood and moved to the edge of his desk. “Sir, I am sure you have plenty to do, but … first … well … I was … wondering …” My nipples were hard, my pussy was dripping, and my breathing was ragged. I only seemed to be able to stammer out words as I tried to indicate an offering to this man I barely knew.

He smiled back to me, “Yes, Megan, I would very much like to fuck you.” He stood and moved around the desk while he undid his belt and pants. He was a big man, very similar to Mr. Nolan at 6’ 2” and 210 pounds. He was early 40’s and still in good shape. “Would you suck me for a while, first?”

I dropped to my knees as I responded, “Of course, sir!” As his pants dropped, I pulled his underwear down to find a fully hard 9 inch cock. It was only an inch shorter than Mr. Nolan. I wondered if they were all this big. I took the head of his cock into my mouth, sucking the head, then licking up and down and up the length before taking it back into my mouth. Mr. Nolan had me suck him a lot over the weekend and I not only found I enjoyed it, but I felt I learned several things about sucking cock, too. And, I was intent on pleasing these men. It was partly for my own pride, but more it was to not let Mr. Nolan down. He had chosen me … I wanted to validate that decision.

It wasn’t long, though, before Mr. Donald was pulling me off his cock. He kissed me, his hands moving over my breasts and down my sides. He pulled me into him, his hard cock pressing into my abdomen. I sighed in his kiss and touch. When he broke it, he smiled at me, “Someday … soon, I hope … I want to enjoy your mouth much longer, but …”

I smiled and hopped onto his desk and opened my legs, “Yes, sir … please, let me feel you lovely cock inside me.”

He stepped between my open legs, pressed his cock head along my slit. I looked down and watched as he moved the head up and down, as if he needed to lubricate his cock any more. When the head pressed into my hole, just sinking the head inside, I let my head fall back and I gasped. “Oh, yes … yesssss … hmmmmmm …”

He leaned forward to kiss me, again. In the process, his cock sank in further and I moaned into his mouth and he into mine. He pulled out and pressed back in, over and over until he was fully penetrated in my pussy. I locked my ankles around his waist as he grabbed my hips and began plowing his cock into my wet and needy pussy. I looked into his eyes. I saw the second officer of the company to fuck me, but I mostly saw a powerful black man using me for his pleasure. I gasped and moaned. So much happening so fast … so many … so much more to come.

I looked back into his eyes and pleaded, “Oh, God, sir! Please … OH GOD … I’m … I’m going to … please, sir … please … I want you to cum with me … please!”

He must have been near, too. He grunted and thrust more powerfully, slamming his big black cock into my little white pussy. He grunted and I groaned and gasped with his powerful thrusts. Then … we seemed to explode on top of each other. I felt my orgasm crash through me, my pussy spasming around the tipobet giriş ramrod of a cock inside me. A moment later I felt his cum spurt into my pussy, coating me, filling me. My arms went around his neck, my legs squeezed harder, all to hold my quaking body together as my pussy pulsed around his pulsing cock.

It took several moments for us to begin catching our breath and senses. I felt him pull his cock from my pussy. I groaned at the feel of the disappearing cock from my gripping pussy. He smiled down at me as I lay across his desk, then, “My, God, Megan! Your pussy is winking.” He looked at me, then back to my pussy. “I’ve never seen that. It’s as if it is winking to entice me to go back in.”

“Then, it’s a very smart pussy, sir. It knows what it likes.”

He laughed. I slipped off the desk and went to my knees before him and cleaned his cock with my mouth and tongue. He stroked my hair, “Oh, Megan … your pussy will be getting plenty of cock around here.” I smiled up at him.

I exited his office and walked toward the front of the office hoping nobody would walk in as I rounded my desk. My desk … I haven’t even sat at my desk, yet. As casually as I could manage, I walked in stockings and heels around the front of my desk that also served as the reception desk. From the front of that desk to the hallway door was only 12 feet. There were four visitor chairs and a coffee table arranged in the left corner. There was a low cabinet on the right side with bottled water and brochures. I could hear several people walking past outside but they didn’t come to this door. I was mildly shaking and saw the power of exposure and exhibitionism. Standing naked near the wall of frosted glass to the outside corridor sent a powerful shiver through me. I took a deep breath, gathered myself, and continued to the next office.

“Mr. Furman, do you have a moment, sir?” Reggie Furman is VP of Blackened, the video and pictorial production group within BlackLand.

His face lit up, as Mr. Donald’s had, when he saw me in his doorway naked. “I believe I will always have more than a moment for you, dear.” I smiled. There was no question I was about to be fucked, again, and I began to wonder if my pussy would ever not be dripping while in the office. I handed him a copy of the signed document and he had me sit. He asked similar questions about my understanding of what BlackLand does. It seemed apparent to me that they were all going to be aware of the obvious sensitivity of what was being promoted and my status with them. They all were seeming individually sensitive and aware of a white woman in my position. I guess Mr. Nolan was right, my appearance was a striking contrast among these men that a taller, buxom woman might not.

They have studios in Miami (headquarters where we are) and in Atlanta. They have used LA and Phoenix for location shooting of more elaborate videos he termed, parodies. He said much of the production is shorter videos including what many internet views believe is amateur, they merely use a lower resolution of filming and new actors that might even be less attractive in appearance. He apologized for putting it that way, but …

Soon, I was once again on my knees sucking cock as he remained in his chair. He was the darkest black I had ever seen, bald, a bit taller than Mr. Nolan, 6’ 3”, a little heavier, 215 pounds, and in good shape. He was in his late 30’s and I found another large semi-hard cock. As I took his cock between my lips, I began to wonder if the mythology of black might indeed be true.

I licked from the base of his cock to the tip, taking the head between my lips and sucking. Then, I mouthed and licked back to the base and licked his balls. After working my way back to the head, I took it into my mouth. I twirled my tongue around the head, sucked, and slowly took more and more into my mouth. I listened with pleasure to his sounds of his pleasure. In moments, his cock was fully hard and looked to be another 9 inches.

He pulled me away from his cock and up until I was standing. I moved into his embrace and kissed him. When we broke, I smiled and commented, “Another big cock. Are you all big?”

He chuckled, “I do believe you will be finding out this morning.” I shivered as my mind raced ahead. Could there really be five big cocks in this office? He looked into my eyes, “Terry assured us you would fit in with the office.” He smiled lustily, “Right now I am wondering not so much how you fit in, but how you fit around us.”

I kissed him, again, “I don’t want there to be a question about me, sir.”

He laughed and turned me around to one of the chairs and bent me over the back. I caught myself with my hands on the armrests for support and felt him half waddle up to my ass with his pants at his knees. With one hand on my hip, I felt him move his cock head over my slit, then sink into my hole. He was just a bit shorter than Mr. Nolan, but about the same thickness. I groaned as he pushed into me, stretching my pussy, again. I was surprised my pussy had adjusted back so quickly after Mr. Donald, but we may have been talking longer than I thought.

When he had become fully embedded in my pussy, he repositioned his feet between mine to stabilize himself, pulled nearly all the way out and I tensed, sensing what going to happen and he slammed fiercely back into me. He pulled back slowly and I could feel his big cock slipping, my pussy clasping around him. Then, he slammed back in. I cried out and gasped. Again, he pulled out and I moaned in anticipation and he slammed back in. The next time as he pulled nearly all the way out, it wasn’t just guttural sounds that escaped my mouth.

“Ooohhhhhh … Gooodddddddd … yesssssss!” He slammed back into me.

“You like big cock, Megan?”

“Oh … God … yes!”

“Did you always know that?”

Gasping, “Noooo … not … until … Mr. Nolan … oh fuck … yessssss.”

The slamming had as much effect on him as it did on me. After a few more powerful, primal thrusts and we were both in climax. He grunted as he thrust the last times and held himself deep inside me. I cried out, gasped, and moaned in response.

He helped me to sit on the same chair after I nearly fell to the floor to clean his cock. I was sure I was leaking and only then realized it wasn’t cloth, but some smooth surface. Hopefully, easily wiped. He handed me a bottle of water and finished dressing. I looked at him as he sat behind his desk. With a mischievous smile, I asked, “Well, sir?” He looked back confused. “You were wondering if I would fit around you.” He laughed.

“As petite as you are, I figured you would be tight, and you are, but I was concerned if …”

“If I could take you, sir?” He nodded. “I got a crash course in big black cock, sir.”

The other two men, Dave Samuels and Pat Wasson, went much the same. I ran to the uni-sex restroom after Mr. Furman to clean my pussy before seeing the last two men. Ran was almost what I was doing. When I cut through the little breakroom behind the conference room, I nearly ran right into Mr. Nolan who was coming in from the other side for coffee.

He grabbed me in self-defense and chuckled, “If there’s a fire, you should probably get some clothes on.”

I giggled in response, “No, sir. Sorry. I thought I should clean myself a little before seeing the last two men.” He merely smiled, stepped to the side and smacked my ass as I walked, this time, past.

Almost an hour later, I knocked on Mr. Nolan’s office door. After entering, I stood before his desk and handed him his copy of the document. His hand took the document without his eyes straying from my pussy. I could feel the heavy loads of the four Vice Presidents leaking from my gaping lips and leaving a pronounced shine on the insides of my thighs. My skin was flushed, my hair mussed, my lipstick a bit smeared, and my breathing and heartbeat still elevated as I stood before his desk. As I stood there, there was only one thing in my mind … how would he want to take me? I wasn’t only anticipating a fifth fuck this morning; I was wanting a fifth fuck this morning. And, that consuming thought both shocked me and energized me.

But that wasn’t to be. He told me later. Later? My sense of surprise and disappointment must have shown on my face. He smiled as he leaned back in his chair. “Get dressed, Megan, but only the dress. It’s lunch time and so far you’ve managed to avoid any work for the entire morning.” I put my hands on my hips and gave him a stern look. He laughed. “Okay, you handled half your job description. We’ll get you started on the other half this afternoon.”

I had reached for my dress on the chair in front of his desk where I had left it, but stopped and straightened up. “Sir, but what about you? Won’t I get to …” I stopped at the way it was coming out.

He picked up on it, though. “Won’t you get to fuck me? That’s what you were going to ask. You want another fuck after all those?” I blushed at my own realization and his understanding. I nodded. He laughed, again, “Don’t worry, my little blossoming slut. I intend for you to be on my cock one way or the other more than the others manage to.” As I grabbed my dress, he said, “On second thought, you better use the restroom, again. Wash up and fix your hair and makeup.” He playfully swatted my bare butt, “You look like a slut that’s been used for a couple hours.”

I stepped up to him and kissed him, then backed to his door replying, “Then, I think I am making progress, sir.”

He walked me to a small café specializing in salads a couple blocks away from the office building. On the crowded lunch-time sidewalks, I was very aware of my dress clinging to my body and my nipples prominently evident through the thin material. I was also very aware of my nudity underneath it, not to mention my tall black boss escorting me, his hand occasionally on my back to guide me, then slipping onto my butt as a tease.

Lunch was casual and relaxed. We did talk about the office, but in context of the type of work I would be asked to perform, which seemed mostly centered on word processing, scheduling of travel through their travel agency, and making sure phones and messages were covered. He looked at me and said, “You know, Megan, you are probably intimate enough with us to use our first names. We’re a small office.”

I considered my response. I had already thought perabet about the same thing but had come to a different conclusion. “Thank you, sir, I appreciate that consideration, but … well … the five of you … and especially you, sir … will be dictating how I perform in nearly every way whether as secretary or … tension relief.” He chuckled at the term but was equally aware of the close proximity of others in the café. “I think it only appropriate that the way I address you reflects the respect and authority you deserve from me.”

Shortly after returning to the office, one of the tech wizards from the website arrived to guide me through the internal network and systems. Again, with the young man about my age next to me as I was shown the system, I was very aware of not only my nakedness under the flimsy dress, but tensely wondering if someone so close might pick up some telltale sexual scent from earlier. If he did, he didn’t show it. As we were finishing up, Mr. Nolan stopped by to ask him to stop at his office before leaving.

When the tech returned from Mr. Nolan’s office, he had my thong hanging from one finger. “Mr. Nolan said you forgot something.” He winked at me and was gone. I don’t think I could have been a deep shade of red. I dropped my head in my hands with thoughts of him confiding that my thong was sitting on a chair in my boss’ office and that spreading through the entire organization. I got up and marched down the hall to his office. I was ashamed and humiliated. I stood in his open doorway and he was already looking up, hearing my heels clicking on the tiles.

He was smiling as I stopped in the doorway, then softly said, “Ready to be fucked, aren’t you?”

I blurted it out, “Oh, God, yes!” Without closing the door, I moved to the side of his desk and brazenly asked, “May I suck your wonderful cock, sir. Then, you can fuck me, but I want you in my mouth, again.” He merely smiled as he turned his chair toward me. I knelt before him and began loosening his belt and zipper to lower them. My mouth watered as I touched it in its semi-hard condition. The others were nearly as big, why did I react this way to his. Yes, it was slightly longer than any of them and maybe a little thicker, but …

I licked the cock as I succumbed to him and it. I lapped at his balls. I mouthed them and took them into my mouth. I licked back up to the head and greedily took it into my mouth. I sucked the head and twirled my tongue around it, sucked more, and pushed my mouth down over it. I was nowhere near taking much into my throat as he expected me to eventually do, but I heard him gasp as the head entered the opening of my throat for a moment. I pulled up and slowly pushed back down to take a fraction bit more into my throat before gagging and having to release his cock to gasp. He stroked the side of my face and kissed the top of my head, “You’re going to be such a good slut.” I smiled around his cock.

Minutes of intense effort on my part and I felt his cock pulse in my hand. I glanced up at him as I continued sucking him and driving my mouth up and down while one hand stroked the base of his cock. His eyes were closed and his mouth opened and closed, grunts and gasps, moans and groans escaping as I continued my efforts. I was surprised. I thought he was going to fuck me, but … he’s the boss … I’m the slut … or will be soon enough.

When he came in my mouth, I had enough warning from the feel in my hand to pull my mouth back in preparation of his large load of cum. The first spurt hit the back of my mouth and into my throat causing me to gasp and choke for a moment before collecting myself and gulping it down. Each spurt was a gulp and I wasn’t being quiet about it. He had told me there was nothing sexier than the sound of a woman enjoying the cum put into her mouth. He would always know I enjoyed his cum.

I licked his cock clean and sat back on my heels as I continued to lightly stroke his cock. I looked into his eyes, expecting something. He asked me to get us some water from the breakroom.

As I was bent over into the small refrigerator, a hand slid over my ass, down the back of my thighs and up underneath my dress. I stayed where I was despite having two bottles of water in my hand. When a finger slid over my messy pussy slit, I gasped. I didn’t stand until the finger left. I turned to find Mr. Donald.

He smiled, “Sorry, but I couldn’t resist. I saw your thong on your desk.”

I stepped to go past him and kissed him on the cheek and took his hand to suck his finger clean, “Not a problem, sir.” I smiled and sashayed away back to Mr. Nolan’s office.

It wasn’t long before he had regained his energy for more sex. I watched him drop the plastic bottle into the recycling bin under his credenza and move toward me. I took his extended hand and he led me to the floor-to-ceiling window where his small conference table was located. He moved a chair out of the way, making room at the window. He moved me in front of the window facing out. I gazed out to the building across the city street and could see people moving around offices, meeting with each other, talking on phones, and busy on computers. Normal business activity. Mr. Nolan moved up behind me and I felt him take my dress in his hands and raise it up my body and over my head. He pressed me against the glass, my body and breasts flattening against the cool, air-conditioned surface. My mind fought to remember what this building looked like from outside. Could you see through the windows? I was sure you could. My eyes scanned the opposite office windows, hoping nobody would look our way.

I had been so focused on my exposure; I hadn’t heard the rustling of clothes or zipper being lowered. So, I was surprised when the body that pressed into my bare back was his bare front. His cock was hard and pressing against my butt. His wide chest and hard stomach pressed me firmly into the glass of the window. While pressed into the glass, he turned my head and we kissed. His other hand snaked between my body and the window to find my mound. Instinctively, I parted my legs and his fingers were parting my pussy lips. I moaned into his mouth. When he released my mouth, I allowed my head to sag into the window, my hot breath causing wisps of fogged glass, which quickly dissipated. His feet nudged mine further apart as one of his fingers sunk into my hole and he breathed into my ear.

“You’re wet, Megan.”

“I … I’m … always … around … oh, GOD! …”

He was moving down, but not far. When he moved back up against me, I felt his cock bumping against my pussy. “Look across, Megan.” Oh, no! In the opposite building I saw a window with two men standing looking directly at us. One got on his cell and soon several other windows were filled with people. “Keep your eyes on them, Megan, and put my cock inside your pussy. Show them what a slut you want to be.” Oh, fuck, yes! I was so turned on, I couldn’t believe it. I lowered my hand and raised up on my toes and moved his cock to my hole. I dropped off my toes as he thrust up. I almost orgasmed. What kind of woman allows herself to be displayed at the window and fucked there? What kind of woman actively inserts the cock to fuck her? And, all while strangers watched.

He pressed me hard against the window and our joint panting fogged the glass around our heads. I hoped the people across the street didn’t have a real camera to zoom or that the fogging glass would protect our identity from the internet. I was sure in this age of social media that pics and vids were racing through cyber-space.

He fucked me hard and I was almost there, almost ready when he leaned back and lifted me bodily off the floor while impaled on his cock. My legs dangled below me as he gripped me around the waist and thrust up, bouncing me up and falling back down his cock. When I came, my legs shook and only his firm hold of me made the difference. He lowered me back down so my feet were on the floor and pressed me over the little table where he finished himself off as I continued to experience wave after wave of orgasmic bliss and tremors.

* * * *

Late afternoon on Thursday and the office was already quiet. I was working diligently on several tasks I needed to complete to have ready for one or the other of the VP’s in the morning. I didn’t even hear Mr. Nolan come up alongside me. When he spoke, I flinched.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to surprise you.”

“Just concentrating, sir.”

He sat on the edge of my desk and I turned toward him and crossed my legs. I was wearing a shorter skirt than I ever had to work and I was very conscious of showing my panties. My front-buttoning blouse was semi-sheer and half unbuttoned … by request. The blouse material allowed my nipples to be faintly visible.

“You are doing amazing, Megan. None of us expected anyone could take charge of the office as quickly as you have. But, is it too much? You’re always here when we get in and here when we leave.”

I smiled and rubbed his thigh near me. “Not too much, sir. My actual secretarial work day is just cut short …” I winked at him, “… by my other job.”

He chuckled, then leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth. He looked me in the eyes, “Are you suggesting the ‘other job’ is too much? You think we should cut back on that?”

“Heavens, no, sir!” My hand slid up his thigh and over the front of his slacks. His wonderful cock moved under my touch. “I assured you, sir, I would be the best secretary you could have.” I squeezed his cock. “I also told you I wanted to be a good slut for you and the office.” I pressed harder on his growing cock. “The two just might be a full-time job requiring flexibility in hours. That’s what I am working on determining. I think just 45 to 60 minutes more each day will work.” Each day has found me fucked or sucking each of the VP’s and Mr. Nolan, if they were in. One day, Mr. Donald and Mr. Furman took me together. Spit roasted, they called it. I was bent forward, one in my pussy and the other in my mouth. They changed several times. It was very exciting.

“And, that’s okay with you?”

“Sir, you pay me very well, and I am getting a whole new wardrobe, and …”

He leaned forward and kissed me hard, again.

“Yes, sir … and that, too.” I looked into his eyes and saw his need as I was sure he was reading mine. His cock under my hand was hard. “Sir … would you mind locking the hallway door?” He looked at me questioningly. I blushed. “Sir, about the only place in the office I haven’t been fucked is here at my desk.”

* * CHAPTER FOUR: WEEKEND II will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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